6 Top Rated Cal King Comforter Sets

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Table of Contents

The selections below for a California sized bed vary in features and styles as well as the number of pieces in the set.

1. Chezmoi Collection 7-Piece Quilted Patchwork Comforter Set

The beauty of a pieced design is that it affords the opportunity for the designer to include numerous colors in the comforter set. The playful patchwork in this Chezmoi Collection 7 Piece Quilted Comforter Set will not only add life and vigor into your décor, but also promises to inject a playful cheerful tone to your space.Chezmoi Collection 7-Piece Quilted Patchwork Comforter Set

The tasteful colors used in the design are appealing and conjure a vibrant and stylish vibe. Only one fabric is used in the entire set and that’s 100% polyester.

Even with the exquisite beauty, one can purchase confidently knowing that the beauty will last for ages thanks to the resilient nature of polyester. The fabric can withstand frequent washes and the colors hold fast.

In this design, there is an admirable contrast that’s presented by the different colors but also the contrasting surface textures which oscillate between smooth and quilted. The black patches are smooth while the burgundy and brown are quilted with impressive and luxurious pin-sonic pressed medallion patterns.

The contrast of both color and texture is further accentuated by the strips of white fabric that create borders between the various patches.

The comforter is blissfully soft, lightweight, and beautiful.

Since it comes in different color combinations, designers love it because it’s easy to blend in with numerous décor styles.

Some customer may not be too keen on multi colored patches because of the potential that various distinct darker colors can bleed into lighter patches and mess up the look. However, with this unit, that’s something you do not have to worry about. That’s because polyester fabric does not fade nor bleed easily. For that reason, you can be sure that your comforter set will stay beautiful and maintain the distinct colors even after numerous washes.

Caring for this gorgeous set is pretty easy. When the bedding set gets dirty, simply throw it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water for a quick clean. You can opt to sun dry or low tumble dry. Either drying method works just fine. Polyester is a wrinkle free fabric that will have your bed spread looking smooth, crisp and neat.


  • California king size comes in a tantalizing patchwork design
  • The comforter measures 104 inches by 92 inches but is also available in king, queen and full
  • Set is made from 100% micro-fiber polyester fabric
  • The 7 Piece comforter set includes; 1 comforter, 1 bed Skirt, 2 king shams, 1 cushion, 1 breakfast pillow and 1 neck roll
  • It is washing machine compatible
  • Available in several color combinations; black burgundy brown/ blue gray/ gray blue black/ gray blue charcoal/ lavender purple gray/ yellow gay

This design presents an excellent alternative from printed and floral patterns. The design also manages to invoke a colorful and cheerful vibe in your bedroom utilizing solid colors and surface texture alone.

Customer feedback

Customers who settled for this comforter set shared that they found it to be refreshingly different from floral prints but still looks attractive on the bed. The Cal King size worked out for most customers while others appreciated the other available sizes best suited to their needs. Other users pointed out that the polyester used is soft and the comforter pleasantly thick for all year round use. The throw pillows are well matched for a gorgeous bed spread ensemble. Customers were quick to admit that this was a steal as the price is great but the quality is even better.

2. Intelligent Design Raina California King Comforter Set

Meshing simplicity and elegance can be a difficult feat to achieve. However, the Intelligent Design Raina Comforter Set does a remarkable job of dressing up your bed in simplicity and subtle elegance.Intelligent Design Raina California King Comforter Set

This 5 piece set is made from 100% polyester and comes with a comforter, decorative pillows and shams. For sleepers who like to sleep cool, this is a good option because it is moderately filled for generous aeration. The fill is 5.9 ounces per square yard. The shell does a good job of wicking moisture. The lightweight, breathability and moisture wicking abilities ensure that you sleep at the right temperature without feeling cold or getting too hot.

The stunning comforter has a beautiful print that displays geometric patterns in metallic gold print against a soft back drop of ivory for a catchy look. The low key color combination adds to the simplicity of the design and delivers a neat look for your bed.

If you fancy a louder color, you will be glad to know that the set is available in several color choices including blush/gold as well as navy/silver to name a few. The construction is solid with close stitched edges. The matching shams and decorative pillows cap off the look magnificently.


  • This California king size set is enhanced with geometric patterns
  • Dimensions of this comforter are 104 inches by 92 inches. The set is also available in king and queen size
  • The comforter is made from 100% polyester with matching accessories
  • It is a 5 Piece comforter set that includes; 1 comforter, 2 king shams and 2 decorative pillows
  • Easily washed by hand or machine
  • Available in several colors

Some people are not too keen to dress their California king bed with a bed skirt and prefer a more plain and minimal look. It’s worth noting that this comforter does not comes with a bed skirt and therefore better achieves that elegant but simple minimal look.

Customer feedback

Customers with a preference for a minimal look and design liked this comforter set because of the simple elegant design. They mentioned that they liked the lightweight comforter for sleeping cool as well as the fluid look if presents on the bed. Users mentioned that matching pillows look great while the two embroidered decorative pillows with geometric and metallic details complete the uncomplicated, fabulous and ultra-soft microfiber comforter set. If you like your bed set simple, durable and low maintenance, this comforter set will get the job done for you.

3. Madison Park Duke Faux Fur 3 Piece Comforter Set

Madison Park Duke Comforter Set is what you want when you are looking for a minimal comforter set and one with some awesome warmth for all year use. The comforter exudes a plush look the minute you lay your eyes on it with its  velvety smooth surface that speaks of luxury and looks both aesthetic and very inviting.Madison Park Duke Faux Fur 3 Piece Comforter Set

The construction material in this set is 100% polyester. What is Faux Fur? It’s made of synthetic fibers woven and bundled together specifically designed to mimic real fur. Acrylic and polyester are often used. In the case of this comforter, the fabric used is polyester which gives off a smooth, soft and lustrous finish.

The reverse of the comforter is also soft and fur like with a mink finish for a gorgeous look and comfy feel. This is great for the user as they can always switch the side of the comforter every so often for a refreshed look of the bed without compromising on comfort.

The solid black and velvety color looks amazing and easily blends in with most décors effortlessly. This set come with a comforter and two matching pillow cases. This leaves room for your other throw pillows in choice colors to create even more plushness and infuse some contrast.


  • This California king size comforter set has a solid black faux fur look and feel
  • The comforter is 104 inches long by 90 inches wide. The set is also available in full, queen and king
  • Fabric used in construction is 100% polyester faux fur with matching accessories
  • This 3 Piece comforter comes with; 1 comforter and 2 pillow cases
  • Machine wash is recommended and separate wash is advised
  • Available in several colors; black/ blush/ champagne/ grey/ chocolate

The construction is impeccable with subtle baffle boxes to hold in the generous polyester fill. The knife edges of the comforter add to the durability of the unit while the flanged pillow cases complete the overall look. This set is very cozy warm and in part explains why most people use Faux Fur as a texture to accent bedroom décor.

Customer feedback

One wife shared that she was impressed by the look and reviews on this comforter set but just wasn’t sure whether her nitpicking husband would like it. She purchased the Madison Park Duke Faux Fur 3 Piece Comforter Set and after sampling it she knew she had made the right decision. These sentiments are echoed by a majority of other buyers who are particular about bedding but were pleasantly surprised by this set. Most users agreed that the comfort, aesthetic and construction is top notch. However, if you like to sleep cool in the summer, this set may prove a tad hot for most. But during winter, this is perfect for toasty warmth and sensual softness.

4. Mizone MZ10-483 Comforter Set

When shopping for a comforter set, one is usually looking for an agreeable material, one that is soft and gentle on the skin. Beyond that, you may want a design and color combination that pops and at the same time brightens the room. The Mizone MZ10-483 Comforter Set will do just that for your bedroom.Mizone MZ10-483 Comforter Set

The set is well constructed and designed with a blend of colors and catchy patterns. The generously sized California king comforter spots a pieced design that feature leopard print at the foot followed by a strip of polka dots, while the center piece is emblazoned with a damask motif. The color palette is bold with gorgeous contrast including black, white and teal for a fabulous color profile.

The reverse side of the comforter shell is all teal color made from polyester for decent breathability and moisture wicking that plays a vital role in sleeping cool. The moderately puffed appearance is as a result of 200 grams per square yards of poly-fiber fill. You will notice there are strategic tucks on either side of the comforter that add to the aesthetic of the overall design.

What may look like button tufts are in fact tacks that help keep the long stranded fill in place and prevent clumping when you wash the set. By keeping the fill in place, they also prevent uneven distribution and cold spots for better sleeping comfort.

The set includes pillows and shams with the same color scheme for a gorgeous topping to the bed spread. The throw pillows are plush and comfy as they have also been stuffed with 85 grams per square yard of poly-fill.

The fabric washes well and you can be sure that your comforter set will last a long time because of the resilient polyester material but also because the colors hold fast which means they will withstand frequent and many washes.


  • Beautiful California king size comforter with assorted print featuring polka dots and damask print
  • The comforter measures 104 inches by 98 inches. It can also be found in full, queen, king, twin and twin XL sizes
  • Fabric used is 100% polyester
  • The 4-piece comforter includes; 1 comforter, 2 pillow cases and 1 decorative pillow
  • It can be maintained with gentle machine washes
  • Comes with a pieced design that includes polka dots and damask with a color palette of white, black and teal

This is a lovely comforter set that has the potential to brighten up any room with delightful design and a unique color composition.

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this unit said that it has a lovely color combination and excellent resilient polyester material that not only looks gorgeous in a room, but is also durable and easy to care for. Some users bought this unit for their daughter’s room. It looks so good that customers expressed that they wished it would come with teal bed sheets as well. Users with sensitive skin added that they liked the smooth soft polyester as it soothes their skin as opposed to irritating it. This is a good buy and great value for you money.

5. Madison Park Aubrey Cal King Size Bed 12 Pieces Bedding Set

The Madison Park Aubrey Bedding Set is a sight to behold. The construction is solid and the aesthetic appeal is off the charts. This is one comforter set that exudes brilliance, comfort and visual appeal unreservedly. With this transformative set, your bedroom will never look the same again because it is dressed in high fashion, cozy accessories and cool delectable comfort.Madison Park Aubrey Cal King Size Bed 12 Pieces Bedding Set

Part of the reason why this bedding set looks so rich and beautiful has a lot to do with the jacquard weave process. This jacquard fabric is made from 100 % polyester such that it comes with all the benefits of high quality polyester fabric and so much more.

What’s so special about jacquard weaving? Well, jacquard is rich with traditional touches and very beautiful in an aesthetic sense as well as durability. This type of weaving was reserved for royalty in ancient times and was to be found exclusively in wealthy castles and palaces. The ancient connoisseurs of fabric appreciated it’s colorful and character filled design.

This jacquard fabric and the intricate detailing is stretchy and with great stability. As you can see from the advertisement photo, the weave is far from basic. Such detailing can only be achieved through great craftsmanship and exceptional weaving skills using a special type of loom.

The weaves on this comforter set; combine various colors and polyester threads to bring out beautiful and soft gradations of color tones and bold outlined paisley patterns that look very complex. The varied shades of blue and patterning across the whole set, forms a gorgeous contrast that will add color and finesse to most bedroom decors.

The polyester comforter is fairly light weight and is overstuffed with 8 ounces of breathable polyester fill per square yard. The moisture wicking features of the polyester comforter, work in unison with the cotton twill sheet set to provide soothing comfort when you sleep. The bed skirt and throw pillows form an ensemble that is beautiful to behold and luxurious to sleep in.


  • The California king size comes with intricate paisley patterns
  • Comforter features a length of 104 inches by a width of 92 inches. This set is also available in king and queen size
  • The comforter is made from 100% polyester jacquard and sheets constructed from cotton twill
  • This 8 Piece comforter set includes; 1 comforter, 1 bed Skirt, 2 king shams, 2 decorative pillows, 2 euro shams, flat sheet, fitted sheet and 2 pillow cases
  • The set is machine wash compatible with very low maintenance
  • Comes in a gorgeous navy blue color

The Madison Park Aubrey California King size Bedding Set is very well constructed with  piped edging that is not only neat but also promotes longevity.

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this said they loved the jacquard fabric and its ability to effortlessly integrate several shades of colors into one design. Users expressed that the quality of this set is exceptional and durable. They also liked the solid colors on the pillow flanges. They were quick to note that the fabric does not bleed when washed which is quite a relief because you want the beauty and sheen of the set to last forever.

6. Wake In Cloud Watercolor Cal King Comforter Set

This Wake In Cloud Watercolor Comforter Set is made from 100% cotton fabric shell. A good number of customers tend to prefer silky smooth surface fabrics that are wrinkle resistant. However, those who know the comforts of cotton are often willing to overlook and do not mind the presence of a crease or two on their comforter.Wake In Cloud Watercolor Cal King Comforter Set

But some customers do appreciate and even prefer the lived in look that cotton often conjures which is hard to replicate with any other fabric. With a bit of knowledge on how to care for cotton, you can always find a way around wrinkles. One is to gently iron the bedding after a wash. The other is to spread the bedding, use as is and it will straighten itself in time. Last but not least is to dry on low and remove immediately the cycle is finished.

You can then either fold the comforter neatly for storage or dress you bed with it. You will be surprised to see that the wrinkles are gone. This is for those who are overly particular over creases. Otherwise there is really nothing much to worry about with cotton set.

Why this cotton comforter set by Wake In Cloud is popular is because cotton is incredibly comfortable and gentle on the skin. If you sweat profusely at night particularly on hot nights, then you will find this comforter to be an indispensable sleep companion. This is because the cotton shell material is adept at absorbing moisture while the moderate poly-fill is breathable and good at wicking moisture.

Breathability and sweat absorption offered by this cotton set is what helps you sleep cool and comfortable without overheating. The set is minimal as it comes with 1 comforter and 2 pillow cases. The set design is decorated with a gorgeous flower theme with touch of yellow, green, orange and blue on a predominantly off-white background.


  • California king size comforter comes with flower motifs
  • Dimensions of the comforter are 104 inches long by 98 inches wide. Other available sizes include full, queen, and king
  • The fabric used for construction is 100% cotton
  • This 3 piece comforter includes; 1 comforter and 2 pillow cases
  • It is durable even with machine wash
  • Available in colorful floral design featuring white, blue, yellow, green, orange

Because of the absorbent quality of cotton, the set takes very well to colors and is fade resistant. So you can be sure that this gorgeous set will retain its beauty and colors for many years.

A notable trick to keep the comforter puffed up is washing it with cold water on a gentle cycle and low tumble to air it out. Throw in a dryer ball and the set will come out fluffy once dry. The fabric is notable wrinkly. This should not be a point of major concern as the wrinkles will disappear as you use the set.

Customer feedback

Customers who like their comforter to be lightweight, breathable and soft to the skin said they found their solution in this comforter set. The moderate puff is just right to keep you warm but not overheated. Users loved the good aeration afforded by cotton and its absorbent nature that helps you sleep cool. After numerous washes, a user observed that the fabric washes well and is indeed fade resistant.

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