2020 12 Best Decorative Crystal Table Lamps for Bedroom

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Table of Contents

Every bedroom could use some fine touches of elegance. Other than the existing paint selection on the walls, massive bed, beautiful sheets, luxurious comforter, perhaps the one thing that brings all that together is a beautifully crafted decorative crystal table lamp in the bedroom.

A well chosen table lamp(s) can be the piece of decorative and lighting element that makes a bedroom complete. Lighting is an integral part of interior decor. The mood of a home or a room is vastly determined by the light elements that flow through it. While the table lamp may not be on during the day, if beautifully crafted, it still adds to the aesthetic of the room and compliments the general decor of a space.

When lit in the evening, a classy table lamp adds character to a space while at the same time giving the room a calm, relaxed, warm and  cozy feel. Some bedroom table lamps such as the ones reviewed below, have an added aesthetic element. Over and above being constructed with varied quality materials, the designs have incorporated crystals for that stunning effect. Crystals give the light reflection a complex yet elegant sparkle.

In case one is remodeling or simply looking to elevate their bedroom decor, these stunning decorative crystal table lamps for the bedroom will definitely help achieve that goal.

Review of Some Decorative Crystal Table Lamps Ideal for Bedroom

1. Dean Silver Mist 3 Light Chrome Decorative Crystal Table Lamp

Fantastic hanging crystals are the first things that catch your eye with this piece by Dean. This contemporary crystal chrome table lamp adds elegance to any room. Most crystals really light up the room and if you happen to have two of these lamps in one space that is twice the brilliance.

They come with a white shade and and chrome finish. The hanging crystals add to the charm of the piece even when the light is not turned on. When the lights are on, the lamp gives off muted calming light. You will love how the light plays on the crystal and the shimmering effect that extends to the surrounding walls in the room.


  • 29 inches high by a width 14 inches and a  depth of 14 inches.
  • Works with three 40 watt bulbs bought separately.
  • Elegant Faux silk shade.
  • Quality and beautifully designed crystals
  • Comes with 55″ cord

The design elements in this set of table lamps are heavily influenced by the  timeless class of Europe. The sparkling crystals are well designed and sit well in the overall design of the lamps

Customer feedback

Users mentioned that they particularly love the beautiful aesthetics of the the lamp and the tall height. Majority of them mentioned that assembly was fairly easy. It takes about 10 minutes to assemble each lamp once one has figured out what the instructions say. Customers also loved the fact that the lamp can be used in various rooms in the house to accentuate the overall look. The solid build and soft touches peppered with crystal overhangs gives this lamp its versatility. That explains why some customers loved the look of this set of lamps in the bedroom while others use it in the living room with the same raving reviews.

2. OK Lighting Amoruccio Bedside Table Lamp

The design on the OK Lighting table lamp is apt for the bedroom or living room because of the neat crisp finish. The drum is made from fabric and attached gold stand has gorgeous shine with a circular bottom. In this design the crystals appear in a neat pattern along the stand so that the downward light not only  Crystal Table Lamps for Bedroomilluminates the room but goes through the crystals first to create a gentle but playful light effect that is relaxing and provides warmth in a space


  • 50 inches high and 16 inches
  • Metal stand and base
  • Quality crystals
  • Fabric drum
  • Uses E26 light bulbs

For those that love a taller height noon table lamps, they appreciate the 28.50 inches of height and 16 inches of width that this lamp offers. It’s a beautiful and imposing presence.

Customer feedback

Majority particularly love the design and the size. Whether used in a bedroom set up or in the living room, the design stands out and the gentle shaded warm light brings a relaxed calmness to any space. Customers also loved the gold on the stand that is a nice departure from sleek stainless steel.

3. Grandview Gallery Polished Nickel Modern Glam Table Lamp

This Grandview Gallery lamp has a gorgeous build but also an imposing tall height of  25.75 inches. So if one is looking for table lamp that has presence to be a centerpiece, then this tall polished nickel buffet style table lamp will be the one to get the job done.Furthermore, this is an  entirely smart model that can be controlled using virtual assistants including Alexa or Google Home Assistant.Decorative Crystal Table Lamps for Bedroom

The polished nickel is clean and mirror like. This stand is supported by an  8″ round tiered base of the same material and finish. The beautifully crafted drum shade of 13 inches diameter and a height of 9 inches is decorated with square clear faceted genuine crystal beads for a dazzling finish.

The polished nickel as well as the drum that is embedded with quality crystals offer a glittering look when the light is off as the natural light in the room bounce if the crystals. Even during the day when this table lamp is not lit, it still offers excellent aesthetic value in terms of design.

When the light comes on, the beauty of this table becomes even more apparent as the lighting penetrates the drum and most of it is arrested by the crystals which then projects interesting glow patterns. The gentle glow with rays of light has been toned down to make the brilliance conducive to any environment. This lighting effect is very eye-catching and plays well in a bedroom or living room.


  • Dimensions 25.75 inches and a drum that is of 13 inches diameter
  • Recommended bulb with a 100wattage maximum. Includes E26 socket with a 2-way (on/off) non-dimmable.
  • Compatible with Alexa or the Google Home Assistant.
  • 75 inches tall
  • Round tiered base
  • Squatted crystals
  • Crystalline metal shade
  • Easy to use rocker switch

This is the touch of class that a bedroom needs to brighten it up. The design and contrast of the polished nickel and the drum and crystals when the lights come on is fantastic. The playful lighting effect is not overpowering but gentle and sparkly creating a calm yet unique ambience in a space.

Customer feedback

Users love the above average height that this lamp has. The base has an adequate diameter that ensures stability for the tall lamp. Additionally, the fact that this ornamental lamp stands as a decorative feature even during the day when it’s not lit is definitely a plus. They also appreciate the fact that its beauty is further enhanced when it is lit in the dark providing an even more beautiful and unique lighting effect in a room. It would be a great piece to gift some with.

4. Moooni Two Set White Ruched Fabric Crystal Table Lamps

This glam Moooni crystal chandelier night stand lamps Set of 2 is the perfect addition to a bedroom setting that you want to be calm, relaxed and even romantic. The overall design is concise and elegant speckled with crystal for contemporary elegance. Its drum is made from white ruched fabric whose edges are neatly hemmed in a bronze hue.Decorative Crystal Table Lamps for Bedroom

The bottom of the drum is decorated with a beautiful flowing pattern. The off white colored fabric blends well with the clear glass base which makes the room look and feel bigger. Touches and hints of gold color are subtle through out the design and together with the chandelier like crystal design form a romantic theme.

This set of two table lamps are still eye catching during the day and at night. When the light does come on, the colors, fabric, patterns and glass like base together with the crystals form a beautiful tapestry of both art and opulence.


  • Dimensions are 22.8 inches high by a Width of 12.8 inches
  • Patterned drum
  • White Ruched fabric
  • Recommended bulbs are the dimmable LED E27/E26 Bulbs
  • Construction material include K9 Clear Crystal, Pure white Ruched Fabric and a glass like base
  • Is a set of 2 table lamps

These lamps are ideal for several spaces in the house from the bedroom and living room to the study room, hallway, stair landing and so forth.

Customer feedback

Customers love the romantic toned down theme that is both elegant and warm, that the design elements in this set of two lamps provided. They deliver a soft, stable and non-flickering light. The lighting effect is soft to protect the eyes which most customers appreciate. They also mention that the assembly is quite easy as the package come with clear and precise instructions on how to assemble.

5. Acaxin Crystal Bedside Table Lamp with Dual USB Charging Port

The minimalist modern contemporary design makes this lighting fixture a great addition that would complement any room. It does look fantastic in the bedroom, but can also serve in the living room or office pretty well. It’s eye catching unique design also makes it a viable option for other sections of the house such as staircase landing, receptions, and especially the study.

The construction of this beautiful lighting fixture includes a cylindrical design whose minimal frame is from highly polished nickel. This polished nickel then transforms into a petite rod that slithers down the design to a thick circular base. The drum is fitted with 259 pieces of teardrop crystal. Its base features two USB port for charging low voltage items such phones and tablets.

When the light is turned on, it dances beautifully through the crystallized lamp shade. Several types of bulbs can be used on this lighting fixture to bring out the preferred tone depending on an individuals taste. It can accommodate the E26 base Halogen bulb or incandescent bulb for a variety of lighting effects which range  from warm white, cool white, smart white or colored bulb.


  • Dimensions are 7.1 inches wide by 9.8 inches tall
  • Quality crystals
  • Polished nickel
  • Solid and stable nickel polished base
  • Contemporary design
  • 2 USB ports on the base
  • Can use varied bulbs for numerous light effects

The lamp is beautifully crafted in a minimalist fashion but with a lot of charm and sophistication. It makes an excellent gifting item and is also a worthwhile addition to any bedroom or suitable space in the home for yourself.

Customer feedback

For those who love a minimalist look, this table lamp is a hit and would look great with an extensive array of decors. Customers loved the uncluttered design and also mentioned that the look is quite unique as it gives the impression that the drum of crystals is suspended in air. That adds another layer of curiosity to the beauty of the design.

6. Tiffany Lamp Sea Blue Dragonfly Crystal Bedside Table Lamp

The design on this Tiffany crystal bedroom table lamp is ingenious. The cute umbrella shaped style with numerous colors does a good job of providing shaded light. But more importantly manages to add a feeling of antiquity to the lamp. This makes it a fun piece to have in ones bedroom but also can look great in the kids room or can be used on the coffee table.Crystal Table Lamps for Bedroom

The sea blue stained glass makes this light fixture a sought after lamp in the market. That is because it not only provides beautiful warm light to illuminate spaces in the home, but it is also largely hand crafted which makes it quite a collectors item.

To come up with the aesthetically pleasing stained glass lamp, the glasses are cut into tiny pieces and the edges are smoothened. Then the artisan goes through the arduous and meticulous process of joining the pieces of stained glass with copper foil. This process is necessary as it is what enables the artisan to weld the glasses into the frame of the lamp shade using tin. That is what makes the Tiffany lampshade quite a piece of art to own. It also explains the unusual heft that the lamp shade has as it weighs 5.51 pounds which is quite unusual for a bedside table lamps of its size.


  • Dimensions are 12 inches wide by 18 inches tall
  • Stained glass
  • Handcrafted
  • Bronze stand
  • Stable zinc base
  • Recommended bulb is the E26 2700K Globe LED Bulb

If one has an appreciation for art, then this is an invaluable piece as it is beautifully crafted yet functional making a room look gorgeous with the intricate lighting it provides.

Customers feedback

Customers loved this beautiful and artistic lighting fixture. They mention that it does a great  job of providing soft warm lighting and creating a warm cozy ambiance that is gentle even in a baby’s  room. Customers also added that they like using it as a display item on top of a fireplace in the bedroom, living room or den.

7. Doraimi Decorative Crystal Table Lamp for Bedroom

Playing around with colors and design is at the heart of interior design. A table lamp such as this Doraimi Crystal lamp can make a huge difference in a space. That is because of its vibrant design and a gorgeous sleek finish. Add this to a bedroom with a matching or complementing color scheme and it brings a pleasant air of sophistication.

Lighting plays a huge role in mood setting in the bedroom or living room. This lighting fixture has an antique brass finish which blends well with varied designs. Whether the space has predominantly darker hues such as wood finishes, or warm and bright colors, this light fixture fits right in. The cylindrical shape is also eye-catching, and it is even more pronounced because the outer exterior is embedded with high quality beautiful Knurling Lamp Cup .

When the lighting fixture is turned on, it attracts attention to itself. The way the lighting interacts with the crystal shade and antique brass finish is gentle and beautiful adding to the charm of the lamp.


  • Dimensions are 4.8 inches wide by 10.8 inches high
  • Crystal shade and Antique Brass Finish
  • Materials used are metal and crystal shade
  • Recommended bulb is the E26 ,LED, CFL or 60W incandescent bulbs

The lamp can also be used as a display item on fireplace or any other focal point in the home. With the design and structure of the lamp it will make a fantastic decorative component.

Customer feedback

People buying this lamp mentioned that the overall design, antique brass color and crystal brings an ornamental feel to a room. They loved it because it is a really nice piece for adding a bit of decor to a room. And when lit it also brings an element of warmth as well as decorative beauty.

8. MonaLisa Gallery Modern Crystal Classic Table Lamp

If the name given to this lamp is supposed to evoke some parallel to the revered and times Monalisa painting, then it succeeds. This table has a beautiful look of timeless tradition and character.

The lamp stand has a metallic look that is patterned and grooved. It is shapely with beautiful curves conjuring what I would imagine are the clean lines of the Monalisa painting when one sees the painting in person. The lamp stand also has an out flowing artsy base that is stable and looks exquisite.


  • Contemporary Lamp
  • Dimensions are 7 inches wide and 19 inches high
  • Sturdy Construction from metal and Crystal
  • Up and down directional light
  • Chrome color
  • Recommended bulb is LED or 100 watts Incandescent bulbs

It holds the cylindrical shaped drum that is equally beautifully crafted and embedded with crystals. The entire design is artful and classy with a subtle extravagant feel that plays well to the lighting without being overpowering. It remains captivating enough to add charm to any bedroom or living room.

Customer feedback

The design, and smooth chrome finish of the lamp stand augurs well with the cylindrical light shade top that has a neat chrome skeletal frame with crystals lavishly embedded on it. Customers love the contrast between those elements and light bring out an amazing look of warmth and class. This is one of the few table lamps that is truly authentic and beautiful for a bedroom setting. They also loved that is light fixture is rust proof high quality European crystals and high legieren steel with a chrome finish.

9. Popilion Alloy Crystal Base Bedroom Bedside Table Lamp

This Popilion lamp features an exquisite and uncomplicated design with a crystallized vase that sits on the steel circular plate. The drum is fabric and exudes a soft, stable and non-flickering lighting that is friendly on the eyes.


  • Dimensions are 8.66 inches diameter and a height of 18.70 inches
  • White fabric drum shade with but insulation for better light shade
  • Crystal base
  • Recommended bulb is CFL, LED, or Incandescent Medium base bulbs

Using LED lights with this lamp is the way to go. Not only are they energy saving they light up the crystals beautifully.

Customer feedback

Customers remarked that what makes this piece such a gem, is the simple yet artful design that is vase like in combination with a fabric drum and a solid base. They love how simple yet charming this marriage of elements is.

10. FERWVEW Modern Bedroom Crystal Decorative Table Lamp

The design in this table lamp is minimalist. If one does not like clutter and would love a design that has chandelier crystal, then this might be one of the option best suited for that type of style.


  • Dimension: 7.97” D x 15.7” H
  • CFL, LED, Incandescent Bulbs is recommended
  • Anti rust iron and crystals are the materials used for construction

The polished nickel finish applies to the stand, base but also the skeletal frame of the chandelier drum. The crystals are bold and look beautiful against the light.

Customer feedback

The design is beautiful and versatile and customers love the fact that it can fit well in several sections of the house such as the bedroom, office study and the living room. Many felt that the nickel married well with the crystals and they loved the overall effect on their bedroom decors.

11. Haitral Bedroom Crystal Desk Lamp

With this Haitral table lamp, the design is what stands out. The gold coated holder has a circular solid base which then tapers upwards to hold an open top crystal ball whose frame works is metal rings that hold crystal. When a bulb lights up within the bowl, the resulting pattern reflects on the walls and baths the room in a soft warm light.


  • Dimensions are 10 inches high by a depth and width of 6.3 inches
  • Rust free metal and Crystal construction
  • Recommended bulbs include LED Bulbs: 4W-6W or 8W-11WI

The design is unique and will go well whether in adult rooms or a teenager’s room. This is a perfect gift for people who love hold elements in their decor.

Customer feedback

Customers love this option because one can experiment with numerous lighting experiences by using various bulb types. The gold accents in the piece make it look elegant and for many clients they assumed it would be very expensive. They were glad to realize that it was opulence at an affordable price.

12. Acaxin Decorative Bedroom Crystal Table Desk Lamp with USB Port

The cylindrical shape of the Acaxin lamp is designed to bring an opulent lighting effect to the bedroom space. The lamp is a good option for a night stand in the bedroom as well as the living room. That’s because the sparkle of this lamp, whether on or off adds to the beauty of any room.

The elegant shimmering look is made possible by a sturdy chrome metal frame that holds a silver crystal lamp whose  body is set with beautifully placed stunning 130 pieces of K9 crystals. When this baby lights up, the  touch of glamour to any room is unmistakable allowing it to accentuate the decor of pretty much any space.

Whats more, one can disassemble the crystals in the event that you want a less sparkly effect. The design is quite thoughtful as it incorporates two USB charging ports that serve as convenient bedside charging stations for low voltage electronics such as phones and tablets.


  • Item dimensions are 33 inches deep by 4.33 wide and 11 inches high
  • Easy switch On/Off
  • Dual USB Port
  • 130 pieces of K9 crystals
  • Crystal sliver shade
  • Metal base
  • Recommended bulbs of 60W maximum, but need to be bought separately

The crystal lamp is eye catching and makes for a beautiful piece whether an office desk, bedroom or living room. The lamp makes a charming gift to a loved one. With the beautiful refracting lamp and the colorful calm light it exudes, this is a lamp worth having. What’s ore, its really affordable.

Customer feedback

Users love the fact that the lamp is lightweight at around 2.4 pounds and can therefore be moved around the home or office when there is need. Customers looking to add a bit of character to an office or bedroom found this item to be a good a buy as it has a natural shimmer during the day which brings brightness to a space, and when lit it exudes a warmth and beautiful refracting glow. Users also appreciate the two USB ports because they provide the thoughtful convenience for charging phones and tablets.

Conclusion Decorative Crystal Table Lamps for Bedroom

Making a bedroom colorful and creating a feeling of calm and warmth can be achieved with ease by adding a beautiful and stunning crystal table lamp. Whether you want it to be decorative or practical there is something for everyone





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