The Difference Between Cotton Sheets and Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Since a third of your life is almost spent on the bed, the next time you go out shopping for sheets you should be considerate of the quality of the fabric that you purchase. I am certain that you have a particular taste for the different fabrics out there. While deciding on the choice for your bed clothes and bed sheets, cotton always stands out as the king of sheet fibers.

Often, cotton sheets come in different qualities differing in softness, fineness, and the durability once acquired. This tells you why you should be cautious the next time you consider spending your money on cotton fabric. You will agree with me that the last time you went shopping for sheets/linens you encountered phrases such as “Egyptian Cotton” and “100% Cotton.”

Can’t tell the difference between the two? Read on.

Softness of the fabric

Egyptian sheets are deemed softer and stronger compared to regular sheets. Though the two types of cotton primarily come from different plants, the mode of picking for both Egyptian and regular cotton differ very much.

Typically, Egyptian cotton is handpicked while regular cotton is harvested using machinery. Hand picking puts less stress on the fibers thus makes them straight and intact.  Often, the fibers from the Egyptian cotton make long and fine yarns without the need to sacrifice length in making yarns and threads.

Unlike the regular cotton, Egyptian cotton gives finer and stronger sheets. The resulting fabric is softer, flexible, and more resistant to stress compared to regular cotton sheets which are made from cotton picked by machines. This is the ultimate reason why Egyptian cotton sheets are considered to be the superior quality when it comes to sheets.

Thread count

I’m sure that you would prefer a stronger sheet and one that would significantly last for a longer time. Of the two types of cotton used in generating the sheets, one creates stronger fabric than the other. Often, Egyptian cotton sheets are deemed to be stronger and long lasting compared to regular cotton. But what is the reason behind this?

Literally, having a high thread count translates to high quality of the fabric. If you can count the actual weave of your fabric when you take a look at your sheet through the light, then you acquired a sheet with low thread count. Typically, the weave of fabric generated from Egyptian cotton is made from a huge pack of thread counts per square inch. Compared to regular cotton sheets, Egyptian cotton sheets will possess a thread count of even as high as 2000 making it the best quality.

Porosity of the fabric

Having a warm and comfortable sleep is a top priority. The porosity of both Egyptian cotton sheets and regular cotton sheets differ by quite a big margin. Compared to regular cotton sheets, Egyptian cotton is said to be more porous. The quality of being porous gives the sheets the ability to soak up moisture thus making people sleep better.


So now that you have some insights on the two types of cotton, what should you look for when ordering for your sheets to know whether they are made from Egyptian cotton or regular cotton? In case you don’t want to buy a blend but rather pure cotton sheets made from 100% Egyptian cotton, then the cost matters a lot, besides having a feel of the fabric.

If you come across a retailer selling cotton sheets at 50 dollars and purporting it to be 100% Egyptian cotton, do not fall to their deceit. This is not pure authentic Egyptian cotton but just regular cotton sheets or cotton blended with a certain percentage of other synthetics. Usually, Egyptian cotton sheets are superior quality sheets and so they sell at a premium, and can be as high as $1500 or more for high-thread-count fabric.

However, the wave types also matter when it comes to Egyptian cotton. For instance, Percale and Sateen differ in thread counts and, therefore have a different feel. For a crisp feel, always go for the percale fabric.

So if you have the money, then buy all means, go for Egyptian cotton sheets as they are by far the better, more superior quality guaranteed to last 3 times more than the regular cotton sheets!

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