2020 15 Best Playful Ceiling Fans for Kids Rooms

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Table of Contents

Ceiling fans are an excellent way to stay away from the A/C vent for as long as possible. They facilitate this because of the natural wind they bring to an indoor or outdoor space. During summer the heat can get too much and sometimes humidity can make a house feel stuffy. A ceiling fan does a good job of creating a natural wind that cools down the space and in the process it also helps lower the cooling bill.

Other than the practical function of a ceiling fan, it also serves as a decorative feature in a room adding to the beauty and decor theme. The designs on ceiling fans are numerous and if one is looking to get one for a kid’s room, you want something that is practical but not too serious. You want a fun ceiling fan (pun intended).

Below we have rounded up some of the coolest ceiling fans that are sure to inject some additional cheer and beautiful decoration in the kids’ room while bringing practical functions such as lighting and cooling all in one fixture.

Best Ceiling Fans for Kids’ Rooms Review

1. Children’s Fan Light Pink Girl Electric Fan with Lights

For those who have daughters and want to touch up their room(s) with a few practical yet decorative elements, this pink household electric fan with lights combination might just be the one of the elements to do the trick.

It features a frame that is strong for attaching to the ceiling ensuring to prevent wobbling when the ceiling fan is turned on. Its wrought iron acts as the lamp holder to increase strength and the rotor blades are wooden helping to lighten the overall weight of the fan. The wooden rotor blades are also very efficient in fanning air and are easy on the motor because they are lightweight and can respond promptly to the two time speed of the fixture. That feature means the fixture uses electricity very conservatively.

The three decorative glass lampshades are bell shaped delivering of a soft light to the kids’ room.


  • Fan+light chandelier design
  • Wrought iron lamp holder
  • Three glass decorative lamp shades for a soft light effect
  • Wooden rotor blades that are light on the motor
  • Two chord drawing rope for speed control
  • Two speed wind regulation
  • Works with E27 bulbs
  • Pink color

Customer feedback

The ceiling chandelier fan can be used in the kids’ room but is also ideal for a children themed section of a restaurant or daycare center. Parents love how quiet the fan is when fanning on either speed setting. For a girls’ room, this will work like a charm in adding a feminine touch to their room while also decorating the space as well.

2. Children Room Ceiling Fan Light 42” Decorative Ceiling Fan

At first glance, this 42-inch ceiling fan conjures up the rainbow because of the choice of cheerful colors used on it. The iron lamp holder attaches well to the ceiling providing a stable fixture even when the fan is on and on varied speed settings.

The wooden rotor blades are light and efficiently and therefore do not over work the motor. It features a high quality copper wire motor which is quiet and delivers three speed settings to generate natural winds and dissipate heat in summer day and nights.


  • Ceiling fan+ light design
  • Three vibrantly colored lampshades for software light delivery
  • Comes in three different color themes.
  • Iron lamp holder
  • 5 wood rotors
  • 3 speed reversible control
  • Two draw strings for speed control
  •  E27 type bulbs

There are three color schemes to choose from and they all bring out a rainbow effect in a kid’s room that infuses cheer and joy into the room. This makes it ideal for a kid’s room but also for any space that has a child theme like kindergartens or the kids section in a restaurant.

Customer feedback

Those who made a purchase of this item mentioned that it applied to a girl’s room as well as the boy’s room. Customers love this because they can have the same atmosphere for kids of both genders which is why in some cases customers bought two: for the girls room and the boys room. Customers also mention how pleasantly quiet the copper wire motor is even when the fan is running on top speed at night.

3. Hunter Space Discovery Ceiling Fan with Earth Light and Moon Blades

For those parents who have kids that love space and space themed items, it is highly probable that they will appreciate this Hunter space discovery ceiling fan light hanging in their room. The design is beautiful and bold, an impression created by the neat glossy overall finish of the five reversible black moon and stars blades.

If one is concerned about dust build up on the glossy surfaces of this ceiling fan fixture, then you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the fixture is equipped with dust armor nanotechnology blade coating which repels dust build up.


  • Ceiling fan and light design
  • Fan brushed glossy nickel finish
  • Earth painted lampshade that deliver soft lighting
  • 5 Black moon and stars blades
  • High-performance silent motor
  • Canopy provides balance and stealth performance.
  • Utilizes two 60-watt bulbs and can be installed either as standard, flush or angled
  • nanotechnology armor coated blades for dust protection
  • Two draw strings for fan speed control

The world globe design on the light fixture is pretty interesting and brings the space theme full circle. Both boys and girls rooms could use a practical ceiling fan that brings a little bit of the space universe into their rooms.

Customer feedback

One of the major issues with most ceiling fan is the inevitable wobble that they seem to come with. Customers love the fact that this fixture is generally lightweight with a compact build. The iron lamp holder ensures the hold remains after installation. Because the blades are made from a light material, the high quality motor can spin them with minimal resistance. That explains why there is not even a hint of a wobble even as the fan operates on a top speed. Parents also appreciate the dust resistance of the blades especially since kids can be very sensitive to dust.

4. HELIn Kids Ladbug Bedroom Ceiling Fan with Light

The Ladybug ceiling fan light combo is a work of art that evokes curiosity and will probably bring a smile to any one’s face when seen for the first time.Ceiling Fans for Kids Rooms

It combines function with fun and although the lamp has an imposing size its power consumption is very low. The blades have reversible function, cooling the air during summer months. They can also be reversed during the colder months to increase heat convection. Therefore, this is an ideal option for all year round use.

The creative ceiling fan and light fixture is ideal as a decoration in a kids bedroom, children’s playground, kids section in a restaurant or kindergarten


  • Ceiling fan with lighting combination design
  • Wrought iron holder that is firmly attached to the ceiling
  • The five blades are made of ABS
  • Quiet motor even when the blades are being spun at top speed
  • Three lady bug plastic lampshades that deliver soft lighting
  • 3 speed settings which can be adjusted with the help of two draw strings
  • Wrought iron lacquer for durability
  • Works with E27 Bulbs/ 5-Watt LED bulbs

This ceiling fan with lights is quite a looker and would enliven a baby’s room. The five blades give it utmost efficiency and the material used in safe and secure for use in a child’s room.

Customer feedback

This ceiling fan and light fixture can go very well in a garden themed room. Customers love the creativity behind the design and the artsy creation is versatile and will fit in with most color schemes. Parents love the fun and curiosity it evokes in a kids room.

5. Prominence Home Elsa 48″ Pink Ceiling Chandelier Fan Light

The Prominence home Elsa pink ceiling fan light will do justice to a girl’s room especially for teen spaces because it is constructed with girly elegance in mind. The metal lamp holder ensures that the fixture is firmly anchored and the ceiling attachment affords three positions for the fixture including an angled option of up to 23 degrees, down rod, and close-mount. It features metal elements finished in matte white.

The motor functions quietly and is perfect for all year round use because it’s reversible. In colder months it can aid in rotating warm air and cutting down on energy costs while in warm and hot months it provides wind relief enabling minimal use of vented A/C helping cut down on cooling bills.


  • Two in one ceiling and lighting fixture
  • E26/B10 bulbs included with the unit
  • Three position tri-mount
  • Reversible motor
  • Neat matte finish
  • Metal fanning blades
  • Pull chord control
  • Three canopy pink lampshades
  • Two pull chains

The iron blades also have a matte finish and they make for a gorgeous contrast with one side of the blade having a dusty rose finish and the while the other side is plain white.

Customer feedback

The color is beautiful and brings ice cream to mind for some reason. Such soft colors make it a favorite among female teenage clients. Most customers get this fixture for a girl’s room but it will also work well in teenage spaces like at the local arcade. Customers love the three pink canopy lamp shades that add a decorative chandelier like element to the design while delivering soft light. The fixture is easy to use as it comes with two control pull chains.

6. Huston Fan Girl Bedroom Decorative Ceiling Fan with Chandelier

This ceiling fan chandelier is an irresistible gift for a teen or preteen girl and a great conversation starter. The pink color combined with a delectable design that comes with retractable blades and beautiful lighting will have your little girl excited at the new fixture in her room.Ceiling Fans for Kids Rooms

The four transparent fan blades are automatically retractable and are made from acrylic which is a tough yet lightweight material. They are easily spinnable by the motor in a smooth quite action. The metal rod from which the fixture hangs is designed to hold fast to a ceiling attachment providing ample and strong anchorage for the rest of the fixture. There is no wobbling with this fixture even on high fan speed setting.


  • Ceiling chandelier with lights
  • Retractable four blades
  • The blades are made from acrylic material that is light and effective in generating a cool breeze
  • Three speed settings of high, moderate and low
  • Timer setting include 1/2/4/8 hour options
  • Remote control helps with easy operation such as expanding or retracting blades as well as setting the speed and timer
  • Pink color

The lamp shades looks pretty in a clustered design and give off soft shaded light. This two in one fixture will enliven a kids room, corridor, hallway or playroom

Customer feedback

The retractable aspect is definitely a winner with most customers. That is with good reason because the fixture gives the impression that it is only a chandelier light while in actual fact it can function as a ceiling fan as well when need be. By using the remote control, one can conveniently expand the blades and set them fanning on the appropriate speed. The dual functionality is genius in a child’s room especially because a very hot room can get quickly uncomfortable for them.

7. RS Lighting 42″ Led Invisible Ceiling Fan Lights

The RS lighting fan is unisex and will look amazing in girls or boys rooms. The subtle elegance in the design of this chandelier adds a touch of class without seeming to be overpowering. In fact, the design is quite a hit with not just kids alone, as this lighting and fan fixture has found its way into adult bedrooms as well as living rooms and corridors.

The lamp shade has quadratto patterns with different colors such as blue, white and beige offering a crystal like glimmer when the light is turned on. High quality silicon steel ensures firm anchorage for the whole fixture while the retractable blades remain invisible until summoned.


  • Ceiling fan with lighting
  • Comes with retractable blades
  • Blades are low-key transparent and retracting which is a unique decorative feature
  • Three way switch for fan speed adjustment
  • Remote controlled for blade expansion and retraction as well as timer and speed setting
  • Soft led lighting
  • High quality motor which remains silent at high speed fan setting

The chandelier and fan fixture is well constructed with a beautiful set of colors that appeal to kids as well as adults. Different colored bulbs can be used on the lamp to provide different lighting effects until one finds the lighting effect that they most prefer.

Customer feedback

Customers love the multipurpose nature of this design. Seeing that it is unisex and not too kiddy, it can work in various rooms and space in the house such as hallways, dens, bedrooms and living rooms. The remote control makes operation easy and convenient. Parents love that they have use several of these to set an overall theme for the house without main rooms of the house like the adult bedrooms and living rooms looking too childlike.

8. Tropicalfan 42″ Decorative Kids Ceiling Fan with LED Light For Children’s Room

This Tropicalfan kids ceiling fan is primarily wood although some sections such the motor house and the anchorage on which the lamp and blade hang from, are metal plated.

The five blades are wooden and painted in various appealing colors that kids will find intriguing. Design wise, it does have a feel of a traditional fan ceiling but with a clean, light and fun feel. The two draw chords make operations such as speed control easy.


  • Two in one light and ceiling fan design
  • Low Profile Ceiling fan with pull chain
  • Wooden blades are lightweight and easy for the motor to spin
  • Chrome plated for a smooth finish
  • Two draw chord for speed control
  • Three wind speed options (high-medium and low)
  • Reversible motor function for use all year
  • Works with led bulbs to be purchased separately
  • Remote control option for conveniently operating the fan speed

This Tropicalfan and lighting fixture has low power consumption and is easy to install. For those who are environmentally conscious, they will be happy to know that this option is mostly made from wood.

Customer feedback

The design has a traditional feeling to it yet it is not as heavy and wobbly as a conventional ceiling fan. Customers remark that it is a great option for a kid’s room and any other section of the house such the sturdy where the user is looking to infuse a relaxed joyful or playful feel. Parents feel safe with it in the kids’ room because it has excellent anchorage.

9. Westinghouse Lighting Indoor Ceiling Fan Light

This indoor ceiling fan with lighting by Westinghouse is the perfect addition to any kids’ space like a bedroom or play room. It has a smaller build yet it remains effective in fanning air to cool a room. The reversible motor also means that the blades when reversed can help with air convection in the room and keeping it warm.

The blades are made from wood and painted with primary colors on one side to bring a feel of cheer and play in the baby’s room. The flip side of the blades is white which can be used to match other color schemes. This fixture is energy-efficient thanks to the high-quality motor which provides a no wobble quiet performance.


  • Ceiling fan and lighting all in one design
  • Utilizes two bulbs
  • Silicone steel reversible motor that is quiet and efficient
  • Brushed steel down rod
  • Five wooden blades
  • Low energy consumption
  • Three fan speeds
  • Comes with a remote control for operations such as fan speed control

With this fixture, the user has little to worry about with issues such as rust, scratches or corrosion. That is because of the durable neat brushed nickel finish that stays shiny for many years to come.

Customer feedback

The Westinghouse ceiling fan and light has a unique compact build which fits well in a kid’s room ceiling without looking or feeling out of place according to parents who installed this unit. They also love the concept of primary colors on one side and white only on the flip side in case they want to use the fan with different decor. Many report that their kids also like the way this fixture decorates their room.

10.Planes, Trains, Trucks 42” Ceiling Fan

Themes are a creative way to make a kid’s room cozy and give it some identity. This ceiling fan is transportation themed and happens to be handcrafted. The fan and lighting are designed for flush installation that is necessary in low lying ceilings.

The fixture is predominantly white so that the paintings of trucks, planes and trains in the blades using bright colors are more pronounced. The four blade arms are self-aligning eliminating any wobbling.


  • Lighting and ceiling fan with transportation theme
  • Four blades with attractive paintings of trains, trucks and planes
  • No wobble due to self-aligning blade arms
  • Shaded soft lighting
  • 3 speed reversible motor
  • Ideal for low lying ceilings

Wondering how a ceiling fan with light fixture can fit into a low lying ceiling in a kid room?  The answer lies in finding a two in one fixture that can be flash installed. The search ends with this option.

Customer feedback

The lampshade style is old school similar to those common in schools adding to the charm of this ceiling fan. Although this ceiling fan with lighting will go with numerous decors some customer share that it looks great with a darker color on the ceiling such as black and dark blue to name a few as this creates sharp contrast that accentuates the fan as well as other design elements in the room. Most customers who bought this loved it for their boy’s room.

11. Ceiling Fan Designers Disney Princesses Castle 42″ Ceiling Fan

This all in one ceiling fan and lighting fixture is ideal for little with an avid love for everything Disney and its princesses. One could even decide to create a kind of princess them with say, bedding or wall decorations to create a cozy Disney haven for your little one.Ceiling Fans for Kids Rooms

The ceiling fan is a hugger flush mount installation type with schoolhouse style light with five blades that are reversible so you know your little one is covered all year round.


  • Two in one ceiling fan and lighting design
  • Flush mount therefore ideal for lo profile ceiling fans
  • 3-speed reversible motor
  • Quiet performance with ultra-silent motor
  • 4 reversible blades. One side is solely white and blades can be reversed to the white side to change things up from time to time.
  • Glass shaded lamp
  • Self aligning blade arm prevents wobbling
  • Uses single 60 watt candelabra bulb

Swift quite motor and effective blade rotation ensures sound sleep with natural wind.

Customer feedback 

Customers mention that they this fixture is just what they needed for their kid’s room which is princess themed. They love that it consumes very little power yet does a good job of keeping the room cool and provides good shaded lighting as well. Furthermore, it’s sturdy and well made and looks great hanging from the ceiling.They also commented on the functionality saying you can use this fixture all year round with no problems.

12. Honeywell Touchdown 48-Inch Football Reversible Ceiling Fan

For the football enthusiastic kid, this two in one fixture would make great addition to the decor of their room. If one has a son or daughter who is nuts about the game, then this ceiling fan lighting fixture will definitely tickle their fancy for a long time to come. The design is thoughtful and artistic.

The four blades are a green squared football field with a football at the center of the blade. The blade arms resemble a yellow football goal post attached to the motor house. The three lampshades are amber and resemble a football nipped at one end in order to exit shaded light.


  • Football themed chandelier light and ceiling fan combo
  • Three 60 watt bulbs included with the unit
  • Four blades that are painted after a football pitch
  • Reversible motor that helps keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Matte black finish on down rod and metal area
  • Amber colored glasses shade for delivering soft lighting
  • Low energy consumption

The Honeywell touch down ceiling fan and lighting is a superb option for a kids room with a football theme. Consider using it for both girls and boys as the game is universal.

Customer feedback

Several customers of both gender mention how this works marvelously for a sports themed kids bedroom while some remark that it made an excellent gift to their football crazed spouses and friends children. It is a fan that can be enjoyed by all members of the family according to football fan parents. Plus many said it was secure and easy to maintain.

13. Hampton Bay Decorative Ceiling Fan Lighting

The Hampton bay light and ceiling fan will certainly enlivening the decor of a kid’s room or an area in the house where one would like to inject a light cheerful touch. The fixture is constructed from both metal and wooden blades.Ceiling Fans for Kids Rooms

The down rod on which the ceiling and the lamp hang from is metal and gives a firm hold to all components of the fixture. It has a white finish which gels well with the wooden painted blades. The blades all have bright colors such as orange, green, blue and yellow and the blade arms that attach to the motor also attach to the blade with a white star pattern which adds to the design.


  • Ceiling fan with light design
  • Wooden multicolored blades
  • Silent reversible motor
  • Two pull chords for fan speed control
  • Glass lamp shade

The flower petals design of the blades is simple yet well-constructed for a gorgeous look. Its lampshade is glass and offers a calm shaded light that is gentle in a kid’s room.

Customer feedback

The simplicity of the design and the blend of color and lighting is what makes this fixture a worthwhile choice for a kid’s room. Some customers who have bought this use it in the living room or hallway because of ease of installation. Majority felt that it was safe because of the main materials used in the construction.

14. Noma LED Ceiling Fan with Light

The classic contemporary design with a clean satin-nickel and accompanied by an opal glass dome shade is one of the aspects that makes this Noma ceiling fan and lighting combo beautiful to look at.

Its lighting is gentle and calming. What gives this fixture a kiddy look that warms the heart and brings a smile to the face though, is the little wide stubs that pass for blades. The multi-colors accentuate the child friendly look even more. If you are going for a mellow, fun look, then this option is perfect


  • Ceiling fan comes with beautiful lighting
  • Satin-nickel finish is aesthetically pleasing
  • Opal glass dome shade with beautiful gentle lighting
  • 4 reversible multicolored blades
  • Two chord operation
  • Comes with dual mount for easy installation

Although the blades are short and stubby, one can be fooled to think that they are just for show. They often surprise the user at how effective they are in cooling or helping distribute warm air when reversed.

Customer feedback

Other than having a great Easter is look in a kid room, customers love that the reversible blades enable downdraft mode for summer and updraft mode which is perfect for winter. Children also love having it in their room as it has a fun character to it. Cleaning it and maintenance is not overwhelming for parents.

15. Andersonlight Fan LED Indoor Stainless Steel Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote Control

Finally for those looking for a fan that is children themed but is also a powerful effective and elegant multi use option, this will work for almost any room in the home.

The Anderson fan light is equipped with a powerful and ultra-silent motor. The sleek low profile design comes with a remote that can instruct the blades when to shut off or run as well as set the wind speed of choice from three options, low, medium, and high.


  • All in one lighting and low profile ceiling fan design
  • Glossy stainless steel finish
  • Powerful reversible motor
  • Dome shaped lampshade with a gentle light
  • Five wooden blades
  • Three seed settings
  • Speed, lighting and time setting is via remote control

This fixture has a beautiful build with a decent size that will suit not only a living room, bedroom and kids’ room but also a hallway or corridor.

Customer feedback

For the customers who are not going for the kids look, this will work for any other section of the house. The ease of use and maintenance is one of the main factors why customers love this unit. Parents find it injects the right amount of fun while remaining practical for their children’s room even as they grow older.

Conclusion Ceiling Fans for Kids’ Rooms

When it comes to ceiling fans for a kids’ rooms, one may likely go into a tail spin wondering where to begin. That is because the market is awash with them. But not all are made equal, some are amazing while some are substandard at best. In this review, although varied in design, we narrow the field down so one can choose from nothing but some of the best.




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