How to Buy a Toilet Seat

 toilet seat

Creative as we are, we always like to personalize things. We often buy according to our preferences and our purchases usually tell a lot about who we are as people inside and outside the home. This is not limited to clothing and accessorizing, we like to imprint our personality in everything we do – be it working, organizing, and refurbishing the home. As much as we’re excited to share a whole lot of home purchasing tips with you, we’ll go about it one by one (in detail) starting with the seemingly underrated task of buying a toilet seat. If you think that buying this particular item is easy-peasy, you might want to reconsider that thought.

Not to sound too grim but buying the wrong toilet seat may have more adverse consequences than buying the wrong sofa. Toilet seats, in a way, are already uncomfortable so you don’t want to get stuck with one that quadruples the discomfort. You’d be surprised how tedious seat covers actually are.

But do not fret; today we will share to you some important notes you can bring with you to the bathroom retail outlet.

Before you even plan on buying a toilet seat, review your reasons first. Are you buying to replace a very old one? Or did the seat break? If your reason is the former then better check the toilet’s model first and if the seat is the only thing that needs replacement. If you think that the toilet itself is too worn out and may retire sometime soon, better look for a new toilet instead. If your reason is the latter and it is not due to circumstance, jot down the brand and material of what you bought. You might want to steer away from those during your trip to the market. Anyway, if you simply want a new toilet seat just for the love of it, then this article’s for you.

How to measure for a new toilet seat

Let’s do a little math (I don’t like this part either). Just like anything else in life, toilet seats have numbers or measurements. These numerical digits are actually very important when choosing the right purchase, especially if you’re using it as a replacement for an old one. You should measure the circumference of the toilet bowl accurately if you don’t want the seat cover to go right into the bowl.

Basically there are two options you can choose from:

  • The round toilet bowl which is 16.5 inches long
  • The elongated toilet bowl which is 18.5 inches long

Note that both measurements are from the mid-front point of the bowl to the mid-back point of the bowl (where the screws are usually at). This part is the easy one. The challenge is on the sides so be sure to measure to avoid return visits to your provider.

Aside from these common two, there are actually some toilets that are uniquely shaped. This is because some manufacturers like to work their creative juices. Downside of this kind is that when a part is broken, you usually have to place a special order for replacement which kind of doubles the hassle.

When yo go to buy a toilet seat, be mindful of the material, always take that into account. Toilet seatsWooden Toilet Seats are quite varied nowadays. You can buy ones made out of plastic, wood if you’re feeling crafty or even marble if you’ve got deep pockets. However, convenience and comfort is always the matter of concern. If you have experienced using wooden seats you’d know its biggest adversary – cleaning agents! Yes, that’s right. When cleaning out a bathroom you cannot avoid spilling some bleach at unintended places and this causes serious damage in wooden fixtures overtime. On the other hand, compared to plastic which is the cheaper choice, wood is much cozier to sit on and not to mention durable.

Lastly, don’t forget to go for a great look. While the shape and size may not be so flexible, colors and designs are. Try to choose something not too plain or too flashy. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the same color as the toilet but a well-coordinated combination of colors will create a nice atmosphere. For instance, if you’d like to make the bathroom look a little romantic with pink and red hues, why not change the toilet seat to something similar as well. Just make sure the toilet has an accommodating color like black or white. Or you can go all bare and natural with earth colors such as beige and cream. It’s your choice, find the perfect fit.

These are only helpful reminders of what you can consider before you do your purchase but the rest is up to you. Always choose quality over price. It doesn’t pay to get a toilet seat at ten bucks that you’d have to change every year or so. Go for something durable.


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