What is a PEVA Shower Curtain?

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A PEVA shower curtain is made from a chlorine-free plastic material, and is designed as a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to a PVC shower curtain. PEVA stands for Poly Ethylene Vinyl Acetate; but in its basic terms,it simply means that it is a less harsher material used in the production of shower curtains. PEVA shower curtains therefore do not contain the usual chemicals that are present in PVC shower curtains.

Why Do People Choose a PEVA Shower Curtain?

Many people are now choosing PEVA shower curtains because they are becoming more aware of the negative aspects of using PVC. The main issue surrounding PVC, which stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride, is the toxic chemicals it contains. The word chloride is usually enough to put people off purchasing this type of material for use in their home.Though the risks are not extreme, consumers are opting for a safer option. As the shower curtain is an essential item, used regularly in the home and by many family members, more people are choosing a PEVA shower curtain as the better, safer option.

The Chloride Element Present in PVC Shower Curtains

When you open the packaging of a PVC shower curtain for the first time, you can instantly smell the plastic. This scent is the toxins in the chloride, which tends to hang around for a few weeks or so, and is often overpowering upon hanging a new PVC shower curtain up in the first few days or weeks. Whilst for many it may seem to be just a harmless new product smell, it is for others a cause of concern that the plastic element of this type of material is so dominant. Although the smell disappears after a few weeks, reducing the risk of chemicals present in the immediate atmosphere, the question remains, why choose to surround yourself, and indeed those closest around,with such toxins when there is a perfectly good alternative available instead, in the form of PEVA.

Are There Different Types of PEVA Shower Curtains?

Most shower curtains these days are predominately PEVA shower curtains. Manufacturers and home furnishing retailers have realized the benefits of producing an item which uses less chemicals in production, thus lowering the environmental impact. This means that gradually PVC shower curtains are being replaced by PEVA.

The Advantages of Buying a PEVA Shower Curtain.

There are many advantages to purchasing a PEVA shower curtain. For one, not only are they low in toxics and chemicals, meaning less harm to the environment,they are also biodegradable,so when you do eventually dispose of them, you aren’t contributing to the mass problem in landfill sites.

PEVA decomposes in the ground without giving off any harmful pollution. A PVC shower curtain is not biodegradable and remains in a landfill, emitting harmful pollution under the ground. Considering that many of us will change our shower curtains on a regular basis, it would be great to do so without feeling guilty at the decision to dispose of our old shower curtains!

PEVA material in a shower curtain also makes it easier to clean, as it has none of the PVC Coating qualities. It is typically a lighter weight material when compared to PVC, making it easier to hang the shower curtain up, and looks better without having the crunchy effect of a heavy PVC shower curtain – whilst being also softer to the touch.

As PEVA does not contain any chloride, there is not that usual pungent smell that you get when opening a new PVC shower curtain. It also resists mildew and is thus effectively easier to clean than PVC.

Are PEVA Curtains Easy to Find in Stores?

Though they may sound more specialized, and therefore not as easily accessible as PVC shower curtains, you would be forgiven for thinking that PEVA shower curtains aren’t easy products to find. Yet, it may surprise many people to know that PEVA is currently the most widely used material in most shower curtains; you may even be using one right now without even realizing it!

PEVA is not an expensive material, and you should not expect to pay over the odds for any shower curtain that is made from this type of material. In fact, with more companies now choosing to make this type of shower curtain solely, they should be readily accessible.

A PEVA shower curtain is a great PVC alternative and, as we become more aware of products and their ingredients and the effect they can have in our homes, it makes sense that we find alternatives to PVC. A PEVA shower curtain is exactly that; a safe and affordable alternative that can provide you with the knowledge that not only are you looking after your family’s health, but also protecting the environment at the same time.

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