How to Feng Shui the Bathroom

When you hear the words “Feng Shui” what goes into your head?

For me, I see a lot of red. The kind of red that’s happy and festive. And most of you must probably be thinking of something Chinese too. But let me tell you what you probably don’t know: Feng Shui is an art – the art of balance to be exact.

We cannot deny the fact that Chinese culture has been very influential in universal practices. Concepts such as the yin and yang, astrology, horoscopes, zodiac, and a whole list of other terminologies can be rooted to their colorful history and philosophy. Feng shui, of course, is one of them.

First, let us define. Feng Shui in English is literally translated to “wind-water.” It is a Chinese philosophy that greatly deals with the balancing of Qi (read as Chi or Chee) in order to create or restore harmony in our environment. Qi would refer to positive and negative energies that surround us. It is understood as a free-flowing force that strongly influences our actions, emotions, and lifestyle (to a certain extent). The imbalance of this energy is said to be responsible for many life events, good and bad.

Qi, being a philosophy of good and bad energy requires specific conditions in order to bring prosperity and harmony into your home. This is especially true in rooms pertaining to your well-being: the bedroom, kitchen, and wouldn’t you guess – bathroom.

Bathrooms have a reputation of being bad Feng Shui. It is said to flush out all positive energy out of the house and instead, welcome negative energy. Well, that would make sense considering that the bathroom is the only place in the house where we release our bad energy (if you know what I mean). Regardless of that being said, we can never deny the fact that we still need bathrooms in our lives.

Cutting to the chase, this just means that bathrooms need all the more help with Feng Shui. Fortunately, there are several ways on how we can counter the negative energies oozing out of the bathroom. And this can be done easily when you know where to start!

How to Feng Shui the Bathroom


Generally, location is always a big consideration in Feng Shui – it just becomes extra tedious when it comes to bathrooms. The very first thing to keep in mind is to avoid positioning the bathroom in the middle of the house at all. Having the bathroom in the middle of everything would mean you’re allowing negative Qi to leak in almost every part of the house and trust me, you wouldn’t want that.

One must also be careful as to which direction is the bathroom located. For example, when a bathroom is located in the South-East part of the house, this could mean possible bankruptcy and poverty for you and your family. This is because this part of the house is responsible for energies related to wealth and abundance. Having a bathroom in this area flushes out all that positive energy thus the negative effect. This goes for other directions too. However, if you already have a bathroom in this part of the house and there is little you can do about it, adding a few objects that are good Feng Shui should counter the negative energy. For South-East bathrooms, adding more light in the form of candles and glitter lamps should do the trick.


Good thing most people like their bathrooms white – this is good Fengshui. White or light colors should help with the balance of the energy in the room. It is said that the bathroom alone exists with more Yin than Yang and dark colors will just further amplify the Yin causing more imbalance. Go for lighter shades; it looks much more refreshing anyway.


Bathrooms are typically a dumping area so it’s strongly associated with dirt, filth, and other things we don’t need in our life. This is why it mostly harbors negative Qi. In order to remove most of this bad energy as well as to prevent more from coming in, you must always try to keep the bathroom clean and orderly. The concept of less is more significantly applies to this kind of situation. The lesser clutter you have inside the bathroom, the more likely positive energy will come in.

Doors and Mirrors

Doors and mirrors are objects strongly affiliated with Feng Shui and the right positioning of these is important in stabilizing the Qi inside the bathroom. The door to the bathroom should not be aligned with any other door (bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc.). The entrance door is especially off-limits. The door to the bathroom should also not face the toilet or a mirror – as much as mirrors shouldn’t face toilets. The set-up is a bit confusing but to cut things short, the toilet, bath, sink, mirror and other paraphernalia used to cleanse the body should be positioned as far away (facing away) from the door as possible. This helps isolate the negative energy on the room and prevent it from leaking out.

So there you have it, did we answer your question on how to Feng Shui the bathroom? You can also get some great tips on How To Feng Shui The Bedroom on this article.


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