Top 6 Subscription Boxes That Give Back & Support a Cause

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Table of Contents

Rewarding yourself or someone you love with a subscription box is such a splendid idea. If you have a friend who just got married, or a grown up daughter whom you need to gift for their upcoming birthday or just for the simple reason that you love them, then you want to consider any of the below subscription boxes.

The beauty of a quality subscription box is that not only do you you get curated items  to serve particular purposes,  but also, the added anticipation and element of not knowing exactly what the next box will contain, makes the whole unwrapping experience all the more special.

Now, there are boxes that go the extra mile to not only provide value to their subscribers, but also make a difference by giving back to the artisans, the needy and the vulnerable in society like victims of human trafficking and poverty

If you are keen on subscribing to a box that has high quality items and that also supports a valuable cause, check out the subscription boxes below.

1. HopeBox Subscription Box

The HopeBox is an excellent choice if you are looking to spread the message of hope and reduce anxiety for yourself or a loved one that you are gifting, as you put a smile on the face of an artisan somewhere.

HopeBox – Care for Your Body, Heart, & Soul – $54.99
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This box can be subscribed to monthly or in block months of 3/6/12 months. Alternatively you can buy a one-time purchase through the wide range of previous boxes that ship immediately the order processing has been finished.

For instance the November box was another winner that subscribers absolutely loved to the extent that some shared they wish they would receive this HopeBox weekly. Why? That’s because the box brings with it so much joy and comes with a different theme every month packed FULL of great gift items.

If you are a Christian, you will appreciate the HOPE mug that was thrown in there this month that had a bible verse on it. If you are not, they don’t have that sort of thing often, so it’s still 100% worth it for the subscription, these boxes are so full of goodies.

An October birthday girl shared that her mom gifted her three month subscription which he hopes never ends because she loves her monthly HopeBox that leaves her elated.  She said that being an October birthday girl, she loves all things pumpkin and the October theme did not disappoint. She remarked that the box is bringing her a great deal of joy!

Do you have a woman in your life that is special to you and you would like to spread some love her way? This is the perfect gift that every woman will appreciate. So go ahead and order it for them, the 3 month subscription is perfect for a gift that keeps on giving across 3 months.


  • Comes with a new theme every month
  • Includes 10+ quality vegan  and cruelty-free treasures like candles, scrubs, masks, aromatherapy, jewelry, snuggle buds and organic soaks  every month that you will love
  • HopeBox supports artisans by featuring their hand-made items in their boxes
  • Excellent gift to yourself or a loved one

Gifting a HopeBox makes great sense, as it will be sent to the recipients address with a personalized note from you, so they know whence the box came from.

2. Anchor of Hope Box

Is helping a worthy cause close to your heart? If so, you can look good, feel fabulous and in addition contribute to a worthy cause by subscribing to the Anchor of Hope Box.

Anchor of Hope Box – $36.00
From beauty to self-care and more, shop all the best women’s subscription boxes in 2020 below.

Not only will you receive some awesome goodies at the end of the month in a box, but you will also have made a contribution to survivors of trafficking and war.

That’s because part of the proceeds from Anchor Of Hope Box go into this cause.

You will feel double fabulous that you are helping give hope and sustainability to women coming out of desperate situations. You help give dignity and healing to souls that may have been harmed by circumstance. You join a movement of change – one artisan, one family, one box at a time.

What can you expect from the Anchor Box on a monthly basis?

High Quality jewelry, accessories, artwork, home decor and so much more hand crafted by artisans and various organizations to spread more hope throughout the world. You monthly box will always have 3 ethically sourced, fair trade, sustainable items made by survivors of trafficking and war across the globe.


  • Comes with a different new theme every month
  • Includes 3 ethically sourced items that can range from jewelry, accessories, artwork to home decor
  • Anchor Hope Box supports survivors of trafficking and war across the globe
  • This box offers great values that you can enjoy or gift a friend

If you are on the look- out for a worthy cause to contribute too, this is an excellent and sustainable way to do so.

3. International Blessings

Poverty around the globe is the one stain of humanity that is so senseless and needs to be eradicated. With poverty comes hunger and diseases that can be preventable. The international Blessing box is helping many participants just like you to join in the fight against poverty in a sustainable way. And while you are at it, you enjoy some gorgeous hand crafted jewelry, informative literature on the cause as well as arts and crafts that will warm your heart.

International Blessings – $29.95
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In the monthly International Box, you can expect to receive 3-4 items like jewelry monthly. This handcrafted monthly subscription box is designed to empower families around the world to break out of poverty through sustainable livelihoods. The exquisite hand crafted items that you receive in the box are done by poor communities from all over the world.

The reasoning behind this box of hope is that poverty cycles can be broke by providing sustainable opportunities as opposed to giving handouts.

Look amazing while supporting a cause that delivers opportunity to poor communities and thus renews dignity, gives hope, creates a better life and a better world.


  • Every month has a new theme
  • Box comes with 3-4 high quality handmade treasures every month that you will love
  • Delivers sustainable support to many poor communities across the world
  • The box makes for an excellent gifting opportunity to a loved one or friend

While most people love a good bargain as well as supporting a worthy cause that helps eradicate poverty, they may not have the time or the stomach for being in the front lines of such a cause. However your contribution does a load of good to those communities that benefit from your support and is therefore an effective way to contribute.

4. Bochys Subscription Box

Bochy’s Box concept is very simple. It partners with survivors of sex trafficking and seeks to help them get back on their feet and heal. So the proceeds from your purchase and many others like you go into funding that cause.

Bochys Box – $69.99
Adorn yourself in stylish accessories, with our monthly jewelry boxes

The Bochys Box is well worth its weight as it delivers great value for purchase every single month. It also keeps you excited with anticipation as to what your next box will bring. Bochys box also partners with excellent brands and influencers to bring you a box that is filled with gifts and goodies that you will love.

This brands and influencers alike are also passionate believers and contributors to the cause whose mission is to empower and restore exploited women who are rescued out of sex trafficking.

While the cause is definitely amazing some consumers have felt that it would be great if the curators of Bochys Box would shed some clear light as to what exactly comes in the Box every month. Their website does indicate hand crafted jewelry items, cosmetic products from numerous brands and Bochy’s affirmation cards that will give you encouragement every day to start your day off right! Set them on a stand, or carry them around in your purse.


  • The box is themed differently every month
  • Contents include jewelry, affirmation cards and cosmetic products
  • Part of the proceed of Bochys Box go into helping sex trafficking survivors
  • A subscription you can enjoy for yourself while supporting a worthy cause

Subscribing to Bochys Box will help you lend a hand in helping survivors of trafficking while looking fabulous at the same time through the assortment of products that come your way every month.

5. Beautiful Fight Box

It’s no secret that women like to look beautiful. Part of that beauty is accentuated by makeup and jewelry. If you love a dash of art in your jewelry to go with elegant makeup, then you will love what the Beautiful Flight Box has to offer. And that more than 10% of the proceeds go towards fighting human trafficking, poverty, addictions, and helping the homeless among other causes.

Beautiful Fight Box – $35.00
Uncover the best home decor accessories with these monthly boxes

Other than the knack for sporting great bargains and choosing high quality makeup and jewelry, some of us are philanthropic at heart and would want to support a cause that brings good to those in need and less fortunate. The Beautiful Flight Box strikes that balance really well by killing 2 birds with one stone and providing an avenue for you to do the same.

In the Beautiful Flight Box, you can expect to receive 3-4 thoughtfully curated items that bring you joy, have you look great as well as support someone somewhere who is in dire need.

The items in the box range from jewelry, clothing, stationary, accessories, edible treats and so much more. Customers who got this box mentioned that they loved the items as well as the packaging which makes for a joyful unpacking experience.


  • Comes with a new theme every month
  • 3-4 items are includes every featuring jewelry, accessories, clothing to name a few
  • 10% of the proceeds go into supporting worthy causes
  • Perfect gift to yourself or a loved one

6.Brownstone & Main Box

There’s a good number of women owned small businesses that have excellent beauty products that you will not find in the mainstream markets. That’s because they are hand-made and curated in small batches which makes them all the more special. Some gorgeous products with amazing scents and excellent value in terms of quality may be hidden in plain sight and never really taken full advantage of.

Brownstone & Main – $44.99
Give the gift of self-care with a thoughtful subscription box to increase joy, relieve stress, and find a better you.

By subscribing to the Brownstone & Main Box, you will expose yourself to some of these unknown brands that have some unbelievably amazing products.

This box is delivered right to our doorstep on a bi-monthly basis and the contents comprise of 5-7 items covering beauty, self-care, wellness, lifestyle, and inspirational products.

If you love a good dose of self-care products every so often, then you this box will only serve to further enrich your lifestyle with high quality handmade products


  • Comes with varied themes and is delivered on a bi-monthly basis
  • Comprises of 5-7 high quality beauty items
  • The box supports local artisans by featuring their hand-made items in their boxes
  • The box has excellent value for you or can be gifted to a friend or loved one

Help support local artisan by subscribing to the Bownstone & Main Box and enjoy an excellent hamper of gorgeous beauty products that will pleasantly amaze you and keep you looking gorgeous and fragrant all day.


We all need a touch of inspiration every day. For some women, this can come in a monthly subscription for a box that touches on your personal likes such as accessorizing, self-care, wellness or jewelry. A good number of women love to get inspired by a box that has a bunch of goodies, but also one that is supportive of worthy causes locally or globally. All the above reviewed subscription boxes support a cause with a portion of their proceeds.

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