5 Top Rated King Goose Down Comforters

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Table of Contents

The premise behind goose down comforters is borrowed from geese.

These birds are able to withstand the chill of the winter as well as the heat of the summer without shedding. Why is that? The answer lies in their under belly where you find goose down. This are fine soft feathers deficient of quills that appear in layers below the under belly of this magnificent birds.

This natural body covering is breathable and allows the birds to keep cool during the warm months by allowing air to circulate through them. During winter the same down layers have the ability to help the bird retain warmth and better cope with the cold weather.

This is the same material that has been used to fill these top rated King size goose down comforters below.

1. Top Oversize Goose Down King: Hombys All-Season Palatial King Goose Down Comforter

This Hombys All Season Goose Down Comforter is an oversized option that has become quite popular with consumers because of its hypoallergenic build, among other things. Measuring 120 x 98 inches this is the perfect option for those needing a much larger bedding size.

The majority of people are not allergic to goose down. For those who may be allergic to alternative down comforters goose down becomes an excellent option.Hombys All-Season Palatial King Goose Down Comforter

The hypoallergenic rating given to this comforter means the down has been thoroughly washed repeatedly, steamed and sterilized at high temperatures to kill any odor and bacteria. This means that if down comforters used to give your allergy troubles, it’s very likely that the special treatment and processing of this down will be agreeable with you. You too can now enjoy the cloud sleep comfort offered by this bedding unit.

The comforter comes in grey or white color options. The impressive loft is as a result of goose down fill secured evenly through the help of baffle boxes. However, do note that this is not 100% goose down but a mix of goose and feathers.

The pinched pleating forms an aesthetic surface with plenty of character. And while it is very tempting to use this comforter as is, it is highly recommended that you get a duvet cover for it in order to get the maximum possible length of service from it.

Since the cover comes in several size categories, the warm and breathable design is a good choice for furnishing all your beds with all year round comfort.


  • The king size measures 120 x 98 inches. Also available other standard sizes
  • Mix of down and feathers
  • The comforter shell is a soft 100% Egyptian cotton
  • It offers 85 ounces per square yard of goose down fill
  • It is finished with large baffle boxes and pinched pleating
  • It is a machine washable unit
  • Available in white and grey
  • It has OEKE-TEX and BSCI certification

The 100% cotton fabric used for the shell is both tough and soft at the same time. With comforters such as this, the creases that cotton is known for are minimal to almost none, thanks to the baffle boxes, generous fill and pinch pleating. When using a duvet cover, one can always get a breathable option that is sleek, colorful or plain and wrinkle proof to better suit your preference and decor

Customer feedback

Customers who bought and used this unit mentioned that they loved everything about this comforter. The grey color seems to be a firm favorite for many. Users expressed the fabric and weights are on point, breathable and not smothering. The look was more than satisfactory to customers who said that the comforter looks gorgeous.  Customer also appreciated the choice between white and grey to match their décor best with either option. This comforter is said to be worth every dime.

2. C&W Luxurious Siberian White Goose Down Comforter

The C&W Luxurious Siberian White Goose Down Comforter offers you comfort for a longer time.C&W Luxurious Siberian White Goose Down Comforter

This is for the simple fact that high quality 100% Egyptian cotton has been used as the shell material for this comforter and the filling has been done with goose down and minimal feathers to achieve a plush look and deliver luxurious comfort all year round.

Do you like to sleep cool during the hotter months? Well, this lightweight comforter affords you the comfort of using the same unit in hotter months owing to its excellent natural properties.

The goose down is harvested from the food industry and does NOT involve plucking from live birds but acquired from meat processed birds as byproduct. The goose down is washed and sterilized to vanquish bacteria and odors for better comfort.

The 100% Egyptian cotton material shell works in harmony with the goose down to deliver luxurious comfort. Cotton does a good job of absorbing moisture and therefore helps you sleep cooler on warm nights.

The comforter can also serve as a duvet insert for protection, additional layering and better insulation in the winter months. It’s this sort of versatility that makes the C&W Luxurious Siberian White Goose Down Comforter a great choice for all year-round use.

The baffle boxes are large but well stitched to ensure that the fill material stays in place and is evenly distributed at all times even after washing the comforter.


  • This king size measures 108 inches on wide side and 116 inches on the longer side.
  • The shell is made from 100% Egyptian cotton with 1200 thread count
  • It features 750+ fill power goose down and some feathers
  • 80 Oz Fill weight
  • Baffle boxed finish with double stitching
  • This is a machine wash friendly comforter
  • It is available in white
  • It utilizes the Responsible Down Standard (RDS)

This is comforter has a solid build and is constructed from high quality material to deliver luxurious comfort at a price that is well within your reach.

Customer feedback

Most customers who took a chance on this unit were not disappointed. The baffle boxes are well-tailored with no chance of them coming undone. Users noted that this down comforter is not smothering but provides adequate warmth when you need it. It also sleeps cool when hot. The lay and fill is perfect according to users that mentioned that they expect it to last a long time especially when covered with a duvet

3. Cucuun Goose Down Comforter

Gooses down comforters are no doubt luxurious and fluffy to a fault. But they are also an excellent solution to those who are prone to allergies as a result of using poly-fiber fill. Take the case for the Cucuun Down comforter.Cucuun Goose Down Comforter

The goose down is treated and sterilized to kill off all bacteria and vermin that causes allergy reactions. The process also gets rid of any lingering odor from the down. Such that by the time the down is fit into comforters, it is absolutely odorless.

The goose down is of high quality with tremendous loft.

Its baffle boxes are well sized to help deliver and maintain even distribution of the fill. The stitching is impeccable with zero chance of it coming undone.

The weave of this cotton gives a lustrous look but with more than enough traction that enables the comforter not to slide off the bed at night when sleeping. The comforter is equipped with corner tabs that make it real easy to attach a duvet cover for added insulation.


  • This comforter measures 106″x 90″ inches.
  • Egyptian 100% cotton is the fabric used for constructing the shell which has a thread count of 1200
  • Mix of goose down and feathers
  • The core is overstuffed with 750 fill power goose down
  • A baffle boxed finish
  • This comforter is machine washable
  • Available in white color

Customer feedback

Customers, who have temperature fluctuations in their sleep, fell in love with this comforter. They mentioned that the fluffiness, breathability of fill and moisture absorbing abilities of cotton in addition to the lightweight of the comforter, work in unison to deliver a deep sleep with regulated temperature that’s conducive to sleep. This comforter works so much better than blankets as it provides you with warmth without smothering you.

4. L Lovsoul King Size Goose Down Comforter

Winters nights need not be frightful if you are snuggled up under this comforter. If anything, you will be looking forward to bed time because this unit is super thick but not overly heavy. While that may sound like a contradiction, it’s not.L Lovsoul Goose Down Comforter

The fill provides the L Lovsoul Goose Down Comforter with plenty of loft, breathability and at the same time a light weight that pleasantly engulfs you as you sleep.

This duvet is designed for rooms that sleep at 60-70° F. With this comforter gracing your bedroom, you can feel free to set your room to the said temperatures and help reduce your household carbon emission by up to 2000 pounds per year. Remarkable!

There are significant economic gains to be made by setting the thermostat of your heater 4 degrees lower. It means you can thoroughly enjoy this thick duvet while fighting climate change at the same time. The comforter has 700 fill power of goose down giving the bedding unit a plush look.

Its baffle box design does a wonderful job of making the bulges look prominent. The stitching on the baffle boxes is double and close ensuring that they do not come undone. The effect of this is goose down that stays evenly distributed at all times. If you have had a bad experience with comforter fill lumping and presenting a horrible display and cold spots, you can kiss all that goodbye with this option.

The shell material is 100% pure Egyptian cotton with a thread count of 1200. With this comforter you can expect to have a bliss full sleep all year round, whether the need is to sleep cool in summer weather or sleep warm in the chill of winter nights.

This comforter can work as a stand-alone or a duvet insert. It’s recommended that you use it with a cover to prolong its lifespan even further. You will notice that borders are piped for durability and permanently sealing off the fill.


  • This king size comforter is 106 inches by 90. Available in queen as well
  • It features 100% Egyptian cotton on the shell with a thread count of 1200
  • The core is stuffed with a mix of goose+feather
  • 700+ fill power goose down
  • The baffle boxed finish ensures even spread of fill
  • It is washed using a washing machine
  • Available in white and grey colors
  • It is certified to OEKO-TEX standard, DOWNPASS certified and authenticated with IDFL

This is one duvet you would love to grace your bedroom with, not only is it well constructed with high quality materials, it guarantees plenty of comfort in both winter and summer.

Customer feedback

Over and above the fabulous quality of this comforter, customers appreciated that the unit also comes in queen size. For users who have a tall queen bed and a thick mattress but still want a decent hang on the sides of the bed, opting for the king size will suit your needs best as that measures 106” by 90”. Users mentioned that they loved the piped edging as it prevents the borders from being vulnerable to wear and tear. Customers who bought this unit observed that washes need not be frequent especially if you have invested in a duvet cover. With a cover for the comforter, you can expect a luxurious experience and impressive durability that will last years.

5. Royalay Luxurious Goose Down Comforter

The difference between luxury comfort offered by the Luxurious Goose Down Comforter and many other blankets and comforters out there is crystal clear. While other comforters with varied fill material and other fabrics for the shell will offer warmth, they often lack the temperature regulatory abilities attributed to goose down and a 100% cotton shell used in this comforter.Royalay Luxurious Goose Down Comforter

This comforter unit is overstuffed with high quality goose down that provides and delivers remarkable comfortable warmth that is conducive to sleep. Downs ability to breath and puff is also what makes it a premium fill for high quality comforters.

Royal Comforter also serves as a duvet insert with 8 corner tabs for making that process even easier and provides added insulation when needed.

The comforter is filled with 80 ounces of down per square yard. The fluffiness is evenly distributed by creating tightly stitched baffle boxes that mitigate the all too common comforter problem of fill lumping that result in a deformed look and consequently impair the comforter’s ability to evenly insulate.

The well-constructed build delivers luxury because the down is held in place with the help of meticulously stitched baffle boxes. The down used here will remain puffed for many years unlike other fill material that flattens out over a short period of time. It is this puffiness that delivers comfortable warmth as well as adequate aeration making your sleep comfortable through the seasons.

The impressive breathability does not work in isolation to achieve such luxurious comfort. Crafting comforters is a science of material and design and this unit has nailed it to a tee. The 100% cotton fabric is also breathable and smooth to the skin in addition to being highly absorbent. Being a highly breathable fabric, cotton will only retain heat to a degree, but not to a point that your body over heats.

The fabric feels soft against the skin for luxurious comfort. On nights or seasons that are warmer, you can still enjoy the cloud like comforter because the fill is breathable and works in tandem with the cotton shell to absorb any sweat allowing you to sleep cooler.


  • This king size comes in at 116 on the width and 108 inches on the length as well. It also comes in queen, California king, king and palatial king
  • The shell features 100% Egyptian cotton is the fabric used for making the shell with a thread count of 1200
  • The core comprises of 700+ fill power goose down and minimal feathers
  • Its baffle boxed finish delivers consistent spread of fill
  • It is washing machine friendly
  • It is available only in white

If you have a custom-made bed that’s well beyond standard dimensions, you will be happy to know that this unit also comes in palatial king size with generous dimensions of 120” x 98”

Customer feedback

Customers mentioned that they found this product to be well constructed and a good fit for a king size bed. They also appreciated that it comes in varied sizes to suit all the beds in the home such as queen and Cal king. A group of users who have not been able to use down comforters in the past because they are allergic to it but love all the other attributes of the comforter, shared that this down proofed comforter worked for them without triggering allergies. They also loved the pinch pleat effect on the baffle boxes.

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