How to Make a Bathroom Look Expensive

Did you know the average person spends close to two years of their lives in a bathroom? Also, it is reportedly one of the places where many great ideas have come to the minds of people – with Archimedes on top of that list! While not a lot of people pay that particular space in a house the attention it deserves, your bathroom has the power to instantly add a sense of luxury and comfort to your entire house. It can, however, be quite expensive to fully renovate a bathroom. Let us give you a few tips on how to make a bathroom look expensive without shedding too much money on it.

Know your colors

One of the easiest ways to add a sense of luxury to a place is by adding more space or by making the illusion of more space. It is common knowledge that lighter and brighter colors on the walls give the illusion space to a room.

Use can use this technique to your advantage by painting your bathroom walls in lighter colors and also by adding white marbles to the floor and other surfaces. The color white has a power of instantly adding a touch of luxury for any surface.

If you feel like the maintenance of pure white surfaces can be overwhelming, go for other brighter colors of shades that you love. You can add a touch of depth by going for more than one color, but when you think luxury, ironically the more minimalistic you can go with your use of color, the better.

Add a Statement Wall Decor Piece

Now that you have made yourself a clean and luxurious canvas by painting the walls in lighter colors, it is time to add a pop of statement. Keeping things monochromic effortlessly bring luxury to any space, however, the wall decor you are using for your bathroom can also be that pop of color a space needs. Again, keep things minimal.

Do not go overboard with your wall decor. Adding an art piece on a wide ornate or wooden frame can give your bathroom that classic glamour. You can also cover an entire wall with a tasteful wallpaper and make that be your statement wall décor for the space. Be creative. Be classic. Be minimal.

Add Vintage Furniture and Ornaments

Nothing screams luxury and expensive that vintage piece of anything. This does not mean you should drive down to an antique store and spend a whole lot of money on vintage furniture to make your bathroom look expense.

If you are diligent enough, you can find amazing vintage furniture in the most unlikely places. It does not have to be a humongous piece of furniture as well. Just add that classic appeal from one or two pieces of rustic and vintage furniture to an otherwise clean and sleek bathroom. Adding a furniture itself gives a sense of luxury to your bathroom, even it is merely a classic ottoman or a simple garden stool with a plant perched on it.

Mirror Mirror on the wall!

The mirror in your bathroom is one of the most important things in your bathroom, and one of the places your eyes fall into immediately. Make that first impression matter! This is one of the places that you can make an investment on. Throw away the slightly cracked, stained and old mirror you have and invest in a big and beautiful mirror. Then watch as your bathroom turns into the expensive and luxury space you always wanted.

As discussed above, the sense of space matters and mirrors are one of the best ways to make that illusion. You can add an artsy frame to your mirror and make a statement there itself. And don’t forget to always keep your mirror spotlessly clean in order to maintain that sense of luxury.

Upgrade your bath towels

Imagine every expensive and luxurious bathroom that you have ever seen and there is one feature that is common everywhere – that is a display of fluffy and spotlessly clean stack of towels. This is another place that it pays to splurge on if you would like because everyone deserves amazing towels in their life! Create a space where you can display these towels ideally as someone enters the bathroom. It will not only add a sense of luxury but also a sense of cleanliness and comfort as well.

Add pleasant scents

When you’re trying to make a bathroom look expensive, every sense matters. As a final touch, always have your bathroom smelling pleasant, gentle and attractive. You can use candles, diffusers or even your favorite air freshener. The key is to always keep it mild and fresh. Make sure you always have good ventilation and have the bathroom frequently cleaned to ensure it continues to give a feel of luxury and comfort.


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