Tips on How to Make a Bedroom Cozy

Seeing as you spend almost a third of your life in the bedroom, make your bedroom as cozy as possible for the ultimate relaxation should be a priority. Scroll on for tips on how to go about achieving this;

  1. Put some lights on

The easiest way to make your bedroom cozy is to buy some additional light sources. You don’t have to spend much to build romantic, warm scenery in your room. Getting some candles is one way – place them in different spots, play with their colors and scents. There’s nothing better than natural, warm light of a cozy flame.

If you fancy something more sophisticated consider buying oriental lanterns and lamps. They will become not only light sources for your bedroom but also beautiful objects focusing interest and adding some stylish accent to your bedroom decor.

  1. Fancy up your bed

Getting some throw pillows and cushions and piling them up on your bed is another way to give a bedroom that cozy look. Think about colors, what makes you feel warm and comfy? Go for the patterns, too. Plaits and knitted pillowcases are the trends to adopt especially for the winter seasons.

Also, consider buying an oversized chunky knitted blanket or throw. They will only look marvelous but will for sure allow you to build an ultimate warm hideout after a long day at work.

Last, but not least, replace your usual bedding with some rich in color and textured linen goods. Linen bedding will not only add some luxury feel and comfort to the way you sleep, it will last longer than the simple cotton stuff we are all used to.

  1. Think about accessories

In order to make your bedroom cozy, you don’t necessarily need to spend hundreds. Consider putting a fluffy rug made of faux fur next to your bed. Choose a light color and remember about handy size, a too big one will catch up dust too quickly and won’t look too good after a while. Waking up and putting your feet on it every day will for sure benefit your mood and the rug itself will add some style to your space. You can also layer rugs one on another – if you go for it, remember about mixing colors and textures.

Change your curtains accordingly to suit the warm color of your choice. It’s unbelievable how much coziness can be brought in by the window decor. While choosing, remember that patterns can benefit your room, why not go for bold ones? On the other hand, curtains always form quite a big and visible element of the bedroom. Overdoing patterns there, especially if your walls aren’t one-colored, will bring in the feel of craziness, not the desired coziness.

  1. Get some decorations

Bare walls have nothing to do with the cozy look. Sterile interiors may not only emphasize the feeling of coldness but can also be even mentally intimidating. You don’t want to live in the palace of the Snow Queen, so think about bits and bobs that will help you to make your bedroom cozy.

Still remembering your holiday trip during the summer season? Print your favorite pictures out, get some twinkle lights on a string and hang them all together on the wall, possibly, near your bed.

Put some pictures on the walls. Don’t overdo it. You don’t want to make your bedroom looking messy. Choose the location wisely and remember about the frames. If you’re look for something warm, go for real wood. It is definitely better suited for a cozy place of comfort than shiny metals and minimalistic glass.

Bring in some plants. You don’t have to be a perfect gardener to have a tiny greenhouse in your bedroom. Succulents and cacti are the best choices and they are trendy, too. Building up a greenhouse is not hard granting that you can easily get DIY parts in home decor shops. Adding some cute greenery to your bedroom will definitely make it not only cozy place but a lively one.

  1. Pimp up your working space

If your bedroom is shared with your working space, you have another way to make it a really cozy and nice place to not only hide away from the world with a good book in hand but also to work and study.

If you’re a student, most probably you spend here quite a lot of time. Clean your desk up and give it personalized, nice look. Place some candles and a boutique clock. Hang some motivational posters around, or maybe you’ll go for unique, personal mood board with your own picture collages? Get some season-themed, put a cushion on your chair cute stationery and bring in hot tea with honey. You’re all set!




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