How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Larger

For those homes with a small sized bathroom, finding ways to make such an essential room instantly appear larger can often seem an impossible task. When space is limited, decorating a small bathroom can become exasperating, with very little room for maneuver and a minimum of options available regarding personal choice. Fortunately, there are a few simple and easy techniques that can be employed to create a sense of space and make a smaller bathroom look larger than it really is.

Take Advantage of Any Natural Light

If you are lucky enough to have a skylight in your bathroom, or perhaps able to get one installed, you will immediately benefit from a stream of natural light that these windows can offer. However, for many people, skylights aren’t an option,with the alternative being a smaller window most likely the only feature letting a meager amount of natural light into the room. As much as you can, try keeping windows clear or removing all curtains, blinds and accessories where possible, or keeping them out of sight when not in use. Any amount of natural light is the best solution in making a small bathroom instantly appear larger.

Use Good Quality Artificial Lighting

For small bathrooms where natural light really isn’t an adequate lighting solution, the next best option is to maximize the amount of artificial lighting in your bathroom. The higher the wattage of the light fixtures bulb, the crisp and clearer the overall effect on the room is, creating an immediate sense of space. Used safely, numerous fluorescent light fittings offer maximum light in a bathroom and can be dotted around the room where possible to achieve an almost natural light. Better still, if you can add lights to a couple of mirrors placed around the room, you will further reflect the light, as mirrors reflect all light, therefore brightening up the room.

Choose Your Wall Colors Wisely

For the smaller of bathrooms, you may want to think about using cool and neutral colors on the walls and surroundings. Natural hues can create an ambience of calm, and work perfectly to open a smaller space. Lighter wallpaper, paint and tiles can be used in various sections of the room to further extend the coolness effect around the bathroom. Darker colors can often make a small room seem overcrowded, and a lot smaller than it really is. However, if the thought of one solid colder color throughout your bathroom isn’t something you like the thought of, you can always break it up by using darker colors in your furnishing and accessories.

Consider Implementing Storage Alternatives

Perhaps the one aspect responsible for making a small bathroom appear even smaller, is the use of various bathroom paraphernalia stored around the bathroom itself! Though many of the items people tend to have out on display in their bathrooms are the more practical kind, such as bottles and accessories, in a smaller bathroom these items can lend to a cluttered and over-crowded look, instantly diminishing its size. Adequate bathroom storage solutions are readily available though, even for the smaller of bathrooms, and can drastically help minimize the number of items you have on display, whilst still allowing you to access them easily enough. Under sink cupboards, racks fitted to the shower area,or even large bathroom cabinets can take the pressure off smaller bathrooms whilst still making them look larger in size. They also help ensure a cleaner looking bathroom for longer!

Use Additional Items to Your Smaller Bathrooms Advantage

Shower curtains: Lighter colored or even transparent shower curtains will allow light to naturally shine through them when they are displayed open in full, thus encouraging a more natural flow of light to the bathroom.

Rails: Rails can also store a section of items in a specific area, freeing up extra space. These are good solutions as an alternative if your bathroom really can’t cope with any storage solutions. If everything has its place, the room will appear spacious.

Door Hooks: Like rails, because damp towels and dressing gowns are often a fact of bathroom life, fix a couple of door hooks to the back of the bathroom door. That way, such items are kept tidy and out of the way.

By following these simple but effective tips, it is possible to attempt to make a small bathroom appear to look larger than it really is! The important thing to remember is that it is all about creating the illusion of a bigger room. Above all, with a little bit of planning it is possible to make the most of what you have in your small bathroom and work on making an ordinarily cluttered and claustrophobic space, into a more spacious and subsequently inviting larger bathroom area.

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