10 Tips on How to Make Your Bathroom Look Like a Spa

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house. However, it is also one of the most neglected. Often the bathroom door is just shut closed and the space inside forgotten about until it’s needed. Surely the place where all your hygiene and beauty needs are taken care of deserves something more?The bathroom has the potential to be a highly relaxing place. Often we think that we need to escape to a countryside spa to get relaxed and rejuvenated. That isn’t the case at all. The bathroom can be a place that looks and feels like a spa. Find out how you can make your bathroom look more like spa with some of these great ideas.

Invest in stylish decor

 A really simple way to create a spa-like ambience is to have some create decor and decorations. One very effective thing is having fluffy towels and rugs. Keeping these neutral colored means they match any room. Nothing says luxury like stepping across a cozy, warming fluffy rug.

Think dim lighting

Spas have a way to relaxing the mood which is much due to the lighting. You won’t find too many bright overheads at a spa. If the lights in your bathroom are too bright, invest in a calming lamp or fairy lights to hang around the mirror. This means you can use the main light less and just turn on another light source. Colored stone lamps are a great idea to have beside the bath or shower.

Can’t get enough of candles

 To engage the senses and promote calming moods like a spa in your bathroom, candles are an amazing option. Scented candles are even better as these tap into a neural response when you inhale the scents. Candles are also good for dimming the lights and relying on a more natural light source. Placing some candles around the sink or tub while having a soak can be excellent for feeling like you’re in a spa.

A rainfall shower head

 A spa doesn’t have to mean sitting in a bathtub as this isn’t for every time. A shower can be just as relaxing and soothing. There is something very inviting and natural about a waterfall shower head. Installing one of these is easy and simple but has endless benefits. The coverage from a waterfall shower head means you are fully immersed in the water which can relax the muscles.

Set up a seat

If space allows, having a small seat in the corner or an ottoman stool can make the bathroom feel more like a spa. A seat invites more time to dedicate to moisturizing the legs or doing make up sitting down. It can take away a lot of tension.

Add some greenery

Plants are one of the most natural and relaxing things available. They help to clear the air and boost oxygen intake, which is perfect when getting ready in the morning. Plants stay alive easier in the bathroom thanks to the increased humidity levels so they are less maintenance here. Think of Aloe Vera or bamboo or philodendrons to green up the bathroom.

Keep it enclosed

One element that spas offer is a sense of feeling closed off from the stresses and anxieties of the world. A shower or bath curtain is a good way to get this sense and create a barrier. Enclosing yourself in the shower or bath and only seeing a nicely decorated curtain can make it feel like your spending hours away at a remote spa.

Have a bath tray

 If soaking in the tub is something you enjoy, do it properly like you would at a spa. Having a tray that sits across the bath to hold a book or a glass of wine can make staying in the bath much more appealing. Add some magnesium crystals or epsom salt to the water and light some candles around and you’ve got a real spa feel there.

Consider presentation

The bathroom holds a lot of items which can cause clutter and stress. However, presenting them nicely and ceremoniously on the counter makes it feel more like a spa. Consider adding some scented soaps or incense in between moisturizing bottles and toothpaste holders.

Add a little artwork

No matter what style, there is bound to be artwork that goes with it. Putting up a picture or a frame can create a new mood. It also makes the bathroom feel less sterile and more like a spa.

Got any more tips not mentioned here? We would love to hear from you below.



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