Therabox Self Care Subscription Box Review of 2021

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Table of Contents

For those who love subscription boxes that are packaged with care and a whole lot of love, with monthly goodies comprising of skin care products, you are bound to love the brand Therabox and their thoughtful approach.

Therabox Review

With Therabox, you can be sure of excellent quality of bath and skin care products as a well as a good dose of inspiration. Over and above the quality products that you will love, unwrapping the impeccable packaging is a fabulous experience in and out of itself.

The Therabox Approach

The brand name simply means therapeutic box.

The brands philosophy is visible and ingrained in their approach towards delivering joy and great satisfaction to consumers.

Therabox has enjoyed enormous success with their approach which is simply the belief that self-love is tatamount to self-care.

Even before subscribing to this box you quickly get the impression that the boxes are well put together and deliver a good bang for your buck and consistently so.

The endless list of raving reviews only serves to reinforce that fact.

So Why Would You Want Your Very Own Therabox?

Therabox seeks to bring a touch of joy, happiness and relaxation. It does so by including inspirational thought-provoking activities in the box. Therabox insists that happiness is a practice and to that end includes exercises as well activities that are refreshing and meant to be practiced consistently.

Consumers who are subscribing as well as those who have gifted or been gifted with a Therabox at one point or another vehemently agree with this approach. They said it has them feeling inspired, looking great and loving themselves all the more for it.

What’s in Store for You in a Therabox?

On any given month, A Therabox will contain 6-8 full sized products of the finest ingredients including organic, natural, artisan, and holistic items. You may argue, that all box companies claim the same and some time may fail to live up to the consumer’s expectation. That may be true for certain brands that may have disappointed you before.

At Therabox they appreciate the consumer’s skeptism. Therabox is very confident in its products and the value they deliver to their consumers. As they say, the proof is in the pudding; a consumer can log on to the brands website and peruse previous boxes to see whether they fit their standard or will match their expectation.

therabox self care subscription box

In there, you will see each and every box from February 2019 going forward to date. When customers were doing their research before opting to subscribe for Therabox, they mentioned that the resource to look back on their previous boxes is a confidence booster because the brands consistency in quality is on open display for all and sundry to see.

The Reviews only reinforced what they were seeing. Upon receipt of their first and ensuing Therabox monthly packages, the same consumers shared that they were elated by the experience that the box delivers. They remarked that not only were their expectation met but those expectations were pleasantly exceeded to their utter joy.

So here is what can you expect in the box;

  • Happiness exercises – Therapeutic happiness exercises that you will love. This could be anything from journaling, brain training exercises, life hacking strategies and so much more.
  • Relaxation products– Stress reducing self-care products such as creams, lotions and hydrating serums that will relax your skin and have you glowing.
  • Inspiration items– invigorating items for the mind, body and soul

Therabox Plans

Therabox appreciates that we all have different needs when we are looking to subscribe for a box. To that end, Therabox has curated 4 plans for you to suit various needs. Whether those be for pampering yourself or for sending some love someone else’s way by gifting them this delectable boxes.

The packages are as follows;

  1. Monthly subscription– this box comes loaded with goodies valued at $100 but only costs you $34.99, the items are different every month
  2. 3 months subscription– is valued at $100 per box but will only cost you $99.99 for the entire 3 months subscription. It’s worth noting that this plan is incredibly popular for gifting loved ones and friends for a 3 month does of added happiness.
  3. 6 months subscription – every box in this package is valued at above $100 but avails to you at $191.94 which is a great steal with enormous value.
  4. 12 months subscription – This plan delivers great value with each box valued at more than $100. The subscription cost for the entire 12 month totals to $371.88. It is an excellent plan to set the tone for your next 12 months that will be infused with a Therabox goody bag delivery every month.

How Does the Subscription Process Work?

Subscribing to Therabox is very straightforward and hassle free through their website or the subscription merchant Cratejoy. All the plans are prepaid. Once you have settled on a plan and processed payment, the rest of the delivery process kicks into action.

It’s worth noting that Therabox ships globally and you can therefore place your order even if you live outside of the United State.

All shipment for subscribing consumers are shipped between the 24th-29th of every month. This is to ensure that you receive the precious box at the start of the month. For those subscribing from the US, you will receive your box within 3-7 business days. However, for all international orders, it’s imperative to note that the package may take 7 to 30 or more business days before arriving to your address depending on the country.

Irrespective of what plan you have settled for, subscriptions are easy to cancel. Just be sure to cancel before the 9th on any given month to prevent auto renew if you have a monthly subscription. In the event that you have subscribed to a multiple monthly plan, you can still cancel, but the pending boxes in the plan will still be sent to you at the end of the remaining months of the subscription and will not auto renew when the plan comes to an end.

Wrapping Up

We can all agree that life is a journey and not a destination, Therabox celebrates that very idea by injecting a dose of daily happiness to everyday of your month. After the first box, you can almost be sure to get hooked. Every month’s delivery means a pleasant surprise infused with joy to last you a month. Subscribing to Therabox is, as some consumers put it “subscribing to happiness”.

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