How to Make an Air Mattress More Comfortable

Air mattresses are often seen as a quick and easy solution to a temporary situation. However, they aren’t always considered one of the more comfortable of mattresses! Though perfect for younger family members sleep overs, where little sleep is planned, they sometimes need a bit of pre-planning before use by adults who are desperate for a good night’s sleep! However, a night spent on an air mattress does not have to equal a rough night’s sleep. When used correctly, air mattresses can be made more comfortable.

Position Your Air Mattress for Ease

Air mattresses are primarily designed to be thrown up and put down almost anywhere for convenience. However, by planning where to place them beforehand, you can assure a better night’s sleep, rather than putting them down and hoping for the best:

The base: Placing any mattress type on hard floors would be uncomfortable, but more so with an air mattress. Carpeted surfaces, or rugs, are great because they hold the mattress in place. If you have a laminated floor, try placing a mat or even a blanket underneath the air mattress to stop it from moving each time you attempt to roll over!

The walls: With air mattresses, it is quite easy to find your head sliding off the top of them as you sleep! The easiest way to avoid this is by placing your mattress in front of a wall, thus preventing further movement whilst holding the mattress in place. If this isn’t possible, consider using a headboard to create the same effect.

Cover Your Air Mattress for Coziness

As most air mattresses are made from PVC or rubber, they don’t necessarily have the most pleasant of scents! Most people will want to cover their air mattress for this very reason. A normal bed sheet is the easiest way to do this. For some people, toppers are a perfect solution, as they not only mask the smell of the air bed but they also provide a softer feel, smoothening out any uncomfortable bumps in the mattresses design. Toppers and sheets can be thinly layered or built up to suit the current temperature requirements.

Consider Temperature Effects on Your Air Mattress

Although covering the air mattress before you lie on it eliminates its plastic scent, it is also worth noting that air mattresses do indeed fluctuate in their temperature.The air inside will be hotter during summer months, and subsequently drop in temperature during the colder months. Whilst an easy remedy is to simply place an extra cover over the mattress during colder weather, for the summer months it is slightly difficult to maintain a reasonable temperature. A thin cotton sheet as a layer, with a thin sheet over you would be enough to maintain a level body heat, perhaps adding a fan in the room to keep the temperature stable during the warmer months.

The Importance of Air Mattress Inflation Levels

Some people who aren’t used to air mattresses are tempted when they first use them to not inflate them fully, whether through fear of over-inflating or because they feel the rock-solid touch of a fully inflated mattress would make for an uncomfortable night’s sleep. However, nearly all air mattresses will lose a tiny amount of air during the night as standard, when weight is distributed over the bed, and this solid feel will soon give way to a more natural feel. If you have only inflated your bed part way, even the tiniest bit of air loss will make a real difference in the comfort of your air bed overnight.

Keeping Your Air Mattress Protected

There is nothing as uncomfortable as waking up in the middle of the night with that sinking feeling; only to find your air mattress is indeed gradually deflating from a slow puncture! You need to be extra careful when storing an air mattress, as they are extremely delicate and are very easily punctured. Most slow punctures aren’t found until the last second, or rather when you have just fallen into that wonderful place of sleep! By storing your air mattress in a protective bag or case when it is not in use, you can prevent such problems. It is also a good idea to sweep or hoover the intended floor space before placing your air mattress down.

Overall, the trick to a good night’s sleep on an air mattress is to make the mattress up as comfortably as possible. Approach it like a mattress on a normal bed, adding a sheet, duvet or blanket and, most importantly, comfortable pillows. Though you may still be able to tell the difference between a standard mattress and an air mattress, adding those significant finishes means it is indeed possible to make an air mattress more comfortable.



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