5 Top Rated Outdoor Fire Pit Tables of 2021

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Safe fires at home, attractive design perfect for accenting an outdoor space, the convenience of starting a fire at the switch of a button, provision of additional tabletop surface area, perfect ambiance, and most importantly, provision of warmth. Those are the top reasons why fire pit tables are quickly becoming among the top outdoor furniture items of choice for many homeowners.

Below we review a fantastic selection of some of the best rated and most popular outdoor propane fire tables that users felt delivered on both functionality and aesthetics.

Top Rated Outdoor Fire Pit Tables

1. Best Popular: Tacklife Outdoor Companion 50,000 BTU Gas Fire Pit Table with Cover

Suppose you have a limited outdoor space but still want to get comfy and cozy with a fire with your family or friends, especially during cold weather. In that case, this Tacklife fire pit table is worth considering.Tacklife Outdoor Companion 50,000 BTU Gas Fire Pit Table with Cover

Compact yet powerful, this durably constructed 28-inch fire pit has a heat output of 50,000 BTU powered by propane fuel for that bonfire ambience but without the ash or smoke.

It comes complete with volcanic or lava stones that strengthen the warm atmosphere while also accentuating the look of your fire pit table and its dancing flames

When not in use, you can transform this unit into a complete coffee with its very own cover lid that conceals the burner and comes included with the unit as standard. On the other hand, it does not have a protective fence or wind guard, so you might want to consider getting one if you live in a very windy area.

Features and Specifications

  • Product dimensions are 28 x 28 x 25 inches.
  • Heat output is 50,000 BTU.
  • It has a robust steel craftsmanship and design with its rustproof black paint and wicker-look bottom steel panel.
  • It has classic stripes as tabletop design.
  • It has a weave-texture, wicker table cabinet that houses the propane tank.
  • It has anti-rust paint, external metal switch and stainless steel burner.
  • The fire pit’s design is transformable from fire table to a full service table with included burner  lid.
  • It comes with lava stones for a warmer and intense flame display.
  • It is CSA-certified to provide you with a safe, warm bonfire atmosphere.

Customers Feedback

A popular choice, most of the customers expressed satisfaction with this Tacklife fire table because it indeed transformed some plain patios and backyards into a very warm, cozy lounge areas for families and friends. They also love that it serves two purposes: a fire table and a full service table with the burner lid cover, which users highly appreciated comes with the unit because it really does come in handy for even protecting the burner from dirt and weather elements.

For an  outdoor living area with limited space, this is said to be an ideal choice.

2. Best Value for Money+with Accessories: Best Choice Products 52-inch 50,000 BTU Outdoor Wicker Patio Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

If you are looking for an attractive, all-in larger fire pit table, then you may want to consider this 52-inch set from Best Choice Products.Best Choice Products 52-inch 50,000 BTU Outdoor Wicker Patio Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

It features a gorgeous frame design of  all-weather wicker base and an aluminum tabletop that can be used as a full service table when the burner is not in use. Because of the bigger size, it is suitable for  those bigger of outdoor spaces.

Other than beautiful aesthetics and large design, you’ll also love that this fire table comes complete with  a glass wind guard enclosure to keep the flame burning as long as needed despite any disruptive winds, a buner lid that will come in handy when you need a full table and decorative fire pit glass.

What’s more, a durable protective fabric is also included for covering and protecting the fire table from outdoor elements and dirt.

Like most fire pit tables, the 20-pound propane tank that fuels the fire pit is hidden inside the table but uniquely, this unit features a slide-out gas tank holder which means removing and taking back the tank is so much easier here.

Features and Specifications

  • Overall dimensions are 52 x 34 x 24.75 inches with a weight of 73 lbs.
  • Heat output is rated at 50,000 BTU.
  • It features a strong aluminum frame, weather-resistant wicker base and clean, stripe design aluminum tabletop.
  • With a cover lid for the burner
  • Glass rocks are provided to cover the entire burner and give reflections of the dancing flames.
  • The set also includes a glass wind guard and protective fabric cover.
  • The table has a pull-out tank storage for easy access to the tank whenever needs checking or replacement.

Customer Feedback

Considering the high quality make, included accessories and performance, a majority of the customers generally agree that this particular fire pit table from Best Choice Products is very reasonably priced. For several users, this unit ticked all or most of their needs and preferences which included things like, sturdiness, sufficient heat output, gorgeous aesthetics, larger design, production of beautiful dancing flames and an all inclusive unit with convenient accessories.

3. Best Unique Design: Endless Summer GAD15258SP Fire Table

This is a fire pit table by the makers at Endless Summer that exudes style.Endless Summer GAD15258SP Fire Table

At only 3o inches wide, this will work perfectly for medium to small spaces and its 50,000 BTU means that staying warm will not be an issue here.

While most fire pit tables have black or darker color tempered glass, aluminum or steel tabletops, the GAD15258SP fire table has a handcrafted slate tile mantel that has a very courtyard appeal.

Then, the base body that houses the propane tank is designed with decorative perforated patterns to add to the uniqueness of the  unit.

Features and Specifications

  • Fire table dimensions are 30 x 30 x 25.4 inches.
  • It has a 50,000 BTU heat output.
  • Steel construction with hole patterns and a slate tile mantel as tabletop
  • It has a hidden control panel for adjustable flame and electronic ignition.
  • Package also includes brown fire glass, protective cover and burner lid insert.

Customers Feedback

Because some people have limited outdoor spaces, a functional and powerful fire pit table of this size is well received by many customers. With the help of this unit, warming up their cold bonding days and nights is no longer difficult.

4. Best Rectangular: U-MAX 44in Outdoor Propane Gas Rectangle Fire Pit Table

If you want a fire pit table that is not too large and not too small for family bonfire-like bonding, then you may want to consider buying this brown Rattan Fire Pit from U-Max.U-MAX 44in Outdoor Propane Gas Rectangle Fire Pit Table

Durable and sturdy with aluminum framing, this is stylishly designed to add that charm to any outdoor living style.

Further, this fire table goes further to ensure you safety with a thermonuclear mechanism such that when the flames are interrupted for any reason, say for example by very strong winds, the mechanism shuts off the gas.

This 44 inches table has a 50,000 BTU rating that already comes with wind enclosure, fire glass, same brown rattan design burner lid so you can use this fire pit as an outdoor table when you want.

A pull-out gas holder makes it easy to access the tank for replacement.

Features and Specifications

  • Table dimensions are 43.5 x 27.5 x 24.5 inches.
  • The heat output is 50,000 BTU.
  •  Powder-coated aluminum frame with weather-resistant and durable PE rattan base and an elegant and smooth tabletop.
  • Pull-out tank storage
  • It uses a push-button spark ignition system for easy startup and control.
  • Fitted with a safety thermonuclear gas shut off mechanism
  • It comes with blue arctic tempered glass stones for the burner
  • It has CSA-certification that proves safe and environmental-friendly burning.
  • The fire pit table includes a waterproof cover for the pit and tempered glass wind guard as well

Customers Feedback

Customers love it for its size because aside from the fire bowl that brings out beautiful and warm dancing flames, it offers more table space more so when used with the burner lid. They also found it to be a practical unit that also accentuates an outdoor area further creating a cozy area where friends and family can gather.

5. Perfect for Small Spaces: Bali Outdoors Square Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table with Lid

This square fire pit table by Bali Outdoors is a sleek, nice-looking all-steel constructed sturdy fire table that is weather-coated so that it can effectively withstand outdoor elements, thus perfect to accentuate your patio for several years to come, and with its 50,000 BTU heat output, you are guaranteed of sufficient warmth.Bali Outdoors 50,000 BTU Square Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table with Lid

It comes complete with a convenient lid such that when the burner is covered with this lid, this cauldron-like fire pit transforms into a full coffee table or bar table.

Further, 15 lbs. of blue fire glass is also provided to completely conceal the burner and give a relaxing reflection of the dancing flames.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions are 28 x 28 x 25 with a net weight of 43 lbs.
  • The heat output of this fire pit is 50,000 BTU.
  • It is an durable all-steel powder-coated construction with an embossed design in black with brown faux finish.
  • It has a cover lid so you can use the entire table top when not lit.
  • The fire pit table comes with 15 lbs. blue glass.
  • It is a push-button-spark Piezo ignition system for a convenient turning on and off and control of the flames.

Customers Feedback

Many customers love this fire pit table because of its sleekness and elegance. It’s said to not take so much floor space and therefore perfect for small spaces. Customers also loved that it comes with a lid which allows them to use it like a full service table when the burner is not in use.

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