5 Top Rated Cheap Bedspreads

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Table of Contents

If you are on a shoe string budget or not, these affordable and inexpensive bedspreads are good value for money with fabulous durability and and function as attested by several users.

These are some of the cheapest options that are highly rated as excellent all-round despite their price, thus making them a steal for any bedroom.

1. GrandLinen 3 Piece  Bohemian Quilt Bedspread Coverlet

The bedroom is a place of calm and peace where you can throw you hair down and all cares out the window, at least momentarily. As such, it makes sense to have a bedspread that appeals to your senses along with other comfort trappings that help you relax in your private space. This 3-Piece Bohemian Quilt Bedspread Coverlet will have your room exploding with cheerful colors that brighten and inject a lovely relaxed vibe.GrandLinen 3 Piece  Bohemian Quilt Bedspread Coverlet

Summer and spring call for dressing your bed in a lighter coverlet. This bedspread is light with a very minimal fill that achieves a comfortable and soft cushioned look. At the same time, it still manages a decent amount of insulation when needed for cozy sleep. With such a colorful floral spread, one would want the bedspread to maintain its look for the longest time possible.

Given that the coverlet has been constructed from 100% microfiber, you have the assurance that the colors will hold fast and that the fabric will retain its lustrous shimmer for the long haul.

The multi floral patterns displayed on this bedspread are gorgeous and vibrant including orange, brown, turquoise, purple and green in varied tones. The coverlet is reversible with a solid color which adds to this sets great utility. The piped edges of the bedspread present a neat finish but also promote longevity.

This unit comes as a 3 piece set comprising of a lightweight  bedspread and 2 matching shams.


  • The dimensions of this  king coverlet are 115 inches length and 95 inches width. Also available in oversized queen/ California king/full
  • Fabric used for construction is 100% microfiber
  • Coverlet is lightly cushioned and reversible
  • It is a 3-piece set comes with; 1 bedspread and 2 matching shams with piped edges
  • Can be washed by hand as well as washing machine
  • Available in blend of colors featuring; turquoise, blue, orange and green

This Quilt Bedspread brings the beauty and cheer of the tropics right into a bedroom. If you want to remember the tropics every night you bed down, this is an ideal set to bring that feel to your space.

Customer feedback

Customers who were looking for a minimal bedspread set that explodes with color said that they found it in this unit. The coverlet is well sized and users shared that they use this coverlet all year round. They use it as a stand-alone spread during the summer and spring and as well as a spread over other bedding during winter for a cheerful vibe in the bedroom in addition to warmth. Customers also pointed out that they like the reversible aspect of the set and the durable construction that includes piped edges.

2. Mellanni Bedspread Coverlet Set

Some households will have a feline friend(s) or a canine(s) that have become part of the family. The one thing that have you pull out your hair out in frustration is when these pet fellows who love your bed so much mess up you’re bedspread with their claws.Mellanni Bedspread Coverlet Set

The Mellani Bedspread is not built for pets but for you comfort. However, the build of the coverlet does make it less difficult to being destroyed by your furry buddies when they choose to sample your choice of bedding.

The beauty of polyester microfiber is that it’s one of the lowest maintenance bedding fabrics you can hope to find out there. This is because the fabric is resilient and does an excellent job of resisting stains, fade and wrinkles. In the case of this 3 piece set, the Pin-sonic stitching on the fabric makes it harder to unravel even in the presence of your furry buddy. This is not to say the set is indestructible but that it stands up well to your pet’s presence.

The set comes in several colors but this particular one is in a gorgeous solid spa blue. The floral patterns are brought to life through Pin-sonic stitching. The special stitching also textures the surface of the fabric for a unique and appealing aesthetic.

Although the surface is textured, it still remains smooth and feels pleasant against you skin. This is because the high quality microfiber has been well brushed and detailed by skilled fabric artisans for long lasting comfort. You want a bit of luxury and a lot of comfort in your bedding and this bedspread guarantee just that.

The fabric has a fluid flow with no visible patches or pieces and gives the impression it has been crafted for one continual piece of fabric. This aesthetic is reinforced by the solid color. The coverlet has a generous king size and lavishly covers all sides of your bed.

The bedspread is pleasantly light weight and agreeable with summer and spring months. If you still want the same look for your bed during the winter months, you can always spread this cover with other padded comforters underneath it. The two shams that come with the set share the same design and finish. The shams and coverlet have piped edges for a neat and durable finish.


  • The king size coverlet measures 106 inches in width and 111 inches in length. Other available sizes include queen, full, twin and twin XL sizes
  • 100% microfiber is the material used to create this set
  • The coverlet is thinly plush with pin-sonic stitching
  • The set has 3 pieces: 1 bedspread and 2 matching shams with piped edges
  • Machine wash friendly but can also be washed by hand
  • Has a wide range of solid colors to choose from; spa blue, burgundy, black, laced sky blue, medallion coral, navy, medallion zen, spa mint and so much more

The pin-sonic design on a high quality microfiber polyester fabric, carves out a unique look that seats well on your bed and provides ultra-comfort. Since the set comes with such a wide range of solid colors, it makes it a lot easier to match your bedspread to numerous bedroom decors. It also means one can use the same design in different bedrooms but with different colors and surface textures.

Customer feedback

Those who bought this unit expressed that they are glad they did. The design is unique yet rich. The coverlet is generously sized and reaches all the way to the floor on all sides. Users loved that the set is lightweight with excellent craftsmanship. After several washes, customers reported that fabric cleans well without fading or peeling. Many said they highly recommend this bedspread set for simple elegance.

3. BNF Home Serenta 4 Piece Ruffle Quilted Bedspread Set

If you are on the lookout for a feminine bedspread that is truly gorgeous, the BNF Home Serenta Ruffle Quilted Bedspread Set will likely ring your bell. That is because this beautiful design comes in solid pink and will have you feeling like you are sleeping on or under a bed of roses.BNF Home Serenta 4 Piece Ruffle Quilted Bedspread Set

The artwork, patterning and texture are truly exquisite and conjure up a real impression of being covered by a layer of roses. Its design of the coverlet is such that the top surface of the bedspread that covers the mattress area is adorned with lovely and realistic embossed rose petal shapes and interspersed with quilted spaces from one rose pattern another. The pink color of the fabric and the light fill provide a soft cushioned look and add to the realistic loo of the roses.

If one prefers a toned down look that is not all out girly, one can always opt for this same design but in a more subdued color such as chocolate, light blue or taupe. The sides of the bedspread are draped with a pieced matte satin ruffle design bed skirt that beautifully cascades down in layers all the way to the floor for an elegant feminine look.

Despite the name Matte satin or peau de soie fabric that makes this gallant bed skirt, the fabric is still 100% polyester. The fabric is also commonly referred to as Duchess Satin and has a medium weight of 6 ounces per linear yard. This gorgeous polyester fabric features a smooth satin feel with a stiff finish which does an excellent job of maintaining a luxurious body as seen in this bedspread design.

Although the matte satin is often likened to satin, it is important to note that the fabric is far less shiny and has a distinct matte appearance. This means that the fabric has all the attributes of satin but without the sheen. This polyester’s medium weight, matte finish and strong body is what makes it such a versatile choice for all types of garments including bedding, event decorations, sashes, drapery, crafts and so forth.

This beautiful pink bedspread responds well to machine wash and is quick to dry. It comes as a 4 piece set with matching shams and an accent pillow. The shams have a gorgeous 2-inch ruffle flange that completes the stunning look.


  • The king coverlet dimensions are 78 inches in width and 104 inches in length. It also comes in queen size
  • The material used is 100% polyester
  • This coverlet is lightly cushioned with delightful petal patterns
  • This 4-piece set includes; 1 bedspread, 2 matching flanged shams and 1 decorative pillow
  • It is machine washable and easy to care for without chances of fading
  • Comes in a selection of solid colors including pink, chocolate, taupe and light blue

For those looking to inject a feminine touch to their bedroom décor, this beautiful design of the BNF Home will certainly get you there. But just because it is more feminine oriented doesn’t mean it cannot work in guest rooms.

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this bedspread did so for many reasons. Some liked the rustic glam bedding style that it offers while others loved the creative rose petal patterning that is simply gorgeous. A good number of users who have queen beds opted for the king size bedspread because it works great if you have a high mattress and prefer a generous hang on the sides. Customers also mentioned that the unit is pleasantly lightweight, washes well and looks delightful on a bed.

4. Bedsure 3-Piece Printed Quilt Set

If you are no too happy with how you bedspread or the one in the guestroom looks right now and have been meaning to procure a decent spread but haven’t gotten to it yet due to budget constraints, The Bedsure 3 Piece Printed Quilt Set is here to bail you out.Bedsure 3-Piece Printed Quilt Set

This bedspread has been constructed with a microfiber shell and delivers ultra-comfort in an artistic way. While your desire may be to first save up and buy the comforter of your dreams, acquiring this set is a good idea to ease your pressure and have your bedrooms looking great in the interim before you get the super bedspread you have eyeing for some time.

This Bedsure Quilt set has a smooth fabric with a distant shimmer that microfiber is loved for. The design is embellished with a beautiful mix of gorgeous flowers and plaids. The spread is tough and durable made possible by three layers that have been put together to form a weight that is just right for all year round use including summer.

Its plaid aspects on the surface add to the aesthetic of the unit while the ruffled edges between every square provide a touch of rustic beauty. The spread looks great and has a rug like artistic flair that can only be accomplished by a seasoned designer. The delicate floral fabrics accented with ruffles along the seams also add a subtle vintage-chic look.

This bedspread is low maintenance as it is fade resistant, does not shrink and will not wrinkle. The fabric has a good threshold for stain resistance and takes a while before you feel the need to toss it into the washer. And even then, the spread displays how resilient microfiber stands up to washes for the long haul without losing its luster and beauty. The complete spread includes matching pillow shams that inject a harmonious look to your bed space.

The pillows have flanges for a gorgeous finish and the edges of the bedspread are also delightfully finished with piped edging and a wavy pattern.

For users who suffer allergies from other fabrics, a microfiber bedding such as this can to be the elusive hypoallergenic coverlet you’ve been searching for.


  • Bedspread comes in king size coverlet at 106 inches long and 96 inches wide. Other sizes available include queen, full and twin
  • The shell is constructed from 100% microfiber
  • This coverlet is 3 ply with remarkable durability
  • Comes as 3 piece set that has 1 bedspread and 2 matching shams with flanges
  • It can be washed in a washing machine
  • Available in a selection of colors including green, beige, black, blue red, green sage, grey, red and navy

Getting several sets makes sense because the spread comes in several sizes to suit varied bedding needs. The colors options allows users to create differing vibes for different rooms.

Customer feedback

Customers who got this needed a spread that is durable with decent quality and at a friendly price point. This bedspread matched the bill to perfection. Users shared that they loved the color choices and got several sets for all the bedrooms in the house at great value. Customers mentioned that this is a no fuss option with really low maintenance and remarkably durable.

5. Great Bay Home Reversible Paisley Striped Bedspread

When looking to infuse a calming tone in the bedroom, the bedspread that you choose can help you in realizing that quest. The Great Bay Home Reversible Paisley Striped Bedspread exudes a calming cool tone. This pieced design projects an undermined class while the choice of colors and patterns form a beautiful silent contrast for a calming and soothing vibe.Great Bay Home Reversible Paisley Striped Bedspread

The coverlet has a flat and lightweight look to it. This is testament to the skilled tailoring by Great Bay Home craftsmen and women. Even though the unit may appear flat, it is not a hollow thin flat as the shell has a slight puff that provides a cushioned feel made possible by minimal fill.

The fill material is a combination of 220 grams per square yard of 70% cotton and 30% polyester fill. The significance of the fill mix is to attain high breathability as well as quicker dry time.

For those of you who have a never ending love hate relationship with cotton and polyester as standalone fabrics because of their individual cons, you may be pleased with the remarkable result of a merger between the two fabrics in creating a fill that’s highly comfortable. With this unit, you can sleep cooler and deeper.

The shell of this bedspread set is made from 100% microfiber. The meticulous construction includes tight channel stitching and seams for durability. The design features horizontal stripes in numerous colors, shades and patterns for a gorgeous display of contrast and high fashion.

The channel stitching will ensure that the fill does not leak and stays neatly in place all the time.


  • Measurements for the king size coverlet are 108 inches long and 90 inches wide. Other sizes available include; queen, full and twin
  • The bedspread shell is made from 100% microfiber
  • This coverlet is moderately stuffed with 70% and 30% cotton and poly-fiber, respectively
  • Comes as 3 piece set comprising of 1 bedspread and 2 matching shams
  • It is machine washable and needs little maintenance
  • Available in many several interesting color options

The color combination is of Kadi-blue is beautiful and toned down. However, this bedspread does provide a decent range of color combinations to suit a broad spectrum of decors and personal preferences.

Customer feedback

Users who settled for this option mentioned it was an excellent choice for a master bedroom as well as the guest bedroom. Customers reported that the unit has a nice weight for everything but winter. However, users added that they found the coverlet to useful in winter as a spread with a few blankets underneath it for layering. Many expressed that the unit is well constructed and stands up to washing just fine with zero lumping.


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