Supima Cotton Vs. Egyptian Cotton Sheets-Difference Between Supima Cotton and Egyptian Cotton Sheets

When creating the perfect sleeping environment, the quality of the bed sheets we choose can make all the difference. But, how do we know which are the best types of sheets? Well, I will tell you now that both Supima cotton and Egyptian cotton are some of the most luxurious choices that stand out and they make up 10% of the cotton produced in the world. The other 90% is filled by Upland cotton, which is the most common cotton for making ordinary sheets. So, what exactly is the difference between the Supima cotton and Egyptian cotton sheets and which one should you choose?

What is Supima Cotton?

Supima cotton, or to give it its full title Superior US Pima Cotton, is often referred to as one of the world’s most beautiful materials, and it is with good reason. It is a more superior cotton which is predominantly grown in the United States of America. Furthermore, it can lay claim to being less than the 1% of cotton which is produced in the entire world! This type of cotton is said to be better than any other kind due to its many properties and long-lasting quality.

The Advantages of Supima Cotton


There is no doubt that the quality of Supima cotton is second to none. The strength of Supima sheets is strong because of its use of the specific fiber which is used in its process. This is an extra-long fiber giving all Supima sheets that additional durability making them stronger but, at the same time, ensures they remain soft to the touch. Supima cotton is hard wearing,and even when washed over the course of time, it retains its shape and softness, and more importantly its color.

Ease of Care:

It is suggested that Supima cotton fairs better than any other cotton during the washing process. In fact, the more these types of sheets are washed, the more luxurious that Supima feels when placed on the bed! All that is required is a low to almost cold wash to ensure the fibers do not get the chance to shrink in the wash, and then just leave them to dry naturally.



Supima cotton sheets are not always readily available in local stores or regular high street brands. They tend to be sold by the more upmarket department stores and are therefore are not as easily accessible as other more common types of cotton.


What is Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian cotton also has a solid reputation for being one of the finest cotton in the world. Perhaps its accolade derives from the fact that this specific type of cotton is handpicked, which ultimately means no stress is placed on its fibers as it is compiled into sheets. Grown from the cotton plant named Gossypium, the fibers contained in Egyptian cotton are entirely natural and stay intact throughout production. This means the quality is astounding, compared against the mechanical picking of some of the other types of cotton.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Egyptian Cotton


Egyptian cotton has long length fibers which means it is perfect for producing beautiful yarn without losing any of the strength of the thread. This means that when used in sheets, this type of cotton provides a more stronger kind of fabric which can stand up to a lot of usages due to its resistance. However, the softness of Egyptian cotton is its exceptional quality above all else. This cotton offers a more luxurious feel to all bed sheets and retains its striking colors over extended lengths of time and use.

Ease of Care:

Egyptian cotton sheets do need to be treated too different to that of other types of sheets to preserve their life. It is advisable to wash them on a cooler cycle with a minimum amount of detergent and usually separate to other items. This ensures the fibers are not damaged and do not shrink during the washing process. They should then be left to dry naturally.


Egyptian cotton is more accessible than Supima to obtain and can be found in some local departments stores and high street stores. However it is worth letting you know that most of the cotton sheets you see labeled “Egyptian cotton” are fakes and not the high-quality extra-long Egyptian cotton. Do your due diligence before you invest in an expensive fake Egyptian cotton.

Which Sheet is The Better Choice – Supima or Egyptian?

Overall, both Supima and Egyptian are superior material in sheets. Both are excellently produced,and the quality is almost perfect. Ultimately, it comes down to their availability and price. Understandably, Supima cotton is the more difficult to get hold of, and this inaccessibility is reflected in its price. While Egyptian cotton sheets may also be on the slightly higher price scale than regular cotton sheets,they are more accessible in stores without needing to order in especially.

It is suggested by the experts that Supima cotton has that slight edge in its longevity over Egyptian cotton and, if you can find such types of sheets, it is worth that extra search effort and, of course, paying that little bit extra for as you can always be guaranteed an authentic Supima product.



3 thoughts on “Supima Cotton Vs. Egyptian Cotton Sheets-Difference Between Supima Cotton and Egyptian Cotton Sheets”

  1. Thank you for the useful and interesting article on Supima and Egyptian cotton sheets. I do prefer using natural materials as much as possible and especially when it comes to sleeping. Do you know if both of these types of cotton sheets are organic? I recently read an interesting article about the growing of cotton – there are used a lot of chemicals in this process endangering not only the health of our planet but also the health of the people involved. So I do tend to choose organic cotton and invite my friends to do so, as well, as only together we can change it.

    1. “Organic cotton always” is a good mantra to go by. It’s quite true, there have been concerns over the huge amounts of pesticides being used in cotton growing as well as other carcinogenic chemicals being used in processing.

      For any type of cotton sheet, the best way to be safe and sure that you’re buying pure natural cotton, with no harmful chemicals is to look for sheets that are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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