15 Reasons to Buy a Full Length Mirror with Jewelry Storage

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Table of Contents

The holidays are around the corner and you may still be wondering: what’s the perfect gift to get for a loved one, particularly a wife, daughter(s), girlfriend or even mom? Might we suggest a practical full length mirror with jewelry storage?

Remember: A memorable gift is often one that meets a need. So no matter the timing, it is always well received and cherished during the festive season or otherwise. Therefore, a question that needs answering is whether they love jewelry? Do they love to dress up and accessorize? If they do, then a good starting point to blow them away and get them to remember you for years to come is with something awesome and practical like a jewelry armoire cabinet with a full length mirror.

Why a Mirrored Jewelry Armoire Cabinet?

Well, most women love to dress up to put their best foot forward when they step out. Some have to do this more frequently than others because their line of work might call for it with dinners and a host of elegant events to go to. Others like full time moms may not have to go for work related events but they still love to look great. Plus, there is always a reason to get dolled up for example, for a dinner date with hubby or for a girl’s night out. In either case, storage of jewelry can be an afterthought as accessories like earrings, bangles, rings and makeup are placed in a drawer somewhere until they are needed again.

While this may work to some degree it is often a frustration waiting to happen when one can’t find that pair of earrings that they love so much when they need it to match an outfit. Why? Because they cannot remember exactly where they kept it or they can only locate piece of the intended jewelry.

Here are  reasons why a full length mirror with storage is the perfect gift and a great purchase for a jewelry enthusiast.

Benefits of a Full Length Mirror Jewelry Armoire

  1. 2-in -1 function. A mirror and a jewelry armoire which is not only more economical but eliminates the need to get two separate units for the two functions. How thoroughly practical is that?
  2. Storage and organization. The primary reason of owning any armoire full length or not, is storage. The storage configuration may vary from one design to another, but it will generally serve to accommodate a decent amount of jewelry and in an organized fashion.
  3. Added benefit of Head-to-toe- views which means you can dress up in one place. No need to move around during your dressing up, period!
  4. Some have large storage capacities which is good news for jewelry lovers with large collections. What’s more, depending on the configurations of the unit, they can also hold a ton of cosmetics items, sunglasses, watches, perfume bottles and other small clothing items in addition to jewelry. This then…
  5. Reduces the clutter in your drawers and dressers.
  6. Ensures all your jewelry is stored in one place for easy management and accessibility which in turn…
  7. Is time saving because you will never have to deal with untangling necklaces and rummaging through drawers trying to locate a piece of jewelry that you need.
  8. Safe keeping. No tangled messes, scuffed, scratched and even damaged jewelry pieces.
  9. Some even offer secure storage as the come fitted with a locking feature complete with keys.
  10. Offer a simple and attractive way to display all your jewelry and other fashion accessories neatly.
  11. Offer a wide range of storage configurations and features. One can always choose an armoire that has their preferred storage tendencies. For instance if one loves and owns a bunch of necklaces, you can opt for a double tier hook configuration instead of one tier or a full length mirror. Whatever you want and prefer, the options are plentiful
  12. Sleek design ensures they don’t take up much space. In fact the wall and door mount jewelry armoire cabinets are reclaiming and space saving models that utilize space that would otherwise be left unused on walls and behind doors, thus….
  13. Ideal for rooms with even the most limited of spaces.
  14. The best jewelry armories cabinets are made from sturdy, high quality material to ensure durability for long term use.
  15. Accentuate the decor of a room. In more ways than one, armoires are practical but are also aesthetic furniture pieces that can accentuate and add to the decor of a room. The designs are playful and plentiful all at the same time to suit varied feminine tastes. A full length mirror brings functionality and décor to the room as light bounces of the mirror when left open to further illuminate the room. The materials used to construct a full length mirror can range from real wood to MDF or engineered wood but all of them bring a beautiful aesthetic to the armoire which results in fine interior design aspects to a room.

Here’s What to Look out for in a Jewelry Armoire

  1. Construction material

This is important as it determines the durability of the armoire as well as the craftsmanship. The materials such as wood, MDF and engineered wood are tough and bring out an aesthetically pleasing finish.

  1. Design and special features

There are many designs in both stand alone models and wall/door mount jewelry armoires  . Some designs with plenty of storage space but no full length mirror. We recommend one with a jewelry cabinet armoire that has a full length mirror so the user can be able to see their handy work fully from head to toe. Showcasing how each piece contrast affects the other in the whole outfit fosters creativity and to be honest you know what is going on with your entire look. You could also consider options with LED lights for interior illumination and a locking feature to keep your valuables secure.

  1. Storage configuration

One can expect and should look out for, tiered or double tiered hooks for hanging necklaces, neat ring slots for organized storage of rings, rod(s) for bracelets, storage compartments for perfumes and make up as well as earring holes and earring slots. Some may have a small drawer or two. The interior should be pelted with soft quality fabric such as velvet that ensures jewelry is protected.


High level craftsmanship, durable aesthetic materials and beautiful armoire designs are what make jewelry armoires such an unforgettable gift or purchase. The more beautifully crafted the armoire the more artistic it looks and with a full length mirror, that’s the ultimate practical purchase. You need a mirror to get dressed and one that shows your full length is more accommodating to creating looks compared to a smaller mirror. Plus, the mirror is often tillable to three positions offering good flexibility to the user

This is the one gift that one can hardly go wrong with when gifting the special woman in their life. The elegance off a jewelry armoire lies in the artistic design that adds to the interior decor of a space while providing a practical function such as a full length mirror that opens to a cabinet with loads of space jewelry.

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