Review of the Top 5 Best Bedspreads

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Table of Contents

For a deep blissful sleep, it is incumbent upon you to create an environment that fosters that well deserved sleep. One of the things that helps in dressing up your bed and enjoying that deep sleep even better, is a bedspread that will also serve to add color and style to your bedroom.

Below we explore some options that we think are some of the best for most bedrooms;

1. BrylaneHome Amelia Oversized Bedspread

BrylaneHome is one of the more notable and distinguished brand in the linen industry. The brand has been in existence since 1998. A good example of their stellar creations is this BrylaneHome Amelia Bedspread which is sure to delight the eyes as well as your body when sleeping.BrylaneHome Amelia Oversized Bedspread

The design, construction and pricing embodies one of BrylaneHome’s popular taglines, “create a home you love to live in, at a price you can live with”. It cannot be better said, this unit does help you do just that. This coverlet is constructed for comfort, rich aesthetic and classic design that will add outstanding value to any bedroom space.

The construction fabric used is polyester that assures you fastness of color as well as longevity. The attractive design is patterned with embossed paisley motifs for a fabulous textured surface that covers the sides two. This is then picked up by a decorative border that cascades to the floor with gorgeous bell corners. The entire border is quilted scalloped lending the bedspread a graceful drape that you will love.

This cover spread is lightweight and sure to deliver luxurious comfort for bliss full sleep. The generous size and lightweight make it suitable for the summer but can still be used as a spread with heavier bedding underneath it during the winter cold.


  • King size measurements are 120 in length and 118 inches on the wider side. This unit can also be procured in other sizes such as queen, twin and full
  • 100% polyester fabric is used on the entire bedspread
  • It is a lightweight coverlet with elegant embroidered paisley patterns
  • As just a piece of 1 bedspread, 2 matching shams and a decorative pillow can be bought separately.
  • For easy care it is machine wash friendly
  • Available in delightful colors

This beautiful set is a good choice for the master bedroom. Dressing your guest room in this awesome piece will have your guest feeling like royalty. If you like you can have multiple sets in different colors to change up the look without compromising on the comfort you have become accustomed to.

Customer feedback

Customers who love unique personal style mentioned that they liked the high quality offered by the BrylaneHome brand. They expressed that this bedspread set has exceptional quality and delivers beautiful soft and light weight comfort. The design and color options offer a wide range of choice that can be matched to numerous decors in different rooms. Some customers after sampling their first set of this item, ordered for extra sets in different colors for a change of vibe without letting up on quality and design. Customers who have previously bought BrylaneHome branded linen, expressed the brand is excellent for casual updates or classic pieces.


2. Modern Heirloom Collection Brooke Bedspread

If you are stickler for dressing up your bed with impeccable neatness and have an appreciation for classic bedspread designs, it is very likely that you will in fall in love with the Modern Heirloom Collection Brooke Bedspread.Modern Heirloom Collection Brooke Bedspread

What captures and holds your attention in this bedspread is how well constructed, neat and gorgeous it looks. One of the reasons it looks so different with enhanced comfort is because of the excellent craftsmanship and color choices. The second reason is because as opposed to one fabric, the shell is constructed with two distinct and standalone fabrics. The outer is made from 100% cotton while the back is made with 100% polyester.

The face presents a display of beautiful classic shades of burgundy, pink and green on a vintage cream cotton back ground. The face is expertly embellished with embroidered floral motifs creating a medallion in the center and trailing vines around the platform.

The coverlet is truly oversized at 120”W by 118”L and generously flows all the way to the ground. The bell corners cover the corners graciously. The intricate design in cooperates pieced deep borders of coordinating prints with scallops to bring out a magnificent finish.

The matching shams accompany the set and are flanged with a burgundy shade that has a wavy pattern. The vermicelli quilting is exceptionally done to form a textured surface which adds to the aesthetic beauty of the set.


  • Oversized king size bedspread measures 120 in length by 118 inches in width. It is also available in queen size
  • The shell face 100% cotton and back is 100% polyester
  • The cover has a lightweight quilted finish
  • 3 piece set comes with; 1 bedspread, 2 matching shams with flanges
  • Machine washable
  • Available in tan color

The oversized king size coverlet is sure to provide better coverage for even the deepest mattresses. If you have been saving for classy elegant bedspread, then you just found it.

Customer feedback

Customer who bought this item loved the design and the meticulous craftsmanship that shines through in every aspect of the set. That ranges from choice of colors, embroidery, stitching to the fabrics used. The cotton surface has a subtle lived in look that complements the quilted texture. Customers commented that this is a well thought out design and looks amazing in the bedroom. A good number of users after sampling this item were so impressed by the look that they chose to order a set to gift loved ones.

3. Laura Ashley Home Bedford Collection  Luxury Ultra Soft Quilt Coverlet

The summer and spring are wonderful seasons in the year because of the warmer weather. The hefty and over stuffed comforters may work wonders for the winter, but can get too heavy and warm for the hotter seasons. As such you are well served to have a comforter that reflects the joy and cheer of summer. A bedspread that has a joyful vibe and is also light enough to help you sleep comfortably and cool.Laura Ashley Home Bedford Collection  Luxury Ultra Soft Quilt Coverlet

The Laura Ashley Home Bedford Collection Quilt Coverlet is a light luxurious bedspread that is cut out for such a task. This is because the spread is made from high quality cotton that is not only breathable but also absorbent.

At times, there is a deep in temperature during summer nights. This coverlet has you covered through a minimal fill that affords the comforter a good weight that offers just enough insulation to keep your body at optimal temperature conducive for sleep even on unbearably hot nights. The quilt has good aeration and moisture absorption attributes that help you sleep cool and wrapped up in luxurious comfort.

The spread has a flowing design adorned with a gorgeous blue flower print on a white back drop that’s in keeping with the brightness of a summer theme. This unit can be used in reverse when you want to go with a solid sky blue color for a refreshing look. The bell corners spread lavishly to the floor for an exquisite look. The piped edges provide a neat finishing that promote durability.

The unit comes with 2 matching shams that have a 2-inch flange. When the complete ensemble is spread on your bed, it exudes freshness, comfort and style that will brighten your bedroom. Because of cottons absorbent quality, dyes tend to go deep and adhere well such that colors remain fast in spite of frequent washes.

High quality cotton such as this is known for its baby soft nature that’s agreeable with ultra-sensitive skin.


  • The king size spread dimensions are 96 inches length by 104 inches width. It can be purchased in other sizes such as queen, twin and full
  • 100% cotton fabric is used for the shell of the coverlet
  • The bedspread is lightly stuffed to suit spring and summer
  • It is a 3-piece set that includes 1 bedspread and 2 matching shams
  • This is a machine washable set
  • It comes in only 2 colors

If your aim is to brighten your room with whites and a matching shade of blue or mocha, this well constructed bedspread will effortlessly get the job done. It works well in a contemporary décor where one wants their space to remain neutral.

Customer feedback

Customers who got this item liked the easy care that comes with it. They mentioned stains were easy to remove by simply machine washing without bleach and tumbling dry on low. The cotton fabric and the colors held well even after several washes. Users love the fact that the set comes prewashed and preshrunk. So you don’t have to worry about any shrinkage after purchase. Customers highlighted the colors come as advertised on the Amazon photo AD. Users who got the Delft color option, described the spread as having cornflower blue with darker blue shading around the flowers. They also loved that the cover can be used in reverse which features a cornflower blue.  The flanged shams are gorgeous and this set comes highly recommend.

4. Lamejor Bohemian Style 3-Piece Bedspread Coverlet

Are you free spirited with an appreciation of cultures from all over the world? Well, that vibe is best captured in bohemian design which has a knack for explosive mix of colors that jump at you in bedding and general bohemian design.Lamejor Bohemian Style 3-Piece Bedspread Coverlet

While it may be hard to put a definition to Bohemian design also commonly referred to as Boho, you will certainly know it when you see it. What most boho designs have in common, is the breaking of conventional norms in matching colors and the eclectic vibe they infuse into a space. Perhaps creating this sort of design and the resulting product can best be likened to painting outside the box.

The Lamejor Bohemian Style 3-Piece Bedspread Coverlet best captures the bohemian design. The design gorgeously erupts with color and seemingly random conflicting patterns that come together in harmonious cacophony. It’s the sort of bedspread that can’t simply go unnoticed and it’s the perfect spread for dramatic effect and bold presentation.

The colors and patterns sit on 100% microfiber. This is an apt material for such heavily colored design. Why is that? It’s because the brushed microfiber material, does an excellent job of holding colors. The material also has a lustrous surface which adds to the beautiful display and presentation of colors.

Amongst the patterns included in this mosaic are medallions, flowers, scroll, scales, waves and geometric shapes to name a few. The colors are anything from purple, red, yellow, orange, white, blue and black to mention a few. These aesthetics flies in the face of modern sensibilities and exudes a carefree, relaxed and love for the unconventional.

The set comes with a pair of shams decorated with flanges while the hems of the coverlet are finished with piped edges in a neat decorative fashion that promotes longevity. An added bonus is this coverlet can be used in reverse as well. The reverse features a different set of patterns that offers a different look but have the same bright colored jovial effect.


  • The king size coverlet dimensions are a length of 104 inches x a width of 90 inches. It is also available in queen
  • This bedspread shell is made from 100% microfiber
  • The spread has a minimal and quilted design
  • Comes as a 3 piece set it comes with a bedspread and 2 matching shams with flanges
  • It is machine wash friendly
  • Come in an assortment of color and patterns to choose from

What makes this piece even more appealing is the slightly cushioned look from minimal stuffing as well as the surface that adds texture the overall spread. The different color options are excellent to choose from to suit any décor.

Customer feedback

Those who settled on this unit mentioned that this bohemian design matches well to all manner of bedrooms decors from rustic, industrial, contemporary to farmhouse. Customers loved the kaleidoscope of color and the resulting welcomed clash with abundant patterns.

Customers also mentioned that the bedspread set is easy to care for as the microfiber material is resistant to fade, wrinkles and staining. The spread is said to be well constructed and well worth every dollar.

5. Cozy Line Home Fashions Brody Quilt Bedding Set

Matching fabric to preferences can often get complicated for some people. This is because every fabric has strong points and cons. Often times the solution lies in a suitable blend of fabrics that bring out the best in each other while sufficiently reducing their cons.Cozy Line Home Fashions Brody Quilt Bedding Set

That is the reason why a good number of customers who are incredibly particular on finding the best possible fabric combination that addresses their concerns and satisfies their preferences, ended up settling for this agreeable option.

While polyester will work wonders for a majority of people, some with sensitive skin may shy away from it despite it being soft to a good degree.

Those who live and die by cotton, will love the properties that cotton has to offer but may not be thrilled by its wrinkly nature as a bedspread. The solution comes in the form of a fabric blend of the two to bring you the best of both worlds and less of either fabric’s shortcomings. This is one such bedspread.

The Cozy Line Home Fashions Brody Quilt Bedding Set is a good fit for most customers delivering excellent attributes that will suit even the choosiest of persons. That’s because the shell of this coverlet is 100% Polyester Suede. This is a blend of 65% cotton and 35% polyester Yarn Dye. The design of this particular coverlet boasts of earthy tones in a patchwork design.

Its plaid design has complex look of grids, stripes and patches. The colors add to the complexity that pops beautiful contrast into your bedroom with earthy tones of different shades of brown and patterns.

This brown grid set has a subtle farm vibe to it. The surface is gorgeously textured in the grid and the fabric feels really smooth to the touch and pleasant against your skin. The bedspread has a slight puffy feel and cushioned look which adds to the comfort and aesthetic beauty.

Cotton is loved for its absorbent and breathable qualities but its wrinkly attribute fails to appeal to most. The blending with a good dose of polyester fabric ensures the wrinkling aspect is taken away from the picture. Furthermore, colors adhere even better with this combination. Ease of washing and drying time is further improved by the presence of polyester in the blend.

In essence, this blend offers you a more resilient bedspread that’s baby soft, relatively fast drying and does not wrinkle. With such features you can sleep cooler and more comfortably owing to the blends ability to breathe, absorb and wick moisture for better sleep.


  • The king size comforter’s dimensions are 106 inches long by 92 inches wide. There is also the option of queen and twin sizes.
  • The fabric in the bedspread is a blend of 65% cotton and 35% polyester
  • This bedspread has a light cotton fill for enhanced comfort
  • The set features 3 pieces which comprise of one bedspread and two matching shams
  • It requires minimal maintenance and can be washed using a washing machine
  • Can be purchased in numerous colors

It is worth noting that the fill is 100% cotton which offers exceptional breathability and aeration for sleeping cool. The set is easy to care for. It is advisable to wash the set separately with cold water on gentle cycle and tumbled dry on low heat. Air drying is also an option. Just remember not to use bleach when washing this set in order not to impact the vibrancy of the colors.

Customer feedback

Customer’s love that this unit has a bit of weight on it but that is countered by high breathability for sleeping cool in warm weather and sleeping warm in colder seasons. Users mentioned that the patchwork is done with excellence. They were quick to point out that this is not print but actual patches pieced together. Users expressed that being able to use the coverlet in reverse was a plus. Most notably, customers were glad to enjoy the comforts of cotton without the wrinkles.

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