How to Safely Mount a TV Above the Fireplace

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Table of Contents

Warm, fuzzy, homey, and just plain calming. That’s the feeling we get by just simply sitting in front of a roaring fireplace. In front of the cozy fireplace is a great place to read, sip a cup of tea, chat, or just quietly unwind after a long day. But with the advancement of modern technology, a homey living room will not be complete without a TV, as well. Because most homeowners want to enjoy the best of both worlds, many do wonder, can you actually mount a TV above the fireplace?

If we are looking at traditional TV mounts or fireplace mantels to use as a mount for your TV, the answer will most probably be no, we can’t.

Some of the most common concerns among homeowners are the heat coming from the fireplace, the disoriented viewing angle, and the size of the TV among other issues.

So it is still common to resort to tables and stands for TVs.

But with the innovative home fixtures that many different companies are developing daily, more and more happy homeowners are enjoying a great and smart compromise.

Thanks to these innovations, we now have more options when it comes to mounting our TVs in a way that we best prefer, with exciting features that we have never thought possible before.

To be able to weigh these options well and choose the best mount and method for your entertainment center, let us look at the pros and cons of mounting your TV above the fireplace.

Pros of Mounting a TV Over a Fireplace

1. More space

The most noticeable benefit of mounting your TV over the fireplace is the added extra space. When you mount your TV up the wall above that roaring heater, it will leave more space below for you to utilize your other home fixtures and decors in. If you prefer a neat, minimalist interior, though, you will have more open space, making your room feel way larger. Of course, there are slimmer TV stands in the market now, but still, nothing beats having no stands blocking your way and bumping into it every single time.

2. No ugly wiring in sight

Having your TV up above will hide those unattractive hardwiring, as well. Of course, you can always tie them up and neatly conceal them behind your TV on a stand or dressers, but chances are, it will still look chaotic to someone passing by and if you have children at home, it will not be a good idea having exposed wirings. Mounting up your TV will solve that problem, especially with some TV mount models that come with a wall plate for you to utilize. Some professional DIY-ers or contractors also drill a hole through the wall for the wires to pass through and the result is a streamlined, contemporary look that is free from clutters.

3. A common focal point for the room

Home keeping and decorating junkies know that an aesthetically pleasing and cozy room must have a common focal point or else it will look disorganized, chaotic and far from united, which will make your designing efforts go to waste. Because the TV is more often than not, the center of a room or an entertainment area, it automatically becomes the focal point of a room. Another dilemma is having a fireplace makes the focal point two. You can solve that long standing issue by mounting your TV just above that other focal point, which is the fireplace and so a neatly cozy interior without clutter and eyesore is now created.

4. More design opportunities

Having both fireplace and TV in the same room makes it hard to decorate and customize as they already act as focal points, so adding more decorations will make the room look cluttered and this proves frustrating especially for homeowners who love personalizing their interiors. Thus, having this strong focal point, which is the TV above the fireplace, will open a new and larger space for other design possibilities because the floor and space below are left quite empty. Now you can even add an extra couch or a classy ottoman with your coffee table, the rules are yours to call.

5. Safe for households with children

Most of the time, having children near appliances and electronics is a big, fat no-no. Aside from exposing them to electrical dangers and hazards, you are also compromising the safety of your electronics, as well. Having your precious TV up above the fireplace keeps it away from the little ones’ reach, avoiding scenarios where they could hit the screen or play with the wirings.


1. Neck and Eye Strain

The number one complaint of people who have their TVs installed up their walls is the neck and eye strain it causes. Having your TV on a mantel or a dresser, you are able to control how it will align with your eye level. But having it above the fireplace, you will most likely have to crane and stretch your neck just to be able to view the screen. It does not feel good to the eyes as well, especially when you are already tired.

Fortunately, there are new TV mount models nowadays that feature a rotating and pull-down feature so you will not have to stretch your neck anymore.

A great option to avoid this problem is the MantelMount MM540 Above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount, discussed more in detail below.

2. Putting Electronics and Heat Together

Aside from neck and eye strain, one of the most common reasons why most people do not feel like mounting their TVs up the fireplace is the anxiety that comes with having an electronic, especially something as big and expensive as a TV, near a hot place like the fireplace. You certainly would not dare mix heat with electricity. People also worry about the smoky film or soot that their shiny TVs might get from being near the fireplace. Luckily, some TV mounts are also cleverly designed to strategically keep the TV away from the fireplace’s heat, letting more homeowners enjoy the pros that having your TV up on the wall comes with.

3. Distorted visibility and reduced optimal viewing

You have spent at least hundreds for a TV with picture as clear as real life, complete with vivid colors and high definition images because you want to bring the theater into your own home. But then you find out that mounting up your TV above the fireplace might lessen its incredible quality and reduce your favorite movie to a low-quality picture that is not only distorted but also looks like you are watching from a cheaper model of TV. Some people noted that watching your TV from an irregular angle disorients its overall quality and that is because the farther you sit away from the screen, the more the quality of the picture decreases.

Thankfully, above fireplace TV mounts with swivel features somehow solve this dilemma so you will not have to make do with a poor quality of picture.

4. Limits the size of the TV that you can mount

In some common cases, homeowners who mount their TVs over the fireplace do so because there is an old gap or TV slot up there that needs to be filled. Thus, some people just make do with buying a TV that is the same size as that nook just to fill it up and remove an unattractive gaping hole that is screaming in the center of the living room.

This results in having a limited choice when it comes to your TV size.

Now that you have an idea of the perceived good and the bad, you can weigh your options when building an impressive entertainment area.

Let us now take a look at some of the most impressive and innovative TV mounts meant for above the fireplace to solve some of the dilemmas stated above.

Read on and see what clicks with your interior ideals.

Review on Some of the the Best TV Mounts For Mounting Your TV Above the Fireplace

1. Best Overall: MantelMount MM340 Above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount

If you are one meticulous homeowner who wants everything according to your design ideas while maintaining the safety of your family and guests as well as your electronics and appliances, then you will love our best pick, the MantelMount MM540 Pull Down TV Mount.MantelMount MM340 Above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount

MantelMount’s well-known leadership in making innovations for TV mounts can be clearly seen in this model that has graced many households over the years.

If you are worrying over the common dilemmas that come with having your TV mounted over the fireplace as stated above, you will be amazed at how this magic of a contraption will solve every one of them.

Neck and eye strain no more! Because of this model’s full range motion functions, you can now enjoy a TV that is elegantly mounted up above your fireplace while still having complete control of your TV’s eye level, angle and height.

With its swivel feature that can do up to 60 degrees one way, 30° Swivel in either direction. Therefore, with this mount,  every seat in the living room is the best seat because you can now fix the angle of your screen wherever in the room you may be.

It also boasts of a vertical travel up to 27 inches and 19 inches off the wall extension so you certainly can control how far the TV screen will be from you.

MantelMount’s non-stop and continuous development of their products is clearly mirrored in this model’s patented feature which is the auto straightening function which will automatically adjust to avoid your TV from hitting a part of your fireplace mantel.

Another patented feature that is unique to the MantelMount MM540 TV mount is the Gas Piston Auto Stabilization function that will let you throw all worries to the wind because your TV will be safe and sound being held by this unit.

Further,made from heavy duty steel, the robust MantelMount MM540 Above the Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount can handle TVs weighing 20 to 90 pounds and can hold TV sizes of 44 inches to 80 inches so you will never have to resort to a small TV anymore.

Using its easy and light pull-down handle, anyone, from your kids to a delicate wife, will be able to adjust and enjoy this impressive contraption. All these are made of durable steel that is painted a classy black.

What’s more, this particular model also comes with heat-sensing pull down handles, that turn red at 110˚.

So you see, Complete package with this model!


  • Full range motion
  • Up to 27 inches vertical travel and 18 inches off the wall extension
  • 30 degrees left and right swivel function
  • Lightweight pull-down handle with heat-sensing feature
  • Adjustable stops
  • Patented auto-straightening and bas piston auto stabilization features
  • Reaches Studs Up to 24″ Apart
  • Cable management tabs to organize the wires
  • Comes complete with a built-in sound bar
  • Can handle TV weights of 20 to 90 lbs and 44″-80″ TV sizes
  • VESA: Up to 600mm x 600mm

Though pricey, this unit does give complete value for money as attested by several customers. There’s also a cheaper version, the MM340 and other options as well should you need to do your comparisons.

2. Mount-it TV Fireplace TV Mount

This Mount-it TV fireplace mount is made with your comfort and design flexibility in mind.

With its many exciting features, you will not have to wait for the weekend for a highly optimized cinematic experience anymore because you will certainly be able to indulge right in the comforts of your home.

Its cleverly crafted gas spring mechanism offers a comforting counterbalance to the weight of the TV, allowing the TV to be raised or lowered with an amazing 27 inches height adjustment to achieve the most comfortable view with the lightest touch of a finger while providing a perfectly secure support to your TV, so you can rest easy knowing it is in a safe place.

Furthermore, you can also tilt your TV up to 15 degrees up and down as well as swivel it up to 18 degrees left and right to perfectly align it with the viewers’ line of sight and avoid distorted picture quality and TV glares.

This Mount-it TV fireplace mount has the capability to carry TVs weighing up to 70.5 lbs. and can fit sizes ranging from 40 inches to 70 inches.


  • For TV sizes 40”-70”
  • Carrying capacity up to 70.5 lbs.
  • 15 degrees up and down tilt
  • 18 degrees left and right swivel
  • 27 inches height adjustment
  • Compatible with VESA 200×200, 300×300, 400×200, 400×400 and 600×400 bolt hole patterns

3. Slydlock Fireplace Nook TV Mount

Maybe there is that one old TV nook in your home that you just do not know what to do with it or how to utilize it because it is so outdated, and most probably, too small for a new TV to fit in, just because once upon a time, a TV nook above the fireplace was a big thing and the most fashionable homes made sure to have one.Slydlock Fireplace Nook TV Mount

Meanwhile, your new TV is resting on a bulky TV stand or desk because you just can’t be bothered with a very inconvenient wiring job and mounting affair that is quite hard to fit in to your busy schedule anyway. Further, looking at its size, you know your TV will never fit in that slot.

Well, you can rest that worry now because Carolina Custom Sound has just the thing to solve this problem for you.

Putting their home expertise into practice, this company has developed a TV mount that is made with that nearly unusable nook in mind.

With a careful reading of its instructions, you will be able to successfully mount your TV up the fireplace in less than an hour with the SlydLock Fireplace Nook TV Mount.

Worrying about the size of your TV not fitting into that gaping hole? Forget it now because this clever patent pending TV mount has a capability to install TV sizes up to 80 inches over the outside frame of a nook that is only 32 inches wide, but less the hassle of an additional wire works, frame overhaul or relocation.

Moreover, it will amazingly make the TV looks like it is floating above!

Add to this its innovative extension that lets you pull the TV some 1/8 inches more from the wall for a great customized TV- viewing.

Who would have thought that you will still be able to make use of that old TV nook?


  • Durable black steel and powder white coating
  • Can secure a TV up to 80 inches even with a nook of about 32 inches opening
  • Can tilt up to 15 degrees
  • With 1/8 inches off the wall extension

4. Echogear Full Tilt TV Wall Mount

One of the things that most people who opt to mount their TVs above the fireplace have to risk is the chances of having their shiny, new TVs hitting the wall or the mantel, thus ruining two essential things in the process, your flawless paint job and the glossy surface of your TV.Can You Mount a TV Above the Fireplace?

But still, more and more homeowners are still choosing to get a moveable TV wall mount because it saves more space than having your TV rest on a desk or stand.

Echogear recognizes this problem and that is how this full tilt TV wall mount came to be.

With this fully moveable TV wall mount, you will not have to make the choice to sacrifice the comfort that a full motion wall mount gives just to save your paint job and your TV anymore.

This is because, this clever contraption uses an impressive 5.8 inches wall extension that enables you to further pull your TV forward, so both your wall and TV will not be damaged whenever you tilt your screen around.

You can even tilt your TV up to 15 degrees and swivel it both left and right up to 10 degrees with no regards of its size even if it is a gigantic 85 inches. This thoughtful TV mount can handle it all.

In terms of design, once this smart TV mount is installed up above your fireplace, you will surely notice that whenever the TV is not in use or not extended out, it looks flawlessly flush with the wall, lending your entertainment center a smart and seamless aesthetics.

If you are not much of a handyman, you can rest easy with this TV mount because of its perfectly tool- free installation. All you will ever need is a pair of functioning hands and you are good to go. Just simply slide the TV left or right on the wall plate and lock it into place. In case of further adjustments, which you really can’t escape as it naturally comes with a DIY installation guide, this unit is made to be easily adjusted without making more bothersome holes in the wall.

LG TV? TCL? Vizio? Samsung? Brand is never an issue here because this model’s included hardware kit provides a wide variation of spacers and screws to securely hold any brand of TV within 85 inches size limit.


  • Can hold TVs with sizes ranging from 40 inches to 85 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 125lbs (UL certified to hold 4x this amount)
  • Depth From Wall: 2.4″
  • Can extend up to 5.8 inches off from the wall
  • 15 degrees tilt
  • VESA Compatibility: 200×100 – 600×400
  • Fits Wood Studs: 16″ or 24″
  • Comes with a wall drilling template, horizontal shift for centering, and post-install leveling to get the perfect finish.
  • Ultra-easy installation

Other than its convenient features and sturdy build, this is one of the most affordable above fireplace TV mounts in the market which probably explains its popularity.

Generally, at its price tag, this is considered a steal by many a customers considering the price of comparable models, that’s in addition to its benefits and features.

5. Monoprice Above Fireplace Pull-Down Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket

Because you have worked all week long, you certainly deserve a treat. Now, a 5-star movie night experience will not be confined to weekends because you can now bring this luxurious theatrical feel right into your very home along with your family by having a perfectly flexible TV mount that can single-handedly transform the whole room and lend it a posh air.Mounting a TV Above the Fireplace

With a Monoprice TV fireplace mount, all that you will ever have to do is to just simply pull your TV down to the most comfortable viewing level and let its spring assisted mount technology do the magic.

You can even tilt your screen up to 15 degrees, rotate up to 5 degrees and do a 30-degree swivel to impress the guests.

And after you’re done, you can just let your thoughtful TV bracket return the TV to its original position.


  • Durable black steel body
  • Fits TV sizes 55”-100”
  • Can secure up to 154 lbs. TVs
  • 15 degrees tilt, 5 degrees rotation and 30 degrees swivel for a highly optimized viewing
  • Hardware included
  • ETL Certified
  • VESA mounting pattern of 200 x 200 to 600 x 400

Wrapping Up

Mounting your TV up above the fireplace certainly has its benefits and drawbacks just like any other home fixtures.

Thankfully, we can now choose among many different varieties of TV mounts that offer solutions to every issue. With an impressive collection such as this one, there is no excuse anymore not to achieve the home theater of your dreams.

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