Review of the Feeling Fab Subscription Box of Wellness, Self Love & Self-Care

To look and feel fabulous, it need not necessarily cost you an arm and a leg. While looking great does call for investing in the right items for self-care among other things, it does not mean it should be out of your reach. The Feeling Fab Subscription Box ensures you have a steady supply of a wide range of skin care items that will have you discovering brands that you have only heard of and some that you have never caught wind of.

What you can almost be certain of, is that you will be pleasantly surprised.

Review of the Feeling Fab Subscription Box of Wellness, Self Love & Self-Care

Why Should You Subscribe to a Feeling Fab Box?

There are numerous reasons why subscribing to a Feeling Fab Box is a good idea. Consider this, you may often subscribe to music streaming because you love music and the places it transports you to. This is because of music’s wide array of selections and it power to motivate, inspire and generally make you feel happy. Subscribing to aFeeling Fab Box is somewhat like subscribing to music in a sense, every monthly box is different and brings on a new surprise that wows you every time.

The anticipation of what’s next also plays into the intrigue of a monthly subscription that gives you something awesome to look forward to at the end or beginning of every month. That’s because you are expecting this little box loaded with goodies that cheer you up and have the knack of making you feel great and looking fab. Girls and women do love to take care of themselves using items that smell great and have an equally good feel on the skin and body.

The Feeling Fab Box subscription has an awesome selection of items that have gorgeous scents and apply well in respect to skin care products and relaxation items. Not only will they have you feeling and looking amazing, but they will also surround you with endearing scents that you and those close to you will love. In these hard and stressful times, sometimes all you need are touches of some me-time through simple things such as well-made items that have fabulous scents amongst other benefits.

Other than beautiful scents and other helpful self care items which we shall examine in a bit of detail shortly, the joy and anticipation of receiving beautiful products does bring with it an element of happiness. Once the package is received, the items contained in the box are well-thought out for practical use in your daily beauty and self care routine as well.

In a nutshell, the Feeling Fab boxes will have you looking forward to good things in your life, in addition to adding a touch of happiness to your daily self care routine that carries with you though the rest of the day. Like music, you can expect the items in the box to hit just the right notes for you as you use them.

What Items are Included in the Feeling Fab Boxes?

This is always the question that pops up in a consumers mind when considering whether the value in a box really meets their expectation.

Review of the Feeling Fab Subscription Box of Wellness

The Feeling Fab Box has great value. As we delve further into the contents of the box, it is important to know that this brand provides you with three box options to choose from. This is to make sure that you can choose a package that meets your current need and budget. The 3 box option are as follows;

  1. Premium Box

When in the mood to splurge some love on yourself, the premium box is an excellent way to go.

That’s because it contains 6-8 natural beauty, skincare, and body care products. This will include but not limited to healing crystals, candles and gorgeous gemstone jewelry. The typical value of each box is up to $100. So in terms of value, you can be rest assured that you are getting far more worth than you are actually paying for.

This is the other beauty of a Feeling Fab Box.

You get amazing value and consistently so for a price that is sustainable to most. It only reinforces that you don’t have to rob a bank to look and feel fab. It’s the little, thoughtful things that have you looking and feeling amazing.

They deliver on this promise and exceed it. You can subscribe to this plan for $29.99 monthly.

One can opt for a month to month plan or subscribe in block such as; 3 months/ 6 months and 12 months. There are savings to be made with block month subscriptions. For instance a 12 month plan for this premium box will attract saving of $30. Such that you would purchase the plan for $329.90 as opposed to $359.88

  1. Premium Box Plus

The premium box plus takes it to another level of luxury and value with a minimum of 8 full sized products that go all the way up to 10 products every other month. The value of this box goes as far as much as $120.

  1. The Mini box

The mini box is an excellent plan for testing the waters so to speak. Any first subscription comes with a bit of skeptism from the consumers end and rightly so. If you want to have a feel of what goodies come with the box and if the deliveries are made at an acceptable time frame, then this will work great for you. It also has an awesome retail value of $55 but is available to you at $21.95 per month.

Customers, who tried a Feeling Fab Box, expressed that at a minimum, they got value for their money. They also mentioned that their expectations were surpassed because the unit was well packaged with practical and quality full sized products.

For all orders made before the 7th, the shipping is done between the 10th-15th of every month. This is to ensures that you receive your box well beyond the end of the month. Such that; one can start the new month with your box already at hand for thorough enjoyment.

Wrap Up

A touch of joy every day is sometime what you need in order to enjoy many joyful days in succession. In these hard times, be sure to love yourself with the simple joys of life such as subscribing to a Feeling Fab Box and feel fabulous, through and though.

A top favorite among many these subscription boxes are also loved due to the fact that indeed, feeling fabulous month after month is very affordable and sustainable.







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