What is a Reversible Motor Ceiling Fan?Why You Need One

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Without decoration elements in your decor the home would look rather plain. When giving thought on how to spruce up your home, the interior decor may include things like carpeting or rugging up sections of the floor, adding stylish furniture and color schemes for walls and drapes. You may also consider wall artwork as well as addition of mood setting pieces such table lamps.

But have you ever thought that updating your ceiling design and style may actually accentuate the rest of your décor? This is in addition to enhancing your comfort and helping you save in your energy bill.

Well, most people have figured this out and that is why they will incorporate beautiful decorative and efficient ceiling fans, rugged beams across the ceiling for the rustic look or add dimmable recessed lights for starlit ambient space. More and more designers and individual home owners are realizing how an elegant reversible fan can be the icing on the cake that harmonizes your entire decor. The designs in the market today are simply amazing and super expansive.

For ceiling fans in particular, apart from aesthetic beauty, you have to look at the features that deliver optimal performance in the ceiling fan.

Some Standard Features that one Should Look out for When Selecting a Fan Include:

  • The motor size and whether the motor is reversible or not
  • The CFM, cubic feet per minute. This is the velocity with which air flows in and out of a space. It is largely determined by the number of fan blades, size of fan blades and the strength of the motor
  • The sweeping diameter of the blades. That is because this determines whether the fan is suitable for the square footage of your space.
  • Its fan speed options. The fan speed can range from low, medium and high speed intensities which help you better control the climate within your home. Some units may have more fan speeds of up to 7 different intensities
  • Ease of installation. Depending on the height of your ceiling, installations can range from flush mount to the use of downrods.

Of all the above mentioned points, customers will often give more due attention to the motor size and strength.

While this is very important and called for, the same customers may have little regard to whether the motor is reversible or not.

Reversible Motors

Regardless of the climatic conditions of where you stay it is highly recommended that you consider getting a reversible ceiling fan.

What is a reversible ceiling fan?

It is a ceiling fan whose motor can run both ways, clockwise and anti-clockwise.

When perusing through the features of a ceiling fan that has caught your eye, you will often see this feature written as ‘ reversible motor’ or ‘reversible blades’. The meaning is the same and aims to explains that the blades of the unit can run in either direction depending on your air circulation needs of the moment.

Benefits of Purchasing a Reversible Motor Ceiling Fan?

If you live in a geographic area that requires you to cool your home during summer and heat your home during winter we cannot overstate the importance of getting a reversible ceiling fan.

This is a wise move that will save you a tidy sum of money with regard to your cooling and heating usage.

However, if your locale only has summers and no winter or cold season that requires you to heat your home, then it matters little whether your get a reversible ceiling fan or not.

Most customers are used to using the ceiling fan to generate a breeze to cool down the house during hot summers. For as long as you have the right sized ceiling fan that corresponds to the square footage of your space, a ceiling fan should works excellently with great efficiency.

At the same time it will consume less energy.

Another way that a reversible ceiling fan saves energy and helps bring down the cooling cost is by ensuring that you do not entirely have to solely rely on your AC vent system for cooling down the home. This is very apparent in the hot summer months.

When it is excruciatingly hot, home owners turn on the AC for some time to bring temperatures down quickly and drastically while running the fan simultaneously. This helps distribute the colder air effectively and faster thus cooling the space quicker. They then switch off the AC after some time and let the fan keep running at an appropriate speed. This will keep your space cooler for longer while consuming less energy thus helping you save on your energy bills while staying cool.

The fan’s motor drives the blades and therefore causes them to spin. Different fans will have varying degrees of pitch on the blades. When the blades are being span in the normal direction, they circulate cool air in the room.

The Advantage of Reversible Ceiling Fans During the Cold Winter Season

Now you know you can make energy savings with a ceiling fan during the summer, but the question often is, how can you do the same during the winter? This where a reversible ceiling fan is indispensable and unparalleled, making it a worthy investment.

When you turn on your heating in the home during the biting cold of winter, the warmer air is lighter than cool air and as such it naturally rises up to the ceiling and accumulates there.

When a reversible fan is set on reverse and turned on, the motor spins the blades in the opposite direction forcing that warm air down and circulating it around the room evenly for quicker and more efficient warming.

As a result, you can run the thermostats on a lower setting because a reversible fan will ensure that warm air is distributed evenly without compromising your comfort.


If you are shopping for a ceiling fan, reversible motor ceiling fans are highly recommended as their utility extends beyond the summer. It is a good idea to purchase a fan with a reversible motor in order to reap it’s energy saving benefits during the cold season too.


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