15 Best Set of 2 Table Lamps in 2020

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Table of Contents

Looking for a set of 2 table lamps for your bedroom, living room or any other indoor living space? You’ll love this post!

Living rooms and bedroom are spaces in the house that people love to spruce up and make them feel comfortable. That is because when at home most people will spend more time in these spaces. For that reason it does not come as a surprise that one would want to have them looking comfy, warm and inviting.

When interior designers work on a house, often the lion’s share of attention and detail goes into the living room and bedroom. The living room is frequented by guests and therefore it makes sense to adorn it with catchy elements that range from the color one chooses for the walls, to interesting designs and patterns of the rugs one opts to have on their living room floor. Those who prefer an uncluttered feel will often lean toward minimalist designs in furniture and ornaments that feature in their living room and bedroom.

In essence, the living room is the perfect space to set the tone for the home. A soft touch that accentuates the already hard work that a person has put in to make sure their living room is presentable, and stylish is the lighting. The lighting of the living room and bedroom is perhaps the icing on the cake to an already beautiful decor. Given that lighting is powerful in setting the mood of a space, one of the ways you can tap into that power is by incorporating a set of two stunning table lamps.

Table lamps are a thoughtful way of adding gentle and cozy lighting that brings a feeling of relaxation to the living room. Choosing a set that is beautifully crafted will not only bring evocative lighting, but the table lamps themselves are ornamental pieces that contribute to the overall pleasant decor of the space even when they are not lighted. The same applies to the bedroom.

In this post, we’ve compiled a series of 2 set table lamps that are sure to enliven any living room or bedroom , whether its through their cozy lighting or decorative charm.

Best Set of 2 Table Lamps for the Ultimate Value for Money

1. Regency Hill Traditional Set of 2 Table Lamps

This set of 2 table lamps exudes a traditional presence with modern vibrant touches. The traditional aspect is brought out by the glass flared empire-style white-cream bell shade. The base of the table lamp is circular with a diameter of 6 inches which ensures the table lamp stays steady. Its brass finish can be seen on the base.

The brass accent is then encased in a glass vase like fashion which gives the table lamp an element of sophistication. The cut glass end exposes the brass again as it ascends into the lamp neck.


  • The overall dimension of each lamp is 26.5 inches high while the base is 6 inches in diameter. The top of the shade has a diameter of 7 inches while the bottom flares out to a 15 inch diameter
  • Each uses a 100 watt standard base bulb
  • On/Off socket switch.
  • Comes as a set of two
  • Cut glass base
  • Flared Empire-style white-cream bell shade
  • Brass finish metal accents on base, finial, and lamp neck

The whole design and contrast of glass, brass, white and cream hues presents a regal look that would make any living room or bedroom look elegant.

Customer feedback

The fact that this set has two lamps make it a perfect option for bedside table lamps in the bedroom. Some users with wall units for displays or a fireplace with an extensive mantle place the two lamps on each end the unit. The result is absolutely elegant and sophisticated according to those customers

2. 360 Lighting Margaret Coastal Accent 2 Set Table Lamps

This 2 set made using mother of pearl tile accents is gorgeous with beautiful color blends and patterns thus, they will inject a timeless and artistic look into the living room or bedroom.Set of 2 Table Lamps


  • Overall dimensions of each lamp are 23 inches high and an adequate base with a diameter of 5.5 inches. The drum shade is 9 inches high by 13 inches wide.
  • They each use a single bulb of maximum 150 watt.
  • On/off socket switch
  • Natural mother of pearl tiles on the cylinders
  • Fabric drum shade

Because the material used is natural, one should expect some variation in color and in pattern.

Customer feedback

Users love the cylindrical design of these lamps which blend well with the cream linen drum shade. This set of two is a perfect gift to a loved one who appreciates tasteful pieces of lighting. Customers also love the mother of pearl accents which give the lamps sophisticated elegance.

3. Safavieh Lighting Collection Liam Stacked Crystal Ball Table Lamp Set of 2

The Safavieh Lighting Collection Company has one of the most beautiful, unique and eye-catching selection of table lamps you’ll ever find. The Liam stacked crystal ball table lamps are no exception! The minimalistic design is playful and yet calm and clean. The contrast of colors for some reason has one thinking of water. Perhaps that’s because of the quality clear crystal balls that encase a chrome polished stem.

The base and accent are made from crystal. When the light is on, the white drum shade produces an ambient lighting effect that cascades and reflects magnificently on the differing sized crystal balls in the stem.


  • Overall dimension of each lamp is 8 inches wide by 8-Inch deep and stand at 16-Inches tall
  • Comes as a set of two
  • White round cotton shade
  • Durable body constructed from crafted crystal and metal

The crystal elements, shiny chrome finish and white drum fabric shade gives this pair of matching table lamps a clean and bright look that brightens a living room or bedroom without trying too hard.

Customer feedback

Users love the overall minimalistic design as well the contrast presented by the clear crafted round crystals of the lamps. They also love the 100% linen fabric in white shade against light. Many commented that the lamps went well with the all white living or bedroom theme making the set a clear centerpiece

4. Simon Modern Accent Table Lamps Set of 2 with USB Charging Port

It’s a stroke of genius that the Simon Modern accent table lamp comes as a set because it’s too beautiful a piece to have only one in the house. As a matter of fact, bigger homes with several rooms would do well to have several of these lamps situated across the entire house in a thematic fashion. They are that good and versatile for staircase landings, hallways, fireplace, bedrooms and dens.


  • Overall dimensions of each lamp are 25.5 inches high with a round base of 6 and 1/4 inches diameter. The drum shades top are 13 inches in diameter while the bottom is 15 inches wide and 10 inches high.
  • Each lamp uses a bulb of 150 watt maximum.
  • On/off socket switches
  • Brushed nickel finish lamp bodies
  • Metal construction
  • Comes as a set of two
  • 2 USB Integrated ports for charging low voltage electronics such as phones and tablets.

The modern gourd-shaped bases made from nickel brushed finish are simply exquisite and blend well with the white fabric umbrella style shade.

Customer feedback

Users with bigger homes mentioned that they fell in love with the unique design and ended up buying two to four sets to use in different spots in the home. These lamps offer glamour and will remain a classic through all phases of décor customers may go through. Customers especially love the nickel finish against the white fabric.

5. Focondot Decorative Crystal Pair of Table Lamps

These versatile lamps are hardy as they’re made from silver metal shade and many transparent crystals and add to varied decors because of their simplistic design. This set of two table lamps is ideal for the bedroom, children’s room or living room. When lit, the light forms an ambient glow that somewhat gives the impression that the cylindrical shade is golden.

One can experiment with different colored bulbs for various interesting lighting effects. You can choose a warm white, smart color or cool white. The assembly is very straightforward and easy allowing one to change different bulbs depending on personal preference for lighting effect.


  • Dimensions for each lamp: 4.4 inches diameter by 11 inches high
  • Comes as a set of two
  • Constructed from crystal and metal material
  • Each lamp requires an E26 maximum 60 watts standard base bulb
  • Silver color

Given that each lamp weighs a mere 1.8 pounds and the design is solid silver metal, this pair is easy to move around and ideal for a dresser, hallway, bedroom or living room.

Customer feedback

The pair has a petite build with a cylindrical shape and lightweight. It also makes a perfect gift for travel with for example boarding teenagers as they can take it with them to school for use in their dorm or college room. Users love the fact that it is small in size and therefore versatile for bedside or coffee table night stands.

6. Moooni Two Set of White Ruched Fabric Crystal Table Lamps

Chandeliers are popular for their crystal look and how they pleasantly affect lighting. The Moooni set of two table lamps brings an element of that to the bedroom, living room and hallways of a home.

The base is made from glass and ascends in a beautiful smooth curve to the neck of the lamp. Touches of gold can be seen on the body of the lamp which blends well with the ruched fabric on the drum shade.


  • Overall dimension if each: 22.8 inches high by a width of 12.8 inches
  • K9 crystal chandelier
  • Comes in a set of two
  • Dimmable line Switch
  • Each uses one E27/E26 lighting Bulbs
  • Fabric drum shade

The fabric drum shades have embroidered patterns on the flared bottom which adds to the allure of the design when the lights come on.

Customer feedback

Users mentioned the set of two worked great for the bedroom or the living room. The hanging K9 crystals bring a subtle delightful shimmering element to the space. Many customers felt that it is like having chandeliers at arms length.

7. Craig Mid Century Modern Accent Table Lamps Set of 2 with Hotel Style USB

This set of 2 modern accentuated lamps has a stylish unique look with a touch of medieval in the design. The tapered bronze smooth and fluid conical body forms a stable base and ascends while diminishing in girth to the top of the drum shades for a neat look and finish. Two pull chains can be seen hanging from either sided of the shades.


  • Overall dimensions of each: 23 inches high with a round steady base are 7 inches in diameter. Drum shades have a height of 6 3/4 inches and 15 inches wide.
  • Comes as a set of two
  • Each lamp uses a bulb if maximum 60 watts
  • Double pull chain socket.
  • Has USB ports for charging low voltage electronics such as phones and tablets
  • Durable metal construction with bronze finish

The design is modern yet has an antique overall touch. When the bulb lights, at first glance one would mistake the body of the table lamps to be wood but upon close inspection it is metal with a classic bronze finish

Customer feedback

Users who wanted a modern design that spots a rustic feel found this set of two to be superb for the bedroom and living room. The design is calm and charming at the same time. Many customers were attracted to the contemporary yet traditional look.

8. 360 Lighting Mid Century Modern Table Lamps 2 Set

Adding warmth to a space needs an eye for design. This gorgeous set of two matching table lamps has both style and character oozing from it. They make a fantastic addition to any bedroom or living area. As a contemporary accent design, the set has a tasteful teal ceramic glazed body in the shape of a gourd.Set of 2 Table Lamps

It presents a glossy and rustic feel with staggered square patterns on the beautifully contoured body. The white drum shade look great against the teal color forming a beautiful contrast.


  • Dimensions of each lamp: 26 inches high while the shades are 13 inches across the top by 16 inches across the bottom
  • Set of 2 lamps
  • Each lamp uses one maximum 150 watt
  • Hand applied teal finish

Other than the great look, the lamp shades are made from glazed ceramic which offers the authentic gallery feel and look to a space.

Customer feedback

Customers fell in love with the glazed ceramic teal finish and raised staggered square pattern finish. This finish brings an artsy clean feel with a touch of rustic to any space. They also love that the dimensions are not overwhelming for a small space making them ideal for a smaller room.

9. Regency Hill Exeter Traditional Table Lamps Set of 2

For those who love a wooden look with an imposing build, then you are likely to find this set of two table lamps bearing the type of presence you want in your home’s living room or bedroom.

The construction of the lamps is from a durable cast resin material with a bronze and wooden tone finish.


  • Overall dimensions of each lamp is 30 inches high by 4 3/8 inches deep
  • Rectangular crème shades are 9 inches wide and 6 inches deep at the top. 14 inches wide and 10 inches deep at the bottom and the 10 inches high
  • Comes as a set of two
  • Each lamp uses one maximum 100 watt standard base bulb
  • On-off socket switches

Sometimes sticking to traditional designs ma be the best choice for certain décors like rustic environments and these lamps keep it minimalistic but with a lot of old school charm

Customer feedback

Users mentioned that they loved the imposing height of 30 inches on the lampshades. The wooded finish is exquisite and extremely durable with intricate carved leaf detailing which is very ornamental. Most customers found this to be a very decorative set that they could use as a centerpiece in the living room.

10. Safavieh Lighting Collection Deco Table Lamp Set of 2

These Safavieh Lighting Collection table lamps are exquisite. They have a different feel as the design elements are strong with a minimalistic approach.

The contrast of colors is eye catching and unapologetic, sure to enliven any bedroom or living room.


  • Overall dimension of each lamp is 8 inches wide by 8-Inch deep and stands at 16-Inches tall
  • Comes as a set of two
  • White square cotton shade
  • Durable body constructed from crafted crystal and metal

The lamp’s base is made from crafted crystal for a minimalist shape giving these lamps a sophisticated yet uncomplicated unique look.

Customer feedback

Users love the overall design as well as contrast presented between the crystal body of the lamps and the 100% cotton fabric in white color. Majority of the customers with this product are taken by the crystals which marry exceptionally well with the square shape of the shade.

11. Signature Design by Ashley – Derek Antler Table Lamps

These lampshades are totally unconventional in terms of design, look, as well as the material used. They are perfect for a hunter cabin or a modern home looking to infuse a rustic outdoor element in the space.

The base of the lamps is made of faux rockwhile antler which forms the body of the lamps. Pinecone accents create a woodsy lodging feel that brings a feeling of warmth and comfort. The paper hardback bell shaped shade is the perfect finishing touch with scattered silhouettes of pine trees.


  • Dimensions on of each lamp are 14.13 inches wide by 14.5 deep and stand at a height of 24.13 inches.
  • Comes as a set of two
  • Rustic design and durable materials
  • Three way switch

These table lamps are truly unique and exotic pieces that add an outdoor theme to a space. They make excellent vacation home pieces that introduce the hunter theme into the house.

Customers feedback

The creativity involved in the creation of this set of 2 lamps is marvelous. They are not only lighting fixtures but pieces of art at the same time. Customers remarked that they look amazing in the living room, bedroom and den if one is looking to bring a touch of the outdoors to their decor. Rustic infusion at its best.

12. Possini Euro Design Modern Accent Set of 2 Table Lamps

Gorgeous modern accent table lamps with a seamless and fluid unique design that will infuse life, color and fantastic aesthetics to any space. These 19 inch tall set of two lamps have been constructed  from a chrome material for a smooth finish.Set of 2 Table Lamps

The graphics on the shade have been inspired by European forms and profiles to form a laser cut tree branch pattern shade design, perfect for bedside lamp stands as well as living rooms.


  • Overall dimension of each lamp: 19 inches high. The shades are 8 inches wide by 9 inches high.
  • Comes as a set of 2
  • Each uses a maximum 60 watt standard base bulb
  • Chrome finish with solid metal construction
  • Laser-cut tree branch pattern on the shades

The matching pair is small sized and therefore ideal for side tables in a living room or bedside tables in a bedroom.

Customer feedback

Customers mentioned that they are happy with the purchase, especially if one is looking for a less imposing table lamp that is neat and with subtle class and zero bling in the form of gold or crystals. It offers understated class in a study room, home office, living room or bedroom. Customers particularly like the stand that looks like an inverted vuvuzela or trumpet

13. Oneach Melinda Traditional Table Lamps

It is hard to miss this simple and traditional design accent Oneach table lamp. It fits varied decors as the design is not only minimalistic but features subtle boldness. Any space will benefit from the ambient relaxed lighting this has to offer. This set of two would look amazing on a table lamp in the hallway, corridor or bedside and any living room.

The fabric lampshade with a bold color softens the brightness and emits soft light to cultivate a cozy and comfortable space.


  • Each lamp measures 8 inches high by 5 inches deep for the drum shade. While the total height of the unit is 20 inches
  • Comes as a set of two
  • Each use E26 bulb
  • Constructed from quality resin and fabric material
  • Artful patterns on lamp body

The high quality resin and fabric combines for a quintessential artful look. The nightstand table lamps are durable because of the materials used and the user is bound to enjoy them for a long time.

Customer feedback

One of the recurring comments from customers is that they love the minimalistic design. Practical touches such as the oil polished resin base ensure that these two lamps are stable while mitigating scratches that are likely to be caused by the friction between the lamp and the table. Customers also like the durability of the materials used.

14. Arden Modern Table Lamps Set of 2

This set of Arden modern table lamps is ideal for any person looking to infuse class, beauty and bright charm to a space. The craftsmanship is fantastic to a fault. These are neat, artful and smooth matching table lamps that have a classic greenish blue tint in the glass that forms the body. The glass is endowed with twisting eye-catching columns.

This delightful Arden green color complements the cool tones in the brushed steel finish accents as well as the tiered base. The empire shade top of each lamp has decorative finials and is white in color.


  • Dimensions for the matching lamps: 25 inches high while the shades are 10 in inches diameter on the top by 12 inches diameter across the bottom
  • Comes as a set of two
  • Each lamp utilizes one maximum 100 watt bulb
  • On-off socket switches
  • Material used include, glass, polished metal and fabric

The twist pattern in a green-blue glass gives this lighting fixture beautiful character and a pleasant calming glint when lit.

Customer feedback

Users love the delicate and charming touch that this set brings to a bedside or in any sitting area in the home or an office lounge. The green blue tint is calming an offers a touch of elegant color

15. Milton Greens Stars Rachel Elegant Table Lamp

It is not often one finds a predominantly black table lamp. This set of two is not only black but also assumes a box like form which adds to its unconventional allure. The craftsmanship is neat with a black finish on the column and stem. Attractive glass elements on the neck beautifully break the monotony of the black shade.

Neatly arranged crystals on the top of the rectangle shaped shade made of tetron cotton fabric bring sharp contrast to the unit as they emerge below the hem of the shade.


  • Overall dimensions of each unit:15 inches high by 9 inches deep by 9.5 wide inches
  • Comes as a set of two
  • 100% Tetron Cotton shade
  • Stainless steel accents on the base and neck
  • Cascading faux crystal details on the shade
  • Decorative glass elements on the lamp column
  • Each lamp needs a 100-Watt bulb or a 23-Watt CFL bulb

The finish of the two lamp shades is matte-black throughout the base and column, and accented by an attractive glass element. The color is meant to stand out and make a statement

Customers feedback

Most users who have made a purchase of this item mentioned that they love the smooth black look with a touch of glimmer and the contrast it draws in their bedroom or living room decor. Customers also love that it offers a soft glow when the bulb is lit making it even more cozy compared to other options.

Final Thoughts on Set of 2 Table Lamps

For every option that one figures would fit their living room or bedroom, there is perhaps another 10 different sets that would do an equally good job albeit offer a slightly different feel for the space. What this translates to is that choosing a set of two matching lampshades often comes down to an individual’s sense of taste and the look or feel they are trying to bring into their space. Other aspects of consideration are color schemes and existing decorative in a given space. The choice of a lampshade should accentuate the already existing furniture. With the all the above options, one has a place to start from.





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