Globon Down Comforters Review

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Table of Contents

The Globon Bedding Store produce and sell an extensive range of Globon Down Comforters. Loved for their ability to offer soft and fluffy down comforters, Globon Down Comforters give you a sense of what it’s like to be amongst the softest of clouds as you sleep!

Established back in 1998, Globon has spent years perfecting that most exquisite of down comforters spending millions on continued research and development. The result is a down comforter which they believe to be the best bedding filling material which is a more natural and healthier product type for the bedroom.

A down comforter differs significantly from that of an alternative down comforter as it’s filled with feathers, mainly that of ducks and geese, and is much lighter and fluffier in comparison.

If you don’t struggle with feathers in general in your bedding and aren’t allergic to them, then a down comforter can offer exceedingly high levels of comfort throughout the night as you sleep, while additionally providing a more luxurious feel on the bed all around.

Designed to keep you warm during the winter months and then cooler during those warmer of summer of months, a down comforter may be the more expensive of selections, particularly if it’s made from the rarer choice of feathers from geese. However, it’s certainly a most worthwhile investment.

When you select a down comforter, you are choosing a product type which not only works at keeping you both warm and cool combined but which also remains incredibly fluffy over its years of use, without becoming stiff.

Here we introduce you to four of those best rated Globon Down Comforters available on Amazon, which we feel are some of the best and top-rated down comforters that the Globon Bedding Store has to offer.

 1. Best for Winter: Globon Winter White Goose Down Comforter

Top of the range and the costlier on the list is Globon’s Winter White Goose Down Comforter. If you’re looking for a perfect goose down comforter for your Queen of King sized bed to keep you warm and toasty throughout the colder of seasons, this winter choice may just be the one for you! Globon Down Comforters Reviews

Claimed to be the future of bedding, this is Texcote Nano-treated, meaning it offers a staggering 20% increase in fluffiness when compared to those down comforters that aren’t treated. This also makes it an entirely water and moisture repellent choice, and therefore fast drying.

The fabric used here is 100% cotton with its sateen weaving and offers a 400-thread count, ensuring that it remains soft, luxurious, and ultimately cozy in design. Safety certified this is 100 OEKO-TEX Standard, as well as hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Additionally, with a baffle box design, the 700-fill power is maximumly distributed for warmth. The features of this design also contribute to attach duvet covers with piping and four corner tabs easily.

At a great size of 106 x 90 inches for the King size and 90 x 90 inches for the Queen size down comforter, this is larger sized product which thoroughly keeps you in comfort throughout the night and offers generous warmth during those colder months. Yet,it’s incredibly light to the touch. This is the aspect where Globon feel their down comforter resembles that of a cloud!


  • This is the perfect goose down comforter for winter use.
  • Very fluffy– thanks to the 700 fill power and the Texcote Nano-treatment.
  • Very soft with a luxurious look and feel– It features a satin-weave cotton with 400 thread count to give you a comforter that is soft, luxurious and cozy  to sleep with.
  • Water repellent and fast-drying– This is made possible by the Texcote nano-treated white goose down filling.
  • Anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic with reduced odor– Not only is this goose down comforter an enemy of bacterial, but it can never be home to those pesky allergens like dust mites. This makes this comforter the ideal choice for allergy sufferers.
  • Even distribution and warmth at all times- The baffle box design prevents the shifting of the fill to allow for maximum loftiness of the filling for equal distribution of heat.


  • May not be the best comforter for all season use.

Customer Feedback

Customers of the Globon King Sized Winter Down Comforter claim this to be one of the best down comforters they’ve ever owned! With the filling at a perfect level and the overall result extremely puffy, this is the one down comforter which many swear by throughout the winter months.

2. Best for Summer: Globon Summer Down Comforter

Once again, near the top of the price range is Globon’s Summer Goose Down Comforter. If you’re looking for something that is a more cooling option throughout those warmer of seasons, then this choice is the more lightweight and refreshing of down comforter offerings. Globon Summer Down Comforter

This particular choice is claimed to be a quieter and softer version of perfect down comforters from the Globon range and therefore ensures a peaceful and more comfortable night’s sleep as a result.

Once again, this one uses a Texcote-Nano treatment in its make-up which means a 20% increase in overall fluffiness and a more water repellent and moisture repellent comforter as a result.

Aimed at providing an adequate layer over those summer months, this is a 106 x 90 inches King comforter or a 90 x 90 inches for Queen, which has an overall lighter weight of 18 ounces and 14 ounces respectively. Its 700-fill power is also anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, and a reduced odor.

To complete the beautiful design of this down comforter, box stitching is elegantly added which not only looks great as a complete finish but also works to prevent the inside filling from shifting. This encourages a whole and even fill throughout as you sleep, meaning no lumps and bumps to be felt.

With nice piping and four corner tabs, you can also be assured that your duvet will not shift throughout the night but rather stay anchored.

Globon does remind customers that this is the lightweight version of their down comforter and therefore perhaps not the most suitable for those extreme colder months.


  • Very lightweight and therefore ideal for summer use.
  • Super soft touch shell cover.
  • Moisture repellent and fast drying.
  • It’s fluffy.
  • Beneficial properties including anti – bacterial, hypoallergenic and reduced odor.
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers due to the hypoallergenic properties.
  • Silent and down Proof fabric  cover.
  • Baffle box design for even warmth.


  • May be too lightweight for winter use.

Customer Feedback

Customers of the Globon King Sized Summer Down Comforter highly rate this as the perfect companion for those summer months, with it offering just the right amount of comfort and the best temperature possible. Considered a high quality down comforter the lack of noise present in this choice is also well received.

3. Best Affordable: Globon Medium Warmth Down Comforter, Lavender Scented

At the lower end of the price scale and offering a compromise between warm and cold, Globon’s medium warmth rating down comforter is the perfect alternative for those looking for an all year round choice of comforter with a difference! Globon Medium Warmth Down Comforter, Lavender Scented

Available in Twin, King and Queen sizes, it offers a delightful lavender scent throughout. Designed to be noticed throughout your sleep to enhance your sleeping quality, this lavender scent is not overpowering throughout the day and often goes unnoticed. It is specially designed to be released when the comforter senses friction, therefore aiding your sleep through its natural essential oils which are sourced from Provence.

However,what’s great about this particular down comforter is its medium weight which is adequate at just the right fill to ensure coverage for all four seasons!

With a high quality white duck down 600-fill power, this 100% cotton down comforter offers the perfect balance and provides you with added warmth throughout those colder months and ultra-coolness and refreshing qualities during those warmer months.

With all the usual Globon finishing’s, such as baffle box designing, piping, and four corner tabs, this a thoroughly healthy offering with quality white duck down used in its makeup.

Globon believe that you will not find another down comforter offering the many qualities of this particular product for anywhere near the same superiority, neither the same low price!


  • Lightweight with medium warmth rating perfect for all season use.
  • Very affordable compared to other comforters of the same quality.
  • 100% soft cotton, down-proof and hypo-allergic shell cover.
  • Subtle Lavender scent.
  • Soft and breathable.
  • It is machine washable.
  • Baffle box design for even distribution of filling.


  • There have been complaints from customers, that the Lavender scent is only subtle to completely non existent for some.

Customer Feedback

Even though some customers are unlucky and don’t get comforters with the Lavender scent, those lucky with the Globon King Sized Medium Down Comforter find this a delightful choice of down comforters, with the fantastic benefit of a calming lavender scent as an extra advantage. It’s also claimed to be perfect for offering the right balance of temperature throughout every season.

4. Best for All Year Round Use: Globon All Season Down Comforter

For a visually stunning and down comforter with a difference, Globon sells a white goose down comforter which is finished in a stunning turquoise blue and is perfect for use throughout the seasons. Globon Fusion White Goose Down Comforter for twin and Queen

The queen-sized down comforter is a 90 x 90 inches with 600 fill power and a mid-range 45 ounces in weight, while the Twin size is 68″x 90″ inches with a 600 fill power as well and 35 oz fill weight.

Comprised of a combination of 20 % cotton and 80% polyester, this slightly different makeup offers a lighter and softer outer shell which provides lightweight during the warmer months and a maximum warmth during those colder of months.

With a 300-thread count, the filling of this down comforter is fantastic as it has a Suprelle Fusion of a 51/49 blend of the highest quality white goose down, along with the most down like material.

Produced and invented by ADVANSA, this down comforters’ fusion is closely correlated to Supreme Cocoon which is a most remarkable visual look, alongside its feel and performing qualities. It also ensures a thoroughly cleaner and healthier environment when placed in the bedroom as it has gone through a vigorous dedusting, metal removing, and high-pressure sterilization before it is packed up for shipping!

Suprelle Fusion ensures that this comforter has better moisture vapor transport performance,as a result, therefore, providing increased breathability, at a vast three times higher than standard natural products. This ensures optimal comfort throughout the many years of using this more durable of down comforters.

Incredibly soft, breathable, re-fluffable, and hypo-allergenic its baffle box design also works to ensure an even and fully distributed fill throughout your sleep, and the addition of piping and four corner tabs creates that most perfect of finishes on the bed.


  • Perfect for use in all seasons.
  • Extremely soft and breathable shell cover.
  • Hypo-allergenic making it perfect for those who suffer from allergies.
  • It’s machine washable.
  • Baffle box design keeps the filling from shifting and for maximum warmth.


  • The fact that it isn’t 100% goose or duck down may be a problem for some people.

Customer Feedback

Customers of the Globon All Season Down Comforter not only love the many qualities that this choice offers throughout, but the eye-catching color is a huge winner every time. It is also highly rated for its ability to work throughout all fours seasons, doing precisely what Globon state it will do for every month of the year!

Now of course, these aren’t the only Globon down comforters that Globon Bedding Store has in the market, there are several more available. While their comforters may not be as popular as some brands, Globon down comforters are definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a new down comforters

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