How to Buy Hotel Quality Down Comforter- Factors to Look Out For

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Table of Contents

Have you ever been into a hotel whose bed linens – the sheets, the pillow, the down comforter, all looked luxurious and felt as good as they looked? Well, achieving and having that same super soft, plush, and silky hotel style luxury and comfort in your home is not difficult at all as they buy their linens from the same retailers we do. And, you don’t have to break the bank while doing so. What you have to know however, is what factors to look out for in order to chose quality bedding, same as those you find in these classy hotels. And so the focus of this article, we tell you what things to look out for when looking to buy a hotel quality down comforter.

Down comforters are increasingly becoming popular as alternatives to blankets and duvets due to their practicality and blissful comfort. However given the sheer number of options available, choosing the perfect hotel style down comforter might be a bit challenging.

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So what factors are these that you need to consider?

Factors to Look out for When Buying a Hotel Quality Down Comforter.

Goose down comforters are said to be some of the best, most comfortable and warmest of comforters. The points below shed some light on how to pick any comforter;

1. Choose a comforter with at least 500 fill power.- For goose down comforters

Generally, the rule of thumb is always to go higher because the higher the fill power the higher the quality of the comforter. A higher fill power in a comforter will give you a lighter and more fluffy comforter for a certain level of warmth.

However, it is worth mentioning that a comforter with a fill power over 650 in the summer may be too hot while the same 650 and over will be fine for winter.

2. Get a baffled down comforter

Comforters whether alternative or goose/duck feather, can be constructed using different designs including baffle box, gusset and box stitch design. However, baffle box is one of the most common construction types and the best design that you should target.

Baffles resemble channels or boxes and these ensure the down filling is evenly distributed allowing the down to expand to its maximum loft for optimal warmth. This kind of construction prevents the down from shifting so that always, the down is evenly distributed.

3. Get a comforter with a thread count of at least 300.

Well, it’s been said that the higher the thread count the better the quality of the comforter, because a higher thread count comforter supposedly feels more silkier and softer on the skin. The thing is, these days the market is flooded with falsely labeled high thread count bed linens. In addition, threads can easily be manipulated to attain higher counts. So really, you may be buying a bogus “high thread count comforter” and you will be none the wiser!

Be that as it may however, we are still going to advice you to go for a comforter with a minimum thread count of 300. With a feather (goose or duck) comforter the higher the better because then, you are less likely to feel the down poking at you not to mention, the down is also less likely to leak after just a few uses.

When it comes to thread count affecting the silkiness and softness of the comforter, it is a factor to be taken seriously – it’s true, but not on its own. Other factors like the type of material and the weaving type used will also play a role.

And onto our next points…

4. Go for a comforter with a high quality shell cover

While the down filling will determine the fluffiness, quality and how warm you will be, the outer shell of the comforter cannot be ignored as it will also have an impact on how comfortable or uncomfortable you will be as you’re using your comforter.

Of course, when shopping for a comforter, you want one that feels soft and smooth against your skin for the ultimate comfort. But something else you definitely want your comforter to have is the ability to breath. Otherwise you will spend your nights tossing and turning from excess heat and night sweats.

Breathable fabrics allow free airflow within the bed which in turn dissipates excess heat produced by your body for a cooler feel, instead of trapping the heat within which results in overheating and excessive sweating.

The best cotton shell covers for comforters are woven from extra-long staple fibers. These long fibers create lightweight bed lines that are more breathable and of superior quality than ordinary bed linens. The world’s best sheets, 100% Supima cotton sheets and authentic Egyptian cotton sheets are made from these long fibers.

So when shopping for a hotel quality down comforter, consider the outer shell material, with 100% cotton and bamboo materials being the top picks for superior quality and breathability.

5. Pick a tightly woven comforter shell cover

The weaving type used for the outer shell of the comforter is not something that you very often see on the labels of the product, but it is an important feature as well. There are different types of weaves used in making bed linens like the sateen weave and percale for cotton or sateen and twirl weaving for bamboo shells. So all these type of weaving along with the fiber/material used and the thread count will contribute to the overall features of a comforter, like how soft and smooth its going to feel against the skin, its durability and overall look.

Sateen weaves usually have a softer feel and luxurious sheen but are usually while percale weaving is known for creating the most durable linens. However any of the weaves tightly woven, coupled with high quality materials or long fibers in the case of cotton, will produce a down comforter that feels smoother and softer to the touch as well as a more durable one.

Those are in our opinion the most important factors to keep in mind while shopping for a hotel quality down comforter. Before you buy, carefully read the sizes given otherwise you risk buying a down comforter that will either be too small or too big.

And finally, to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your hotel quality down comforter, the proper care and maintenance should be undertaken. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer as the wash instructions differ from one down comforter to the other depending on the make up. If you’re going to be using a duvet cover protect and enhance the durability of your down comforter the above factors in picking one will work just as well.


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