3 Best Panasonic Bathroom Fans with Humidity Sensor Review of 2020

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Table of Contents

When it comes to when it comes bathroom exhaust fans with humidity sensors, the Panasonic brand is definitely one of the best brands for exhaust fans if not the actual best in the market currently. Panasonic bathroom exhaust fans with humidity sensors and even those without are known to be some of the most powerful, effective, efficient, durable and overall great at combating moisture and odor in the bathroom. Their fans have received awards for categories such as energy efficiency and are compliant with several consumer codes and requirements.

Good quality air in all the rooms of the house is essential. That includes the bathroom. If you were to ask anyone how they deal with humidity problems in their bathrooms, it is very likely that the many and varied answers you get would not involve the installation of a bathroom exhaust such as a Panasonic bathroom exhaust fan to get rid of the humidity.

Unfortunately, installing an exhaust in the bathroom is often underrated. But the truth is, bathroom ventilation is much needed and a high quality exhaust will end up saving you plenty of money spent on energy cost, repairs and health. Plus, you enjoy better comfort from a well-ventilated bathroom.

While bathroom exhaust fans in general are great, bathroom exhaust fans with humidity sensors are even better. This is because, the humidity sensing technology allows these types of fans to monitor the humidity levels in the bathroom and soon as the humidity level is above a certain  point, the exhaust fan will immediately pick up on this and automatically start running in order to get rid rid of this excess moisture.

This way, the fan does all the work for you, hands-free by preventing any moisture excess moisture from accumulating to high levels.

Why You Need Proper Ventilation in the Bathroom

The humidity that gathers in the bathroom may look harmless at first. But because it attaches to the walls and ceilings every time someone uses the bathroom for a hot shower, the moisture begins to seep into the paint and eventually into the wood.

Mildew and mold form very quickly in warm and moist environments such as the bathroom. These organisms release toxins into the air that can be hazardous to one’s health. Insurance companies pay very little to nothing on claims involving mold and mildew. It is better to take the affordable protective route of keeping your home and its occupants safe and healthy by extracting humid air for from your bathroom from the onset.

Best Panasonic Bathroom Ventilator Fans with Humidity sensor

To help you deal with the humidity problem in almost any bathroom, we have rounded up for you the top three Panasonic bathroom exhaust fans with convenient humidity sensing capability that are incredibly effective at keeping the air quality in your bathroom at its best.

1. Panasonic FV-0511VQC1 WhisperSense Ventilation Fan with Motion and Humidity Sensors

One of the major issues in most houses, especially if you have teenagers, is when they get in the bathroom to have a shower they often forget to switch on the bathroom exhaust even if you have one. Another common problem is that most old bathroom exhausts often do not have the fire power to effectively exhaust the humidity in a heavy use bathroom. They are quickly overcome by the levels and frequency of the humidity in a bathroom.

Well the perfect solution to this problems lies with this Panasonic Bathroom ventilator. This Panasonic FV-0511VQC1 WhisperSense Ventilation Fan with Motion and Humidity Sensors effectively takes care of any humidity and odor in your bathroom. As advertised, it comes equipped with both a humidity and motion sensor. That means that you no longer have to bother with a switch to get it going before you enter the bathroom.

The ventilator will automatically come on by sensing your motion. In the unlikely event that it misses your motion (highly unlikely) the humidity sensor will trigger the exhaust to come on as the humidity levels in the bathroom rises. What this boils down to is that every time someone takes a hot shower, this ventilator will pick up on it and immediately get rid of the humidity in the bathroom.

It is important to look for ASHRAE 62.2 OR 62.1 compliance in a bathroom ventilation system. These are recognized standards of ventilation system designs which provide acceptable indoor air quality. This unit complies with the ASHRAE 62.2. It also complies with LEED (Leadership in Energy and environment Design), an internationally reputed and recognized green building system of certification. This means that the unit ensures you are able to enjoy excellent performance without wasting water or energy.

We mentioned that most ventilators lack the firepower to exhaust fumes effectively. That is most certainly not the case with this Panasonic bathroom exhaust. This unit is engineered with the latest cutting edge technology that features Pick-A-Flow™ speed selector switch. That allows you to select required airflow from three options: 50-80 and 110 CFM for optimal performance. The ECM Motor with SmartFlow® technology is power full and amazingly silent across all three airflow settings. This unit also complies with the CALGreen, Washington VIAQ and California Title 24 codes and standards.


  • Features a powerful silent motor with smart flow technology
  •  At less than .3 sones motor
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Has a Pick-A-Flow Speed Selector for a three fan speed setting of 50-80 and 110 CFM
  • It is both ASHARAE 62.2 and LEED compliant
  • Comes with Flex-Z Fast installation bracket for easy installation
  • Equipped with dual motion/humidity sensors
  • It has an auto shut off
  • Works with 4″ and 6″ ducts
  • Has a warranty of 6 years on motor and 3 years on parts

Customer feedback

If you are doing this installation yourself, then reading the manual will be important as most customers who did their installations themselves expressed. When you understand what the installation requirements are, then it is pretty easy to fix. Alternatively, you can always get a certified electrician to fix it for you.

One user mentioned that his teenagers are fond of taking marathon showers and his poor old exhaust could just not keep up and eventually tapped out and would not work anymore. So he got this and hoped for better luck and efficiency with this one. He explains that the results are so magnificent that there is no comparison with the former relic that he had.

Users set the CFM at 110 which clears all the humidity from the bathroom. This is all thanks to the motion sensors that take care of that problem. What’s more, the adjustable timer ensures that the vent stays on long enough to clear all the humidity before auto shutting off. Humidity in the bathroom should no longer be an issue for you when you are equipped with this Panasonic bathroom ventilator. It will help prevent and eliminate mold, mildew, and other air pollutants in your bathroom.

2. Panasonic FV-0511VQCL1 WhisperSense Ventilation Fan/Light, Motion/Humidity Sensors

The Panasonic FV-0511VQCL1 WhisperSense Ventilation Fan is the same as the one above interns of performance and also comes with all the amazing features. The only addition is that it comes equipped with an LED light. The LED light and led night light need separate switches but can come from the same source of power for each light.

The night light is very practical for those who make multiple visits to the bathroom during the night. It provides just enough light to take care of business without having to be fully awake or fumble around looking for a wall switch. It is a huge relief for most sleepers as turning on the main bathroom light often gets you fully awake and it can take you a while before you finally drift off to sleep again.  This unit is compliant with CALGreen, Washington VIAQ and California Title 24 codes and standards as well as ASHRAE 62.2 and LEED.

It is whisper quite thanks to Panasonic state of the art craftsmanship. The construction is well done and the finish is excellent. Even though it is effective at exhausting humidity from your bathroom, it does not detract from the general bathroom decor thanks to the neat grilled face. This unit keeps the room nice and dry and you don’t have to worry about turning it on or shutting it off. The dual sensor sees to it that the vent is turned on automatically based on the humidity in the bathroom or when the motion sensor senses you have entered the bathroom for a shower.


  • Features a powerful silent motor with smart flow technology
  • Energy efficient certification
  • Equipped with LED lamps
  • Has a three fan speed setting of 50-80 and 110 CFM
  • It is both ASHRAE 62.2 and LEED compliant
  • Works with 4″ and 6″ ducts and comes with Flex-Z Fast installation bracket for easy installing
  • It has an auto shut off
  • Equipped with dual motion/humidity sensors
  • Has a warranty of 6 years on motor, 3 years on parts and 5 years on lamps

Customer feedback

Customers found this to be an exceptional upgrade which offers excellent energy  saving features. Installation was fairly easy after reading and understanding the manual. Customers who installed the unit themselves cautioned that one should be careful to insulate the exhausting ductwork tube in your attic to keep moisture from freezing in it during the winter season.

Another thing that users also liked about this Panasonic ventilator is that you can adjust the settings as needed. You can put your settings at 5 min shut off time after leaving the bathroom, and at 80% humidity level to turn it on automatically. Majority of the customers found that it works like a charm and would recommend it to anyone who wants to effectively get rid of bathroom humidity without fuss.

3. Panasonic FV-0510VSC1 WhisperValue DC Ventilation Fan with Condensation Sensor

The best solution when combating mildew and mold is managing the near constant humidity that your bathroom is subjected to. You can be able to do that by getting a WhisperValue DC fan that comes with a pre-installed condensation sensor. This unit is amazing at controlling bathroom condensation to prevent mold and mildew and keep you air healthy.

While most bathroom exhausts you have seen may not be efficient, this unit is the exact opposite. It is well constructed and effectively takes over the job of removing humidity in your bathroom with impressive aptitude.

Most people who have some sort of exhaust in the bathroom find that when turned on the vent may lack sufficient motor and fan power to keep the bathroom dry while consuming a lot of power.

This smart Panasonic vent has a motion sensor and a humidity sensor that detects you when you walk into the shower. The sensor also detects rising humidity levels in the bathroom and automatically starts to clear the humidity. It also allows you to set a delayed shut off after walking out of the bathroom giving it adequate time to get rid of any residual humid air.

And just like the two above above, this also comes equipped with Pick-A-Flow Speed Selector that allow for CFM adjustments across three settings through a switch to suit your needs. The settings are 50-80 and 100 CFM that will help clear any amount of humidity generated by your hot shower. Like the two offerings above this unit is also compliant with green codes and standards including the ASHRAE 62.2. California Title 24, LEED and Washington VIAQ. It is also has Energy star certification.


  • Has a powerful silent ECM motor with smart flow technology
  • Very energy efficient
  • Features a three fan speed setting of 50-80 and 100 CFM
  • It complies with ASHRAE 62.2 and LEED
  • Low profile 3-3/8-in depth fits most ceiling types and comes with a unique L-shaped bracket for installation
  • It is equipped with dual motion/humidity sensors
  • Has auto shut off for safety
  • It comes with a warranty of 6 years on motor and 3 years on parts

Customer feedback

One customer vouched for the efficiency of this unit in old houses with limited bathroom space. This Precision spot ventilation fan works great for residential construction for both single and multifamily homes. It will also work just as well with manufactured homes.

Customers have praised the longevity of this unit even when applied in a heavily used bathroom. Most still have the unit performing at optimum one year after installation. Because of this venting Panasonic unit, some users have since been able to paint the bathroom with mildew killing primer and then regular ceiling paint. Customers love that this Panasonic vent delivers on what it promises and then some.

Final Thoughts on Panasonic Bathroom Fans with Humidity Sensor

All the rooms in the home are considered important depending on the home owner but some are more crucial to your comfort than others. The bathroom is certainly one of those rooms no home can do without unlike say a game room or a man cave. In fact, it so important that potential buyers of a home would make their decision based on the state of the house’s bathrooms among other factors. For this reason, preserving the integrity of the bathroom cannot be underrated.

It is crucial to reiterate that all the above Panasonic products are compliant with stringent building and installation codes such as

  • ASHRAE 62. 2
  • LEED
  • IAP
  • WA Ventilation Code.
  • California Title 24
  • CALGreen

Further still, the Whispersense series has been awarded the Energy star 2018 most efficient units and you will therefore not experience any skyrocketing energy bills with any of the three units.

Additionally, you can be sure that the three reviewed Panasonic bathroom fans with humidity sensors will literally preserve and ensure that you bathroom has a healthy dry environment without needing you to be too hands-on.








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