What are Ceramic Heaters? Benefits of Ceramic Heaters

The colder seasons are usually received with a hooray and a groan at the same time. For some homes, the colder months, especially winter means chilling frostbite weather and inflated heating bills. But if one figures out how to mitigate bloated heating bills while still staying warm, then you are less burdened and can enjoy the joys that come with winter such as the cheer of the festive season and being around family. Ceramic heating is a good source of auxiliary heating that can help lower the heating cost of a home.

What is a Ceramic Heater?

A ceramic heater is an efficient space heater due to its portability. They come in all shapes and portable sizes with low and high heating settings to suit various heating needs. They are also called space heaters because of their ability to heat smaller spaces such as a single room or office. Their exterior is often made from hardy and durable material and they typically generate heat using a heating element of PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramic, somewhat similar to how metal-element fan heater functions by heating the air that passes over it.

There are Mainly 2 Types of Ceramic Heaters:

  • Convective ceramic heaters – This is the more popular type where aluminum parts are electrically heated and transfer that heat to the ceramic elements. The unit draws in cold air from the base, passes it over the heated element and disperses the heated air into the room using a fan. Ideal for room to room heating because it heats air quicker as opposed to objects
  • Radiant ceramic heaters – This type of ceramic heater also uses electricity to generate heat on ceramic plate. The heat is the radiated directly to an object in the room which will then absorb the heat increasing their own temperature and eventually that of the room. This type keeps a room warmer for longer because it heats objects as opposed to air.

Ceramic heaters have grown in popularity and have quickly become the go to solution for those who need quick and efficient heating without sky high heating bills. There are other cheap heating options such as a wood stove for taking the chill out of the cold morning and evenings. However, not every one may have the option to take advantage of this type of heating due to fire regulation. For example, for those who live in apartments the wood stove is not even an option. That brings us back to ceramic heating which is a far cheaper and effective heating solution regardless of whether one lives on a farm, the suburb or an apartment in the city.

Benefits of Ceramic Heater

  • Are portable to be moved from one room to another based on need
  • Durable build and the heating mechanism will last for a long time provided one wipes it often keeping it dust and particle free
  • They come in different styles and designs to suit every need
  • High safety standards as the exterior remains cool to the touch
  • Have an auto shut in case the unit tips over for any reason


Ceramic heaters will certainly help keep the heating bills low due to their ability to heat up a room quickly and effectively for short periods of time. Why heat the whole house in the morning when all one needs is their room and the kitchen before they are off to work. This affordable practical solution will keep designated rooms warm and lower cost.





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