2020 9 Top Best Shower Bases for Easy Maintenance

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Table of Contents

There are several elements that make the bathroom area a relaxation haven. Overtime, design and bathroom fixtures have evolved to make the shower area more convenient as well as aesthetically pleasing. While not all bathrooms will have a bathtub, most will have an overhead or wall shower. And  if that’s the case, then one can’t compromise on having the best type of of shower base for such a space.

Conventionally, it seemed easier to just tile the bathroom have an over head or wall shower, a drain and be done with it.However, cleaning tile and grout can be tough for a wet area that is frequently used. Managing mold, mildew, stains and accumulated dirt and gunk that embed on the tile will often discolor it even when the shade of the tile is darker.

For this reason, the idea of a shower base has taken root so firmly when it comes to designing the bathroom area.

A shower base or shower pan works great because it demarcates the wet area for better hygiene management and added safety.

You will find that the materials used for some of the best shower bases have excellent features. These features include non staining, anti molding and anti mildew. Some are even scratch proof and have high impact resistance ensuring no breakages and leaks. Their durability is also very robust.

Materials that are considered excellent for construction of shower bases and deliver gorgeous aesthetics in addition to function include the following:

  • Composite
  • Vikrell
  • Cast iron
  • Acrylic
  • Fiber glass

Some of these materials are used individually while others are used as combinations to come up with reinforced tough and highly attractive bathroom shower bases.

Below we highlight some of the best bathroom shower bases in the market today. Other than easier maintenance, shower bases are cost effective and easier to install. Check out the below options that can help you transform your bathroom space.

Best Shower Bases Review

1. DreamLine SlimLine Center Drain Single Threshold Shower Base

Having a lavish interior decor is equally important in the bathroom as it is in all other sections of the house. While a beautiful bathroom decor is a culmination of numerous factors such as the quality of material used and color schemes, most contractors will agree that the shower base you choose will add or subtract from that delicate equation.

It is hard to go wrong with this DreamLine center drain single threshold shower base. The fixture has a clean and shiny look achieved by the glossy acrylic finish. This sort of finish works very well for cleaning and guarding against stains. Cleaning and maintenance of your shower base becomes so much easier with this solution.

Safety is always a major concern when considering which shower pan or trough to settle for. This one has a skid resistance surface pattern that ensures one has grip and reduces the chances of slipping while in the shower.

The center drain effectively drains the water from all sides. The overall construction is both smart and durable made from fiber glass and reinforced acrylic.

This drain is cUPC certified.


  • Dimensions: 32 inches deep by 32 inches wide and 2 3/4 inches high
  • It is a center drain design
  • Constructed from ABS coated with acrylic
  • Features a non skid patterned surface
  • Comes in white/black/biscuit colors

The option of three neutral colors suits varied bathroom decors. The durable construction on this model eliminates any flexing of the base and allows for quick installation.

Customer feedback

Users like the durable construction of the thick fiberglass and the easy maintenance glossy finish that helps retain the shower base shiny aesthetic look. Alongside installing this in the bathroom, some users who have dogs shared that they installed this outside in the back veranda of the house as a mud room with great success. It worked well for the purpose of cleaning their dogs in the muddy season before they enter the house.

2. Bestbath 30×30 Shower Base Shower Pan

This shower pan from Bestbath design is as beautiful as it is functional. It is designed to be easily adaptable to serve you even as your needs and abilities change over the years with age.Best Shower Pan

While acrylic showers are awesome and easy to clean, this high-end composite shower base takes it a notch higher in terms of easy maintenance and the ability to stand up to a lifetime of wear and tear.

With this unit, you can look forward to an aesthetically stunning shower room that is scratch resistant despite high usage. This is made possible by the elaborate 5 layer lamination process that this shower base is subjected to. A final gel coating on each composite shower pan ensures it remains stain resistant and watertight for the long haul.


  • Dimensions: 30 inches deep by 30 inches wide and 6 inches high
  • It features a center drain design
  • Constructed from composite and reinforced with fiberglass and gel coating
  • Has a slip resistant textured surface
  • Comes in white

Customer feedback

Customers love the fact that the 30 inches width and length will fit into small and tight knit spaces such as an RV or other smaller rooms. The base is thick which ensures that the unit does not deform from time, or weight. Installing anything large often means digging up the concrete floor, to move the drain but this works perfectly if you have very limited floor space.

3. DreamLine SlimLine Corner Drain Neo-Angle Shower Base

Often times, bathrooms can present a challenge to decorate or install much needed fixtures because of space and construction angles. Corners can be a great a way to maximize on under utilized spaces in a bathroom to achieve interior bathroom aesthetics as well as create space in some tight setups. In fact corner in a bathroom can be used to create the illusion of space in a compact room.

The DreamLine Corner Drain Neo-Angle Shower Base is an excellent shower pan that can help you install a corner shower area. This is made possible by the Neo-Angle 2-Wall Corner design that allows this fixture to snugly fit in a corner without needing to modify the space further.

The shower pan is thick and constructed from high quality fiber glass. It comes with an acrylic finish for that glossy look.

One of the challenges of most shower bases is hygiene and safety. Other than reclaiming a corner space, maintenance is easy because of the glossy acrylic finish that is stain resistant. The textured surface ensures your feet have grip even as you shower.


  • Dimensions: 36 inches long by 36 inches wide and 2 ¾ inches high
  • It has a corner drain design
  • Made from fiber glass and acrylic
  • Features a slip resistant patterned surface
  • Comes in white/black/biscuit colors

Customer feedback

Some customers admitted thinking that that unit is made of flimsy plastic at first glance. But that is not the case. This is very sturdy, holds color and cleans really well.

One customer who needed to do some remodeling and upgrade his house reported loving the strong base and the design. It provided them with very good support and didn’t budge underneath their weight. They also love that it came with an effective anti slip pattern on the surface. According to the customer this corner shower base really upgraded the bathroom quality, look and added value to the bathroom helping make the sale of the house easier.

4. Kohler K-9026-47 Purist Shower Base

When creating the decor of a bathroom, limitation on color schemes can be a challenge due to a lack of expansive range in colors on most bathroom fixtures on the market. But thanks to the Kohler Purist Shower Base, one can inject some subtle flavor from neutral colors that make your bathroom a more elegant space. This is because this shower pan has a whooping 11 colors to choose from.

The Kohler shower base does not get its look from just the many colors that it comes with, but also from quality construction with a timeless material: cast iron.

Cast iron is incredibly durable and will last you a lifetime. That is the reason why its elegance and usage in bathroom fixtures among other uses such as creating beautiful counter tops has endured for centuries. It is non porous, glossy, impact resistant and scratch proof. The textured surface on the shower pan enhances safety as you shower to prevent slipping.


  • Dimensions: 50.4 inches long by 36 inches deep and 6 inches high
  • It has a center drain design
  • It’s constructed from cast iron with an elegant finish
  • It features a slip resistant patterned surface
  • Come in several colors including almond/basalt/biscuit/black/black tan/dune/ice grey/sand bar/sea salt/ thunder grey/ white

Customer feedback

Customers who were satisfied with this unit encouraged others to get it if you are looking for graceful elegance and beauty that will last for generations to come.

Users who got these wanted something tough yet beautiful. The range of colors allows you to play around with different color schemes for an exquisite feel and look of the overall bathroom. Although the price point may be higher than other alternatives, the elegance, durability and easy maintenance is worth it several times over.

Customers also mentioned that cast iron has no ongoing maintenance, unlike tile shower bases. Getting this shower base ensures that you do not have to rebuild your bathroom floor again after a couple of years. The challenge with some other options is that they can get a leak that leads to rotting underneath. This base looks beautiful and it is easy to install even though it weighs 170 lbs.

 5. Sterling 72161100-0 36-Inch Shower Base

While the market is flooded with metallic and ceramic options, Sterling is a brand by Kohler that offers unique shower bases as well as other bathroom fixtures made from a patented material known as Vikrell.Best Shower Bases

What makes this Vikrell shower base worth your consideration is it’s non-porous surface thanks to the huge amount of fiberglass it contains. This material is made from combining resins, fiberglass, and fillers.

The Vikrell surface is super easy-to-clean and does not stain or allow build up of dirt. This shower tab option is a viable alternative as it has beautiful aesthetics, is durable and is also a very affordable option.


  • Dimensions: 36 inches long by 36 inches deep and 4.5 inches high
  • Features a center drain design
  • Constructed from Vikrell material with a smooth glossy finish
  • Has a slip resistant patterned surface
  • Comes in white

Customer feedback

Users who bought this mentioned that the quality was good considering the fair price point. They found the material to be very easy to clean and installation very straightforward. It’s said to go well with a tile finish and users also mention that they liked the low lip on the entrance as it makes it easier for senior persons to enter the shower base with ease.

If you are looking for a clean and affordable look that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing, this Vikrell shower base option is a good choice.

6. DreamLine SlimLine  Shower Base

A common concern when working with a shower base during the installation is the high chance that it might warp at the bottom. With this shower pan from Dreamline, you have little to worry in that regard as the construction of this unit is premium high gloss non-porous acrylic reinforced with fiber glass to prevent warping. The finishing of this fixture allows for easy maintenance and lasting beauty.

Over and above having a stylish low profile design, this is a smart alternative due to the time and cost involved with custom tiling. The easy installation of this product consumes less time at lower cost while delivering on excellent value.

If your bathroom decor concept lacks flair and looks drab, installing this option for a shower pan could be what gives your bathroom space that aesthetic boost. This option will work for bathroom remodels as well as branded new installations. This option is designed to fit a three wall alcove shower.


  • Dimensions:60 inches long by 2 3/4 inches high and 36 inches
  • Model comes in a center drain design as well a side drain design options.
  • Constructed from acrylic reinforced with fiber glass
  • The surface is textured
  • Comes in biscuit/black/white colors

Customer feedback

Customers who used this product for their remodeling project mentioned that they were very pleased with the quality as was their contractor and plumber because installation was far easier than most. Some mentioned that they were able to buy it for a reasonable price even from online vendors. The delivery was speedy which helped and the unit came in top top condition.

7. Swanstone FF03454MD.010 Veritek Center Drain Shower Base

When remodeling or installing finishes and fixtures for your home, the goal is often to do it within budget and achieve a fresh affordable aesthetic look with the best possible material.

Swanstone has some of the best options for surface materials. This Veritek Center Drain Shower base is made from compression-molded materials and is non-porous, highly durable and will not develop mold or mildew overtime. The bathroom being a wet area, these characteristics for a shower pan are essential to keeping your bathroom clean, easily maintained and looking great.

The beauty of the Veritek material is the fact that it is not coated and therefore, you never have to contend with issues like chipping or cracking.


  • Dimensions: 54 inches long by 34 inches deep and 5 inches high
  • It has a center drain design
  • The unit is constructed from Veritek material
  • Surface is pebbled to enhance safety
  • Comes in white/bone colors

Customer feedback

This shower base has worked out well for customers who purchased it for its durability. They mentioned that they like the fact that cleaning is so easy and the surface will not suffer ugly chips or cracks as is the case with other materials like tiles. The seniors who used it praised the floor which is well pebbled so you can expect to have no issues with slipping.

The contractors who have installed this model like the fact that it is easy and quick to install. It has become a top recommendation for many contractors owing to this fact in addition to its durability. Customers also love the fact that it does not have grouting which can be cumbersome to clean.

8.  ProFlo Shower Pan with Strainer

ProFlo shower pans are made as one-piece molded shower modules with extra reinforcement that provides additional durability. If you are very keen on hygiene, you will find the ProFlo shower base option to be very friendly in that respect. Maintenance is so easy because you can scrub the surface with a gentle abrasive for a shimmering outcome every time even after years of use.

In essence, this composite surface material is stain resistant and with it, you can always enjoy the comfort of stepping into a clean shower base free of grime and slime. The surface is anti slip to optimize safety.

Composite material is tough with a high threshold for impact. One can be sure that once installed, this shower base option will last for a very long time and maintain its aesthetic sheen without losing luster or being marred by unsightly stains.


  • Dimensions: 32 inches long by 32 inches deep and 6 inches high
  • The unit has a center drain design
  • It is constructed from composite material
  • The surface is anti-slip to enhance safety
  • Comes in white

Customer feedback

For those looking for an affordable, durable and non complicated material, composite has proven itself over the years. Users who purchased this remarked that they got good value for their money. The white color is neutral and goes well with almost any bathroom decor. Customers mention that for as long as you clean it with a gentle abrasive, it will remain scratch free.

9. Tile Redi USA Base’N Bench Tileable Shower Pan & Seat 

Base ‘N’ Bench shower pan is a good way to go when you want to create a customized shower base and bathroom that has your personal touch.Best Shower Base

The shower base comes with a bench that provides you with a safe place to sit and shave or just enjoy your shower in the seated position should you opt to. In case you are wondering how you are going to join the bench to the shower base, you need not worry because this unit comes inclusive of an epoxy with the purchase that makes installation and joinery real easy. That is because the epoxy enables you to waterproof the fixture.

The fact that the Base ‘N’Bench design comes tile ready, means that after installation, you can add your favorite ceramic tiles, porcelain, stone, marble or mosaic to personalize your bathroom the way you see fit. This is a unique and remarkable feature.


  • Dimensions: 60 inches long by 36 inches deep and 17 inches high
  • Model available in multiple drain styles
  • Constructed from polyurethane material
  • You can add an anti-slip finish of your choice such as tile or marble
  • You can choose from ceramic tile, bronzed finish, chrome finish, porcelain or marble.

Customer feedback

The outstanding feature of the Base ‘N’ Bench that customers can’t seem to get enough of is being able to finish one’s own bathroom with their choice of flooring mosaic, tile or other. It is worth noting that the wooden frame does not come with the unit and that the unit cannot be used as is. A tile finish of your choice has to be applied on the polyurethane surface. But customers found that to be a minor issue as the contractor worked out that detail out for them.


If you are having issues with leakages or mold and mildew in a bathroom area, a remodel should focus on good ventilation. This can be natural or artificial. Incorporating one of the above shower bases will go a long way to ensure that you have no leakages that lead to expensive repairs in the future. Each of these options does not stain easy and cleaning is so simple. Mold and mildew will find it tough to grow on the shower bases made of all the above materials. Plus, the overall functionality, management, longevity and aesthetics are simply superior.







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