14 Best Women’s Subscription Boxes Under $20 for Subscription Box Beginners

This post contains affiliate links. We may earn commissions if you buy through these links

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Table of Contents

You are in love with the idea of women’s subscription boxes and the value and anticipation they bring to every new month. You are ready to take the plunge and pull the subscription trigger for the next several months.

There is only one thing stopping you, your budget? Well, fret not! Because in this post we have taken the liberty to compile for women’s subscription boxes under $20, to help you get started

1. Fire and Nice

Fire and Nice box is a self care box with curated handcrafted items for the ultimate relaxation.

Fire and Nice – $15.00
Help yourself find moments of clarity and calm you need with subscription boxes focused on mindfulness and wellness.
  • Mini Artisan Box candle and spa self-care goes for under $20
  • Includes 4-5 items in each box that range from Vegan, soy wax artisan candles, Bath Bombs, Wax Melts, Body Care products, Soap products to name a few
  • Each month comes with a new theme
  • Perfect gift to self or loved one

Customers also loved the fact that when you want more and bigger, you can always upgrade your subscription to Deluxe Artisan Handcrafted Self Care Spa Box or the Large Mystery Box on months that you absolutely want to pamper yourself or a loved one.

2. mintMONGOOSE Jewelry Subscription

Are you a die-hard fan of jewelry and love to rack up your jewelry armoire with both elegant and unique pieces and at an affordable price?

mintMONGOOSE Jewelry Subscription – $15.99
Give your closet a makeover with these women’s clothing boxes!

Then the mintMONGOOSE jewelry subscription box will probably work very well for you. With this subscription you can expect 3 pieces of jewelry every month worth a retail value of $40

  • Comes with a jewelry items in each box that range from pendants, to earrings as well as a post card that tells of the inspiration behind the jewelry design
  • Select between gold, silver and rose gold
  • Great gift for jewelry enthusiasts

This is a thoughtful gift for someone who loves jewelry, opt to include the earing or leave them out.

3. FaceTory

Do you absolutely love face masks that leave your skin supple and hydrated? The FaceTory kit is the one for you.

FaceTory – $11.90
Discover your new skincare routine with these monthly skincare products

This beauty kit comes with new beauties every month that will keep you enjoying a glowing face by discovering new sheet masks every month. The 4-ever fresh plan contains four carefully curated sheet masks under $20.

  • Face masks every month for cheap
  • 4-ever option presents you with 4 masks monthly
  • You can expect high quality masks with an extensive array of scents
  • Perfect for beauty lovers who like to keep their face looking amazing.

The 4-ever option is especially good for beginners who want to test the waters and see if the product is suitable for them. If you like what it does for you, then you can opt to upgrade to the 7 Lux Box or go big with the K-Glow Box.

4. My (Box)

Combining health, beauty and philanthropy harmoniously, isn’t always easy, but the MY (BOX) pull it off effortlessly. This box is all about girl power. It ensures that every month you have plenty of Tampons, pads, and liners made from 100% certified organic cotton which is free of pesticides, chlorine bleach, dioxins, and dyes in addition to being environmentally friendly.


Other than your own personal comfort, you help out a worthy cause with every purchase. The brand is responsible for the fitting #helpagirlout which provides period products to girls in need.

  • The box includes 1 full size organic and/or non-GMO sweet treat/ 1 Midol packet or epsom salts bath soak for cramp relief/ 2 flushable wipes purse packets/ 2 PMS tea bags, plus, a little surprise!
  • Tampons, pads and liners are 100% organic cotton
  • Perfect for always having plentiful high quality PMS pampering products

With this subscription, you will never again have to scour through you handbags and pouches because you will always have enough for you needs and then some.

5. Monthly Lemonade Box

The monthly Lemonade Box is focused around self-care, mindfulness and positive thinking Lemonade Box works endlessly to ensure you always receive the best cruelty-free self-care products.

Lemonade Box – Self-Care Subscription Box – $20.00
Give the gift of self-care with a thoughtful subscription box to increase joy, relieve stress, and find a better you.

Customers, who have subscribed to this box, mentioned that the products are marvelous and sourced from both local and global brands.

Each month, you’ll receive 5-6 luxury, handpicked items that walk you through the different layers of self-care.

The box is also geared to encourage positivity and includes a monthly mission that you will find uplifting.

  • Well packaged products from local and global brands
  • You can expect 5-7 self-care products in the box a month
  • Practical products for self-pampering or gifting

A good number of customers expressed that the Lemonade boxes deliver awesome value. Some users mentioned that it was rare to receive subscriptions  where the items included are what you need at that time. The lemonade box does a fantastic job of packing self-care products that you can actually use today. For instance, one customer received a box that covered self-care from my hair to her toes and as a mother of four, she felt very appreciated. She also  mentioned that she loves their positivity and self-esteem boosters that are a reminder to stay positive all through the month.

6. Bombs and Bubbles

Bathing in the morning, evening or in the middle the day is not only necessary and refreshing, but it just got a whole load better for bath lovers. That’s because you can enrich your bathing ritual with bath bombs and bubbles that can be used by adults as well as with the kids.

Bombs and Bubbles – $17.99
Pamper yourself with soaps, scrubs, salts, and other bath and spa subscription boxes.

All the bath bombs and bubble are carb-free, vegan, and cruelty free

  • Bath bombs and bubbles monthly subscription
  • The products are carb-free, vegan and cruelty free
  • You can expect 3-6 Full sized items that range from bath bombs, sugar scrubs, body wash lotion or bubble bars.
  • Gorgeous treat for yourself as well as the kids

With the bombs and bubbles subscription box, bath time will be extra special for everyone in the family including kids.

7. Enchanted Crystal

What’s your fancy? Crystals? This too can be shipped in a box every month to your door. For those who are fascinated by crystals or know someone who is, the enchanted crystal is the box for you.

Enchanted Crystal – $16.00
Find inspired home decor ideas with an interior design box

This box ships crystal stones sourced from all over the world. Every crystal is hand-picked especially for you with a mission to share beautiful crystals with the world.

  • Crystals and minerals from all over the world
  • Box comes with 4-6 crystals or mineral specimen and grid cloth every month
  • The Crystals or minerals of smaller varieties may come as a set of multiple.
  • This is an ideal gift for someone who adores crystals

If you love collecting, studying crystals and mineral kingdoms, this is the perfect subscription for you or a friend whose world revolves around crystals.

8. Jessies-Nutty-Cups

It’s hard to say no to Jessie’s Nutty Cups. Not only are the cupcakes delicious, they look just as amazing and unique. That’s because they are handcrafted with ingredients such as peanut butter and almond butter cups made in a variety of delectable flavors.

Jessies-Nutty-Cups – $18.00
Shop the most popular candy subscription boxes below

It is a delight to receive this each month as a treat. You’ll receive a box of assorted Nutty Cups containing 6 of stock flavors as well as 2 of our Nutty Cup of the month!  And   all under $20.

Past flavors can be purchased as a onetime order just in case you want to try and see whether the subscription is worth it. After tasting these delicacies once, then you will understand what the hype is all about and you may want a monthly subscription.

  • These are handcrafted peanut butter and almond butter cups made in a variety of delectable flavors
  • You can expect a box of assorted Nutty Cups containing 6 of our stock flavors as well as 2 of our Nutty Cup of the month
  • Amazing for the sweet tooth and foodies out there

Customers who subscribe to the Jessie nutty Cups mentioned that it is the perfect gift to themselves every month.

9. MexiCrate

Do you love Mexican flavors? The MexiCrate is created for you and makes it possible to enjoy some awesome Mexican flavors in the house each month.

MexiCrate – $7.99
Shop monthly snack subscription boxes for healthy and sweet treats

With over 150 different candies and snacks in stock, you can be sure of extensive variety each month. The Mexicrate delivers right to your doorstep or whomever you would like to send it to as a gift.

  • Mexican candies and snack box for cheap
  • Massive selections of snack stock pile for great monthly variety
  • Tasty and delicious for you or as a gift to family and friends

10. Simple Loose Leaf Tea

Tea aficionados can take advantage of the highly rated tea subscription; Simple Loose Leaf Tea.

Simple Loose Leaf Tea Company – $10.00
Start your very own tea club with a tea subscription box

This box will have you discovering 4 new teas each month. The tea bags included are 40 grams each and are good for 4-5 cups per bag

  • Comes with 4 different tea bags of 40g each
  • Includes  black tea, a green tea, herbal tea, and a seasonal tea
  • Recommended for all tea lovers

One should always have something fun and delicious to brew up, you can also upgrade to more loaded plans.

11. Single Cup Club

There’s nothing more than a cup of Joe to get your morning started right. The Single Cup Club subscription ensures you are well stocked with plenty of delicious small batch single serve coffee monthly.

Single Cup Club – $13.99
Be a part of the coffee club with one of these monthly subscription boxes
  • 5 K-Cups from each blend
  • Nice assortment of delicious roasts of coffee ranging from light ,medium, dark, & flavored roasts

This subscription has you looking forward to 3 Unique Blends each month from hand-picked artisan roasters

12. Freshcutky

Melting scented wax is an awesome way to keep your space scented. The Freshcutky wax cubes are heavily scented and therefore effective in scenting your spaces with choice fragrances.

Shop our most unique subscription boxes for fun monthly surprises
  • The sampler box contains 6, one-half ounce wax cubes of various themed scents
  • Part of the proceeds go into donating flowers to the local community such nursing homes and hospices
  • Recommended for scent lovers

If you love scents or know someone who does, this will make an enjoyable and unique gift for them.

13. Am Happy Soap

Explore some bathing luxury with the Am Happy Soap made from a short list of ingredients that lathers really well and leaves skin with a smooth clean texture. This artisan soaps bars range from scrubby and exfoliating to creamy and silky.

Am Happy Soap – $10.00
Shop our home subscription boxes for decor, gardening, candles, and more
  • Small batch artisan soaps monthly
  • Short ingredient soaps that are uncomplicated yet smells gorgeous
  • You can expect each box to have 1-3 full size bars and 1-2 sample bars.
  • Recommended for both men and women who like simplicity in a soap

The soap design is excellent. The fact that the Am Happy Soaps are handmade, adds to the fun of using them.

14. Lash Me Monthly

Eye lashes can accentuate your facial beauty provided you get the right ones. Lash Me monthly subscription box ensures that you never have to rummage through a pile of lashes to find the perfect style for you. Depending on the subscription,The box can come with lashes as well as other full size beauty products delivered to your door every month.

Lash Me Monthly – $15.00
Give the gift of self-care with a thoughtful subscription box to increase joy, relieve stress, and find a better you.
  • Comes with customized lashes to suit your face profile
  • You can expect at least 3 pairs of lashes
  • Recommended for eye lashes and beauty lovers

You will enjoy superb eye lashes every month as you discover some awesome beauty brands for lipstick, skin care and makeup palettes.


The extensive number of subscription boxes that are under $20 is simply amazing. Not only are they affordable but also provide a huge spectrum of products and covers a whole range of consumer interests. Whatever you choose, you can expect to have some great fun and the best bang for your buck.


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