What is a Shower Curtain Liner?

A shower curtain liner is an additional curtain which hangs inside of the actual shower. A liner is easily added by simply hooking it through the same curtain rings as your shower curtain, ensuring it stays out of sight behind the shower curtain itself.

The main purpose of a shower curtain liner is its ability to take the brunt of the showers water force during showering, keeping the water away from both the shower curtain and the floor! However, a liner can also be used to serve other purposes besides offering practicality.

What Do People Buy Shower Curtain Liners For?

Most people choose to buy a shower curtain liner for its waterproof qualities. Unfortunately, not all shower curtains are able to keep the water in the designated area, and often water escapes. This can lead to potential damage over time. Using a liner prevents such problems as your shower curtain remains untouched, and any water is prevented from escaping.

Some people also use a shower curtain liner as an additional purpose. Perhaps your current shower curtain is very lightweight and flimsy, and offers little, or even no privacy when it is being used?A liner can increase the density and give extra necessary coverage when used with a shower curtain.

You may also find a liner useful for preserving the life of your shower curtain. If you’ve searched long and hard for that perfect shower curtain, you’ll want to keep it looking good for a few more years to come. It may have been a more expensive purchase, or even one where the design cannot be easily replicated. By inserting a liner, you can ensure your shower curtains life is extended, as it is the liner that will take all the wear and tear.

What Materials Are Shower Curtain Liners Made Of?

Most shower curtain liners are made of PEVA. This is the preferred choice of material, which is used as an alternative to replace PVC, and is a chlorine free plastic. However, some shower curtain liners can also be found as fabrics. For the purposes of a shower curtain liner, considering that it must be able to cope with continual water contact, PEVA is highly recommend for all liners, due to its extensive properties. You can read more on Peva material here

Some fabric liners may, over time, struggle to dry out and recover from continued water exposure. By retaining moisture, this could lead to potential damp problems. A PEVA liner is designed to combat such a scenario with its water repellent coating, ensuring the water glides off the liner.

What Size Shower Curtain Liner Will I Need?

In a similar way to shower curtains, when purchasing a shower curtain liner, you will need to make sure that the measurements fit your current shower. Even better, if you have a shower curtain already, use the same measurements as that for ease. It is important to ensure that your shower curtain liner offers you adequate coverage to fully protect your shower curtain. For this purpose, it may be worth adding a little onto the current width measurement to ensure an all over protection when in use.

Do I Really Need a Shower Curtain Liner?

Before shopping for shower curtain liners, think about the liners advantages. For many, the practicalities far outweigh any possible negatives to adding a liner to their shower. It is however worth remembering that nearly all shower curtain liners can be hidden! Whilst most of them may look plain, as they are inserted inside of the shower area they are not really meant to be seen. This means they will not affect the overall look of the room and no one need be any of the wiser that they are there.This is great if your main concern is a visual one, but that you still believe you would benefit from using a liner.

The Average Prices of Shower Curtain Liners

Most people chose to buy more than one shower curtain liner at a time, not only because they are items that tend to be replaced frequently, but more so because they are also relatively cheap to purchase. Bearing in mind that some can be effectively washed gently in a machine, in between a few towels to protect the liner,it is worth thinking about just how much you will benefit from the use of an additional liner in your shower. Can you afford to be without one?

Overall, the idea of purchasing a shower curtain liner may appeal to some more than others. The decision is often down to personal choice.  If there’s a real need for its additional waterproof protection, or its added increase in the thickness of your shower curtains for privacy, a liner may be an item that your bathroom could really benefit from.


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