Review of 6 Best Queen Size Goose Down Comforters

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Table of Contents

The best inventions on the face of the earth have a tendency to borrow from nature. Did you know that the design of the submarine mimics that of the whale and that the airplane as we know it today borrows its aero-dynamic abilities from birds? Velcro too if you would believe it was inspired by the hooked barbs of the thistle plant while the idea for swimming flippers came from observing ducks wading in water.

So, it comes as no surprise that some of our comfort items in the house are inspired by Mother Nature herself. The comforters we use on our beds provide us with much needed warmth. And while they can be made from numerous materials, none can match the luxurious comfort provided by goose down and cotton fabric.

Geese endure the harsh winter with the help of down feathers and also course through the summer without shedding. In essence they rock an all-season natural wear that keeps them warm and cool depending on the season. Replicating the same in bedding comforters and pillows has proved to be a winning idea that delivers much need warmth in winter nights and much needed breathability on summer nights.

Goose down has unique features including creating a plush look with high loft for spending aesthetics. It is also a very practical option because it is easy to care for not to mention that it adds to your sleeping comfort.

We explore these qualities as we review some of the best queen size goose down comforters in the market today.

1. Best Popular: Egyptian Bedding Luxurious Queen Size Goose Down Comforter

When looking for unmatched comfort, warmth and fluffiness in a winter comforter, don’t be surprised if your search goes no further than this Luxurious Queen Size Goose Down Comforter.

This comforter has been designed to maintain a light weight while still offering amazing warmth and exceptional comfort.

Those who love the cotton material will appreciate the exceptional baby soft quality manifested in this cotton fabric. But that comes as no surprise given that the cotton used to makes the shell features an extremely high thread count of 1200. What’s more, Egyptian cotton is considered to be one of the finest cottons in the industry because of its long strands and this shell is made from 100% Egyptian cotton.

This translates to a gorgeous softness suitable even for those with ultra-sensitive skin. If you suffer from skin conditions such eczema that demands a material which soothes the skin and not irritate it, then this is one comforter that you will be glad you got. The design looks great and flows with lavish baffles all over your bed spilling all the way to the floor.

While the baffle boxes provide an aesthetic puffy look and break the monotony of a smooth surface, they also serve the purpose of seeing to it that the fill material does not becomes shifty.

When there is no mechanism to hold the fill in place at all times, the comforter loses it aesthetic look as lumps form due to uneven distribution of the down. That also results in discomforts when sleeping due to the cold spots that form on the comforter. With tightly stitched baffle boxes such as this, there’s zero chance of clumping and cold spots.

The high quality goose down fill used in this comforter is derived from the under of mature geese. The fine down material is harvested in mature geese which produce the best grade of the fill. These fine feathers keep the birds warm in winter and are breathable enough to keep them cool in the summer heat.

The cotton shell is stuffed with 48 ounces per square yard so that the unit has a 750 fill power of goose down that culminates in impressive cloud-like comfort. One of the beauties of goose down comforters other than the obvious comfort, is they are easy to work with and maintain.

This queen size bedding comforter is machine washable and relatively fast drying.

Generally speaking, poultry often exudes an unpleasant smell for most. But that is not a problem at all with this comforter. The goose down has been washed and sterilized to ensure all germs, bacteria and unpleasant odors have been vanquished. What you are getting is a comforter with an odorless goose down. The edging on the comforter is meticulously done piping that prevents any leaking of fill and promotes the units longevity.


  • This queen size comforter measures 90 inches wide by 90 inches long. Also available in twin and king size
  • The shell fabric is 100% cotton with a 1200 thread count
  • It features 750+ fill power goose down fill
  • Has a beautiful baffle box design with tight stitching
  • It is machine wash friendly
  • Comes in white color only
  • The comforter follows the Responsible Down Standard (RDS)

Although this comes in white, you can always dress this comforter with a colored cover of your choice to achieve a preferred color scheme that matches your décor. With this unit, the chill of the winter nights will have nothing on you as you are bound to sleep nice and toasty wrapped in puffy soft comfort.

Customer feedback

At first glance customers said they were skeptical about unpacking this product that comes in a vacuumed packaging. They said they were not sure about the thin and light looking appearance. But not for long! They were able to air it out in the sun for a day in order to fluff up. Some also advise that you can start using it from the get got. As you move in it the fuller it will become. Once it has fluffed and filled out to full potential, they loved the heavenly softness and good weight that delivers that snuggly feel. Customers observed that once the unit has fluffed up it will not fit into its original packaging in the event that you want to travel. The comforter does, however, thoughtfully come with a complementary bag for travel or return. This unit is said to be comfortable and definitely a good buy.

 2. Globon White Goose Down Comforter

It is true that a good number of persons love the comfort and insulating properties attributed to goose down but can’t take advantage of this attributes as they are allergic to goose down.

Well, the Globon White Goose Down Comforter comes bearing good news. The fill of this comforter is made from and high quality goose down that has been Texcote nano-treated making it water repellent for fast-drying. In addition, it is also hypoallergenic and so if you have been previously bothered by allergies related to goose down, now you can enjoy the comforts of a hypoallergenic version.

Puffed comforters often give the impression that they will take quite long to get dry. Polyester poly-fill is often favored because it dries really quick. As mentioned above, the treated water proof goose down, means quick drying, less bacteria and reduced chances of allergy causing vermin.

The proper treatment of goose down such as is done in this comforter also reduces the odor associated with poultry.

This comforter is overstuffed with 50 ounces per square yard. With a generous fill power of 700, the comforter has a cushioned fluffy look that feels so pleasant to sleep under. This version is primarily a winter comforter that offers plenty of warmth.

If you are looking for a lighter version that is capable of all year round use, then you will be glad to know, that this product also comes in a lighter version that has 25 ounces per square yard.

The Globon White Goose Down Comforter shell is 100% cotton with a lustrous surface made possible by the sateen weave used in creating the 400 thread count cotton fabric.

This high quality cotton ensures that the comforter stands up well to frequent washes. Surprising for most, the fabric seems to grow softer with every wash and the unit becomes fluffier with more use an occasional washes.

The comforter is finished with baffle box design that ensures the fill maintains a maximum loft for even distribution and warmth. The piped edges provide a neat finish and aid in preventing the fill from leaking out on the edges. The comforter comes with four corner tabs that simplify the attachment of a duvet cover.


  • The dimensions of the queen size comforter are 90 inches by 90 inches on the width and length respectively. This comforter comes in king size as well
  • The shell is made from 100% cotton fabric with a thread count of 400
  • Stuffing is 700 fill power goose down fill
  • 50 OZ fill weight
  • Has a splendid finish with baffle boxed design
  • It is machine washable option
  • Comes in winter and all season colors
  • It is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified and DOWNPASS audited

For those who are mindful about humane treatment of animals, you can buy this product with confidence knowing that the goose down used to make this unit is sourced from the food industry and collected from processed adult birds.

Customer feedback

Customers who have always loved the comfort of goose down unable to use goose down filled comforters appreciated the Texcote nano-treated down offered of this comforter. They also liked the nano proofed cotton shell that helps make the unit hypoallergenic enabling them to enjoy the product. Users expressed that they loved the super construction with closely stitched baffle boxes which ensure maximum loft of the fill for a beautiful cloud like sleeping experience. Customers expressed that attaching a duvet for added insulation to the comforter was a breeze, thanks to the four cornet tabs that come with the unit.

3. Best Wrinkle Free: Apsmile Luxurious European Goose Down Comforter

The Apsmile European Goose Down comforter is an excellent choice for the winter cold as well as the warmer months. The reason this comforter is suitable for all year-round use is because of the meticulous engineering and craftsmanship of a company with 36 years of experience in creating luxurious comforters.

The specifications of the shell material used as well as the stuffing have a direct bearing on how comfortable the outcome of the bedding will be and whether it is suitable to your sleeping needs. If you are on the hunt for a super comfortable, lightweight and durable option, this unit will likely be customized to your liking.

That is because the shell is a hybrid of 60% Egyptian cotton and 40% polyester fiber. Is this good or bad? Well, it depends with your needs, preferences and taste. However, logically speaking, this is an upgrade of sorts if your issue with cotton is wrinkles. This hybrid material significantly lessens creases. Polyester is wrinkle proof and therefore does take off that con from cotton for the most part.

Polyester is also incredibly durable and fast drying but not as soft. Being meshed with cotton does make it far much softer. In essence, this hybrid fabric will deliver a well above average softness that is agreeable to most but will not reach the softness level offered by 100% cotton. You can be assured of great durability and less wrinkles due to the presence of polyester.

The hybrid fabric also means a comforter that is noiseless for quiet warm and comfortable sleep. The unit presents good loft that is accentuated by the baffle box finish. The baffles boxes are helpful in ensuring even distribution of the goose down fill.

Goose down is unmatched in fill power. 47 ounces of fill per square yard ensures a high loft and fluffiness that remain so for many years to come despite occasional washing.

That ability to stay fluffy, comfortable and aesthetic for the long haul is the main distinction between goose down and other fill materials. Improperly washed down during processing can often be the cause for triggering allergies to those who are allergic to this fill material. The goose down in this unit is washed using an eco-soap during processing to ensure that the goose down is sterilized and free of bacteria and allergens for comfortable use.

The piped edges are well designed to ensure that the fill material does not leak out. This type of edging does a good job of preventing wear and tear on the borders of the comforter.

With eight tabs attached to the corners of the comforter, getting a duvet cover on this unit is quite an easy and efficient process.


  • The queen size comforter dimensions are 90 inches in width and 90 inches in length. You can also find the same comforter in king and twin
  • The hybrid shell of 60% cotton and 40% polyester
  • It is overstuffed with 750+ fill power goose down
  • It features a baffle boxed finish
  • This is a machine wash friendly option
  • Comes in white only
  • It is approved by OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and also DOWNPASS certified

The unit is vacuum packaged for delivery but will begin fluff as soon as you remove it from the packaging. You can opt to hang the comforter outside in the sun for a day so that it fluffs up to maximum, or just start using it and it will gradually fluff up with use in a day or two.

Customer feedback

A good number of users stumbled on this comforter while doing a bit of research on what sort of comforter to settle for. They mentioned that they loved the quality of the fabric on this unit, the luxury of down fill and the decent pricing. It is a great fit for a queen, king or twin, some users bought all size categories fit for every bed in their homes. Getting a duvet cover is recommended for added longevity.

4. Best Colored: Grandeur Linens Luxurious Goose Down Comforter Duvet Insert

When you slip into your bed for the night, there is nothing quite like having a pure plush and fluffiness gently snuggling and caressing you to sleep. Grandeur Linens Luxurious Goose Down Comforter Duvet Insert is claimed to make your sleeping experience seem like you are wrapped by a fluffy cloud.

The feeling is conjured by the sheer softness of the 100% Egyptian cotton. As we have rightly noted, Egyptian cotton is nothing short of premium luxury because of its remarkable softness. The appearance of Egyptian cotton is much smoother and stronger owing to the long fine yarns used to create the fabric.

The thread count of the cotton material used to makes the shell is 1200 which explains the premium properties we just mentioned.

An attribute of the cotton fabric is its highly absorbent nature which enables dyes to seep in deep into the cotton fibers ensuring a rich depth of color with good purchase. And while the comforter may bleed some in initial washes, plenty of color remains intact for the entire lifespan of the comforter.

This unit is beautifully fluffy. The generous loft can be seen in the way that the baffle boxes rise consistently all through the comforter’s surface. That rise will endure for many years thanks to the fill power of high quality goose down. What is fill power? This is simply the ratio of volume to weight.  Less goose down is needed to achieve a magnificent loft when compared to other fill materials.

That’s why goose down is said to have an amazing fill power. For context on quality and filling prowess, it’s important to note that feathers do not have a fill power rating. In short feathers are not in the same leagues as goose down. Goose down is a premium fill with unmatched comfort to boot. While feather may be comfortable, goose down is luxurious and maintains that consistent luxury status on your comforter through many years of use.

Other fill materials tend to flatten out within a short time. How come this comforter is so puffed up and warm while remaining light? This is a good question and again speaks to the prowess of goose down as a fill material.

The more fill power a material has, the less of it is required to provide the same volume of filling. For that reason, when you use a fill material with high fill power such as goose down, your duvets and pillows will be lighter and fluffier.

If you want the best material, goose down is considered by many in the industry to be absolutely the best in its class. When customers are really looking to indulge on some luxury bedding, this comforter with goose down fill is the way to go.

The shells finish is immaculately designed with baffle boxes and pinch pleated to creates some awesome diamond shapes that complement the baffle boxes.


  • Queen size measures 90 inches wide and 90 inches long. Comes in several sizes such as king, twin and California king
  • The shell is constructed from 100% Egyptian cotton and has 1200 thread count
  • Its filling is 750+ fill power goose down
  • Features the baffle boxed finish with pinch pleats
  • It can be washed using a washing machine
  • It is available in black and grey

High quality goose down fill of a generous 70 ounces per square yard in a shell that has double stitched baffle boxes, provides a fabulous cloud like experience in your sleep in the coldest weather or moderate climate. The breathable fill as well as cotton shell helps in sleeping cool because of their ability to let air circulate within the fabric and fill as well as cottons their moisture absorbing abilities on hot nights.

Customer feedback

Those who bought this product shared that it is an excellent buy as it is not too heavy and neither is it too light. It’s just the perfect weight and size. Just note that the unit comes vacuumed packed and will not puff up too quickly upon being removed from its packing. With a bit of patience and use, it will become fluffy to your delight. Customer loved the color choices of black and grey.

5. Best All-season: Royal Hotel’s Queen Size Light Down Comforter

The Royal Hotels Queen size Light Down Comforter is a medium warmth comforter that can be used all year in warm and cold weather. While heavy warmth comforters are excellent in harsh winters, they may be less effective at keeping you cool during the summer owing to their heavier stuffing.

If the type of utility that you are looking for is one that will be useable all year round, then medium warmth is your best bet and this comforter will deliver that for you.

Highly breathable, with 100% goose down fill ensures the comforter’s great performance in both keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

In the winter when you need additional insulation, you can insert the comforter into a duvet to create toasty warmth that will get you through cold nights. In the summer you can use a lighter comforter cover that will allow you to sleep cooler. It’s worth noting that the cover of the comforter is 100% cotton which reinforces breathability and moisture absorption.

This is a significant quality in the shell of a comforter because it’s what facilitates cool sleeping on warmer nights. Even those who sweat profusely at night, will love the soft cotton shell that readily absorbs moisture from your skin and aids in regulating your body temperature for better sleep. With this comforter you can expect blissful sleep all year round.

The bedding unit’s build is also poised to serve you for many years. That’s because goose down fluffiness is the real deal and does not dissipate for many years. Even after occasional washes, your duvet will fluff back up to the original puffiness with continued usage.

The baffles boxes and piped borders are well stitched to ensure that they don’t come undone and that the fill stays constantly in place without lumping or leaking.


  • This full/queen size comforter’s dimensions are 90 inches wide by 90 inches long. But it can also be availed in king size
  • The comforter shell is constructed from 100% cotton with 300 thread count
  • The stuffing is 600+ fill power goose down
  • Finished with box stitching which lasts longer
  • The comforter is machine wash friendly
  • Available in pristine color

The cotton has a thread count of 300 and comes with a bold pinstripe weave for a neat fancy look. This comforter is a great option for homes as well as hotels alike. Those who have previously suffered from allergy reaction as a result of down fill, you will be pleased to know that while this comforter is stuffed with down, it is down proofed and rated as hypoallergenic for all.

Customer feedback

Some users who bought this unit gave reviews 3 months into use and shared that the performance was excellent during the winter period, and cannot wait to sample the comforter during summer. Hot sleepers chimed in too and expressed that they haven’t had any issues with overheating from the comforter.

6. Royaliving Premium Silver Down Comforter  100% Egyptian Cotton Cover Duvet Insert

With a cloud like comforter such as this Down Comforter 1, you can look forward to snuggling under the cloudlike comforter every night for comfortable and luxurious sleep. With this comforter that also serves as a duvet insert, you need little else for covering yourself other than varied duvet densities that act as a cover.

A duvet cover can be light or dense depending on the time of the year. A denser duvet may help with layering in winter while a light cover will provide you with maximum aeration for sleeping cool in the summer.

If you love your cotton crisp, cool and sleek with a lived in feel, then you will love the pale lived in look that this 100% Egyptian cotton presents. The fabric is smooth, durable and does a good job of housing the goose down fill. The surface is well stitched with baffle boxes to help the down stay even and consistent across the comforter.

The piped edges are tightly stitched to ensure there is no fill sticking or spilling out of the comforter. The fill is breathable and works in harmony with the equally breathable cotton shell to facilitate comfort and the right temperature conducive to sleep.


  • Queen size comes in at 90 inches by 90 inches on each side. It is also available in king size
  • The comforters cover is a soft 100% Egyptian cotton
  • Mix of down and feather filling
  • It features 750 fill power
  • Finished with baffle boxing design
  • It is easy to wash using a washing machine
  • Available in several colors white, grey and turquoise
  • It has the DOWNPASS, OEKO-TEX, INTERTEK, BSCI, ILAC-NRA certification and has passed the Responsible Down Standard

Customer feedback

User who got this mentioned that you can hardly tell the fill has feathers because the comforter has good loft with a high ratio of down to feathers. You may be slightly disappointed as you see the comforter come out of the vacuum packaging because it’s not as fluffy as it look in the advert. Customer took to airing the unit in the sun for a couple of hours to fluff up with good results. Other users started using the unit as is and after a couple of days, the baffles had risen to an impressive loft. Customers said that the comforter’s quality was high and they got good value for money. Securing a duvet to the comforter for added insulation has been made easier by provision of 8 corner tabs.


Good sleep is in so many ways made possible by the kind of comforter you use amongst other factors. Goose down comforters plus high quality shell combine to bring you un-paralleled comfort to your bedroom. With all the above queen size goose down comforters to choose from, you can sleep warmer when it counts such as in winter and cooler when you need to in the summer.

Undeniably, goose down is a premium fill material when you want to experience cloud like loft, light weight and a breathable comfort that does not flatten off after a few uses. Instead, they deliver cloud like comfort for years on end with impressive consistency.



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