2020 7 Best Wooden Kitchen Trash Can Cabinets

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Table of Contents

Open trash cans have always been the order of the day. But with interior design getting more and more evolved, it makes sense to have a closed trash can provided it is emptied frequently and it is easy to wash. For the closed trash can to work it has to be removable and made from a light material that is washed and dried with ease. Lining the trash bins with a plastic trash paper bag is the norm today in most households. This means less washing of the actual trash can as the entire plastic bag is disposed with the trash.

Now the norm has tilted towards trash bins that are hidden. And why not? For as long as practical function is not compromised. This is where the wooden trash can cabinet enters the scene and changes the game altogether.

A wooden trash cabinet that houses an easily accessible trash bin lined with a plastic trash bag is a very practical idea. This type of trash bin keeps your kitchen clean and clear by hiding the trash can and does not in any way infringe on function.

Check out some of these wooden trash cabinets that will transform your space in terms of aesthetic beauty as well as utility.

1. Seven Oaks Tilt Out Free Standing Kitchen Trash or Recycling Cabinet with Drawer

Who would have thought that a wooden cabinet can actually serve as a trash can. For those who think this idea as impractical, you would be surprised to at how much difference this recycling cabinet drawer can actually make in a kitchen.Best Wooden kitchen Trash Can Cabinets

Open bins in the kitchen are a common site in most households. The problem is that they are easily accessible by pets as well as pests such as house flies and fleas.

This wooden trash bin cabinet from Seven Oaks is constructed from wood and has a nice handle for the tilt out door. Inside the cabinet, one can place the trash can which will fit neatly. Every time you open the tilt out door, the can pops out as well for easy access. The tilt out door comes with a stopper that prevents the door from going all the way to the floor. This eliminates any chance of injuring a pet or kids in the house.

Other than completely hiding your trash can, this unit is aesthetically pleasing.  The utility value is high because of an inclusion of a top drawer that can be used to store trash bags and other handy items.

The drawer opens on a smooth railing and provides additional work space. When the drawer opens, it reveals a counter space that can be used in addition to the bamboo counter top of the cabinet.

The counter space is very practical because you can opt to use it for food prep and conveniently discard the trash by simply pulling the tilt door open and dumping the trash in the bin.


  • Dimensions: 35.24 inches high by 13.39 inches depth by 20.08 inches
  • Has a capacity of 12.5 gallons
  • It is made from engineered wood frame
  • Features a bamboo counter top
  • Has a tilt out door
  • Comes with a top drawer
  • Come in two colors: white/black

Customer feedback

Users who purchased this product expressed that they were so happy with the sturdy build. They were happy with the fact that it gives a small kitchen much needed additional counter space and handy storage provided by the pull out drawer. The unit is so well done that you would not know it is a trash can cabinet unless someone told you. It fits perfectly with any kitchen decor.

Customers mentioned that they use the bamboo counter for food preparation such as chopping vegetables. Some customers’ were initially worried that the unit would be flimsy, but upon closer inspection, it became clear that this is a solid cabinet.

Users also shared that the assembly of the unit was easy as it took them roughly 20 to 30 minutes when using a drill to insert the screws. Assembly may take longer if you are using a screw driver.

2. Function Home Kitchen Trash Can Cabinet

The concept of camouflaging the trash can in the kitchen has firmly taken root. Now there are all manner of designs and material that are used to create trash cans. The best part is that these options do not resemble conventional open trash can as we have known them.

This Function Home wooden trash bin has a country styled theme that will bring about the rustic old fashioned look. What you will absolutely love about this trash bin is how it effortlessly blends in with the rest of your kitchen decor.

The construction of the bin is from engineered wood which is tough yet brings about a fantastic finish. This bin has a rectangular shape with the door placement on the top the bin. The door has a knob for a handle as well as a small space that one can use their fingers to easily lift the lid. The engineered wood has a glossy finish that is easy to keep clean by simply wiping with a damp cloth. Being able to clean a trash bin cabinet with little effort is an important aspect to consider as hygiene is paramount in the kitchen area.

This bin has good capacity and will work well for a busy kitchen. The interior of the bin comprises of a metal ring that can comfortably and neatly secure a 13-gallon plastic trash bag. With this option, there is no chance of an untidy plastic bag overhang.


  • Dimensions: 26.5 inches high by 13 inches depth by 16 inches length
  • Offers a capacity of 13 gallons
  • It is constructed from engineered wood frame
  • Comes with a wooden counter top
  • Has a top lid with knob handle
  • It does not have a drawer
  • Comes in two colors: white and yellow

Customer feedback

Users who got this item sang of its praises by mentioning how it easily blends with any kitchen decor. Customers said that irrespective of the colors in your kitchen this will blend in easily. The construction is discrete and it is very easy to clean.

Customers loved the interior ring that holds the trash plastic bag in place as it does so effectively. Some users, however, mentioned that they had to make a few minor modifications to prevent the lid from banging when let go. Fortunately, a few balls of silicon at the tops edge will prevent banging sound when the lid closes. Customers also suggested that the manufacturer opt for slow close hinges on the lid.

Other users further offered some helpful tips such as putting a pad at the bottom of the bin worked for for them. That way when you toss something into the bin it lands on a cushiony base eliminating any hazardous breakages and damage to the unit.

3. Sawdust City Tilt Out Wooden Trash Cabinet

Maybe you would like to add a touch of rustic allure to complement your already existing décor. But you never thought to achieve that by getting a trash can. The good news is that this wooden trash bin can inject that aesthetic into your kitchen while performing its functional duty of taking care of your trash.

The trash bin come in two designs; made from old knotty pine which is both tough and durable. The wood is finished impeccably with paint that brings out a distressed aged feel with visible knots and other deliberate minor imperfections. This is the sort of rustic charm and natural look that this unit will bring to your kitchen space.

If you prefer the finish on the trash cabinet to be smooth and clean all through, then you can opt for the alternative solid finish that provides a flawless finish.

The door tilts out to reveal a space where a trash bin with a 13 gallon capacity can sit. The tilt out door is fitted with a knob that serves as a handle whenever you want to open or close the unit. This unit’s counter top provides additional counter space in the kitchen


  • Dimensions:20 inches wide by 12.5 inches deep by 30.25 inches high
  • Has a capacity of 13 gallons
  • It is constructed from solid knotty pine
  • The unit comes with a wooden counter top
  • It is fitted with a tilt out door
  • It doesn’t have a drawer
  • Comes in 10 color options: butternut stain/ black/ brown/ cream/ cottage white/ burgundy/ red/ sage/ Williamsburg blue/ walnut stain

Customer feedback

Some users mentioned if you have a pet dog that is in the habit of tipping over your trash can because he wants to see what’s in it just for kicks and hopefully get a bite, this trash can will disappoint your furry buddy. They will not be able to tip this one over as the unit is very sturdy.

Customers gave this unit a distinction in looks and performance in addition to a stellar customer service if you have an issue.

Other users expressed that they liked the extensive variety of colors to choose from.

4. Peaceful Classics Amish Wooden Pull Out Trash Can Cabinet

This Classic Amish Wooden Pull Out Trash Can Cabinet has been handmade with solid wood. Solid wood has a timeless and traditional appeal that can be enhanced with color and finishes to bring out the aged look.

This cabinet comes in Mocha which is a tasteful color and blends very well with most color schemes. And if you like the design but your decor demands that you go with a different color, you will be glad to know that this unit comes in other color options.

The design is simple yet extremely practical. It has a tilt out door with a stopper so it does not open all the way to the floor. There is plenty of space for the design with the tilt door making it ideal for easy reach when throwing trash.

Capacity is not an issue as you are able to pack 12.5 gallons of garbage into the trash bin. It is worth noting that the trash bin is removable and therefore very easy to clean and keep things tidy.

This wooden trash can has top drawer that is convenient for storage of some handy kitchen tools such as ties, scissors, trash plastic bags and so forth. Additional counter space at the very top of the unit is handy as candle stand or any other practical use.

With this unit, you can succeed in maintaining a flawless decor in your kitchen, bathroom, or office by creatively keeping trash out of sight. You will definitely love the stylish and well constructed simplicity of the piece.


  • Dimensions: 21.5 inches width by 12.75 inches depth by 34 inches height.
  • It has a capacity of 12.5 gallons
  • It is constructed from solid pine wood
  • It comes with a wooden counter top
  • Features a tilt out door
  • It has a top drawer
  • Available in five colors: Mocha/cherry/ pewter/ black/ special walnut/ unfinished

Customer feedback

Those who bought and reviewed this product expressed their satisfaction with the design, range of colors as well the handmade construction. They also appreciated the fact that the unit came with a 36Qt trash bin to start you off on the right note. If you love the artistic, impeccable element that comes with handmade products then you are bound to fall in love with this unit that has been handcrafted from sturdy pine wood.

One customer shared that she has fairly limited space in her kitchen and therefore got 2 of these wooden cabinets for the extra counter space. She states that the 2 bins side by side make a beautiful statement and are not limited to the kitchen but will also work well in a hallway, the  living room or even as an accent piece. This customer went with the pewter color and she says it is exactly what she was looking for because it merges so well with her decor.

5. Sawdust City Tilt-Out Wooden Trash/Recycle Bin Holder

If you love beautifully crafted wooden cabinets, then it is likely that the brand Sawdust City is not new to you. If you are hearing of the brand for the first time, then consider yourself in luck because they craft some amazingly beautiful wooden trash cabinets with an extensive range of colors to choose from.

For instance, this trash bin holder is constructed from solid pine and finished with a walnut stain that is absolutely gorgeous.

The door of this unit tilts out to reveal cabinet space where the trash bin can be placed. The top counter does not move as the cabinet door opens. That provides extra counter space for your kitchen. You can opt to place a microwave on that space, a lampshade or candle holder and a myriad of other appliances. That is all dependent on whether you are using the unit on the hallway, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this unit is flimsy just by glancing at it. We are glad that you will be pleasantly surprised at how sturdy this wooden cabinet is. That is because the manufacturer does not use highly processed wood on this unit instead using solid wood.

This in part also explains why the final look and finish on this unit is uniquely rustic and aged, with visible knots and other natural imperfections that customers love.

For those customers who may prefer a finer clean finish as opposed to an aged rustic feel, the unit comes in other colors and finishes that deliver a modern and contemporary well. However, that finish does not look like veneer but is a lot smoother and richer.

This is a gorgeous wood cabinet for trash.


  • Dimensions:20 inches wide by 12.5 inches deep by 30.25 inches high
  • Has a capacity of 13 gallons
  • It is constructed from solid pine wood
  • It has a tilt out door
  • The unit has a wooden counter top
  • It does not come with a top drawer
  • Walnut stain, butternut stain, black, brown, cream, cottage, white, burgundy, red, sage, Williamsburg blue

Customer feedback

Users loved that the unit comes almost fully assembled. The only thing you will have to do is attach the cabinet to the top part. That should take you about 5 to 10 minutes at most. Although it has a rugged look, it very easy to clean with a damp cloth and the unit retains its color for a long time.

Customers who got this product shared that they loved the quality and that the cabinet is indeed made from real wood. They shared that the craftsmanship is top notch. One customer said that the unit went above and beyond their expectations.

6. Sawdust City Dual Tilt Out Trash Bin Cabinet

If you love the concept of a bin that hides away trash but you have some reservations about the capacity in respect to your trash needs, rest easy because this Dual Tilt trash bin from the same makers at Sawdust City can comes as a double. A dual unit will offer you the same aesthetic value only with a larger capacity in terms of function.Best Wooden kitchen Trash Can Cabinets

This particular unit is made from solid wood. Basically there are two cabinets joint together with an interior separation in the middle.

The exterior is gorgeously finished and provides more counter space for any practical use.

This dual unit also has two types of finishes: rustic or solid.


  • Dimensions: 39 inches width by12.5 inches length and 30.25 inches height
  • Comes with 2x 9 gallon trash bins and 2 x 13 gallon plastic bags
  • It is constructed from solid pine wood
  • Features a tilt out door
  • Has a wooden counter top
  • It doesn’t have top drawers
  • Comes in 9 colors like: black/brown/cream/cottage white/burgundy/red/sage/Williamsburg blue

Customer feedback

Customers shared that this arrived in two separate boxes which were fairly heavy so you may want to get some help in getting them into the house. Assembly is a breeze as they come almost fully assembled and all you have to do is attach the top part. Hammer in the pegs using a hammer and a cloth to prevent damage to the paint.

Users also noted that they could easily tell this is handmade from real wood because of the good quality of the unit. One customer noted that the unit came with hand-written instructions on how to assemble which she felt was really helpful. Customers also mentioned that they were pleased with this unit and would not hesitate to buy it again and recommend it to friends.

7. Oak Design Corporation Wood Wastebasket Trash Can Cabinet

When you see what this trash can housing cabinet can do it will make you want to toss away that small trash can you have under your sink.

This is a good option for saving space all while infusing some aesthetic beauty into the kitchen. The unit is constructed from engineered wood. This trash bin cabinet has a flat panel hinged front door and top panel hinged lid. This unit can also serve as a laundry hamper in the bathroom or laundry room.

The nice trim finish and oak color option is an excellent choice. You can always choose another color that is best suited for your décor as it comes in several color options.


  • Dimensions: 18 inches wide by 15 3/8 inches Deep by 32 ½ inches high
  • Has a capacity of 13 gallons
  • It is constructed from engineered wood
  • Comes with a front and top door options
  • It doesn’t have a top drawer
  • Comes in five colors: coffee/medium/slate/ light/ coffee/

Customer feedback

A customer who ordered this unit in medium oak mentioned that it is a perfect match with elements in the house like kitchen cabinets and antique furniture. They expressed that they would highly recommend this item if you are looking to hide away trash in a creative functional way. Customers also love the color options which are very natural looking and aesthetically pleasing.


The above mentioned wood trash cabinets are an excellent way to hide trash in the kitchen, lobby, office reception, bathroom and hallway. Furthermore, these wooden kitchen trash cans offer more than just waste management. Some provide you with storage space, counter top working space and and they look great.

With so many designs and color options to work with, there is plenty of options to suit even the most eclectic taste.



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