PeachSkin Sheets Reviews of 2020-22 Reasons to Buy PeachSkin Sheets

PeachSkin Sheets claim to be among the best sheets for superior sleep for both hot perspiring sleepers and cold sleepers as well. And true to their claim, PeachSkin Sheets are highly rated with many reviewers commending them for their moisture-wicking and cooling abilities.

If you’re a hot sleeper, you know that sleeping at times can be challenging because of all the waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat and uncomfortable, tossing in bed and uncovering yourself frequently just to get some cool air on you. It was for this reason that the manufacturers of PeachSkin Sheets in 2013 came up with a solution to create sheets that hot sleepers could find respite in. Sheets that could efficiently manage body temperature and therefore allow people to sleep all through the night, all the while staying cool and sweat free.

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But it is not only hot sleepers who can benefit from these sheets. Even if you are not a hot sleepers you must admit that there are nights that get really warm, especially in the summers. These sheets are simply perfect for all types of people for use in all reasons and below we look at the reasons why.

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What Makes PeachSkin Sheets so Effective at Moisture-wicking And One of The Best Cooling Sheets;

PeachSkin Sheets are made of a high performance, athletic grade Smart Microfiber fabric designed to wick away or draw away sweat for faster evaporation, a process that facilitates efficient body temperature management to leave the skin dry and cooler instead of sweaty.

Another feature that makes these sheets particularly great is that the smart fabric is also breathable and airy so that instead of trapping excess heat inside them, they breath and let air in contributing to keeping you cool and dry all night.

Aside from that, the sheet are also soft, and you would expect nothing less because really, because what would be the benefit of the sheets if they were not comfortable to sleep on, right? All that cooling and keeping you dry would be negated if all you got was a scratchy and rough feel every time you laid on your sheets. PeachSkin Sheets features a double brushed finish that provides  ultra softness comparable to a 1500 thread count cotton sheet.

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Benefits of PeachSkin Sheets

1. They are comfortable:

With PeachSkin sheets you don’t get that scratchy feel that you get with some sheets. These sheets are ultra soft and plush fresh out of the bag. The kind of softness you get with cotton sheets with a thread count of 1500. Some customers have even claimed that they do get softer with each wash just like the best quality cotton sheets.

The high quality yarns in the fabric plus the fact that the sheets are brushed on both sides ensures this.

2. Moisture-wicking and cooling properties

If you didn’t know, PeachSkin sheets are one of the best cooling sheets in the market. The high performance, athletic grade, breathable smart fabric makes this possible by effectively drawing away sweat for a cooler and drier night.

3. They are breathable

Any great sheet should be airy and able to breath or else temperature management will not be possible hence the reason for hot and sweaty nights not to mention you will have sheets that cling to your skin.

4. Perfect for night hot and cold sleepers alike

Both hot sleepers and cold sleepers and every other sleeper can benefit from temperature management that these sheets facilitate.

5. Perfect for hot flashes and night sweats.

Because of the moisture-wicking and cooling properties in addition to breathability.

6. Perfect for all seasons in general

This is including hot summer nights made possible by efficient temperature regulation that works to ensure that you have a all year-round comfort despite your body temperatures and those in your immediate environment.

7.  They are made with quality material for durability

Given that these sheets are made using high quality performance yarns they are strong and quite capable of withstanding daily use and frequent laundering before you ever need a replacement. Additionally, they feature quite a myriad of anti-properties which we talk about below that no doubt contribute towards their longevity.

8. They have anti-Microbial and hypoallergenic properties

Now, properties that are definitely great to have in your sheets, are germ fighting and Hypo-Allergenic properties. Bamboo sheets are famous for these traits but you can also enjoy these healthy perks with your PeachSkin sheets.

These sheets will ensure your bed surface is free from germs and allergens like pollen and dust mites. The fact that they are Hypoallergenic and able to repel allergens from your bed makes them the perfect sheets for allergy sufferers in the bedroom as the chances of allergy attacks are minimized with them as your sheets of choice.

9. Several color choices in 7 bed sizes:

There are at least 12 colors to chose from for 7 bed sizes including, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King and Split King. It is a 4 piece set consisting of a flat sheet, deep fitted sheets with deep pockets and 2 standard pillowcases.

10. Individual sheets can be bought separately

Individual sheets can be bought separately which is great for replacement purchases and those who would like to have extra pieces at hand for exchanges. Pillow case and duvet sets are also available in the same high performance, athletic grade moisture-wicking and cooling smart fabric.

11. Safe to use, no skin irritations to worry about

No harsh chemicals have been used in the making of the sheet which is great news, especially for people who suffer from skin allergies like rashes and itching, caused by reactions to sheets that have been treated with chemicals.

12. They do not pile

It is a common occurrence with sheets to form little balls on the surface after few uses but that will not be the case with your PeachSkin sheets. This is only if you follow the wash instructions precisely which do not recommend mixing your sheets with any other type of fabric or material during the wash process.

13. The are anti wrinkle

PeachSkin sheets do not come all wrinkled and ugly and nor will you be needing an iron box after washing them. Just ensure you follow the laundering care instructions that come with the sheets.

14. Do not shrink

Or Stretch. Your sheets will remain in their original size through daily usage and laundering.

15. Deep pockets

The fitted sheets comes with 18″ deep pockets with elastic all around which will be useful in keeping it in place and secure without slipping of the mattress.

16. Fast drying

Once laundered on medium heat the sheets take 15-20 minutes to dry. This fast drying ability also ensures you stay cool at night.

17. Do not stain easily

Stains can be tough to get rid off in sheets. With these sheets, when they occur they do not immediately soak into the fabric which makes laundering easy.

18. They don’t fade

The colors stay on and do not overtime fade and drab or spotted with repeated laundering.

19. Perfect for pet owners

You won’t have to worry about your precious pet ruining your sheets with their claws or pet hair sticking to your sheets. This is because, the high performance yarns are weaved in such a way that they do not not allow pet hair to weave and attach into them. The yarns are also strong enough to withstand pet claws.

20. Highly rated

One thing that is always advisable to do when shopping for sheets online is to go through the customer reviews first before buying. Seeing as you can’t directly gauge the feel or performance of sheets, reviews will give you an idea on what to expect with your sheets. Well, PeachSkin sheets are highly rated with over 600 customer reviews on Amazon currently which you can take a look at here.

21. Customer support

Is rated as being fast and very responsive to customer queries.

22. Money back guarantee

PeachSkin believe in the quality of their sheets which is why they offer a 30 day money back guarantee in case of any quality issues.

What is not so great

1. They are fairly expensive

PeachSkin sheets are not the cheapest but neither are they too expensive. But really given the astounding number of benefits, one could argue that you get value for your money.

Wash and Care of PeachSkinSheets

In order to maintain the life span of your PeachSkin sheets and prevent them from piling or wrinkling, wash them in warm or cold water separately or with your other PeachSkin sheets only. You should never wash them with any other items including other sheets of other brands regardless of the material.

When it comes to the use of detergents, mild liquid detergents are recommended as opposed to the powder ones. This is because powder pods may not completely dissolve in the water and can therefore cause streaks on your sheets.

But even with the liquid detergents, do not pour directly on the sheets or else you risk streaking them. You can use fabric softeners, but they should also not be poured directly on the sheets for the same reason. Also, any products with chlorine should not be used if you don’t want your sheet’s fibers to weaken.

Depending on your dryer, dry them separately for about 20 minutes on medium or medium-high to prevent any wrinkling.

Okay to use:

  • Mild liquid detergents
  • Fabric softeners
  • Dryer sheets
  • Wool dryer balls

Do not;

  • Wash with anything else.
  • Use detergents with pods.
  • Use bleaches and other products with chlorine.
  • Use liquid filled dryer balls except wool dryer balls.
  • Use peroxide.
  • Dry clean

Where to Buy PeachSkin Sheets Online

PeachSkin sheets are available in a number of online stores including Amazon, and the manufacturers site

Sheets Similar to PeachSkin Sheets

When it comes to similar sheets in terms of performance and benefits, Bamboo sheets would have to be our top pick. Bamboo sheets’ performance some might say is comparable to Egyptian cotton sheets which is known to be the superior type of sheet along with Supima cotton sheets in the world.

Bamboo sheets are made from Bamboo, a plant that is prominently known to naturally have Anti-Microbial and Hypo-Allergenic properties and said to produce sheets that are softer than cotton sheets. In addition Bamboo sheets are also great at moisture-wicking and temperature regulation and they are breathable as well as durable. They are grown without any chemicals and are totally a sustainable source. Take a look at the: Pros and Cons of Bamboo sheets for more.

When it comes to price, there are Bamboo sheets that are in the same price range as PeachSkin Sheets and others that are more expensive. However when it comes to our absolute best brand for Bamboo sheets, The Cariloha Brand takes the cup in terms of quality. Their Cariloha Classic Bamboo sheets are our favorite and also their best seller.

You can take a look at other comparable Bamboo sheets in our review of the: Best Rated Bamboo sheets of 2018

For more sheets great at moisture-wicking, cooling and overall temperature control just like the PeachSkin Sheets, our review of the: Best cooling sheets of 2018 might be useful.


PeachSkin Sheets are great sheets for:

  • Summer time and all season use.
  • Hot sleepers
  • Night sweats
  • Hot flashes
  • People with sensitive skin caused by fabric chemicals.
  • Allergy sufferers
  • People looking for comfortable soft sheets.
  • Pet owners

From the customer reviews on Amazon, these sheets are highly rated for their cooling effect and softness. So it would seem that the sheets do perform as advertised – for most customers anyway. We believe PeachSkin Sheets are totally worth every cent!





2 thoughts on “PeachSkin Sheets Reviews of 2020-22 Reasons to Buy PeachSkin Sheets”

  1. I purchased these sheets because of night sweats. After a couple of weeks there is no noticeable improvement in my night sweats and the way my sheets reacted to them. The sheets are soft and comfy though.

    1. Different people have different experiences which is why it’s important to keep trying and testing out different products out there till you find out what works best for you. Glad to hear that the sheets are soft and comfy as advertisement though. Thank you for your feedback Barbara 🙂

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