Top 5 Chenille Bedspreads of 2021

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Table of Contents

Chenille has come a long way since the 18th century in terms of how it’s manufactured. While it was fairly popular back then, its popularity has slowed over the decades. Still, with the vast array of bedspread styles in the market today, Chenille is in the fray of favorites for some consumers because of the light weight, elaborate design and the vast arrays of beautiful solid colors it can be presented in.

This post takes an in-depth look at some of the top rated  chenille bedspreads that are simply gorgeous for any bedroom. All the below bedspreads are machine washable which makes keeping them clean a breeze.

1. Beatrice Home Fashions Medallion Chenille Bedspread

Rugged, warm, soft and fuzzy are the attributes that pop at you when you walk into a room with this beautiful Beatrice Home Fashions Chenille Bedspread.Beatrice Home Fashions Medallion Chenille Bedspread

The coverlet has a stately look and feel that will no doubt add a cozy character to your bedroom. In fact, it turns on the rustic charm in any type of décor from contemporary to country.

While the coverlet is indeed aesthetically fantastic, the solid color selection it comes in does a marvelous job of contributing heavily to the visual appeal. Ivory, blush and blue are just a few color options that this spread comes in to conjure a gorgeous contrast with other decorative elements in the room from lampshades and drapes to chandeliers and furniture

The Beatrice Home Fashions Chenille Bedspread looks likes is quality cotton embroidered with a soft ruffled material to form delectable patterns.

From a creative standpoint, it’s almost like the cotton materials were a canvas and the soft tufted patterns an artist’s vision that brings out the design.

The overall look of this bedding is that of an oversized patterned ivory rug with cream fringes thrown over a bed.

In essence, if you love the conflict created by a rugged almost thoughtless look with a beautifully soft material and tasteful solid colors, then you are most likely to fall head over heels for this bedspread.

Its solid ivory color has a delightfully rich contrast against wooded hues.

The solid pattern on these coverlets features a huge embossed medallion at the very center of the fabric followed by a wide border and additional scroll accents on the side of the unit for a delectable finish. The edging is neatly done and the fringed finish and bottom bell corners add to the rugged theme with a slightly darker shade of ivory for added subtle contrast.

It does not cease to surprise, how using more or less one solid color can bring out such amazing feel and design. But that is the beauty of chenille designing and explains why this bedspread and those like it have grown in popularity.

The shams are not inclusive with the purchase of this coverlet although one can opt to get standard matching shams separately for a uniform look.


  • The king-size bedspread measures 118″ L x 120” W. Other available sizes include twin/ queen and full
  • It features 100% cotton fabric with fringed edges
  • Available at a light weight of 5.8 pounds
  • Has a huge medallion centerpiece and scroll accents
  • This is a machine wash and low maintenance bedspread
  • The available colors include; ivory/grey/white/ blue/blush

If you have tried all manner of bedspreads before and are looking for something totally different and rich with vintage charm, then you may just have found it in this Beatrice Home Fashions Medallion Chenille Bedspread.

Customer feedback

Most users who bought this unit love it to bits. That is because bedspreads that are this lavish are often too sensitive for machine wash. But not so, with this chenille coverlet that offers a pampered look but is low maintenance and easy to care for. Customers shared that the unit holds up well to machine washing and one doesn’t have to worry about the colors fading or crossing into each other. Customers ultimately expressed that they liked their experience with this coverlet and expect to use it for many years to come.

2. BrylaneHome Georgia Chenille Bedspread

BrylaneHome brand has been in existence since 1998 and is known for designing beautifully crafted and colorful bed covers.BrylaneHome Georgia Chenille Bedspread

The BrylaneHome Georgia Chenille Bedspread is a good example of a well-done coverlet.

If you like your colors solid and a spread that is imbued with character, this item will certainly do it for your bedroom.

The bedspread offers an extensive selection of tantalizing solid colors that are sure to be relatable with children’s and adults’ spaces. The broad range of rich solid color options comes in blue, gold and green to mention a few.

It is a bedspread made from 100% cotton and it is also textured with furry soft tufts that present a nice display.

The unit is quite lightweight at 5.7 pounds. Describing the chenille on this bedding can be a tad tricky as the fabric traits borders between silky and cotton.

But overall, it has a smooth silky flow which is heavy but it lavishly spreads neatly on the surface of the bed while draping generously to the floor.

Its corners conform easily to those of the bed and mattress showcasing a nice flow all the way down to touch the floor. The upper part toward the headboard folds effortlessly allowing you to creates neat folds for an exquisite finish.

Its patterning on the surface is excellent and attractive, featuring tufty spots of varying sizes while the center of the unit is emblazoned with a large floral pattern. The borders of this coverlet are decorated with fringes which add to the aesthetic look.

The cotton fabric used in this unit is excellent as it makes the spread easy to work with when making the bed in the mornings and during washes. This cotton fabric is resilient and easy to care for,soft and comfortable against the skin.

Further, the cotton is breathable and lightweight making this bedspread the best for summer and spring seasons. During fall and winter, you may need additional layering depending on how harsh your winters are.


  • The dimensions of this unit are full at 108″ Lx 96” W. Other size options include; Twin/ queen/king
  • It is constructed from 100% cotton with fringes at the borders
  • This has a lighter weight of 5.7 pounds
  • Features embossed tuft fluffy patterns texture the surface
  • It is a machine wash friendly bedspread
  • Comes in several colors blue/green/gold/burgundy/ lavender gray/ ivory/ sunshine yellow

It is often hard to create contrast when using solid color fabrics on an item and they can therefore appear plain. However, this chenille coverlet is far from plain as it does an excellent job of creating character through the embossed patterns. It contrasts well with other colors elements in the room such as floors, walls and furniture.

Customer feedback

Users mentioned that they highly recommend this unit for person who loves to sleep light and cool. That is because this item is lightweight compared to others. Users also described it as a thick sheet with chenille on it. Customers mentioned that they loved the array of color choices that allow the flexibility to choose what will best work for varied decors. Some users pointed out they got matching standard shams separately as they really make the coverlet pop.

3. Saral Home Fashions Luxury 3pc Bohemian Bedspread Set

This Saral Home Fashions Bohemian Bedspread Set comes as a set. Have you ever been in the woods and seen stone so well covered with moss that you were tempted to touch just to feel the plushness? This light green bedspread sort of evokes that same reaction of wanting to touch the remarkable embossed piles. Our moss comparison merely serves to depict the artistic display of this coverlet.Saral Home Fashions Luxury 3pc Bohemian Bedspread Set

The idea of moss might be repulsive to some, but most will understand the artistic angle of a sheer natural velvety feel from a creative inspirational standpoint.

The feel and appearance of chenille has also often been compared to a caterpillar with many legs or pusstail flowers but we can add velvety moss to the description in this case.

Its green color is refreshing giving an ambience of calmness similar to lying on a soft carpet of green grass when you are out in the woods.

The pattern design is bold and elaborate with a huge medallion that starts from the center and spill over to the side. That is followed through with scroll accents and embossed dots throughout the unit for an exquisite finish.

The edges are adorned with green fringes crowning the entire design. This coverlet is made from 100% Cotton Chenille and comes inclusive of 2 standard size matching shams with plush floral embroidered design.

Collectively the unit provides beautiful contrast in design and color. While the whole coverlet is green, the cotton fabric is light green while the piled patterns appear to have a slightly darker shade of green for impeccable contrast.

This bedspread set offers a cozy look and a chic feel to any bedroom. It spreads generously across your king size bed and spills over all the way to the floor. The Saral Home Fashions Luxury 3 Piece Bohemian Bedspread gives the impression that it is heavier but it is also cool. This weighs 8.82 pounds which is a comfortable weight for adequate warmth or sleeping cool.

Cotton is loved for its breathable traits as well as absorbent qualities. Although it may have a tendency to look creased when it comes from the wash and dryer, it also quickly straightens itself out soon after being spread on the bed. This set presents a refreshing change of bedding for the spring and summer.


  • Its king size measurements are 118″L x 120” W. Also available in twin/ queen and full sizes
  • It is 100% cotton fabric with piles and fringed edges
  • This bedspread has a weight of 8.2 pounds
  • It comes with a massive medallion centerpiece, dots and scroll accents
  • This is a machine wash friendly and low maintenance coverlet
  • It is available in light green

This gorgeous piece with rich pile detailing and the light green color is an excellent way to refresh your bedroom. It is very nature and bohemian centric for a relaxed bedroom ambiance.

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this unit shared that it is excellent for moderate weather with just the right weight. The coverlet is very comfortable to the skin thanks to the 100% cotton fabric. Users mentioned they love the large centerpiece medallion and the surrounding detailing.

According to many customers, you can expect the bedspread to shed a fair amount in the first wash and drying to the fifth one. No need to be alarmed as this is quite common with chenille. Many customers also added that the unit does an awesome job of brightening the room with style and elegance. The fact that the two standard shams come inclusive makes it a really good deal whose outcome you will love.

4. Plow & Hearth Tufted Chenille Cotton King Bedspread

When looking to inject character coupled with a classic vintage feel into your bedroom décor, you can always count on this Plow and Hearth Tufted Chenille Cotton King bedspread to deliver. Plow and Hearth brand has been in existence since 1980 and is well renowned for its gorgeous and high quality bedspreads as well as a host of other home improvement product categories.Plow & Hearth Tufted Chenille Cotton King Bedspread

The existence of Chenille fabric is believed to have started somewhere in the 18th century. This might explain the luxurious almost decadent touch that the fabric brings to every room.

The chenille in this unit is 100% cotton and tufted with traditional a small wedding ring pattern that accentuates the vintage style look and feel. Because the pile pattern is smaller there are fewer patches of the base fabric being exposed and the display gives a continuous furry look all across the coverlets.

The bedspread is thin and not so heavy at 8.15 pounds. This weight will work well enough in the summer and spring when the climate starts to get warm as well as during the cool months.

The eggplant color on this coverlet is rich and augurs well with wooden floors and other decorative features in the room such as wall art.

This design and color enrich the esthetic look of a wooden bed or one made with wrought iron amongst other materials.

What most people discover about chenille bedspreads after beginning to use them is that they make for excellent bed covers. They also provide you with the opportunity to refresh the look of your bedroom with a chic stylish and lighter spread.

This bedspread is very easy to maintain and washes well in the washer. You can expect it to produce some lint during the drying process but after several washes, that too will stop.


  • Comes in King size measuring 110″L x 120” W and also available in twin/ queen/full
  • It is constructed from 100% cotton fabric with fringes on the borders
  • The bedspread is lightweight chenille at 8.15 pounds
  • Features small wedding ring patterns with a vintage look
  • It is machine wash friendly and requires little overall maintenance
  • it is available only in eggplant color

Spreading this chenille bed cover over your bed is super easy as it is light and easy to handle. It is also very comfy and fuzzy to lie over or sleep under. If you have sensitive skin you don’t have to worry about it being irritated.

Customer feedback

Users who bought this unit remarked that it spreads and fits very well even on an oversized huge king mattress. They loved the hint of a vintage look and soft feel, as well as the moderate weight that delivers perfect comfort. Users also shared that this coverlet is durable and stands up well to frequent machine washes. They added that the color has held fast despite several washes.

5. BrylaneHome Chenille Bedspread

Do you like bedcovers with a silky flow? The BrylaneHome Chenille Bedspread is constructed in such a way that it is very lightweight with an uncanny ability to conform to your bed’s contours and drapes like silk.BrylaneHome Chenille Bedspread

You may be used to seeing heavier chenille patterns with medallions and scroll accents which look lovely, but this coverlet departs from all that and offers straight line piles instead.

The construction is from 100% cotton that delivers on durability and the other attributes that come with cotton material such as being absorbent and highly breathable.

Medallion and scrollwork on chenille can give the bedspread a slightly higher degree of stiffness. That is in great contrast to the straight lines of piles that this unit has. The striped patterning allows the unit a more fluid look and flow that beautifully drapes your bed and spills over the edges lightly flowing to the floor.

The clean lines and fringed borders give this unit a lightweight look belying its 5.7 pounds. The design also provides a continuity that presents a more fluid look and way of dressing your bed. So if you like your bedspreads fluid, then you are likely to fall in love with how this coverlet sits on the bed. While it does not come with the standard matching shams, you can always buy them separately for a uniform and exquisite look.

This classic piece comes in numerous colors offering you’re a broad selection to best suit your décor. If you like this bedspread, you can always buy several of them in different colors to ensure you maintain the same look and quality, just in different colors to match your mood such as antique blue or burgundy and so much more. The color and design offer your bedroom a fresh, neat and classic look.


  • Comes in Full size which measures 104″L x 114” W. It is also available in king/ twin and queen
  • The fabric is 100% cotton with fringed borders
  • It is a lightweight bedspread at 5.2 pounds
  • The design is accented with straight line piles
  • The spread is machine wash friendly
  • Available in wide range of colors; antique blue/ burgundy/ peacock/ eggplant/eggshell/ gold/sage/

You can always be assured of excellent craftsmanship whenever you see the BrylaneHome brand. This gorgeous piece is yet another coverlet from the brand that has proven itself time and time again.

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this BrylaneHome Chenille Bedspread were absolutely delighted by its lightness and mentioned it is absolutely perfect for the summer. The variety of size and color means you can get several of these bedspreads to suit various rooms and bed sizes. They also mentioned that the fabric is gentle on the skin and spreads really well on the bed in addition to being machine friendly.

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