4 Elegant California King Size Comforter Sets You’ll Love

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Table of Contents

Looking for a beautiful California King Comforter Set? Check out these 4 finds we think are absolutely practical  interms of aesthetics and function.

1. Chezmoi Collection 7-Piece White with Black Floral Flocking Comforter Set

This Chezmoi Collection 7-Piece set is one of those artistic comforter sets that will add elegant flare into your bedroom. It has beautiful stark contrast that can be used in black and white bedroom color themes. But the build is quite versatile and the set comes in other colors such as burgundy black or purple black to suit numerous decors and color schemes in a space.Chezmoi Collection 7-Piece White with Black Floral Flocking Comforter Set

For a complete dress down of your bed, this unit will work great because it comes with a bed skirt, pillow case and shams as well as a massive comforter. The fabric used in the set’s construction is 100% polyester. This already assures you of remarkable quality that can go the distance and allows for low maintenance.

Over and above the material being breathable and wicking moisture for blissful cool sleep, it also takes well to numerous and frequent washes.

You bed will always look neat and glam as polyester does not wrinkle and has a subtle luster that adds to the aesthetic look. The comforter is well constructed with a white backdrop while the center is adorned with a velvety black floral flocking and striking black vertical strips for borders which bring out beautiful contrast.

The massive pillow case, neck roll and two shams do an excellent job of accenting the entire design for fabulous display.

If you are looking for a comforter set that completely dresses your bed with artistic elegance and complements the rest of the décor in your room, it’s hard to go wrong with this artful selection.


  • This is a California king size comforter centered with floral flocking
  • The comforter’s dimensions are 104” by 98”. The comforter can be availed in full/queen/king/double
  • Fabric used in construction is 100% polyester
  • The 7 piece comforter includes; 1 comforter/ 1 bed skirt/ 1 pillow cases/ 1 neck roll/ 2 shams
  • Machine wash friendly and low maintenance
  • Available in several colors; white black/ aqua black/ purple black/ burgundy black

Irrespective of what size you opt for based on your bed, you will find the size of this comforter to be generous with a good over hang on all sides of your bed. The bed skirt picks up where the overhang ends and helps delivers a fluid design and aesthetic flow.

Customer feedback

Customer who settled on this selection liked that the comforter is not too thick or too thin. It has a moderate puff that adequately keeps you warm without overheating. The comforter looks beautiful and neat on the bed. The black stripes align well to the edges of the bed for a symmetrical look. Customers, who bought more than one set, also liked the assortment of color combination that can be used in different bedrooms in the house.

2. GrandLinen 7 Piece Cal King Size Animal Print Comforter Set

Do you take pride in dressing your bed to perfection? If so you are likely to fall in love with the Grand Linen 7 Piece Animal Print Comforter. This California king size comforter set will have your bedroom looking amazing as it presents fabulous color contrast that injects a touch of class to any bedroom.GrandLinen 7 Piece Cal King Size Animal Print Comforter Set

The pieced set comprises of a fluffy comforter, bed skirt and numerous throw pillows. What is so striking about this set is the way the earthy colors blend with the white and black in a beautiful display of art. The print mimics the fur pattern on wild animals such as zebra, cheetah, and leopard. This is done in a patchwork fashion such that the animal prints are repeated randomly across the design for a rich outcome.

The velvet polyester used for this set helps accentuate the animal theme even further. The unit feels soft to the touch and gentle on the skin. The aesthetic display is visually appealing. Smart and lively in a rich subdued way. The bed skirt is in a solid earthy dark brown shade that deepens contrast in the bed set. The pillow cases share the same print and are finished with flanged edges for a beautiful look.

The ensemble is finished with decorative pillows that match the bed skirt. What makes this comforter so visually stunning is the blend of colors, patterns and impeccable craftsmanship.


  • This is an elaborate California king size spread with animal print patterns
  • Dimensions on the comforter are 104 inches x 90 inches. The comforter set is also available in king size
  • The comforter is made from 100% polyester velvet with matching fabric on the accessories
  • It is a 5 Piece comforter that comes with; 1 comforter, 1 bed skirt, 2 pillow shams and 3 accent pillows
  • It is machine washable making care very easy
  • Comes in animal patterned print in patch design featuring zebra, cheetah and leopard

The comforter has an alternative down fill of poly-fiber which gives it good breathability. Its ability to effectively aerate and wick moisture makes sleeping cool in warm weather so much possible. The fill material also provides adequate insulation when you need warmth in winter.

Customer feedback

Users who bought this item appreciated the overall aesthetic build of the set. They mentioned that the comforter has a moderate weight and the velvety polyester finish which is comfortable to sleep under. The animal print adds elegance to the room and users loved the ease with which it blends into numerous decors and complements other decorative features such as furniture, tile, walls and floors in the bedroom. The material stands up well to machine washing and is durable. This makes maintenance of the set very easy. Customers also appreciated that the set can be found in a king size option as well.

3. Amrapur Overseas 8-Piece Sophie Comforter Set

For some people, dressing up the bed is not just a mundane activity but an opportunity to get creative and display fashion without compromising on utility or comfort. If you love your California king size bed looking all spiffy and inviting, then you ought to give the Amrapur Overseas 8-Piece Sophie Comforter set some consideration.Amrapur Overseas 8-Piece Sophie Comforter Set

While this sort of elaborate display on a comforter set may not be for everyone, one can’t help acknowledge that this piece is a work of art. The design, stitching and ornamental aspects are nothing short of exquisite. For those who have have the palate for meticulous designing and elegant presentation with a flair of artistry on a bedding set, then this comforter set is certainly for you.

Your bedroom will look glam with feminine delight. The comforter’s surface is textured with pleating made possible by bar tacking details that can only be accomplished by seasoned artisans. The fabric used in this set is microfiber. The design gives the comforter and accessories a gorgeous lived in look because of the numerous pleats.

The textures surface still presents a highly smooth fabric that is pleasant to the touch. Beyond the beauty of the comforters detailing, this shell is stuffed with a high quality fill that brings about the fluffy look and impressive cloud feel. The fill is 100% polyester and apportioned generously at 200 grams per square meter.

Polyester fill is light, breathable and fast drying. For people who are prone to allergy reactions from feathered fill such as goose down, this is an excellent alternative in that respect because you are less likely to suffer from bedding related allergies when using this bedding set. The quality fill coupled with a soft, durable and comfortable microfiber shell guarantees ultra-comfort all year round.

While the design may come across as delicate, it’s not. The tacks are stitched firmly and are not about to come apart. Even after washing this set, it will still assume the design folds as you see them and look just as good even after numerous washes. The colors hold fast, the material and design are not fazed by the washing machine. So you can be sure that you will be enjoying this spectacular design on your bed for many years.

The set is easy to care for because it is machine wash friendly. You can clean this bed set in a flash by simply throwing it into the machine wash on a gentle cycle and with cold water. You can tumble it dry or opt to sun dry. Both options work to give a gorgeous bed spread that is clean and fresh.


  • Available in California king size with gorgeous tacks and flower patterns
  • The dimensions for the comforter are 104 inches by 92 inches. Also comes in king size
  • The fabric used 100% microfiber with silky smoothness
  • The 7 Piece comforter comprises of; 1 comforter, 1 bed Skirt, 2 king shams, 2 decorative pillows, cushion, 2 euro shams and 1 boudoir decorative pillow
  • Offers easy maintenance with machine washing
  • Available in a beautiful sand color

Dressing up your bed in a tasteful, classy yet cozy fashion has never been easier. That’s no doubt thanks to this awesome display of artistry from the Amrapur Overseas Sophie Comforter Set.

Customer feedback

While loving the design and the whole ensemble, some customers admitted to being worried about the durability as the design can come across as a touch flimsy. But after having the comforter for almost a month and following several machine washes, customers reported in delight that the set and design is not at all delicate. The set washed and dried well and is still beautiful with pleats fully intact. Customers also pointed out that the tailoring of this set is superb. If you are not a calm sleeper and tend to toss, turn and pull, this will still work for you because it is well constructed and the material has good toughness all around. The comforter is said to be very fluffy and warm  comes highly recommended.

4. Wake In Cloud Marble California King Size Comforter Set

Wake In cloud comforter sets are renowned for their simplicity and minimalism. They make for excellent gifts because they are not complex both in design and patterns and are very reasonably prized while delivering great value.Wake In Cloud Marble California King Size Comforter Set

If you are looking to score some simple elegance without breaking the bank, then you may very well have found the perfect comforter for your bedroom.

This set is made from 100% microfiber which offers a smooth lustrous surface that is both stain resistant and fade proof. Microfiber is a good choice if you are looking for a set that is low maintenance, durable and color fast. Furthermore, with microfiber, you will never have to worry about creases as the material is naturally wrinkle resistant.

The set includes 1 comforter with 2 pillow cases. Other than a resilient and lustrous fabric, the illustrious marble print adds color, style and a simple artful elegance that will effortlessly bring character and brightness to a room. This comforter exudes the same fluidity and randomness that makes polished marble stone such a beautiful sight to touch and gaze at.

The comforter spreads easy on your bed and is generously sized to drape around your bed with a welcoming comfort. The white back drop with grey black patterns has a beautiful endearing look. The fabric is soft and therefore gentle on the skin. Microfiber is breathable and effectively wicks moisture for cool sleeping.

The comforter is moderately padded with poly-fiber fill for puffy feel and look which adds to both the aesthetic appeal of the set as well as comfort. The two matching pillow cases complete the set. For a minimalist who appreciates comfort and simplicity in design this is an excellent buy as it delivers on the comfort end as well.


  • Gorgeous marble print comforter set in California king size
  • The dimensions of the comforter are 104 inches in length by 98 inches in wide. The comforter set can also be purchased in queen, king, twin and full
  • It is made from 100% microfiber
  • This 3 Piece comforter comes with; 1 comforter and 2 pillow cases
  • Easy to clean by hand or washing machine
  • Available in white background and grey black marble print

It’s worth noting that this comforter set is hypoallergenic and a good alternative to goose down. You can sleep cooler and allergen free for deeper sleep. The fabric is easy to maintain given that it is Machine wash friendly.

As part of care, it is recommended that you don’t use bleach on this bedding unit. This comforter set can be air dried or tumbled dry on low for ultimate freshens. The material stands up well to frequent washing while ensuring that you enjoy a luxurious look and fresh baby soft beddings for a long time to come.

Customer feedback

Users who got this unit mentioned that they were looking for a comforter and matching pillows only. It is not often that you come across a minimal set that has emphasized quality, aesthetic and comfort. This comforter set fits the bill for easy care and a gorgeous look. Customers loved the light weight of the comforter as it is usable even in the summer without overheating. Customers added that the hypoallergenic feature facilitates better sleep even to those susceptible to bedding related allergies.

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