7 Floating Bathroom Vanity Sets You’ll Love

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Table of Contents

In the wake of most decorators discovering that bathroom areas can be de-cluttered with some creative and functional bathroom vanity sets, the popularity of floating bathroom vanity sets has sky rocketed and with good reason.

Check out this fabulous suspended bathroom vanity sets for inspiration on your next new or remodeling project.

Please not that in the below reviews, all the vanity option do not come inclusive of the mirror and faucet unless mentioned so in the features. Also, they all require some semblance of assembly.

1. Modern Floating Wall Mount Single Bathroom Vanity Set

An aspect of interior design that works really well lies in finding unique approaches towards normal fixtures. This can be items that perform the same functions as their conventional counterparts but take on a different design and are installed in a thoughtful manner to deliver the best visual and aesthetic effect possible. An area of the home that presents opportunity to create something wonderful yet efficient is the bathroom vanity section.

A good example comes in the form of this Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity Set.

The gorgeous vanity set is in many ways a work of art in terms of its curious presentation that has clean cuts, artistic flair and an amazingly minimal look that does not compromise on functionality and quality.

The sink in this vanity set is made from ceramic which delivers a clean smooth look that’s endowed with rounded sink edges which are neat and are easy to clean.

The dimensions of the single bowl ceramic sink is 19.3”L x 15”W x 5.1” D.  The countertop for this set up on which the ceramic sink stands has a glossy sheen and mimics the beauty of marble.

This counter is made of faux/ synthetic marble and offers ample space to work with when doing the mundane daily things such as brushing teeth.

The storage box is constructed from engineered wood which is both tough and durable in addition to presenting an excellent finish. The box offers loads of space and is equipped with compartments on the interior for better organization of items. The storage box measures 35.4” L x 15.7” W x 9.8”H

The top of the cabinet can also serve as a shelf. It’s this sort of versatility that makes this minimalist floating design, incredibly appealing and practical.

Once fully installed this unit presents a floating impression for your vanity. That’s because from a user’s point of view, all they see is a beautiful vanity and worktop that seem to be suspended on air as the brackets holding the work top securely in place are barely visible.

The storage box delivers the same floating visual appeal. All the pieces in the unit work together, to harmoniously conjure a stunning picture of symmetry, great functionality and minimal design.

Given that a bathroom vanity is a water area, you will be glad to note that faux marble is non-porous, unlike real marbles, and so is the ceramic sink.

That coupled with the use of high quality plumbing materials, you can be assured of a divine look that complements and accentuates the rest of your bathroom decor with an excellent streamlined finish.


  • The work top area is 35.4”L x 17.7”D x 3.7”H
  • Sink is made from high quality ceramic
  • Worktop is constructed from faux marble
  • Comes with stainless brackets
  • Storage box is made from laminated engineered wood
  • Faucet not inclusive
  • Pre-drilled holes on the sink, worktop and storage box for plumbing

Customers who love and adopted this set up mentioned that not only is the entire unit suspended, but it allows a neat and well thought out installation with no visible piping. It’s worth noting that faucet in the picture does is not included in the purchase. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as it allows more creative space to choose a faucet that show cases your sense of style and one that compliments your bathroom décor and theme.

2. Wonline 16” Bathroom Vanity Sink

There are certain bathrooms or powder rooms that do not need a massive vanity area. Instead they demand for a sleek looking and minimal vanity section. For such needs, the Wonline 16” Bathroom Vanity Sink will have your interior bathroom vanity needs sorted. That’s because the design of this fixture works perfectly favor of minimalist décor needs.

The Ceramic sink does not require a worktop and is top mounted to sit directly on the cabinet below it. The sink design is rectangular with a faucet hole to the side of the sink and not on the back as is conventionally often the case.

The sink comes with a pre-drilled faucet hole offering convenient installation. It’s worth pointing out that depending on the lay of your vanity area, this unit is versatile enough to be rotated with the faucet facing to the right or left based on site needs and installers preference.

The dimensions of the ceramic sink are 16.1″L x 9.8″W x 3.6”H and the faucet height is 8”.

The cabinet fits underneath the sink and perfectly conceals any plumbing works, thus presents a neat front and fluid minimal look.

The size of the cabinet is 15.7″L x 9.6″W x 17.7”H and is made from laminated engineered wood fitted with DTC hinges. The hinges are known for their high quality offering remarkable durability and are good buffers for smooth opening and closing of the cabinet door.

The cabinet is adorned with a long horizontal silver handle that doubles up as a handle as well as a rod for hanging a towel.


  • Size of sink is 16.1″L x 9.8″W x 3.6”H.
  • Sink is made from high quality ceramic
  • Worktop not necessary is this design
  • Wall mount design
  • Storage cabinet is constructed from laminated engineered wood
  • 8 high faucet included
  • Pre-drilled holes on the sink and cabinet

Wall mounted minimal design for powder and bathroom vanities that are looking to achieve a sleek contemporary look.

3. Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity Set

Prepping for your day with this Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity Set is an absolute joy. That’s because the blend of materials used in conjunction with color play, culminates into an aesthetic vanity installation that instills beauty and an element of spaciousness to overall bathroom space.

The set up features a white ceramic oblong shaped sink with rounded curves on the corners. The sink is easy to keep clean and glistening. The one bowl ceramic sink is placed right at the center of a work top marble slab measuring 48″ L x 19.7″ D x 3.7″ H.

The black marble top has streaks of white and presents an intricate contrast with the gray suspended cabinet beneath the work top.

The suspended wooden cabinets are finished with a grey shade that augurs well with the white of the ceramic and the white streaked marble top for impressive delightful color combinations.

The cabinet has three drawers for ample storage.

The space can be conveniently used to stash your morning routine must-haves such as towels and cleaning supplies. The top surface of the cabinet box offers additional shelving space.


  • Dimensions of the marble worktop are 48″ L x 19.7″ D x 3.7″ H
  • High quality ceramic sink
  • Work top is real marble
  • Design is wall mounted and suspended
  • Storage box is made from solid wood and finished in grey
  • Faucet not inclusive
  • Pre-drilled holes on the sink, worktop and storage box for plumbing purposes

This bathroom vanity set lends a decent and cool vibe that effortlessly blends with the décor of most bathroom spaces.

4. Modern Black Bathroom Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

This Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet is the way to go when you want to create a cool, smooth vibe kissed with a touch of class in your bathroom vanity.

This set up also works well for the person who wants some sense of conventional utility but infused with class. This becomes possible because the work top is made from ceramic stone that has good fluidity with no jointing.

The ceramic sink is under-mount type and has smooth lines with a thick profile which enhances the fluidity of the design.

The ceramic stone is glossy, durable and easy to clean. The worktop material exudes plenty of character with marble like streaks. The base of the worktop is fitted with cabinets running the length of the vanity and offers plenty of storage.

The ample cabinet storage space includes 2 drawers and 2 soft-closing solid wood cabinet doors. This configuration makes organizing your daily essentials much easier.

The cabinets has a stylish smooth black finish with visible charming wood grains and adorned with brushed steel golden handles.


  • The cabinet storage area measures 39.37″L x 18.9″D x 21.66″H
  • Under-mount ceramic sink
  • Worktop is constructed from ceramic stone
  • Wall-mount design that appears suspended
  • Ample storage space in wooden cabinets with a black finish
  • Faucet not included
  • Pre-drilled holes on the sink and storage cabinet for plumbing installation

Other than the gorgeous aesthetic aspects of this vanity set up, consumers love the ample concealed storage space that comes with the wooden cabinet.

5. Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

This Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity Cabinet comes in a gorgeous design. Consumers can choose from an all-white color with detailed golden handles or composition of black and white tones with the same gold details.

The suspended bathroom vanity has a unique sophisticated look that easily infuses an air of style into a space.

The white sink is crafted from refined ceramic and arrives with an overflow to promote a bacteria free environment.

The cabinets are constructed from premium ply wood doors with excellent white or black finish and detailed steel gold handles.


  • Overall dimensions 40.1″W x 19″D x 17.72″H
  • Ceramic sink with an overflow for prevention of bacteria
  • Worktop is made of ceramic
  • Suspension design with detailed gold handles
  • Storage cabinet has 3 doors made from premium plywood
  • Faucet is not inclusive
  • Ceramic sink has pre-drilled holes for easy plumbing

This is an excellent option for  bathroom vanity that needs plenty of storage space.

6. Black Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

For those who prefer the drop sink type for the bathroom vanity, you will love how seamless the ceramic worktop and the drop sink merge into one another.

The edge of the worktop is slightly raised to ensure that straying water stays within the confines of the worktop and prevents it from dripping on to the cabinets.

The ceramic sink comes in several sizes small, medium and large. The small sink option measures 18.9” L x 11.02” W. Beneath the sink and worktop is a neat 2 door rectangular cabinet that offers plenty of concealed storage.

The door handles are polished steel in gold color and the door face design gives the impression of louvers for exquisite charm.


  • The ceramic small sink option measures 18.9” L x 11.02”W. Available also in medium and large sizes
  • Sink is made from high quality ceramic
  • Worktop are constructed from ceramic
  • Suspended design comes inclusive of steel rods for installation
  • Rectangular storage cabinet is made from laminated engineered wood
  • Faucet is not included
  • Pre-drilled holes on the sink, worktop and storage box for plumbing needs

The simplicity and minimalism of this unit is both space saving and elegant.

7. Wall Mount Single Bathroom Vanity Set

For those who fancy for minimal designs that save space, are artistic and still accomplish function, then you are likely to fall in love with this Bathroom Vanity Set.

The bathroom vanity comes with a white ceramic placement sink that sits on a white base made from stone resin.

Beneath the sink is a black wooden shelf which serves as storage space.  The compact design of the sink and shelf in conjunction with the suspended installation presents a gorgeous minimal look which also saving plenty of space. The unit comes with suspension brackets for easy installation.


  • Overall size of this vanity is 23.6″ W x 15.7″ D
  • Sink is crafted from high quality ceramic
  • Worktop is constructed from stone resin
  • Comes with stainless steel brackets for wall mounting
  • Storage shelf is made from laminated engineered wood
  • Faucet is not included
  • Available with Pre-drilled holes on the sink and base

This vanity set up is ideal for bathrooms as well as powder rooms that need to space on save or want an aura of spaciousness and minimalist décor.


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