Difference Between King Size Bed and California King Size Bed


Sleep acts as a natural remedy for most body conditions. Getting quality sleep gives your body more room to heal and perform other functions fast. Quality sleep can be guaranteed by sleeping for the recommended number of hours in a comfortable environment. The prescribed time for quality rest is approximately 6-8 hours for adults and 7-9 hours for children and teenagers. A comfortable sleeping environment should have proper lighting, clean beddings, and adequate sleeping space. When it comes to sufficient sleeping space, there are various beds or mattress sizes you can pick. A bigger bed size is recommended as the standard sleeping space for people with different sleeping habits.

The two popular types of big size beds include king size bed and California king size bed. Many find a hard time telling which one is bigger between the two. At times, they might pick the wrong bed choice despite the bigger size. You will find an imperceptible dissimilarity when it comes to the general size of these two beds. The California king size bed which is also referred to as the ‘‘Western king” is narrow and lengthy compared to the king size bed popularly known as the ‘‘Eastern king.” The differences in these two beds not only come in their measurements but other aspects. Let us look at the differences between the king size bed and California western king bed and find out which one is the best for you.

Size and dimensions

California western king bed is 72 inches (183cm) wide with a length of 84 inches (214cm). The estimated width per person for the western king is 36 inches which is 91 cm. The king-size bed is 76 inches (193 cm) wide and 80 inches (203 cm) long. Its estimated width per person is 38 inches (97 cm). The California king size bed is four inches longer than the king size bed. What makes the king size bed stand out is the size of its width compared to the California western king bed. Your body size should guide you in picking the right bed.


California western king beds have proved to be costly compared to the eastern king. They are a rare commodity in the market, which makes them expensive. The mattresses used on these beds fall under the same price range despite the variation in pricing of the beds. Price difference can also be as a result of their maintenance costs. For instance, the western king bed is slightly expensive because it is hard to find some of its spare parts. You may also find a hard time looking for the bed sheets to be used for this type of bed. Those looking for a pocket-friendly bed can go for the king size bed.


One is advised to leave a walking space from their bedside. The standard walking space around your bed should at least be 2 feet which is approximately 61 cm. Both of them make up the standard sizes that can be used in most residences. The height of your body can guide you in choosing one with the right dimensions. The California western king bed is more suitable for people who are 6 feet and above. The extra inches in terms of length will suit them perfectly. It is also said to be suitable for rooms that are long and small in width. If you prefer sleeping closer to your spouse or partner, then the California western king bed is the best for you.

Bedroom space

You should use your bedroom space to determine the size of bed you want to buy. If your room is small, then you should consider moving into a house with a larger bedroom space. Both types of beds are mostly used in master bedrooms which are designed to fit their size. Make sure you have a measuring tape to take the measurements of your room and note them down. Do not forget to include your walking space when taking down the measures. Mark the region where you want to place your bed. The bed you want to buy should also be able to go through the hallways, stairs, and doors. Measure those areas and find out whether you will have an easy time taking it to your bedroom.

Manner of living

There are several reasons why most people choose to buy a particular type of bed. Lifestyle is one of them. Some people will go for big size beds because they want enough space for a comfortable sleep. Parents who are raising kids would prefer to sleep with them at times for proper monitoring. Others even sleep with their pets. A king size bed is the best that can accommodate many because of the extra inches in its width. The 76-inch width will give all those in bed enough space for a comfortable sleep.

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