3 Reasons to Buy a Chenille Bedspread- Benefits of Chenille

So What is Chenille?

To an untrained eye, chenille fabric has the look of a beautiful velvet fabric; however, it is not velvet. Chenille has a smooth piled texture.

The textured surface of the chenille is achieved by wrapping loose fibers around a core fiber and then slashing the fibers off equally. This results in a fuzzy texture that resembles a caterpillar’s legs. That explains why the fabric is named referred to as caterpillar fabric.

In fact, chenille is French for caterpillar

Chenille also refers to the yarn with which the fabric is made of. Chenille yarn can be made from a number of materials such as cotton, polyester, rayon, silk, olefin, or acrylic. It’s worth noting that the manufacturing process for velvet is different from that of chenille as the making of velvet involves a double cloth construction.

A Few Benefits of Chenille Bedspreads Include;

1. Beauty

The textured surface of the chenille is made possible by the embossed piles of fabric. These embossed piles can be used to create wonderful art displays in terms of pattern and design. Chenille offers a totally different approach to styling that is more like embroidery. It steps away from printed patterns on fabric that we have so grown accustomed to.

Chenille bedspreads also present beautiful luster and texture that is pleasing to the eye all while offering a wonderful selection for any bedroom upgrade or freshener.

2. Versatility

The design concepts that can be achieved with chenille are super broad and fun. That coupled with exquisite solid colors; make chenille one of the best fabrics for use in making gorgeous bedspreads, shawls, upholstery and so much more

3. Softness

The softness of the chenille is impeccable and very inviting. Cotton chenille for instance is very friendly to the skin and causes no skin irritation making it a good choice for people with sensitive skin. When you touch the textured surface, the one thing that really gets your attention is how soft these bedspreads truly are.

The list of why chenille is a good choice can be lengthy, so you can learn more about the fabric in the below reviews of some of the best bedspreads or top selling options.


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