12 Round Ottomans with Storage You’ll love in 2020

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Table of Contents

Why is it called the Ottoman?

This style of an armless multi-use chair goes by many names including hassock, provence and the most popular is the Ottoman. The latter is derived from mid-century style where this type of seats were made and imported from the then Ottoman empire to other parts of Europe. They have always been considered exotic and stylish.

They come in many geometrical designs and styles. Some ottomons will have storage and include a tray. The tray comes in handy when you opt to use the seat as a coffee table. They are usable in the bedroom, living room, office and pretty much any other space that requires seats with a relaxed feel.

While some designs may include a storage compartment, what they all have in common is they deliver a plush, relaxed and luxurious element to the overall decor.

So if you’re in the market for one of these storage ottomans, specifically a round one with storage, below we have rounded up multiple models with different designs, styles, colors and sizes that are sure to bring oomph to any space.

Ideas for Round Ottomans with Storage that will Look Great in Your Indoor Living Space

1. Homebeez Velvet Round Storage Ottoman 

The irresistible thing about an ottoman is if one finds the right one, you can always be sure that it will serve many purposes. Take the gorgeously crafted Homebeez velvet round storage ottoman for instance. It can be used as a coffee table, foot rest and seat. The tufted lift-up lead opens to give the user access to a spacious storage area that can store essentials. Items to store in this ottoman can range from linen to shoes as well as electronic items such laptops, headphones and so forth.

This crafted Victorian ottoman is made from a sturdy and durable wooden frame and soft foam for the cushioned top which looks very inviting. The construction is crowned by wooden legs for an overall delectable finish. If one loves having guests in their home for entertainment, then this is a must have as it brings exceptional comfort while entertaining or relaxing and makes the space look amazing and sophisticated.


  • Sturdy ottoman with a double wooden frame for strength
  • Dimensions are a diameter of 29.5 inches by 17.3 inches
  • Soft velvet material
  • Round shape with tufted design
  • Soft foam cushioning and four wooden legs
  • Hidden storage

The size is slightly bigger but does not get in the way. Besides, when entertaining, one of two people can be accommodated by this piece of furniture. It’s available in at least 4 color choices including purple, teal, gray and blush.

Customer feedback

Buyers love the overall great look, size and storage space that this ottoman provides. The design is such that one can barely see the legs. Customers really love the barely visible legs giving the impression that this ottoman is sitting directly on the floor.

2. HomePop Round Leatherette Storage Ottoman with Storage

Tapered legs, clean lines and geometric shapes are the basics for a mid-century feel meshed with modern style. This HomePop-up ottoman is the best example of such, bringing a mid-century timeless classy touch combined with the practical for a delectable piece of furniture. This ottoman is perfect for any room in the home ranging from the bedroom, living room, den, hallway and so forth.

The round construction is pretty without the feeling that it belongs in a gallery. The lead opens providing the user with storage while adding grace to existing decor. Its ivory white color helps to brighten up a room or bring neutrality to a darker theme. The faux leather like finish with beautiful stitching and a tufted center button augurs well with wooden legs.


  • Fabric is rich and leather like
  • Tufted button on the center and decorative stitching on seat
  • Size dimensions of 24 inches diameter and 17 inches height
  • Easy to clean fabric
  • Mid-tone brown finish wooden legs
  • Top can be opened for storage
  • Easy assembly

Whether using this ottoman next to your bed or as a seat or a table, there is no denying that it looks great in a room. That look is further enhanced by the fact that there are several delectable colors to choose from that will complement most decors. This ottoman not only comes in ivory, but also moss green, chocolate brown, cinnamon red and teal colors.

Customer feedback

Users love the multi-use aspects of this ottoman and the fact that the design is stylish and elegant without being over the top. But because of high usage, an ottoman will likely experience spillage and dirt from frequent handling. Customers love the interesting color range as well that can cope with any spillage without looking out of place. The leather like fabric on this ottoman is easy to clean. Water and clean cloth is enough to wipe it down and restore its former sheen and cleanliness.

3. Inspired by Bassett Augusta Eco Leather Round Storage Ottoman

This is a beautiful piece of furniture made from durable bonded leather that comes in several colors such as Espresso, Crimson, Cream and Black.Round Ottomans with Storage

The espresso looks amazing for subdued class, while the crimson is more eclectic adding some punch into to a given space. The cream has a bright and neutral feel that would complement most decors. Black is amazing for creating contrast and balance in decors slanted more toward bright and lighter decors.

The build of this ottoman is round and nicely oversized so that it covers decent space without being in the way. The top opens to reveal plenty of storage space and it is also magnificently stitched to form beautiful large boxed patterns. Its sides are smooth with large thumbnails decorations on the bottom seam just before the black wooden legs.


  • Gorgeous nail head Detailing
  • Large interior storage area
  • Bonded leather
  • Dimensions are 33 inches wide and 18 inches high
  • Comes in four colors

If one prefers an ottoman with a bit of size, this is a good option that has a classic finish. It offers elegant presence in any room you place it in.

Customer feedback

Most customers love this ottoman because of the size and storage space. However, a good number had an issue with the legs becoming wobbly too soon. That can be a common problem if the legs are not screwed in tight. A way to overcome this design flaw is by applying some strong glue to the upper part of the leg and where it connects to the ottoman. Then makes sure the leg is screwed in super tight. That should put an end to any wobbling. But overall, users love that its appealing and the range of colors to choose from.

4. Better Homes and Gardens Round Tufted Storage Ottoman

Any room can enjoy a versatile touch of glamour by adding an ottoman to the design mix; but not just any ottoman. This particular one by Better Homes and Gardens has a well-designed conical or drum shape. The top can come off allowing the user some invisible storage space. Not only will this ottoman add to the comfy feel of the space but combine that with practical storage. The linen fabric used is both tough and easy to clean as well.

The top is tufted and boasts of a tapered base. The chic tufted top is wrapped in lovely linen upholstery and further adorned with nail head detailing for an exquisite finish.


  • Linen upholstery
  • Easy to clean
  • No legs
  • Drum shaped
  • Tufted top
  • Top lid opens to reveal storage
  • Approximately 20 inches high and 27 inches wide

This ottoman comes without legs which forms part of the charm. It can be placed on top of a rag in any room. But beyond an eye-catching accent, it also provides plenty of storage space.

Customer feedback

Customers mention that they love both the price point as well as the look and feel this ottoman brings to their home decor. The legless design is quite charming especially when this comfy ottoman is placed on top of a rugged floor. Many complemented its quiet understated elegance.

5. Avenue Six Round Ottoman with Storage

The Avenue Six ottoman is made from an easy to clean polyester fabric. If one’s primary needs for an ottoman are storage and sprucing up the living room or bedroom with a touch of class and comfort, then this Avenue Six ottoman will do the trick.

The top is over stuffed and tufted making it super comfortable to sit on. It can be opened and the hollow provides storage space.

The seam on the side top and the side bottom is decoratively detailed by nail heads for a vintage touch. We loved the fabric on the side of the ottoman which has neat pleats that add to the aesthetic look.


  • Round design
  • Durable polyester fabrics
  • Easy to clean
  • Approximately 16 inches high and 23 inches wide
  • Openable lid
  • Storage space
  • Pleated on the sides for a nice look

This ottoman is ideal for residential use and would look great in the bedroom, living room or den. It comes in handy on the patio on a sunny day when one has visitors over and they have a large group. Great for accommodating book club members.

Customer feedback

Ottomans can be challenging to clean especially if the fabric is not friendly. Customers love the polyester fabric finish because it cleans pretty easily restoring the furniture back to its clean and original good looks even after a spill. Plus, most love the old school pleating on the fabric.

6. Safavieh Amelia Tufted Storage Ottoman Footstool

One may wonder why the Safavieh Amelia Ottoman looks so superior. Well, that is because the Safavieh brand has been making quality furniture for more than a century. The high quality craftsmanship of the Amelia storage Ottoman is unmistakable. The beige linen fabric is easy to maintain and feels soft and smooth to the touch.

This beautiful linen fabric upholstery comes with a removable top providing storage space. The overstuffed tufted top combined with crafted beech wood legs add a touch of modern style to any space. Its construction looks quite sturdy and can hold adequate weight without buckling. There is no assembly required with this unit.


  • Linen fabric upholstery
  • Dimensions are 19 diameter by 19-inch high
  • Round shape
  • Open top for extra storage
  • Gorgeous combination of crafted beechwood and linen fabric
  • Multi-use in any room of the home

This is great option to have in the bedroom, dressing area or the living room. It can serve as a coffee table and can also provide an extra seat in the room in addition to storage space. Plus, it looks amazing.

Customer feedback

Most users who are not great with DIY projects love the fact that there is no assembly required with this ottoman. It comes fully assembled and ready to be used right out of the box. Customers also love the fact that there are a whopping 19 colors to choose from. For majority this means they can find something or two to work with their eclectic and unique decors.

7. Ornavo Home Round Velvet Storage Ottoman Foot Rest Stool

The Ornavo Home modern round storage ottoman is made from quality velvet that brings an air of luxury and comfort to a space. It’s multi-use and can serve as a comfy foot rest, stool or a seat. The design is catchy but still practical as the lid is removable to provide storage space.

The legs in this design are unconventionally thin and high. They draw curiosity as one might think they are wooden stilts at first glance. A closer look reveals that they are actually sturdy gold metallic legs. That guarantees that this ottoman can manage a decent amount of weight when sat on.


  • Luxurious velvet upholstery
  • Dimensions are 15 inches diameter by 5 inches
  • Removable lead for storage space
  • Round design
  • Sturdy base of durable metal legs
  • Comes with a sturdy wood serving tray for holding drinks and snacks

The plush ottoman can help declutter a space while injecting a cozy and plush look for a lounge feel. It is worth noting that it comes by in three other colors including teal.

Customer feedback

The design is certainly different. While the round shape is fairly common, the long metal legs with a bold gold color are not. It is this combination that the customers fall in love with because it provides function and curious aesthetic appeal all at the same time. Assembly is required, but it’s minimal. The luxurious look of this ottoman created by the combination of velvet and gold is a winner according to customers.

8. Eshow Handmade Home Round Ottomans 2 Set

Handmade products have unmistakable charm and character. These Eshow ottomans come as a set of two. The bottom part has been weaved by hand from a material known as rattan and hand painted for a glossy clean finish.

Their tops are removable therefore these units can serve as storage spaces for varied areas in the home or office. They are drum shaped with four wooden legs for stability. The top is made of a smooth leather material with no sticking and no tuft buttons. For those who prefer a sleek and smooth surface as a leg rest, this will definitely be appealing.


  • Made from Rattan which gives the ottoman an artistic look
  • Dimensions of the larger one are 17.32 inches diameter by 15.75 inches high while the smaller ottoman has a diameter of 13 inches by 12.2 inches
  • Removable lid for storage
  • Comes as a set of two
  • Smooth rest top design
  • Arrives fully assembled

The sofa sponge upholstered top makes for comfy seating as well leg resting. The construction is solid providing sturdy and cozy sitting. It comes in two shades of brown.

Customer feedback

Customers going for a rustic feel and looking to inject that in a space found this to be an excellent option. Decors that are artsy will have these two furniture pieces feeling right at home. Majority of the buyer who bought this furniture pieces appreciate the beauty and character possessed by handmade crafts. They are very unique and elegant.

9. Homebeez Tufted Velvet Round Storage Ottoman

Having an overstuffed ottoman is the perfect complement to the living room, bedroom or lounges as well as reception areas in offices. This second offering from Homebeez  is beautifully crafted in Ottoman finish and tufted for that classy vintage feel while remaining modern all the way.Round Ottoman with Storage


  • Round shape
  • The size is 29.50 inches deep by 29.50 inches wide and 17.30 inches high
  • Comes in four separate colors
  • Beautiful and gentle fabric made from velvet on solid wood
  • Tufted design
  • No assembly required

It comes in several tasteful colors that will brighten a space in addition to giving it a relaxed feel. The colors include dark teal, grey, purple and navy blue. The legs will either be dark brown or birch.

Customer feedback

Users love the size and multi-use of this Ottoman. It can serve as a table, leg rest and an extra seat when one has more visitors than expected. The fact that no assembly is necessary is a plus. Some of the eccentric colors really add an eclectic punch to the space.

10. Ravenna Home Morrocan Storage Ottoman with Storage

The Ravenna brand holds a firm belief that style is timeless and that furniture should last. That mantra is very visible in this Ravenna home Moroccan storage ottoman. The fabric is delightfully soft, patterned and easy to clean while the design is neat with a removable lid as well as a wooden skirting for subtle contrast.

This ottoman is versatile as it can take a grown person’s weight for seating purposes owing to a strong and well-constructed wooden frame. It can also serve as foot rest or coffee table. The 19-inch tray that accompanies this ottoman makes serving drinks on it quite easy and comfortable.


  • Round shape
  • Dimension are 19 inches diameter and a height of 17 inches
  • Constructed from Wood and foam
  • Easy to maintain polyester fabrics
  • Comes with a tray as well as a storage compartment
  • No assembly required

This stylish Moroccan ottoman comes equipped with plastic gliders on all legs to prevent scratches on delicate floors such as those made from wood. Other than the shown color, it can also be found in 2 other colors to suit varied decors.

Customer feedback

Those using this Ravenna Moroccan Ottoman found it to have plush cushioning and the soft polyester fabric is easy maintain. Customers who weigh about 200 pounds found this luxury furniture to be firm for seating and adequate for storage of linen or any other choice essentials. They praised the design calling it sturdy yet fancy.

11. Adeco Euro Style Fabric Bench Round Storage Ottoman Footstool

With three colors to choose from, this Euro style fabric arm Ottoman is set to add style to most decors that are looking to inject some practical elegance into their space. This is suitable for various rooms including the bedroom, living room, den or hallway in a residential home.

It is perfect as a stool for seating, putting on socks, foot stool as well as storage for essentials such as bed sheets or any other items.


  • Dimensions are depth of 18 inches and a height of 18 inches
  • Easy maintenance fabric and a sturdy wooden frame
  • Tufted top and nail head detailing for a classic look
  • Storage as the top is removable
  • With legs

Tufted top with nail head detailing adds a touch of vintage and rustic. In addition, there is an additional all round strip of nail head detail at the center of the ottoman.

Customer feedback

Most users mentioned that they love the design and detailing aspect of this unit. Those with Mid Century room themes have also mentioned that this ottoman fits right in. They also love the wooden legs that complete a practical, beautiful yet elegant look fit for every room.

12. Homelegance Cleo Round Print Fabric Storage Ottoman

An ottoman with geometric print fabric can bring a nice touch to the decor. This round ottoman has a wooden frame for stability and a compact versatile design to create additional seating whenever you have loads of visitors.

The extra compartment for storage also comes in handy as it provides an area for storing varied essentials. The tufted top adds an old school element to the overall design.


  • Round storage ottoman
  • Dimensions are 20 inches diameter and 17 inches high
  • Easy to clean 100% polyester with stylish geometric pattern fabric
  • Fitted with wooden legs

Whether one is working with a themed decor or not, the geometric patterned fabric on this ottoman can inject some delightful colors and patterns into a space.

Customer feedback

Users love the fact that one can choose from three colors to best suit their decor. This ottoman comes in Yellow, blue and beige. Customers love the look of the fabric and the construction of the legs on this piece. It is strong and durable.

Conclusion Round Ottomans with Storage

Adding a storage ottoman or two to the mix of the decor certainly brings a luxurious yet practical approach to interior design. When one has guests and is short of chairs, an ottoman is the perfect savior without souring the style of the room. When one needs to hide those extra toys, books or garments, an ottoman can be there to save the day. Long live the Ottomans! Pun intended.

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