2020 ChiliPad Cube 2.0 Review- Single Dual Zones- Cooling Heating Mattress Pad

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Table of Contents

Sound sleep is very important for everyone and also for our health. Often, the right temperature is essential for a wonderful night rest. Sleeping in a very cold mattress, keeps you chilled.

Also, to sleep in a hot mattress pad makes your body unable to fall into a relieving sleep. A proper sleeping condition is necessary for the physical and mental function of the body.

A good night rest and sleep helps in weight loss, support memory improvement, reduces stress both physically and mentally and also gives a healthier life.

Therefore, to control your sleeping environment, it is important to sleep in a very conducive environment, so as not to get interrupted during your night rest.

The optimal sleeping temperature for a human is 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. And for the body to fully go into sleep, it naturally needs to cool off so as for sleep to come naturally. The chiliPad cube 2.0 is a control pad with a cooling and heating temperature control system all in one. This mattress pad comes in a single and dual zone.

The ChiliPad 2.0 helps in regulating the surface temperature of your sleeping mattress by fully circulating water through a network of tubes. The Chili Technology Company which is involved in the production of this cooling heating mattress pad motto is “Sleep Cold, Sleep Better.”

The ChiliPad is designed to provide both single and dual temperature control that will range from 55 to 110 degrees.

Overview of ChiliPad Cube 2.0 Single Dual Zones

The ChiliPad Cube 2.0 Single and the Dual design incorporates a series of micro-tubes that allow water to flow around the mattress pad in other to help control the temperature. These micro-tubes are set into a pad that runs under your mattress and is fully control by you.

It also comes with a few stipulations that control the overall body heat, room temperature, cube placement, and humility. Each of the systems comes with a pad, a tube, and a cube.

The ChiliPad temperature is controlled by a cube that allows for the circulation of both heated and cooled water. A system connects the two cubes that one can control through wireless remote control, so as to prevent you from standing up from your bed to adjust for your comfort.

Features of ChiliPad Cube 2.0. Single Dual Zones

The ChiliPad cube 2.0 Single Dual Zones comes in a medium to a medium sized box that is not that heavy to move into the bedroom.  Also, the single dual mattress comes in a branded box that is so unique.

This box contains some items inside which includes

  • A pad that comes in a surprisingly tin and soft quilted topper. It is fully fitted with a series of highly graded medical silicone. This fully graded medical silicon tube is set out to circulate water in other to control temperature.
  • The pad comes in single, dual, full, XL, Queen, King, Split Cal King sizes and the Cal King sizes. The Cal king sizes offer users a dual chamber system only. This system comes with two cubes that can either be heated or cooled depending on the preference of the sleepers.
  • Another feature of the ChiliPad 2.0 dual mattress is its two large feeder tubes feed attached to the cubes for transportation of water. This tube is fully encased in a wide silicon covering. This silicon covering helps to pick up the speck of dust around the bed.
  • The pad material itself is a 150 thread count poly-cotton blend. This allows for breathability and also very soft. The pad also comes with an elastic strap at each side to help hold it firmly in any type of mattress.

How to Use the ChiliPad 2.0 Cooling Heating Mattress Pad

The chiliPad cooling and heating mattress pad use a unique water circulation system that can heat or cool your bed mattress efficiently.

If you and your partner wish to sleep in different temperature levels, the dual zone ChiliPad provides that independent comfort to each side of the bed.

Setting up the ChiliPad mattress is that simple. Just follow this step.

The Mattress

  • Unfold the ChiliPad completely and place it flat on your mattress protector.
  • Place the elastic strap beneath the mattress to keep the ChiliPad intact
  • Place your fitted mattress pad over the ChiliPad

Connecting tube to Cube

  • Put your ChiliPad Cube on a hard flat surface close to your bed.
  • Give a space of 24 inches (60cm) on all sides and also above the unit – this for optimal performance of the system.
  • When connecting, you must hear a click sound to ensure proper connection.
  • To disconnect the tubing, simply press the tube disconnecting button that can be found on the bottom of the Cube.

Adding Water

  • Before you run the unit, you must fill the reservoir with water
  • The water reservoir is located at the top center of the Cube
  • It is recommended to use distilled water as it is purer.
  • Turn the Cube on by pressing the ON/OFF button.

To Cool

  • Press on the cooler button in other to select the desired temperature
  • The digital reader will blink 3 times to show that the setting has been accepted

To Warm

  • Press on the warmer button in other to select the desired temperature
  • The digital reader will blink 3 times to show that the setting has been accepted

Switching Between 0C and 0F

  • Turn the remote control OFF
  • Turn the Cube on the display panel ON
  • Press the ON/OFF button and hold for 2 seconds.

Benefits of using the ChiliPad 2.0 Cooling Heating Mattress Pad

Some of the benefit inherent in the use of the ChiliPad 2.0 Cooling Heating Mattress Pad includes

  • The ChiliPad 2.0 comes with an adjustable water-based system. This helps to regulate the surface temperature of an existing mattress by circulating water through the silicon micro-tubes in the pad.
  • An efficient energy saving system, with a power rating of 80 watts per cube. This is significantly lower than the power consumption of an a/c since you are only heating or cooling your sleeping space and not the whole environment. It also comes with a feature that automatically shuts off after 10 hours of continuous use.
  • The ChiliPad 2.0 cooling heating mattress pad aids health and weight loss.
  • It is also of benefits for those recovering from cold therapy, reduces sleeplessness and also those suffering from body pains, menopause, and night sweats.
  • The trapping features of the bedding materials act as an insulator. This temperature ranges from -55- 110F (12.8-43.4C)
  • Can be used all year round for cooling and heating purposes


  • The ChiliPad 2.0 Cooling Heating Mattress Padcomes in a temperature range of 55-110 Degrees F
  • Its wireless remote control allows you to change to any temperature without you standing up from your sleeping position.
  • It gives users and couples dual control options of a heated or cooled mattress.
  • The ChiliPad 2.0 Cooling Heating Mattress Pad comes with a two years warranty
  • Easy to maintain most especially when you make use of distilled water
  • Excellent customer care agents


  • • The Cub placement is often an issue due to the bedroom size and setup
    • A need for the provision of a waterproof mattress protector peradventure there is a puncture that may lead to a leak.
  • Often, the exposed silicon tubes attract dust and loose hairs easily.
  • A white noise created may cause a problem for some individuals
  • The ChiliPad 2.0Cooling Heating Mattress Pad is an expensive investment


  • Make use of distilled water
  • Once per month, pour ¼ cup (2 oz / 59 ml) of hydrogen peroxide inside the water reservoir in other to keep the water clean.
  • Use mild soap and clean damp cloth to clean the outside if the Cube when turned off and unplugged.
  • Never submerge the Cube inside the water
  • Use cold water only to wash the pad on a front loading washing machine


Past users of the product left a good review of the benefits of ChiliPad 2.0 Cooling Heating Mattress Pad.

Karen noted that she has suffered for over 10 years from excessive hotness. She was waking up several times at night, turning from one side of the bed to the other, trying to find a cool spot on the bed. ChiliPad 2.0Cooling Heating Mattress Pad is like a miracle for her! She started out with a temperature setting of 64 degrees. She’s happy with this product, and I hope it will last.

Other users of this product affirmed that the ChiliPad 2.0 Cooling Heating Mattress Pad is fairly new as they were used to the older version.

For the most part, users are very happy with their ChiliPad and see it as a lifesaver for hot sleepers, women on menopause, and even relief for those suffering from joint pain.


If it is an issue for you to sleep in a hot environment, in need of a consistent surface temperature that you can control or a soothing warm for joint pain relief–then the ChiliPad 2.0 Cooling Heating Mattress Pad is the best sleeping mattress pad for you.

The cooling heating mattress pad is fully designed to provide a consistent, soothing temperature that you will truly enjoy especially after a long and hot day at work.


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