How to Shop for Shower Curtains- Guide to Buying a Shower Curtain

Shopping for shower curtains can be a pleasant and relatively straightforward task when you know which type of shower curtain to look for. With numerous designs, colors and sizes available, it can seem confusing to choose one. However, with a little bit of preparation beforehand, you can ensure your shower curtains shopping spree results in the most appropriate product for your shower.

Determining the Right Shower Curtain Material

There is usually a choice of two materials in shower curtains; PEVA or fabric. PEVA is a chlorine free plastic material that shower curtains are now made with, as an alternative to PVC. For fabric shower curtains, polyester is usually the material used, with woven polyester the more popular of choices.

One of the most important considerations when choosing shower curtain fabrics is the strength of the material, and whether you require a lightweight or heavier constructed material. Some lighter materials, whether PEVA or fabric,can be very thin and therefore see-through, meaning you may require an extra lining curtain for total privacy.

The best types of curtain materials are the ones that are soft and gentle to the touch.  All shower curtain material should be waterproof and ideally offer a water repellent coating to ensure that not only does the water stay inside of the curtain, but also stops the curtain sticking to people as they shower!

Choosing from a Huge Selection of Shower Curtain Designs

Shower curtains are available in an extensive range of designs. From different colors to specific pictures or themes,many curtains now offer pictures of animals, scenic views and maps. It is often the design Ufaitheart 72 x 84 Inch Long Shower Curtain Extra Long Fabric Shower Curtain Fashion Bathroom Curtain for Hotel, Burgundyelement where you can really make the most of your shower curtains shopping experience!

It is possible to buy a shower curtain that complements your current bathroom or enhances your rooms feature for maximum effect. There is also the opportunity to find that one special curtain which will encourage you to plan and decorate your bathroom based around this one design! From safe neutral colors or more bold and extreme color choices, to nautical themes or obscure geometric prints, shower curtains can be brave and loud or understated and soft.

Selecting the Correct Shower Curtain Size

Knowing the size of the shower curtain you require, before you begin shopping, is highly advisable. All showers have different measurements and all shower curtains are produced in a variety of sizes to reflect this. Take time to measure the actual size of the area you require covering, to prevent buying a shower curtain you cannot use.

The size is important in ensuring that the area outside of the shower is protected from potential water damage. Shower curtains that are too short will allow the water to escape and leave puddles outside of the shower, whilst shower curtains that are two long could cause potential accidents as people slip on them or get entangled as they shower.

Some shower curtains will allow you to successfully cut them to your desired length, ensuring a more personalized result and, with most fabric curtains, there is the possibility to hem any longer lengths.

Shower Curtain Prices Vary Depending on Type

Shower curtains can be relatively cheap to purchase. Although there are many budget designs to polyester shower curtain

choose from, if you’re looking for a more reliable and durable curtain to cope with the demands of this heavy traffic area of the home, then it is worth investing in a decent shower curtain. After all, this is a product that needs to cope with continual use.

The more extensively designed of shower curtains will obviously cost a little more, but they can also double up as a potential decoration or center piece in the bathroom. This may make them worth that extra outlay. Similarly, it is worth noting that the material type can affect price; with fabric costing more than PEVA due to is longevity.

Is Your Shower Curtain Washable?

Some shower curtains can be machine washed, with many even suggesting ironing them for a more effective hang! Shower curtains can indeed become grubby and grimy over time. For PEVA, a quick spray with a bathroom cleaner often prolongs the curtains lifespan, but they will likely be replaced at regular intervals due to discoloring. Therefore, fabric shower curtains that are washable are a good investment because they can be regularly refreshed and put back smelling and looking as good as new -perfect if you’ve invested in a specific curtain design that you wish to keep for longer.

With a small amount of preparation before you set out to do your shower curtain shopping, you can be assured of buying the perfect fit for your showers needs. This gives you a shower curtain that not only offers practicality where it’s needed, but also enhances the overall look of your room.

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