How to Buy an Air Mattress

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Table of Contents

Long, busy hours at work can really take a toll on our bodies. No wonder why sometimes, we feel fatigued and restless even after getting the right amount of sleep. It gets in the way of our usual routine, our job, and social lives that it can be downright annoying. What would be even more troublesome is pondering over all these things while lying in a mattress that just adds more to the stress. That’s right – bad mattresses can really sum it up for your day.

Busy people need to relax and the best way to do that is to get a good night’s sleep. Having a good mattress gets you closer to that reality; it’s your ride to dream world. Although there are a number of types of mattresses out there. Today, we will be talking about one specific kind: air mattresses. How they are different and why buying one is a good alternative from traditional mattresses.

First, let us define. An air mattress is well, a mattress filled with air (so much for an explanation). It is a portable, light, and inflatable type of mattress with most usually made of puncture-resistant PVC material. An air pump is usually used to fill the mattress with air. It is usually recommended to use during outdoor vacations and camping trips because it is easily transportable and a lot more comfortable than sleeping bags.

So, if you’re planning to buy one anytime soon, you’d best have a look:

Size matters

Air mattresses do not vary much from traditional mattresses in terms of size. If you have the space to accommodate a large air bed inside the house, go for the king or queen size. Air beds are usually sold in their airless state. When flat, air beds may look wider than they really are so it would be best to go for bigger ones. With a wider sleeping space, you’re sure to sleep better – and this goes for every other mattress out there.

Also consider how far you want your air mattress from the ground. Double-high air mattress are usually further from the ground at 18 inches.

Better when framed

Cheaper air mattresses are usually unframed but we suggest you look for framed ones. You’ll know it’s framed when the mattress is inflated and the corners feel pretty solid. Framed air mattresses provide what is known as the “orthopedic effect” and will help position your spine correctly as you sleep. Plus, framed air mattresses are more durable.

 Self-inflatable or manual

Unless you’ve got enough muscle power to pump it manually yourself, better buy an air mattress that can automatically inflate itself when plugged into an outlet.

If you’re asked to choose between the manual or machine type of assembly, always go for machine. This type of air mattress is typically sold at a higher price but rest-assured, it serves more than what you pay for. Manual types are usually assembled at the place of purchase but better opt for the machine-type assembly.

Material and Comfort

Air mattresses are usually made out of PVC material but there are those with a velvety surface – which is, of course, softer and more comfortable. Not to mention, objects made out of PVC or nylon material create some sort of squeaky sound when you move in them and that can affect the quality of your sleep. Also, take into consideration that the mattress should be waterproof (as most are) and durable enough to withstand a night’s rest without losing half the air you’ve pumped into it.

Think innovatively

With today’s technology, even air mattresses get their own evolution. We now have air mattresses with USB ports for users and guests to charge their gadgets with while they are sleeping. Others have pretty neat nightlights at the end of each bed to help you find your way to the bathroom (or the refrigerator) late at night. How to pump air in should also be a major concern.

However, air mattresses are increasingly becoming popular for home use. Many people keep one or use one because it comes really handy, especially for those with relatives visiting every once in a while. Others use it as a bed because the even distribution of air helps keep the bed leveled thus decreasing the risk of body pain after waking up the next day.

Benefits of air mattresses

  • Allows you the flexibility of adjusting the firmness of your bed at the push of a button. You can make your bed as soft or as hard as you want it to be easily.
  • They allow for flexible usage. Air mattresses can be deflated and taken whenever which is why they really ideal for camping and road trips. Also suitable to have for the extra visiting friends and relatives.
  • They are convenient. they are light weight and don’t take up much space for storage not to mention you can easily add an extra bed almost anywhere with an air mattress.
  • No craters formed with years of use. You know how the mattress kind of shrinks, sinks and forms a depression with years of use? You won’t have this kind of problem with an air mattress because all you have to do is inflate it to your desired firmness.
  • They are durable can can last twice as many years as the usual spring and latex mattresses. Thanks to the PVC material used to make air mattresses, they can usually last several years before you ever need to replace your air mattress. In fact is is more likely that your air pump will need replacement first before your air mattress. Good thing those are cheap.

As much as air mattresses have advantages, they also have disadvantages;

  • Shorter warranties compared to the spring and latex mattresses.


Air mattresses are terrific and all, but you still might want to seek other alternatives. Whatever your decision may be, just remember to choose something you’d be happy with. Also, don’t just take our word for it; go out and see for yourself. But don’t forget to bring these nifty tips with you to help you make the right choice!


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