Guide on How to Buy a Bathroom Fan

The structural integrity and your health at home are dictated by the ventilation of your home from cooking, cleaning, and above all, showering pollutants. Have you ever wondered why your bathroom is not ideal for taking a shower due to the stream of humidity filling it? Proper ventilation is probably what you are lacking to transform your bathroom into a luxurious and ample place for taking a shower.It is the time you realize that, in such a condition, the showers you have in your bathroom could compromise your air quality. You can supposedly improve the airflow and reduce the humidity by acquiring a fan for your bathroom.

Often, a bathroom fan is located in the ceiling or on the wall of your bathroom to get rid of the unintended moisture to bring a pleasant environment and ensure no bacteria growth. The resulting environment will be comfortable and healthier for you and your family.

You should, however, take note of some key considerations when you go out shopping for your bathroom fan. Below is a quick look at what you should consider when buying your next bathroom fan.

The bathroom sizing

Typically, a bathroom fan is rated according to the air it can move in cubic feet per minute (CFM).  So when it comes to ratings, then you go for the best depending on the size of your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, an exhaust fan with a less CFM would be ideal for you. Conversely, a large bathroom would require an exhaust fan with the capability of generating a higher CFM.

To ensure you don’t mess up on the choice of the fan you buy for your bathroom, the size of the bathroom is usually a key consideration. For instance, the ideal fan for a bathroom floor of ten square feet one that has at least 10 CFMs. This will give your bathroom the perfect ventilation.

Be sure not to forget the bathtub and the shower area in your measurements. For the best exhaust fan for your bathroom, go for the one that replaces the entire volume of air in the room for eight times in one hour. If you buy a fan that is too small relative to your bathroom size, you will risk humid conditions since it won’t adequately remove the moisture and smells in the room. It will also mean running for long hours risking the motor to wear and tear.

The features of the fan

Modern-day bathroom fans are designed with a couple of features which increase the convenience and efficiency of operation to make your bathroom a comfortable and luxurious one. Such include a switch timer, humidity and motion sensors, integrated lighting.

Depending on your preferences, all the aforementioned are available for you. Whereas the humidity sensor will monitor the bathroom humidity and trigger the fan on if the humidity goes beyond a particular level, the motion sensor monitors whenever a person goes inside the bathroom and then it turns on the fan or the lighting. Besides, there is a timer switch to ensure your fan runs continually for the specified time. For the convenient control of all the functions, you will receive a separate switch for the purpose.

The fan’s noise level

Am sure you never want to have a fan that sounds like a generator in your bathroom. This tells you that you should be keen when shopping for your fan to avoid such. You will need to be considerate of the noise level and make sure you go for the model that is quiet depending on your preference.

Typically, the noise level is rated in sones. Since the sone rating is directly proportional to the noise level, you should go for a fan with a sone rating or 2 or below if If your preference is a quiet bathroom.

The Bathroom installation

With some models only suitable for being installed in the wall and others at the ceiling board, you ought to be considerate of the type of model you purchase. A typical bathroom fan has a duct adapter which links your bathroom to the duct work. You need to choose the model with the ideal size of the duct adapter for your home based on whether the installation will be done on the wall or the ceiling.

And there you have it.

Failure to use proper bathroom ventilation renders the bathroom uncomfortable and hot because of the high humidity levels. So are you going to expose yourself to that peril while you have all the information? I guess not. Harmed with the above information, you can acquire the best bathroom exhaust fan for your bathroom to save yourself against the possibility of mold which can be damaging to your home and your health especially now that modern-day showers are becoming more airtight.

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