7 Tall Indoor Plant Stands Perfect for Injecting Natural Beauty

Interior décor is so vast and creative that at times you may wonder where to start and where to end. After going through color schemes for floors and walls, drapery and furniture, there are the finer things that bring all that hard work together. Part of those finer touches and soft approaches to injecting life and natural beauty to your space includes plants.

Indoor space demand that plants be held in a creative way that does not take away from the comfort of a given space. The solution can lie in incorporating a tall indoor plant stand into the space.

A gorgeous tall plant stand has an aesthetic side that occupies minimal space while offering a neat and artistic way to display an array of beautiful pots as well as infuse an element of nature into your surroundings.

Let’s check out some tall indoor plant stands that can really add some beauty and character to a living room or an office space. The plant stand options brought to you in this post offer yet another decorative approach that is both thoughtful and practical.

1. Modern Ladder Plant Stand

Adding a ladder plant to your décor is often a great idea that accentuates the existing décor. The trick is to get a stand that matches or complements your color scheme and has a beautiful design. This Ladder Plant Stand has a gorgeous design that looks attractive, minimal and space saving.

The marble base helps the unit stay sturdy even when it takes the weight of your pots and plants. The metal tube are made of iron and firmly attached to the marble base which ensures the unit stand’s majestically wherever you opt to place it.

This unit can take on three pot plants and comes in 2 colors. You can get it in gold or in black color. Either color option looks amazing and has a beautiful contrast against the white marble base.


  • Overall dimensions are 15.7″L x 15.7″W x 42.5″H
  • Construction material is corrosion proof metal
  • Marble base that ensures stability
  • Can hold 3 pot plants
  • Gorgeous design in black or gold with a white marble base

This plant stand unit is ideal for your living room, office, balcony, hallway and many other sections of a home. It features simplicity and easily blends with many home décor.

2. Plant Stand Flower Divider

You will likely fall in love with this Plant Stand Flower Divider if you love to display a number of plants. The design allows 4 shelves which can take on 2 plant pots each. That translates to 8 plants on this unit.

The unit also has a remarkable and sturdy design occupying a minimal footprint. In essence, the unit is simply a rectangle with rounded corners with well-placed shelves. However, the craftsmanship is top-notch as the shelves are suspended yet strong.

The base is a metal plate and that helps keep the stand steady.

Construction of this stand is corrosion proof metal.


  • Overall dimensions are 27.6”L x 8.7”D  x 61”H
  • Constructed from corrosion proof metal tubes
  • Metal base that ensures stability
  • Can hold up to 8 pot plants
  • Simple design that comes in several color options; blue/ gold/ rose gold

This Modern Plant Stand Flower Divider will look amazing indoors in the living room and other sections of the house or office.

3. Half-Moon Plant Stand with Shelf

Qualities one should look out for in plant stand are; space saving ability, aesthetics and stability. The other is considering whether you want to display a single plant or several. This will often inform your choice in terms of design.

In the case of the splendid design presented by this Half-Moon plant Stand, it will work for a consumer who wants to display a maximum of two plants.

The design is very artistic and does an excellent job of saving space. If there is a corner in the house that looks unbearably bear, this stand will occupy that space with elegance.

The tripod like design of the stand offers good stability and combines perfectly well with the moon shape and hanging plant bowl to make this stand an artistic piece in your home.

The construction is all corrosion free metal which makes the stand suitable for both indoor use and delivers impressive durability. The design is versatile and will work for a corner area as well as other spaces in your homes such as a hallway or entrance way.


  • General dimensions are 17.7″Diameter x 53.1″H
  • Constructed from corrosion proof metal rods
  • Tripod base that ensures stability
  • Can hold up to 2 pot plants
  • Artistic design that comes in gold color option

Consumers loved how this stand adds a touch of practical style while creating versatile storage.

4. Black Metal Shelving Plant Stand

This Shelving Plant Stand is an excellent selection when you want to display a maximum of 6 plants with slightly larger pots or vases. The unit is all metallic and has a steady build.

The design comprises of three separate metallic arcs joined together. Each arc has 2 circular shelves for holding your pot plants.

What consumers loved about this option, is the ability to store more plants and larger pots. Those who got this unit mentioned that they loved the height and the staggered placement of the shelving that make for a gorgeous display of your plants. The corrosion free metallic tubes ensure that the plant stand will have extended use for many years to come.


The design also combines modern style with deep storage that any modern home décor and living space can benefit from. The textured black color and seamless construction makes this unit agreeable with most of your home furniture.


  • Overall dimensions of this stand are 31.5″L x 11″W x 59.1″H
  • Made from corrosion proof metal tubes
  • Metal base stand offers reliable stability
  • This unit can take up to 6 pot plants
  • Trendy arc design that comes in black

Houseplants have many benefits in your living space. That’s because they are not only aesthetic, but also serve to refresh the air around you. This unit is worth considering when you want to adorn your space with well sized pots and can hold up to six plants without occupying too much space while projecting a clean, minimal and organized look.

5. 59” Tall Modern Ladder 7-Tiered Plant Stand

If you are looking for a plant stand that is tall and majestic without being overbearing and not hogging a lot of precious square footage, this Tall Modern 7-Tiered Plants Stand is an option that fulfills that need with immaculate perfection.

The base is wide enough to offer good stability and can be used as space for placing at least 2 sizeable flower pots.

From the base stand, there are 5 metal tubes that ascend to hold shelving at staggered heights and a total of 7- stable tiers. The tiers take the form of a pedestal and perform a great job of literally placing you flowers, plants and gorgeous pots on a pedestal for an exquisite look.

The imposing height and the neat arrangement of the slab like black tiers, combine marvelously with the gold finished metal tubes for a beautiful aesthetic look.

Because of such traits and unmistakably excellent craftsmanship, this unit will transform your space when adorned with your favorite plants and flowers.


  • Dimensions of the unit are 23.6”L x 15.7”W x 59”H
  • The construction metal is corrosion proof
  • Polished black stone base that ensures stability
  • Can hold up to 8 pot plants with ease
  • voluptuous design that comes in gold metal and black tiers

Customers who bought this unit shared that they loved the tall presentation of the design and that it can hold a number of plant pots of varying size.

6. Chic Metal & Marble 4 Tiered Shelving

Some consumers who like the idea of plants in an indoor or outdoor space may prefer a stand whose shelves have a hedged in feel and look. This Metal and Marble 4 Tiered Shelving makes that presentation effortlessly.

This is made possible by the rectangular frame with curved edges and box like shelves attached to the frame.

The shelves are well defined and hedged around the side with thin metal rods such that when the pot and plants are placed in the middle of the shelf, the display looks partially caged.

This unit has 3 shelves. The strong rectangular frame is made from metal tubes while the base and side of the shelves are made with thinner but strong metal rods that give off a rack like appearance. This sees to it that the shelves are impressively sturdy with an ability to take on slightly more weight and bigger pots.

There’s plenty of clearance from one shelf to another which allows for bigger pots and taller plants. The entire unit is finished with gold for a neat and classy look.

The metallic unit sits on a white marble stand that not only adds to the beauty and contrast in the unit, but also provides a very sturdy base that keeps the stand well in place and can accommodate a decent amount weight from larger and heavier pots and plants.

It’s worth noting that this plant design comes in 2 size options, small and large. The small version comes with 3 shelves while the larger version has 4 shelves.


  • Small size option dimensions are 15.7″L x 11.8″W x 53.1″H
  • The unit is made from corrosion proof metal tubes and rods
  • The sturdy base is a marble slab
  • Can hold up to 6 pot plants
  • Cagey design in gold color and excellent weight bearing capacity

With this unit, you can add a mix of modern and retro styles to your home or office space. The design and color mix is neat and blends well with numerous décor styles and themes.

7. Nordic Freestanding Display Plant Stand

This Freestanding Display Plant Stand is a fabulous choice that has an endearing and aesthetic design. This 5 tiered piece can hold up to 6 sizeable pot plants with great ease. That is thanks to the wide metal base with rails as well as the metal stand that takes the shape of an arc reinforced with a metal tube that runs the height of the arc.

The staggered shelving adds a stylish charm to the unit while also offering a well distributed balance of weight and adding more stability.

While the base is wider and oval shaped with plenty of space to hold 2 pot plants, the rest of the 4 tiers are round shaped presenting an exquisite look. The beauty is in the flower stand itself, but also in the flower pots that you will select in addition to the plants you choose to put in them.

All those factors combined; result in an exquisite decorative piece that will add flavor and character to your living room or office space.


  • Dimensions of this stand are 19.7″L x 9.4″W x 40.2″H
  • Corrosion proof metal tubes are used for the frame
  • Metal base that ensures stability
  • Can hold up to 6 pot plants
  • Impressive design in several color options; gold/black

Sturdy metal construction ensures stability. With each shelf holding up to ten pounds, you are at liberty to display some gorgeous pots as well as the lushest plants of choice.


Tall plant stands have great potential of adding a special touch to the beauty of a space. Provided you choose well. All the above options have an excellent metallic corrosion proof build made possible by a gorgeous finish. The finishing on the metal not only displays an aesthetic look, but also ensures durability and finesse befitting an indoor space.

These options present an extensive variety in terms of design and the ability to hold a good number of plants. These units can accommodate varied pots and plant sizes. Take a pick, and add some elegance that comes with the natural beauty of flora to your space.

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