How to Keep the Bathroom Smelling Good

Bathrooms are not usually the type of places that would naturally smell good, if you know what I mean. You need to work a little bit, yet not too hard, to get your “throne” room to smell nice and fresh. If your bathroom has an unpleasant smell, then it could be from a number of things such as an old shower curtain or floor mat, something plugging the sink et cetera. Whatever the reason may be, it definitely is very embarrassing to have such odors in your bathroom, especially when you have people over.

First let’s talk about clearing unwanted scents off of items that can in one way or another be laundered. For these, use detergents that are labeled as “Sports detergents”. Sports detergents essentially work on odor elimination and are designed especially for strong smells like sweat and urine which makes them ideal for towels, curtains, mats, or any other launder-able item that may have picked up a bad smell.

If the odor is too strong even for a sports detergent, use a laundry booster which is also effective in removing odors. Laundry boosters are add-ons that help and boost the detergent’s effectiveness.

For items that may still have a slight smell after washing, drying will get rid of that last bit for you if done correctly. So, make sure to dry your laundered bathroom items on low heat. It would be even better to air dry of course; fresh air is the best drying method to get rid of any remaining smells.

As for the star of this party, Toilets, there are multiple ways of dealing with odors like air fresheners and scented candles. These however are only good for a nice smell that masks or covers the odors but they don’t have the ability to completely get rid of them. Another way is to use an odor neutralizing product. Before using the toilet, a drop of deodorizer is added to it. It stops the smell even before it spreads.

The natural best ways to keep your bathroom smelling good

There are many ways to keep the bathroom’s smell fresh on a regular basis and with the most natural and common ingredients.

  1. Baking soda is known to absorb the smell. Mix a tea spoon of it with 2 cups of water and one table spoon of white vinegar and, for added scent, add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice; lavender and lemongrass are the most suitable. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and use it whenever needed. Or you can just keep a bowl full of baking soda in a dry place of your bathroom to absorb the smell on its own, one bowl will last you a month.

2. Lemons are also a good for getting rid of odors. A plate of lemon slices will keep your bathroom smell fresh and nice for an entire week, and then just replace the plate with a new one.

3. Vodka is an unusual but very useful ingredient in a lot of homemade air fresheners’ recipes. One of those recopies is to add three parts water to one part vodka and 8 to 10 drops of an essential oil of your choosing.

The best scents to use in a bathroom

Spicy scents go well with brown and beige colored bathrooms, while flowery scent match pink or purple better. As for warm colored bathrooms, use citrus scents like lemon. However, I believe the best scent is the one you like best.


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