5 Effective Ways to Make Your Bedroom Relaxing

The bedroom is an important space for both physical and mental health. It is where you get the right amount of sleep to let your body recover and prepare for the next day. It is also where the mind gets a chance to relax and enter a healing process through sleep. Therefore, it is important to make sure the bedroom is a safe, comfortable, and relaxing space.

The bed is key

Start with a comfortable bed. This doesn’t have to be the most expensive or state-of-the-art bed. It depends on individual taste as to what makes a bed comfortable. Choosing a good quality mattress within your budget is crucial. This is where your body will lay for 8 hours a night so it needs to be more than anything, agreeable.

As well as the mattress, soft and warm cushions, pillows, blankets, and throws add those personal comforts. Having a favorite color blanket or cute cushion that brings a smile to your face helps to get you relaxed before bed. Think about soft and cozy things and avoid beaded or scratch bed decorations. Anything that causes irritation should not be in the bedroom.

The colors of the room

Next, use calming colors around the room. While it is fine to have some feature colors such as a favorite pink photo frame or a bright blue lamp, the majority of the space should be colored with neutrals. Think shades of pale blues and greens, stylish grays, and pastels. These help to create a natural tone and bring the mind back to thinking about relaxing places such as the woods or the beach.

The colors of the room also apply to the drapes or curtains. These should be fixed so that they can control the amount of light let in. Allowing light in the morning is a positive habit to get into. The morning light can bring relaxation with it and start the day off on a healthy note. That being said, curtains and drapes should also be effective enough to block the light out so that the brain isn’t affected by light while sleeping at night.

Accessorize around

Another good idea is to have some plants in the bedroom. This doesn’t mean you need to become an expert green-thumb overnight. Rather, just having a few plants such as succulents or other low maintenance ones such as Chinese evergreens or peace lilies. These promote a positive energy and soothe the mood of the bedroom.

In terms of lighting, try using some low-light bulbs. These create a different ambience before getting into bed. Of course, if you want to read in bed before going to sleep, a brighter bulb is important. However, after reading and winding down, some fairy lights or dim lights can encourage the body to slow down and peacefully enter a REM sleep.

One accessory that we tend to carry everywhere with us these days is the smartphone. Technology is fundamental to many things that we do throughout the day, but it is fundamentally unnecessary when trying to go to sleep. Making the bedroom a technology-free zone can promote better sleep and enhanced relaxation. Having artificial light from television, laptops, and phones tricks the brain into thinking it is still awake and messes with the overall sleeping pattern. Keeping these out of the bedroom is  a positive behavior to enforce.

Clear the clutter

 Something that happens very easily around the home is clutter. This is a result of everyday living and is hard to avoid. While clutter happens, it doesn’t have to be negative or destructive to relaxation. The bedroom needs to be a place that is free from clutter. If a pile of papers appear, put them out in the living room or somewhere else. This way, clutter won’t interfere with relaxing by bringing any frustrated emotions to the surface before going to bed.

Regular cleaning also comes into play here. Sweeping or vacuuming the floors on a regular basis prevents any dust build up and nasty toxins from remaining. A relaxing room doesn’t have to be compulsively cleaned, but attending to cleaning needs every week or two creates a better space to relax in.

Embrace different scents

One highly effective way to relax is to use candles and scents. Soothing the senses relaxes the mind and the body. Placing a few candles by the bed, lit and blown out before falling asleep, can help to spread a positive vibe through the room. Other scents in diffusers or incense including vanilla, lavender, and jasmine are proven to have positive effects when trying to relax.





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