Down Comforter Vs. Alternative Down Comforter-Difference Between a Down Comforter & An Alternative

A good night’s sleep is the ultimate investment you can make for your body’s energy levels which are needed to have an effective tomorrow. This is why it is important that your bedding is carefully chosen and prepared for a good night’s sleep every day. It directly impacts not only your sleep but also your posture, overall health and comfort and as well. Using the right comforter also adds a touch of style and sophistication to your bedroom.

A proper set of bedding complete with a down comforter or a down alternative is often a splurge, but worth it for the comfort they bring. The most basic difference between a down comforter and an alternative is the price. In this article, we talk about several differences between the two, so you can make an informed decision when you make your next purchase.

The fill

The authenticity of a good quality down comforter depends on its fill. Down Comforters are filled with the soft, fine and fully feathers located under the feathers of birds in order to hold the heat in and keep them warm in cold weather. Most commonly, these down feathers are taken from geese and ducks. The quality of an authentic down comforter is measured by its fill power. This includes how much down feathers are included in a cubic inch of the comforter. The higher this number is, the more warmth and comfort that you can expect.

A down alternative uses a synthetic alternative for the down feathers, which are not as effective. However, you can still go for an alternative with a high fill power for a considerable high level of warmth.

The exterior

With an organic and natural filling such as a duck or geese down feathers, authentic down comforters have a limited range of fabric exteriors which can be used to give maximum durability and the warming effect. The most common exteriors used in down comforters are silk and luxury cotton variations such as Egyptian and Pima cotton. With synthetic down alternative comforters, there is a wider range of fabric exteriors such as polyester and fleece, lowering the overall price of the product.

Warmth Provided

Due to the premium materials and the filling used, authentic down comforters tend to provide the kind of warmth that is virtually impossible to match by their synthetic alternatives. This is the main difference between a down comforter and an alternative. If a good level of warmth is important to you, the splurge for a proper down comforter is truly worth it. However, if you do not require a high level of holding the heat due to the specific climate or the environment that you live in, it would make sense to go for an alternative.


Let’s face it, getting a good quality comforter costs a good amount of money, even if it is an alternative. This is why the durability factor is important when you are considering the purchase. An authentic down comforter requires an added effort when it comes to maintenance since poor maintenance can affect its durability. This means you will need to spend an extra ongoing amount of money in order to properly and securely clean the comforter.

A synthetic alternative, however, does not demand a rigorous maintenance and cleaning requirements. Also, it is far more affordable to replace a damaged alternative than an authentic down comforter. This is an important factor to be considered when it comes to getting a comforter.

Looks and Style

Last but not least, the appearance and the touch of style your comforter adds to your bedroom is something that is definitely important. Both down comforters and alternatives come in a large variety of styles and colors to match the theme of your bedroom. Original down comforters, however, tend to have more sophisticated quilting styles that can add more elegance to your bedding. If the look and feel of luxury are important to you in your bedroom, a good down comforter is a purchase that you will not regret.

If you are merely going for a good quality and minimal comforter that provides warmth, there are many great quality alternatives in the market that you can opt for.

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