Top 10 Best LED Floor Lamps for Reading in 2020

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Table of Contents

The technology behind floor lamps for reading and general lighting as been advancing over the years. A few decades ago, these lamps were illuminated by incandescent bulbs which produced a lot of heat. Today, the best floor lamps in the market are designed with the latest LED technology which is both cost-efficient and energy-saving.

LED lights are known to significantly outlast other types of bulbs saving you on replacement costs in the long term. Furthermore, because of their low voltage, LED lights tend to produce lower heat which makes them the safer options for lighting.

When scouting around for the perfect LED floor lamp for reading, you’ll need to be keen on three things. The first is the adjustability, the second is the light settings and the third is the style.

With adjustability, choose a lamp with a neck that can be pivoted or positioned in any direction to illuminate your space depending on the time of day. With the brightness settings, you need to get a lamp whose light and brightness levels can be adjusted easily to provide enough illumination depending on what you need while reading.

Finally, your intended lamp should meet your taste and style. The design should be in such a way that it makes a total upgrade to your office or studying space by creating a whole new atmosphere.

So, with that said, this guide will proceed to review ten of some of the best floor lamps that we think are specially designed and perfect for providing the required illumination not only while reading, but also accomplishing other DIY tasks like sewing, arts, crafts, woodworking, makeup, cosmetic artistry and other hobbies that require great work precision.

Review of 10 of the Best LED Floor Lamps for Reading

1. Brightech Litespan LED Bright Reading and Craft Floor Lamp

Our first and best recommendation is from one of the leaders in the lamp industry Brightech, a manufacturer known for one of the most practical and superior quality lamps in the world. With its pleasant glow, detailed curves, and fine natural wood finish, the Brightech Litespan LED Floor Lamp is the favorite lamp among most readers, sewers, and indoor hobbyists in general.

Its sturdy and solid design is one of the most impressive features most reviewers have appreciated. It’s designed to maintain balance thanks to its heavy base and a simple light top which simply means that playful kids or the fiercest of cat fights won’t manage to knock it over.

The Brightech is illuminated by energy-saving LED bulbs that produce an inspiring 6000k daylight spectrum of light with an output of 2000 lumen. It has 5 color-changing modes and a minimalistic design that includes; the attention-grabbing rounded gooseneck which you can grab and adjust depending on how much light is required.

Features of the Brightech Litespan LED Floor Lamp

  • 12W LED bulbs: the built-in LED bulbs are designed to last for 15 to 20 years. These bulbs are energy efficient and are capable of producing cool white light at a color temperature of 6000K.
  • Dimmable light: whether it’s in your bedroom, dining room, workspace or your small reading room, the Brightech Litespan is designed with three color-changing modes all of which are dimmable.
  • Flexible gooseneck: the flexible gooseneck is one impressive feature that has made this floor lamp so special. Not only is it slim, but it’s also flexible enough to be twisted on either direction depending on how much light is needed to accomplish your projects.
  • Heavy base: the heavy base offers the much-needed balance to keep this lamp perfectly erected on your office, living room or study room space.


  • The lights are dimmable.
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • It’s available in a variety of colors to choose from.
  • The base is firm and safe enough not to topple


  • Once the LED bulbs are built into the lamp which means if the lights stop working you may have to replace the whole unit with a new one. The LED’s are not replaceable.

Customer feedback

The classy and minimalist design of this floor lamp is what makes it a center of attraction in most offices, bedrooms and living room spaces. Most of the shoppers actually appreciated the sturdy design, the balance and the amount of white light this lamp can illuminate. Several customers appreciated the affordable price range while a few others seem to be satisfied with the flexible gooseneck which is very easy to adjust.

Overall, this is an extremely popular floor lamp that has received high ratings for energy efficiency, durability and provision sufficient lighting

2. Ridley Modern Gooseneck Floor Lamp

The tall Ridley Modern Gooseneck Floor Lamp features a slim design with a wide metal shade that casts ample light enough for reading. It is designed with a tall 61” satin nickel frame Best Led Floor Lamps for Readingthat’s held firmly by a rounded 9” base. The tall gooseneck can rotate at 360 degrees to provide ample light right at the comfort of your favorite reading spot without having to move around.

This floor lamp is illuminated by one 60W incandescent lamp though it’s compatible with most LED, CFL and halogen lights. The Ridley Modern Gooseneck Floor Lamp is available in a range of cool colors which include; Silver, Satin Nickel, Gold, Aged Brass and Dark Bronze.

Features of the Ridley Modern Gooseneck Floor Lamp

  • Dimmable lights: the best thing about the dimmable feature is that it allows you to use this floor lamp in a wide range of settings. The bulbs are not in-built which means they can be replaced and is compatible with most dimmable bulbs and switches which you’ll have to buy separately.
  • Flexible gooseneck: the flexible neck of this floor lamp is capable of rotating an entire 360 degrees. This gives you an easy time when reading as you won’t have to move from the comfort of your reading spot just to get close to the light.
  • Tall contemporary design: with a 61” tall frame, this floor lamp is pretty high allowing the satin nickel lampshade to direct as much light as possible right at your reading spot. The base is wide and rounded making the lamp stable and unable to fall off with just a slight knock.
  • 5-foot cord: with the 5-foot long cord, the Ridley Modern Gooseneck Floor Lamp can stand in any location of your choice without worrying about the cord being too short.


  • Bulbs are replaceable and dimmable
  • Compatible with several bulb types including LEDs
  • Available in 5 cool colors to choose from.
  • The metal neck is adjustable.
  • Tall enough to illuminate your entire working/reading space.


  • It’s very slim and can get damaged quite easily.

Customer feedback

The Ridley Modern Gooseneck Floor Lamp is said to be a beautiful minimalist unit that can be used almost anywhere. The low price range, easy assembly and the solid design are some of the other features most users truly love about this floor lamp.

3. Werfactory Tiffany Style Dragonfly Reading Floor Lamp

Most traditional overhead lamps can be too utilitarian because most feature the same tall uninteresting design with nothing eye catching about them. So, to still be able to get optimal lighting and control the amount of light in the room without compromising on your interior decorative flair, a beautiful floor lamp such as the Tiffany Style Reading Floor Lamp would be a great selection.

With a 12” adjustable lampshade, this reading lamp produces a strong light that illuminates even the darkest of rooms. It has a rounded resin base, a bronze frame and a stained glass lampshade that adds a decorative touch to your indoor space.

The Tiffany Style Reading Floor Lamp can be illuminated with E26 2700K LED bulbs which, unfortunately, are not included with your purchase. It comes with a 90 days refund policy alongside a very committed customer support team.

Features of the Tiffany Style Reading Floor Lamp

  • Beautiful stained glass lampshade: the lampshade is made of plastic then decorated with small stained glass pieces of different colors to make it more outstanding. It’s also large and adjustable meaning you can twist it at any angle to match your reading requirements.
  • Bronze finish: the antique bronze finish on the frame is another major addition that makes this floor lamp even more decorative. Its height of 62” suits most interior decors especially when it’s combined with the tall and molded antique craftsmanship.
  • 1 m cord: the long 4.1 meters cord is not only made of hard wire, but it’s also long enough to offer this floor lamp the much-needed flexibility to stand on any point within the room.


  • Lampshade is adjustable
  • Assembly is fast and easy.
  • The frame has beautiful antique details.
  • The base is heavy for maximum stability.


  • The plastic lampshade is susceptible to damage.

Customer feedback

Other than some minor issues here and there, which are due to design flaws, everything else about the Tiffany Style Reading Floor Lamp is just outstanding according to the majority of the reviews.

The beautiful craftsmanship, especially on the lampshade and the pole, is just as amazing as advertised according to most customers. Most shoppers are also impressed with the sturdy base and the tall heavy bronze pole stating that the two make the entire floor lamp very stable. The affordable price range and the easy assembly are some of the other aspects several shoppers also loved about this lamp.

4. Brightech Leaf Touch LED Floor Lamp for Reading

Whether for reading, sewing, knitting, beading and other hobbies, the Brightech Leaf floor lamp is an ideal option featuring an adjustable head and a swinging arm that can be twisted at any angle to provide you with sufficient light both at night and during the day. The pharmacy style shade helps to direct concentrated light right at your reading spot or workspace, giving you as much light as possible to accomplish all your hobbies and DIY projects.

This lamp is illuminated with a generous 1150 lumens LED bulbs which is equivalent to 90W incandescent. The slim contemporary design allows it to fit the tightest of corners.

To cater to different decor needs in the office or living room or bedroom the floor lamp is available in Gold, Silver and Black color options.

Features of the Brightech Leaf Touch LED Floor Lamp

  • Swing arm design: the adjustable head and the swing arm are designed to twist at any angle to provide sufficient light regardless of where you’re sitting.
  • Dimmable lights: with the help of the touch ON/OFF switch, you can easily adjust the lights in three levels from 100%, 50% to 25% depending on what you’re doing.
  • Pharmacy shade style: crafted with an intelligent leaf design, the pharmacy shade is designed to direct as much light as possible to your work station to ensure that you don’t strain your eyes when accomplishing your daily hobbies.
  • Leaf standing pole: the pole has a minimalist design that allows it to fit in most small spaces. The slender design alongside the finish gives it a tone that suits a variety of decors.
  • LED bulbs: the built-in LEDs have a power output of 12.5W, a color temperature of 3000k and an output of 1150 lumens. They’re bright, energy-efficient and have a long lifespan that ranges from 15 to 20 years.


  • Available in three colors to choose from.
  • Slender design means that more space is saved.
  • Neck can be pivoted
  • The pharmacy style shade directs more light to your reading space.


  • LED lights aren’t replaceable so if they stop working you’ll have to replace the whole thing.

Customer feedback

From several customers, this is a fantastic reading lamp and one of the best in the market, offering just the right balance of brightness ideal for reading and other crafts. The majority of users are impressed with the performance especially the dimmer option that lets you adjust the brightness in three levels. In addition, it’s said to be very high quality and sturdy with an attractive finish (for customers who picked the Gold variation) which is considered a bonus.

For the price, several customers feel this is a steal that’s well worth the money and then some.

5. Verilux Original SmartLight LED Floor Lamp

The beauty of the Verilux Original SmartLight Floor Lamp comes from its unique design and its natural LED spectrum light that mimics the beauty of natural daylight. The lamp has a tall 54” pole which is available in either White or Black finish.Best Led Floor Lamps for Reading

The base is quite heavy and sturdy while the Gray gooseneck is easily adjustable at any angle to achieve a glare-free direct illumination to your specific task at hand.

Depending on the specific task you’re accomplishing, you can easily adjust the color temperature to create an inviting atmosphere that’s conducive even for studying. Additionally, you can as well use the dimmer switch to adjust the light intensity to prevent straining your eyes too much.

Features of the Verilux Original SmartLight Floor Lamp

  • Adjustable gooseneck: this lamp is designed with an adjustable gooseneck that twists the lamp’s light source in any angle just to concentrate light to where it’s needed most.
  • Intuitive control panel: with the help of a touch control panel, you can easily access and customize the lamp’s light fixture to your desired specifications by just touching the buttons.
  • Dimmer switch: the dimmer switch is a creative addition that lets you dim the lights by choosing between three different light intensity levels. You can also increase or decrease the color temperature to create a soothing environment that’s best for reading.
  • Optix lens: the Optix lens and the Flicker Elimination Technology have been used alongside each other to provide white light that mimics that of natural daylight just to ensure that you don’t strain your eyes when reading or working on your crafts.


  • This floor lamp has passed all the necessary safety certifications.
  • It has a dimmer switch.
  • Adjusts easily
  • It has an intuitive touch control panel.
  • Optix lens prevents eyes strain and fatigue.


  • LED lights can’t be replaced.
  • Plastic parts are very delicate and can break easily if mishandled.

Customer feedback

“Brilliant quality”, “sturdy”, “Great value”, “nice features”, “great light”, “excellent light” are some of the words that have been used to describe the Verilux Original SmartLight Floor Lamp. The dimmer switch, the Optix lens for reading and overall focused lighting, the intuitive touch control and the bright LED bulbs are just but a few of the features most users loved.

Its ease of assembly, affordable price range and most importantly the overall construction are some of the other features which most customers are truly impressed with.

6. Phive LED Dimmable Gooseneck Floor Lamp for Reading

The Phive LED Floor Lamp, whether it’s reading, knitting, studying, working in your work station, relaxing or simply playing the piano, this lamp is ever-ready to provide you with the right illumination without feeling restricted.

To make it even more handy and useful, this floor lamp has a slender body that allows it to fit in the tightest of spaces. It has a fully adjustable gooseneck that rotates on either direction to provide sufficient light to your reading or studying endeavors.

Crisp bright light boosts one’s alertness and concentration. Now, with this fact in mind, PHIVE has equipped this lamp with 4 color-changing modes and 5 dimmer settings that can easily be accessed on an easy touch control panel.

The lamp is easy to assemble and it’s backed with an exclusive 18-months limited warranty alongside a friendly full-time customer service experience.

Features of the Phive LED Floor Lamp

  • Adjustable neck: the adjustable gooseneck is extremely handy as it lets you rotate the light source on either direction to meet all your lighting needs.
  • Slender body: with dimensions of 11”×4”×17”, the Phive is one of the slimmest floor lamps in the market making it a great option for small apartments and congested rooms. It also has a simple neat appearance that never fails to elevate the fanciness of your living room or office space.
  • 4-color modes: to create an inviting atmosphere in your living room, office or bedroom space, Phive offers you a chance to customize the light with 4 color-changing modes that range from Cool White (6000k), White (5000) Yellow (4000) to Warm Yellow (3000k).
  • 5-dimmer settings: with the dimmer feature, you don’t have to strain your eyes too much when reading. Instead, you can adjust the lights with any of the 5 dimmer settings.
  • Touch control: the touch control is located just below the gooseneck. It’s a creative addition that lets you operate the lamp with just a touch of a button.


  • Intuitive touch control panel.
  • Comes with a dimmer option.
  • Slender pole fits in most profile corners.
  • LED bulbs used have a long lifespan.
  • Neck can be pivoted


  • Lighting is not replaceable
  • Touch buttons are tiny.
  • The connector that connects the gooseneck to the pole is made of plastic which may not be very durable.

Customer feedback

A majority of the customers feel that this lamp looks and works as advertised. The lamp is sturdy, very easy to operate and always open to being customized to any settings of your choice using the adjustable brightness levels and color temperatures.

7. IMIGY Dimmable Reading Gooseneck Floor Lamp with Touch and Remote Control

The IMIGY Dimmable Floor Lamp has curved design that arches over your reading, studying, relaxing or working spot to provide you with ample bright light. With its slender pole and long cord, this lamp can humbly fit in those small cozy corners and blend well with the surrounding.

To compensate for its slender body, IMIGY has added a heavy but steady rounded base that boosts stability. The neck is also adjustable while the LED bulbs are easily customizable to match your specific lighting requirements.

This lamp is available in either Black or White and can be operated manually over the touch control panel or remotely using the dedicated remote controller.

Features of the IMIGY Dimmable Floor Lamp

  • Remote controller: the convenient remote controller works as an alternative when you don’t feel like waking up from your comfort zone just to operate the lamp.
  • Adjustable neck: depending on what you’re doing, you can easily adjust the neck to any angle of your choice to bring the light closer or further away from your working spot.
  • 5-brightness and temperature levels: since this lamp is intended for reading and studying, IMIGY has added 5-brightness levels that will prevent you from straining your eyes when reading different texts. It also features 5- color-changing modes that create a soft, calm, and relaxing atmosphere to your indoor space.
  • Digital timer: with a convenient digital timer, you can easily set when the lamp will shut off automatically from 60 seconds to 10 minutes. This is an energy-saving approach that will ensure that the light doesn’t stay on even after you fall asleep.
  • Wide metal base: to compensate this lamp for its slender stem, IMIGY has added a wide rounded base to ensure that the lamp is not toppled over by minor knocks.


  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Can be touch Controlled
  • Lights can be dimmed to enhance your space.
  • Remote controller allows you to control the lamp from any position.
  • Wide rounded base for added stability.


  • Lighting cannot be replaced once it stops working. Will need to replace the whole unit

Customer feedback

Most of the reviewers are happy with the price which they say is within their budget and the slender design. The dimmer feature, color-changing modes, the remote controller, and the digital delay timer are some of the other smart features customers also praised.

8. Brightech Tree Spotlight LED Floor Lamp

Unique and elegant, the Brightech Tree Spotlight Floor Lamp just as its name suggests, is designed to resemble a slender stem with three omnidirectional LED fixtures that resemble the leaves. The LED light fixtures can swing at 360 degrees to provide ample light down to your reading or your art and craft projects.

Its slender design coupled with an option to choose from any of the 6 colors allows this floor lamp to un-obstructively suit any interior decor whether it’s modern, contemporary, urban or vintage.

The built-in LEDs deliver a light temperature of 3000k with a lifespan that goes all the way to 20,000 hours. The lights are dimmable meaning they can be easily customized to meet all your lighting requirements.

Features of the Brightech Tree Spotlight Floor Lamp

  • Built-in dimmer: the built-in dimmer is a smart technology that allows you to dim the LED brightness to suit your specific lighting requirements.
  • 3-adjustable light fixtures: the three omnidirectional light fixtures used by this lamp are easily swiveled at any angle to brighten your working spot or to reflect light from the ceiling or the walls.
  • LED bulbs: the LED bulbs produce 1,856 lumen which is equivalent to 120 watts incandescent. The bulbs are energy-saving and are UL certified making them safe for everyday use.


  • The three rotating light fixtures provide ample light to brighten up your space.
  • The base is firm and safe enough not to tip over
  • Built-in-dimmer adjusts the brightness levels.


  • The lamp can be too short for some users. It’s also easy to knock the light fixtures which can cause the entire lamp to fall over.
  • Built-in LEDs cannot be changed or replaced.

Customer feedback

The three rotating light fixtures have also impressed most customers who confessed that they’re indeed bright and quite independent, offering just the right amount of brightness and ambiance depending on user needs. The overall quality of construction is also something that customers confirm is as solid as advertised.

9. Jenson Modern Pharmacy Adjustable Floor Lamp

The Jenson Modern Pharmacy Floor Lamp looks similar to the above mentioned Brightech Leaf only that it has a few differences on the base and the lampshade.Best Led Floor Lamps for Reading

The Jenson features an aged brass finish and a manually adjustable pole that resembles a traditional classical microphone stand. The base is wide and stable while the lamp stem is tall and easily adjusted from 44” to 54” high.

It has a wide 8”×51/2×”3” shade that houses one bright 60 watts standard-medium base bulb alongside a simple switch that you can rely on when switching the lamp on/off.

Features of the Jenson Modern Pharmacy Floor Lamp

  • Dimmable bulb: although this lamp doesn’t have an in-built dimmer feature, it’s designed in such a way that it is compatible with third-party dimmer bulbs and dimmer switches which you can purchase separately.
  • Aged brass finish: this is the first thing you’ll notice the moment you set your eyes on this lamp. The old brass finish gives this lamp an antique classic tone that adds a touch of retro refinement to your living room, study room or office space.
  • Adjustable swing arm: although it looks traditional, this lamp has an adjustable swing arm that is easily adjusted to any direction of your choice to put light exactly where you need it most.


  • Comes with a convenient on/off switch.
  • The pole can be adjusted to various heights.
  • Works with a variety of bulb types including incandescent, LED, halogen, or CFL light bulbs
  • Bulbs can easily be replaced or changed


  • This lamp is not the sturdier of the lot and may get damaged if mishandled.

Customer feedback

Most of the customers are impressed with the antique finishes which they say are very decorative. The long 5’ cord is another outstanding feature most customers loved stating that it makes the lamp quite versatile and able to rotate to most corners of your room without having to unplug it time after time.

10. Brightech Contour Flex LED Floor Lamp for Reading

However, the Brightech Contour Flex LED Floor Lamp is a lamp with a height of just 5 feet. It features just 9 watts LED lighting which is cost-efficient and energy-saving. The LEDs have a color temperature of 5000k and illuminate 600 lumen which is quite impressive.

This lamp is slender and lightweight meaning you can carry it around effortlessly. It has an adjustable gooseneck that can be twisted in any direction of your choice to provide sufficient light to your working space.

The Brightech Contour comes in a sleek and slender black and white finished shades making it a great option for customers looking for something more aesthetically appealing.

Features of the Brightech Contour Flex LED Floor Lamp

  • Adjustable neck: with the adjustable goose neck, you can easily and conveniently move the light fixture close to you or twist it at an angle to provide you with sufficient light.
  • Built-in dimmer switch: the dimmer switch gives you the flexibility of increasing or decreasing the brightness levels of the LEDs to suit your specific task in hand.
  • LED technology: the LED technology allows you to save both on costs and energy. With just 9 watts, the LEDs can produce sufficient light that will illuminate your space without having to strain your eyes.
  • 5-foot cord: the long 5-ft cord is another impressive addition here. It provides this lamp with the flexibility to fit on any tight corners without having to keep unplugging it time after time.


  • Very affordable
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • The LEDs are easily dimmable.
  • It has a long cord that provides flexibility.
  • Sturdy base for wobble free stability


  • The LED light is integrated and can’t be changed or replaced

Customer feedback

For the most part this is loved for providing just enough lighting on focused areas. It is well built and features a low profile, non intrusive design ideal for just about anywhere in the home from the living room to the bedroom.

Best LED Floor Lamps for Reading—Buyer’s Guide

1. Type of floor lamp

The general setup of a floor lamp comprises of a firm base, a slender pole and a light fixture at the top. While the bare bones are indeed the same, these lamps come in a variety of styles and finishes that make the ultimate difference.

So, when choosing a reading floor lamp, you need to be keen on the type of lamp you’re purchasing. Some of the most common categories you’ll meet include; tripod floor lamps, reading lamps, arc floor lamps, and ambient floor lamps among others.

2. Dimmability

This is another factor that should be considered when choosing a reading floor lamp. In most cases, you find yourself straining your eyes too much just to read different fonts of texts. To prevent straining, a reading lamp with a dimmable feature will be worth investing in.

Here, you can opt to choose a lamp with a touch-activated dimmer or simply purchase a dimmer bulb that provides several levels of light adjustments.

3. Brightness level

Unlike in the past where halogen and incandescent bulbs were the only modes of lighting, today’s technology has offered an array of energy-saving lighting elements such as fluorescent and LED bulbs. Since LED lights are the best for their energy-saving advantage, it’s highly recommended that you check the lumens to determine how bright the bulbs are.

4. The location

Depending on the size of your room, you can choose to install a tall floor lamp, a short one or a decorative one. However, for a lamp intended for reading, it’s wise that you invest in a slender tall lamp that has an adjustable gooseneck. The lamp should stand at the back of your seat or in a corner to ensure that it stays away without interfering with the movements.

5. The cost

In most cases, floor lamps are generally more costly than table lamps and desk lamps. When selecting a lamp, the cost is generally one factor you must consider as it is what makes the ultimate difference. So, whether you’re looking for a low-cost, an expensive or an intricate piece to add a decorative flair to your room, always consider the cost implication before making your next move.

Conclusion on LED Floor Lamps For Reading

Although we’ve mentioned some of the key things you need to consider before making your choice, what you choose always melts down to your personal preference.

However, if you’re looking to enjoy the best out of your floor lamp, always look out for these three key layers—task, design, and accent.















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