The Best Behind Door Bathroom Storage Solutions For Small and All Bathrooms

Storage is a primary concern in a home, especially when you have a family. Under normal circumstances, nobody really intends to buy so much stuff. Not only is it going to hurt the pocket but storage space as well. This is doubly true for seasonal commodities that you have to tuck away after just a few months’ use. More stuff equals more fluff – and that means extra budget for buying storage containers or renting out storage spaces.

Purchasing big cabinets is the usual solution for storage dilemma. It helps preserve the items up until the next time you’ll need them which seem good and all – if you have plenty of floor space to spare inside the house. Big cabinets might make your rooms feel crowded and congested that your home may not be as comfortable anymore.

But what if you don’t have plenty of space especially in the bathroom for large cabinets? Well, thank goodness recent innovations gave us a new pal to depend on – the cabidor!

You might not be all too familiar with this masterful space-saving piece of furniture so allow me to enlighten you. The cabidor is a storage cabinet developed for the purpose of minimizing the space occupied by traditional cabinets but still having the capacity to help with your storage needs. This groundbreaking invention’s roots can be traced back to year 2008 and came on sale for the public some time in 2011. The cabidor is a trademark of Hingenuity Inc. (make sure to thank them later). Since its release, the cabidor has continued to take over homes and people had grown to love its practical and efficient design. It is popularly a favorite to use as bathroom storage solution, especially for smaller bathrooms.

The cabidor is basically a combination of two words: cabinet and door. It’s like a humongous medicine cabinet attached to a door’s hinges , suspended from the floor. So you can think of it as having two doors with one that serves as the keeper of your most precious items. Cabidors are amazing, and many users can account for it (me, being one of them). On their official website or even on Amazon, you can read inspiring testimonies from previous and existing users of the cabidor – and, you’ll find out how satisfied they are with the product. And here are a few reasons why:

  1. Cabidors create something of the dead space that serves as the door’s swing way.

No object, let alone furniture, can be placed near a doorway. They are obstructive and may bring about unnecessary accidents and trouble. By using the cabidor, even this dead area can serve a purpose – and a really good one at that.

  1. Cabidors are easy to assemble.

Some cabinets are too hard to assemble. Even with instructions, they are too complicated to do by alone. In the case of cabidors, installment is hassle-free. You simply attach it to the door’s hinges, its front facing against the door, and voila – an instant storage solution.

  1. Cabidors look slim and stylish.

This new twist in cabinetry comes in modern designs. They look sleek and smart – a perfect addition for your fashionable dwelling. Compared to free-standing cabinets that are sometimes bulky to look at, cabidors are designed to be thin but wide – they don’t look awkward behind the door at all. Once you start using them, it feels like they’re meant to be there.

  1. Cabidors can be used in different rooms.

Whether you want to put it in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or wherever as long as there’s a door, the cabidor fits. It’s easily transportable so if you suddenly decide that you need it more in the bedroom than in the bath, there won’t be a problem at all. It’s just simple matter of detaching and re-attaching. You also have the option of buying two if you feel the need to. Better yet, attach one in all the rooms of the house!

  1. Cabidors are sold at a reasonable price.

Reasonably priced in a way that you get exactly what you pay for – and often times, even more. The price for cabidors usually start at around $149.99 or lower and are sold in a number of online shopping platforms.

  1. Cabidors are enjoyed by all kinds of people.

 People around the globe just can’t get enough of Cabidors. Whether you’re living in the states or somewhere in Asia, the need for storage still holds true. This is one of the problems that are common to all people – no matter what race and class. In a way, you can say that our universal need for storage space gives proof that we’re more similar than we think we are (sounds a bit weird, but I know you get the point).

  1. Cabidors encourage space-saving practices.

Space is very important, especially for families that lead an average kind of life. Some people just can’t afford to buy or rent out extra storage spaces. What, with all the daily expenditures they have to deal with? Cabidors have opened new opportunities and has brought inspiration to furniture manufacturers to promote the construction of more innovative, space-saving devices.

There is always a cabidor for everyone – young and old, rich and poor, men and women.

Currently, there are five models out in the market. This includes the following:

1. Classic

This Cabidor is one of the first ones out in the market. It has a storage capacity equivalent to 5 average medicine cabinets.

It comes with customizable storage to suit your needs including; 6 adjustable shelves 2 fixed shelves and 8 retention rods for those taller items. Now, that’s a whole lot of space for your toiletries and other special necessities. It is is 70″ tall, 16″ wide and 4″ deep and comes in espresso and white colors.

2. Classic Deluxe

No need to buy a bedroom mirror when you have the Cabidor Classic Deluxe. It was designed to look like a stylish full length mirror on the outside and a super handy storage space on the inside. Pretty neat, huh?

It is 70” Tall x 16” Wide x 4.125” Deep with 8 adjustable shelves, 4 Fixed shelves and 11 Retention rods for taller items

3. Mini

Cabidor Mini ( empty )

Just as it sounds, Cabidor mini is a smaller version– about half the height of the classic cabidor with 3 adjustable shelves Multiple retention rods for taller items. Measures 35” Tall x 16” Wide x 4” Deep.

4. Mini Deluxe

Cabidor Mini Deluxe

This Cabidor has an exterior that looks like a framed mirror and an interior that is perfect for storing your essentials. It is the same size as Cabidor Mini except wit a mirror.

5. Jewelry

This fabulous model of the Cabidor gives solution to all your jewelry mishaps. Keep your elegant treasures safe behind your bedroom doors disguised as an innocent looking mirror–has another small mirror inside.

The velvet lined interior has slots for 85 earrings, 24 hooks for necklaces and 12 large bracelet hooks. Plus! Convenient drawers for your other desirables. 35” Tall x 16” Wide x 4” Deep

The wonders of the Cabidor behind door bathroom storage are truly astounding and more models are currently on the process of development giving us more to look forward to. Maybe next time we’ll have a cabidor that doubles as a safe box? Or maybe, they’ll make one for power tools? The possibilities are endless and just thinking about it levels up the excitement. It has garnered three awards from the time of its introduction and is receiving a lot of praise worldwide. And, I’m pretty sure of the reason why.




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